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Find your Humanity [Y'shtola & Sorcha]

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#1Sorcha Donovan 

on Mon Feb 19, 2018 11:00 am

No respect for nature was one thing, but slamming metal in trees to support them to grow straight? Who would of think of such a devestating thing to do. With a soft touch she placed her hand on the bark of the tree and stared up to the leaves, "I'm sorry," She said softly before letting go and feeling the life essence immediately cut short. Metal, it was a strong sort of iron that was a poison towards nature and eventhough it did nothing to her personally, she would not touch it and turn away from the tree. Everything was put aside by the humans to form this park, making pathway, killing flowers and herbs for Human beings to get what they want.

After four years, she still wasn't used to it and it was a shame really that it still bothered her so much. She wasn't here to complain, to cry about it or to actually think about it. She came for other issues, jobs, answers, to find her family was of utmost importance her uncle had told her. But she actually wanted to discover more of Fiore now that she was out of the woods and see how humans and other species had shaped it. Vulgar creatues to treat Nature as if it had to listen to them, it should be the other way around. She brushed her braid over her shoulder and went to sit on one of the benches, cross her arms in front of her chest and stare at the being here. She didn't mind humans making benches of wood or use wood for fires, it was the way of nature but you could take other messures than plunging iron in a tree. She shook her head, she should empty her mind, let go and focus on something else.


on Mon Feb 19, 2018 11:16 am

Ka-tching, ka-tching!

Right around the same time the elven lady was lamenting the fate of nature after human society had forced it into a state of submission in the form of the thing they called a 'park', a peculiar sound was coming from nearby. Should she have desired to investigate further she would have found that one of the nearby trees was missing the metallic parts that restrained the tree to grow straight.

ka-tching, ka-tching!

Once more the peculiar sound came from nearby, and if she decided to be adventurous enough Sorcha would soon discover the source of the sound. a young woman seemed to had been crouching over something, yet a closer look clearly suggested she was not just a woman or a human for that matter. A pair of feline ears were twitching lightly and her tail swayed lightly from side to side. With each stomp, her foot made on the ground it seemed the earth around her stirred, bits of rock and earth pushing the metal further into tiny fragments similar to when one used two heavy weights to crush something. "Damned humans... first they tarnish the essence of the hunt by calling me a poacher, and then they corrupt the wilderness and put up this pathetic excuse for an imitation?"

The Neko was clearly displeased, grabbing the broken pieces of metal and tossing them in the large sack she had brought along.

#3Sorcha Donovan 

on Mon Feb 19, 2018 11:36 am

Just as she was about to calm herself down from the madness in her mind she heard a weird metallic sound and looked up from her gaze at the ground. How could a person calm down when there was a strange sound in the park? She looked at the direction that the sound came from and noticed some people, humans, whisper in hushed ways. Even loud, she shook her head and stood up from the bench.

With a slow pace and as if she was walking on air, the auburn haired elf walked towards the sound. From a few feet away she stared at a neko. Surprising one was here, she had not seen one before and this one absolutely didn't seem to like the rules and a little crack came to Sorcha her mask, there was a smile on her lips. She heard the cat speak and took a few steps closer, she was not sure if the Neko would have eyes for anything else but her job, she stared at the tree, which to her looked a lot happier, "Any need for help?" She wouldn't offer for the sake of the neko, she would offer for the sake of nature. "I think the trees would be happy to be released from their cages." She had thought about it, but discipline and diplomatic eyes would show that she couldn't do this, but if this Neko could do it, why not Sorcha Donovan as well? She decided, even if the Neko said no, she would figure out a way herself.


on Mon Feb 19, 2018 12:11 pm

The footsteps made her ears twitch lightly, a more strong twitch following as she heard a voice address her. "Dunno, are ya strong enough to bend metal and tear metal with your hands?" The Neko hummed softly as she had yet to look at the one who addressed her till she finished bending and tearing apart the last piece of metal. "But if you're offering, I could use some help carrying the other sack." She gestured at the nearby sack that was already filled with the metal shards as she explained further. "Gonna take that metal to the burner if it gets melted they won't be able to use it again on the trees."

Finally standing upright she scooped one of the bags over her shoulder and nodded her head in agreement. "Aye, none deserves a life in chains, that's worse than death." She clearly was pleased the stranger thought in a similar manner as her as she waited for the elf to pick up the remaining sack and for her to accompany the Neko away from the park while she caught a glance at the stranger who addressed her.

"Gotta admit you got some guts there Pointy, most people here are too afraid to speak out against such weird behavior. They all became used to the softness of this weird society. Bah, domestic pets the lot of them."

#5Sorcha Donovan 

on Tue Feb 20, 2018 3:21 am

She wasn't offended, it was a normal question to ask people especially if they just offer you help but it was perhaps something that was difficult to ask if the person didn't look up. She was surprised at first instance that it was a neko that spoke so bold and did this while everyone was looking. She had only seen Neko's adjust to the life style of the humans and not be their own version anymore if you could say it like that. But she had never spoken to them so it could be just looks and safety if you ask them. "You would never know until you try." she said calmly, she looked at the other sack with metal, it was at least something. She walked over to the sack and looked back at the Neko for she did speak and she nodded, "I like your way of thinking."

She finally had the neko look at her, not that it was of importance but Sorcha wanted to see her face, best way to observe things and she grabbed the sack with metal, definitely not light weight and it pained her that the trees were harmed with this idiocy. She followed the Neko out of the park, there were still trees captured but you can't do everything at once. She was wondering how to get the metal at the burner, wouldn't anyone ask her where they got it from? She got out of her track of thoughts when the neko called her pointy and she narrowed her eyes out annoyance but didn't say anything. "Yet there are people like you. It's weird how people not only humans deprive nature of it's beauty and more examples. And please, call me Sorcha." Because pointy was very rude, but she didn't add that.


on Tue Feb 20, 2018 3:43 am

"Oh? You're welcome to try to bend them with the hand, unfortunately, I'm not the strongest Neko in town and if I were to use my claws it might cause a mess." She mused softly while they were picking up the sacks, yet hearing her mention how she liked the way she thought the Neko blinked in confusion. "Heh, first time for everything~" Yet she wasn't displeased as it was clear when her tail started to sway more energetically and her ears twitched more than previously. "It's all the fault of that corruption within this society. Doesn't matter what town you go to, people forget the true value of the wild. Nature and its denizen should be respected, and a person's worth should be decided by their skills and actions, not something petty like their origins."

A soft grumble came at the end as she soon heard the elf introduce herself, causing a sheepish grin to emerge on her lips. "Sorry about that, blurted out that nickname before I realized it. Sorcha hmm? Sounds like an odd name to hear around this society, but then again you look like you don't exactly belong here either."

She laughed softly as she spun around to face the elf, her backsteps carrying a surprisingly unnatural amount of balance as she hummed softly. "Then again I'm not one to speak when it comes to names! Y'shtola is the name~ As you might guess already I'm a Neko! Although people around here call me a Wild Neko since I don't belong to Nekomatana or a human settlement. Bah, wouldn't want to even be compared to a Domestic Neko, I'm one of the True Neko! Abandoning their relationship with the wild in favor of the comfort and luxury of human society? It's disgusting to think how soft they became."

As the burner came into view the Neko added with a brief sigh. "Then again, society is weird. I nearly got imprisoned because I was out hunting and they called the wilderness I was hunting at a 'farm'. Seems they were displeased when I shot one of their sheep... the bastard stole my bow and sold it to a merchant as 'compensation' for the beast I slew..."

Her ears drooped lighly as she whined in complain. "I crafted that bow myself..."

#7Sorcha Donovan 

on Tue Feb 20, 2018 7:17 am

"Let me try a little later, the people you upset probably talked to the knights and we should bring this to the burner as soon as possible in that case and free the last trees after that, what do you think?" She wasn't sure but humans didn't tend to be able to keep things to themselves often. Easy tempted and with that easy to change their opinions so it would be a privilege to themselves, fish for compliments and the like to show off their good side, but yet they didn't see the consequences of pain for others, especially when they didn't consider them human or species that they could understand.

Sorcha believed that the neko thought the same way as her, and so she said that, which clearly seemed to please the other being and made Sorcha smile herself, "I agree with you there, it is a shame that there are very rare beings that think the same and that there are more humans and thus they take matters in their hands. Chaining, burning and breaking things in the forms that they want. It's a shame." She said, the corruption that no one else saw but the ones that understood and again; those people were rare.

She looked back at the neko as she heard a low grumble and she shrugged with her right shoulder and brushed her long auburn hair away from her and looked back, actually no one in her whole life had called her pointy, "Met more elves?" she asked casually, but perhaps this was an opening? "I don't indeed. I came from my own elf town, come to find some answers and ended up in the mess that is this human looking world, like you described it, corrupted society." Her name actually meant brightness but she didn't meant to bore people with that information.

She looked with an interested expression at the neko as she turned around and yet walked as easily backwards so they eyed each other. She nodded when Y'shtola introduced herself and mentioned she was a wild cat. Yes, she understood the difference and thus reference. She didn't interrupt or say anything, she was just listening to Y'shtola her story until she told her that the bow was taken, "What? They took your stuff? Craftsmenship is something to be worseshiped and I would say even pure, no one is allowed to take it from you." And what was a farm? She knew the farms they had to grow food but farms for beasts? The food that they had was hunted for or asked to stay with them, to be fed in exchange for getting one of them at the end of a period for food. Strangely it worked, perhaps it was a way of nature and dominance or elven magic. She didn't care about the way it worked, it worked. Hunted and be hunted was the way of nature. She didn't eat meat but that had its own reason.


on Tue Feb 20, 2018 7:34 am

"Only once, an elf was visiting Oberon, tried to get an audience with the fairy king and all." Explaining how she had met an elf before she raised a hand to her chin and mused softly. "I wonder if he was allowed an audience, while we might live in the forest none of us are foolish enough to incur the Fairy King's wrath. So going there uninvited is just asking for troubles." She laughed briefly before shaking her head lightly to change the subject a bit. "Aha~ So I was right! a pureblood elf. I heard stories of certain humans gaining the favor of the Neko Oracle and becoming Neko themselves, although the ritual involved seems quite complex so I have no idea if there are similar cases among other races." Humming softly as they reached the burner the Neko started to toss the metal fragments into the burner while answering proudly. "Of course! From my clothes to my bow, everything is crafted either by myself or with my aid. For example, the hides that make part of my clothes are all from animals I hunted, and the fabrics were raised with my help at the place I grew up at. Then again it seems this society doesn't care about our ways..."

Her ears twitched lightly with renewed vigor as she declared proudly. "And that's why Sorcha, I plan to find out the nature and source of this corruption that taints this society and change it! I need to... else Nekomatana will continue to forsaken our true ways."

Her blue eyes were cast upon the elf as she asked with a smile. "What about you? What brings you so far from home?"

#9Sorcha Donovan 

on Wed Feb 21, 2018 3:44 am

The Fairy King? Worth Woodsea, She wondered what the elf would want an audience with the Fairy King for. She thought very skeptical of fairies but that also the influence of her father, she never had met a fairy so technically speaking, she couldn't say much about it. It actually made her worried, could it be her father? Needing help and having no other way than to go to the Fairy King, she didn't dare to ask more, afraid of the answers or the none excisting answers. Why would an elf go to the Fairy King if there was the Elvenking?

She tried to get this away from her mind now, lock it up in the vault of her emotions, the one she created after that night and had used for everything that she should and couldn't think about. The vault would be full at one point but at the moment it seemed to be working, she simply nodded when Y'shtola said that she was a pureblood elf, she was. No such thing as changing later by gifts of nature, spells or other ways of magic. She was born in a pureblood elven line and grown up to be one herself obviously. She nodded slowly, "Apparently there is some magical way to gain the abilities of a race such as neko and elf indeed. And I bet that goes for the other races as well."

She stopped walking once they reached the burner and watched the neko go first, tossing the metal simply into the burner, she looked around to see someone that would be here but no one. Strange, but she wasn't one to complain at the moment, the metal needed to be gone, they were vile, how could people do that to something that would not come to harm them at any given point? As they came to the conversation of the craftmenship she turned to look back at Y'shtola and nodded, "People here seem to buy and that's about it. They don't care how it's made or anything, it would be asy to fool them with magic woven into their fabric, they wouldn't notice." Than there was the issue that some people tend to wear the most ugly colours Sorcha had seen and absolutely didn't stay true to the possibility that they needed to hide to something or someone, how would you do that in your neon pink shirt? But that was up to those people, as long as Sorcha could stick to her own elven clothing.

She listened more to Y'shtola and nodded, actually that was a quite noble goal, she looked at the sack she was holding in her hands when the neko asked why she was away from home, "Someone took my family away. I am trying to find them." Why hide it? It didn't change anything if Y'shtola knew or not.


on Wed Feb 21, 2018 8:02 am

So the rumors she had heard wasn't just rumors? While she didn't show it, she felt slightly unnerved by that revelation. To think that humans could become Neko... Wait a moment?! Was that the reason why Nekomatana had become domestic? Could it be that the humans blessed by the Neko Oracle were secretly blending into the Neko society and corrupting it from within? The thought horrified her, to the point she felt her hand instinctively clench into a fist. "I agree with you there, the ways this society functions is beyond my ability to comprehend." And if she was being entirely honest, she wasn't sure if she even wanted to understand them!

However, hearing the elf's explanation behind the reason she was so far from the lands her kin inhabited Y'shtola's ears drooped slightly. "I hope you'll find them. I don't know much about family, aside from my parents I don't even know what tribe or 'family' I belong to since everyone refused to mention anything about it... However, we are quickly taught to become independent so it's not like I missed them too much! But I can imagine for you it must be hard to be separated from them."

She scratched the back of her head with her hand right after she had finished depositing the contents of the sack and spoke in an apologetic tone. "Unfortunately I haven't traveled much beyond my hunting ground, so I haven't heard any rumors about elves yet or I would have told you."

#11Sorcha Donovan 

on Thu Feb 22, 2018 11:49 am

Sorcha had no idea what went to Y'shtola her mind, she looked shortly troubled but she let it go, it was a very strange world that the both of them had to compremend if they wanted to be a part of it. Obviously the two of them clearly agreed that they would only be a part for as far as they found normal, where Y'shtola wouldn't want to become a domestic cat, which was very logical, she didn't want to try and fit in like a human, she as an elf after all. "I would go so far as to say they are spoiled. There is no hard work needed to shape a bow, make your clothes or get the items you need by hunting or searching for it. It's a shame, they get spoiled and selfish if you ask me." They believed after all that they could tell trees to stand up straight and be shaped in the way the humanity wanted it.

While Y'shtola told her why she was here and let Sorcha explained, she took a deep breath, not breaking the mask of not showing any emotions. She wasn't actually feeling much about it apart from being lost. Her life had been much easier after her father had been gone but she couldn't leave him to his faith. While her companion spoke to her, she took the place at the burner so she wouldn't have to show her emotionless face and started to shove the metal that was in this sack into the fire, "We grew up quite close, my father was a guard, he trained me and my brothers whenever he had the time." Her mother teaching her the tender love and care that she couldn't show to Sorcha but tried to have her understand. It felt a bit empty, "Thing is," She stared at the fire, stopping in her motion, "They took them all away in the middle of the night, all except me. But it's already four years ago. My uncle has no leads anymore and we are practically giving up. I hoped that the human world could teach me more." She looked up at Y'shtola for a second, "At the moment I don't have much luck yet." She at least gave her a wry smile, and nodded, she appreciated that. After all, they just met, they wouldn't have to tell each other that much.


on Fri Feb 23, 2018 5:26 am

A firm nod of agreement came from the Neko at Sorcha's words. "Indeed, human society is soft. The way they try to avoid as many hardships as possible is indeed a good way to describe their nature as 'spoiled'. They don't understand the satisfaction that comes from hard work and overcoming trials." Indeed, while leaving the work to machinery and magic might make one's work easier, but that didn't mean it made it feel more rewarding.

Hearing the elf speak about her childhood and how her father trained both her and her brothers the Neko had to admit it was an unfamiliar situation for her. In the end, she was taught to be independent from a young age, and while she had a positive bond with her parents it wasn't like they pampered her with attention or went out of their way to raise her in a way that was different than the other Neko that lives in Oberon's forest. Although the more she heard about it, the more she felt fascinated by the tales. "They took away everyone aside from yourself... and yet nobody noticed a thing? I can imagine a perfect kidnapping of one person to be difficult, but almost an entire family..."

Could they truly have not noticed anything? it sounded quite far-fetched in her opinion.

#13Sorcha Donovan 

on Sat Mar 03, 2018 12:48 am

She looked away for a second, humans were soft, this society was. Especially for the none mages and she took a deep breath and let is softly and slowly out again, "Perhaps one day some more will learn." as there were exceptions that were already there, it was a good thing, honestly, they could become great leaders and exceptions for other people. Human beings or not.

Sorcha nodded and threw the last of the metal into the burner, "It sounds impossible I know. and yet it happened, no one knows anything and.." Could it be that they just left her behind? "My father was quite close with his brother, I wouldn't believe he wouldn't let my uncle know what happened." So she put that thought away in the vault of her emotions that she didn't want to feel and shouldn't feel. So she ignored it, now that the feeling was locked up. She had no idea how much more the vault in her mind would be able to take but she would go on and on for as long as it took.

Now that the metal was taken care off and she needed a lot to think about, Sorcha decided she should leave and meditate a bit for now, "I need to reconsider this. It doesn't add up in my mind anymore. I have thought about this before but it seems.. I don't know. Anyway I'm glad to find a person that thinks in the same ways as I do. I hope to meet you again soon Y'shtola." May the lights guide her. But she didn't add the elven greeting that her mother learned her from old tales. So she simply left the bag for Y'shtola if she would do more heroic deeds and left to go to the forest to meditate.


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