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Eclipse of the Heart [Tori | Social]

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

on Sat Feb 17, 2018 9:06 am

There were a lot of things that you weren't very well at when you were quite a few weeks pregnant and this orange haired lady was very well done with this pregnancy. She didn't mind the idea of getting a child, not anymore, but being pregnant was very limited! She had waved away the offer of Jupiter and Hecate to get the food that she wanted, normally it was Kon that answered to her cravings but.. since he was in Crocus and her companions were a great help, she felt the need to try and do it herself. She was pregnant, not incapable of getting fruit, yoghurt and chocolate. She hated chocolate but now she couldn't stop thinking about it and she hated the smell of meat and fish, wonderful things for that matter.

She was on the streets of Orchidia, she had just gotten the little amount of groceries, most was in the manor. To which she would return again, she kept her eyes on the people in town, no one showed anything about the mystery that was Crocus, for her at least. No note, no letter and the worries only grew. She noticed Hecate and Jupiter talked about it behind her back and she tried to show a mask of hidden emotions, only smiles and happiness, she didn't think Kon could be in much trouble, but yet; a woman worries. She looked at the golden ring on her right hand, it had done something strange, it had heat up, gave a bright light, plopped, gave her wings at that moment and all died down immediately. It was still an unanswered mystery that Hecate was looking into, perhaps she had forgotten with the wedding issues.

Slowly Alice turned back to the manor, avoiding people bumping into her. She felt like a whale with her baby bump, even though it wasn't that big, it was obviously there. She missed him, she missed her friends and the manor didn't even feel like home yet. She sighed, well it could only get better at this point.

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#2Tori Lancaster 

on Sat Feb 17, 2018 9:26 am

It had been a long time since Tori had been to the town of Orchidia, a town overgrown with lush foliage as far as the eye could see. It was just as she remembered it almost a year ago as children were on the street corners selling flowers that they picked from their home gardens and the flower beds out front of many of the stops along the thoroughfare. As Tori looked around and took in the beauty hit her, she supposed she better find a bed for the next few nights as there was no telling how much work there was available in the floral city. She tried to search her memory for the location of the local inn, somewhere she could lay her head down come nightfall, as well as a source of information, as it was no secret that bartenders were the ultimate fountain of rumors in their respective areas.

She walked the streets, looking around to find the inn simply not remembering where it was. She supposed it made sense, as she was only here once or twice before so long ago and not for an extended period of time at that. But she did remember that the sign was apparent enough to see from the main road, so she just figured she would take in the town's natural beauty as she searched and would come across it eventually.

#3Adelaide Sokolov 

on Sat Feb 17, 2018 9:35 am

With one step in front of the other, the red head walked on the main road, planning to leave it soon behind her and go back to the manor that was just outside the city, more hidden. Hence the reason why Kon suggested her to go there. She had to stop for children that came running past and one turned around and apologized before quickly running off after his friends again and she giggled a little and wondered shortly about the future. Remaining on the middle of the street before she heard someone grunt towards her to keep walkign, she looked stern at the old man and at that moment saw a blonde woman walk past and she turned further. She thought for a second that she did recognize this person.

She walked around the old man that she completely forgot about, but she wouldn't be the fastest person to walk at the moment, "Tori?" She finally called out, never did the two meet in the right circumstances, she hoped for the both of them that it would go better, putting aside that she was pregnant, dead with worry, she felt very good. She stopped to catch her breath shortly, she couldn't walk too fast, yet she tried every time, but she would have called out loud enough, not for a whole street to stop and look at her, but just trying to get someone's attention. A name mostly worked for that purpose. If the blonde wouldn't stop, than Alice had made a mistake and she would turn around to turn the manor. Last time they met in Magnolia and she had gone off to Orchidia quickly, funny how she was in Orchidia again, this time alone though.

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#4Tori Lancaster 

on Sat Feb 17, 2018 9:55 am

As Tori walked, she was passed by some children that were giggling among each other while running off to play whatever it is they were. But after the laughter had faded, she heard a deep grunt from behind her. An older gentleman had gotten stuck walking behind her and was obviously disgruntled at the fact she was moving so slowly, which was understandable considering he apparently knew his destination where she did not. Preparing to move to the side allowing him to pass as well, a face poked out from behind the elder and called her out by name.

Even if the face had been slightly different, Tori would have recognized that fiery red hair anywhere. "Oh my, Alice? Is that you?" she asked, questioning her current appearance. The last time she was in Tori's company, she was quite thin, almost worryingly so, but now her belly region had grown out of proportion to the rest of her figure. She was quite obviously pregnant, but Tori looked confused as to how she was showing so much when she wasn't before. It would be a moment before she realized yet again that she was on Tenrou Island for quite some time, and everything started to piece together. She let the elderly man pass before approaching Alice to give her a gentle hug, not knowing if she was weak from pregnancy. She looked to be getting on well enough, but sometimes an expectant mother can grow weary from basic physical activity and didn't want to add to the stress in such a case.

As she hugged the red head, she opened her eyes and noticed two four-legged beasts following her, one yellow as the sun with a white, spiky mane, and one blue as the sky above with darker blue locks drifting from its neck. Separating from the woman, Tori smiled at her, glad to see one of her only friends in Fiore again. "It seems you've acquired an entourage," she joked. "And what do we have here?" she motioned downwards toward her belly. The blonde had a pretty good idea of her response to her question regarding the pregnancy, and wondered if her boyfriend had gotten the mental help he so desperately needed, or maybe the child was someone else's?

#5Adelaide Sokolov 

on Sun Feb 18, 2018 3:49 am

Weeks. Months. It had been the beginning of summer that she last seen Tori, before she had figured out there was more to the matter of Kon his sudden disappearance. Tori had given her an eye opener, but after that point, things had had its ups and downs to fix about the issue, their being together. Her and Kon but things had changed as well and for the better. And yet here she was alone. That wasn't his fault! She shook her head and smiled at her friend, they were friends right?

She was glad that Tori gave her a hug, yeah they were friends. She couldn't stop smiling to see her, she couldn't help but giggle a bit and looked at Jupiter and Hecate. They probably had followed her in the beginning without her noticing and now that someone was talking to her, they desperately jumped up to perhaps protect her; again.. she was pregnant not incapable of everything. "You could say they liked me and sticked with me." Which was a long story as she had found Jupiter wounded before in Era but showed up to meet him and his girlfriend (now that they were able to turn human) in Hargeon, how things kept changing so fast.

But there was of course something completely different to Alice her looks, the baby bump. "I hope a promising baby girl." She laughed a little, "Did you just arrive here?" Because standing was already tiring, she could invite Tori to the manor. If Tori answered the question possitive, she decided to do it, "I live close by, why don't you come along, we could catch up with some food and simply sitting for me." She tried to make it a casual invitation, she wasn't sure what Tori thought about the whole issue that they had discussed months ago, "I'm home alone after all." She said casually, in case Tori didn't look forward to see Kon. They should talk about that issue too.

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#6Tori Lancaster 

on Mon Feb 19, 2018 2:39 pm

The Rune Knight explained that they two beasts had found her one day and simply like her so they decided to stick around, a good an explanation as any, Tori supposed. She also expressed hopes for a little girl when her pregnancy became due. Tori thought for a second and figured it didn't really matter what gender the newborn was, since it was sure to be a beautiful baby considering who its mother was. Before she could say anything else, Alice questioned the blonde if she had just arrived into town and offered to visit her home here in Orchidia, claiming it was close by. That was good, seeing as how she likely shouldn't be doing any traveling in her current condition.

"I did actually. Just got here about 15 minutes ago,"
she said chuckling. "I was actually trying to find an inn to stay in as I'm expecting to be here for around a week for work, or a few days at the very least. But I wouldn't mind stopping by for a little while," she accepted, smiling. "Since you live here in town, would you happen to know where the cheapest inn is? I'm afraid I'm slightly short on jewels for anything lavish at the moment. Being stuck on an island for 6 months will do that." she said casually, giggling all the while.

#7Adelaide Sokolov 

on Tue Feb 20, 2018 2:15 am

Oh 15 minutes ago, that meant that Alice had to consider herself lucky to be here at the right time and at the right place. She looked over her shoulder at Hecate and Jupiter and slowly shook her head, she couldn't even be alone for five minutes. She held out the bag with fruit and the like that she was carrying and Jupiter took a few steps forward and changing into the young man that he could be and took the bag from her. She gave him another look and the same to Hecate who followed shortly after to say this conversation wasn't finished yet. "Tori these are Jupiter and Hecate." She decided to introduce them, hopefully not giving her friend a heartattack for being able to change to human but she bet Tori had seen other interesting things.

It was nice to hear though that her friend was staying around for a while, considering Kon wasn't there and the fact that Tori mentioned being short on money she thought about it for a second. They had enough rooms, it wasn't clean yet.. the company surely took it's time, "There is one, it's very good actually but they are not in the centre of Orchidia. I stayed there before and well it's on our way to my house." Perhaps she should offer, but that's when she was distracted because she realized Tori had said something about six months on an island. "Stuck on an island?" She couldn't help but ask surprised. She had never been off the Main land, not for as far as she could remember.

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#8Tori Lancaster 

on Tue Feb 20, 2018 10:19 am

The blonde was shocked, to say the least, when the creatures which seemed to be following Alice stepped forward and each assumed a human form after she introduced them by name. The spectacle caused Tori's eyes to widen and her jaw to drop in surprise. After a second to regain her composure, she shook away the disbelief rationalizing that in their world of magic and wonder, this was nothing to be overly shocked about. Even so, this was a first for the Fairy Tail mage. "Well, that's new. Quite the talented couple, these two." She giggled as she spoke.

After the introduction, the two resumed walking while Alice continued by answering her friend's next question. She explained that the group would pass a hotel that would fit the budget on the way to the red head's home. She would have to make a mental note of its location once they passed it. She trusted Alice to point it out once they passed it. But as they talked, the knight had a delayed reaction to the last thing that Tori had said. She expressed a bit of confusion to the comment about being stuck on an island, which Tori understood to a point.

She struggled internally whether or not she should mention Tenrou Island to Alice. On the one hand, Tenrou Island was the sacred land of the Fairy Tail guild and Alice was not a member of the guild and thus not privy to that information. On the other, Fairy Tail was under the law of the Rune Knights and, as such, would know classified information concerning the guilds in whole. In the end, she decided to say as little as possible about the specifics, and if Alice was able to deduce the overall facts from her experience and knowledge as a Rune Knight, then so be it.

"Yeah," she chuckled, rubbing the back of her neck in embarrassment. "It's a long story, actually. The short version is that I went on a mission on behalf of our guild master along with a few other members of Fairy Tail," she explained. "And well, one thing led to another and we ended up taking a lot longer than expected."

#9Adelaide Sokolov 

on Wed Feb 21, 2018 2:02 am

She didn't laugh but it was funny to see, Tori her reaction seemed to be a reflection to the one she had when Jupiter changed for the first time, she had been a bit more sarcastic when it had come to Hecate her transformation but that was because they were on their way to here and the bickering between the two of them, that had seized though thank god. She grinned a bit at Tori, "That was my reaction as well. They are very helpful to me." She turned her golden eyes back at Hecate and Jupiter, the last one looking a bit uncomfortable from the compliments. He moved his hand through his golden hair and looked away, "Nice to meet you Tori." Hecate said politely and holding on to Jupiter his arm.

She guided Tori towards her house now that they were walking again and she was paying attention to the inns to make sure she pointed out the right one, when they arrived at the place she stopped shortly to point it out, "This one, the rising Sun." She said pointing at a white old fashioned looking building with ivy clinging to it and making its way up to the roof. To which she came to the point that she realized what Tori had said about being stuck on an island. She beckoned Tori to walk along with her now that she pointed out the building but asked the question on her lips soon.

She eyed Tori a little as well where she was walking, but her friend looked embarrassed and she wasn't sure if she should say that Tori didn't have to tell her. It looked like a very important Fairy Tail quest, of course Tori couldn't tell her all, "Sounds tough." She left the town behind, "So health wise everything is okay than?" She wouldn't imagine staying somewhere six months. She took a left turn to a forest path but there was only the first tree line that opened up for the Sokolov Manor and she felt embarrassed herself now, "Here it is," she tried to say cheerful. Perhaps on the end of this day, she might know if it was a good idea to invite Tori, depending on what she in the end would think of Kon. If she felt save to stay.

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#10Tori Lancaster 

on Wed Feb 21, 2018 9:55 am

The person who used to be the yellow beast greeted Tori, albeit a little hesitantly before they continued their path through the town. As the group walked, Alice did indeed point out the hotel that her friend had asked about as she had hoped. She listened patiently as Tori then explained the situation regarding the island, remarking on its assumed difficulty. She followed by inquiring about her friend's health, wanting to make sure the blonde didn't receive any lasting injuries. Tori smiled at her concern as she answered in kind. "Oh, no, I'm perfectly fine. I did get hurt a little, from what happened regarding the mission and a spar with a guild mate, but nothing serious or long lasting."

Small talk filled the gaps between their footsteps before coming upon a lavish mansion, and Tori marveled at the beauty of the building. Her mind flooded with images of posh house parties with sophisticated guests in attendance. She wondered who could live here, and then got an answer she wasn't expecting.

"Are...are you serious? This is your house!?" she exclaimed in disbelief while pointing to the most beautiful house her blue eyes had ever come across. Her jaw could have reached the ground in awe at her declaration. If Tori didn't trust Alice at her word, she wouldn't believe the words she was hearing.

#11Adelaide Sokolov 

on Wed Feb 21, 2018 10:07 am

6 months, that was albeit shortly after they had last seen each other, back when she still had to figure things out. How things could change in six months. She immediately asked how Tori her health was considering six months on an island. Besides who knows what could have happened during a difficult albeit assumed by herself, job by a Guild. But Tori quickly told her that she was alright, nothing lasting and that was basically good and Alice looked shortly at her friend while they walked. She didn't want to be rude but considering how many times that she visited the doctors because of her own health, she understood that Tori looked quite healthy, perhaps a bit tired but that happened to most people after travelling.

Alice said here it was and Tori remained a bit flabbergasted while she walked towards the gate that Jupiter quickly opened. She looked around over her shoulder towards her friend and felt a red blush enter her cheeks as she felt a bit embarrassed for the show of luxury that could be considered the mansion. "Eh.. yeah Kon bought it a couple of months ago." She muttered a bit softly, she wasn't embarressed in the first place but just the whole consideration. "Come on let's get inside where it's nicely warm. Are you hungry? I can prepare some food or Hecate can." Hecate immediately showed up on her side, "Anything you would like Tori?" She followed her companions onto the terrain and waited for Tori to join them to close the gate behind her and walk towards the front door, taking the key out of the pocket of her jacket.

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#12Tori Lancaster 

on Thu Feb 22, 2018 9:11 am

Alice tried to calm Tori's slack jawed gaze at the mansion, explaining Kon had bought it recently. Tori heard what she had said, but she didn't give any acknowledgement towards the red head. Her eyes were fixed on the house as the group continued through the gates leading to the house. Alice suggested they head inside and get something to eat. Tori barely nodded, her jaw still agape, followed mindlessly behind her friend.

The female companion, Hecate, offered to prepare lunch and asked if Tori had any preferences. Not missing a step, Tori stared forward, not registering her question. "Uhhhh....." She was completely dumbfounded as she gazed on the house, unable to process anything else. The gate closed behind them as they approached the front door of the mansion and Alice pulled out a key to open it. Is this really Alice's house? Did Kon and herself really, truly live here? She could hardly believe what was happening...her best friend was inviting her into a mansion! HER mansion! She didn't even want to try and predict what she would see on the inside of the building. Honestly, she was fully prepared to feint as soon as the doorway was open.

#13Adelaide Sokolov 

on Thu Feb 22, 2018 9:28 am

Alice shot a helpless look at Hecate and the blue companion looked just as so confussed. It was of course quite something and Alice herself wasn't used much to the idea either. The key still felt foreign in her hand, but it surely felt nicely and warm to have a place where she could be and be herself and rest when she wanted considering her state of health and such. She and Hecate both didn't get a reaction from Tori and she tried her very best not to be embarrassed by the wealth that the mansion showed, she didn't pay a single penny for it, it was truly Kon's. He had called it their house and she still tried to get used to the feeling of having a home, something she couldn't remember she had. Amnesia helped with that but it didn't change who she was or became now. It wouldn't change anything even if she learned the truth.

When the door opened, she stepped inside because it was warmer here, the door opened into the giant hallway that showed the winding staircase on the right and a few doors on the left and the hallway that lead to the living room and behind their the kitchen, the plaza with the fountain and around that the house went on with the many rooms, the ballroom and so on. She could give a tour later but she needed to sit down. She hung up her jacket and looked at Tori, not noticing that Jupiter had stayed behind to grab a message from a Rune Knight looking for the lieutenant. She would wait for Tori a little to get her over the point of being more surprised, pushing her friend to take her coat off and store her stuff near the wardrobe so they would easily get it back and guide her to the living room which was a large room with a fire place, some books and just comfortable furniture. "Make yourself at home?" she more or less asked to see if Tori would hear it why she would drop herself on a chair albeit with difficulty. She needed to rest for at least a good ten minutes.

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#14Tori Lancaster 

on Thu Feb 22, 2018 10:38 am

The group walked through the doorway and, just as she expected, Tori's eyes grew wider. The blonde panned from one side to the other, taking in as much as she could. From the architecture of the building's innards, to the decoration that adorned the entire room, she her disbelief reached a new level as her friend told her to make herself at home. Well, that was certainly easier said than done at the moment.

Alice made her way to a chair close to main room, with Tori following still on auto pilot. Miraculously, she made her way to a chair herself and sat down. "Alice...how in the world..." she trailed off, not being able to form the words she wanted. "This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life." I don't even wanna know how big this place is..." she exclaimed, not knowing if she could mentally handle the actual size of the house. It was indeed a sight to behold; the decorum, the craftsmanship of the pillars and the trimming of the walls, the lighting, it was all the very definition of elegance and refinement. And Kon bought this? After a few minutes, she was actually able to regain most of her mental faculties and articulate a sentence. "That's it...I have to find a rich girl." she said laughing.

#15Adelaide Sokolov 

on Thu Feb 22, 2018 10:51 am

While Alice made sure Tori didn't bump into anything while still looking everywhere, she finally spotted Jupiter with a letter in his hand, not entirely sure when that happened, she would get to the point of the letter later. She didn't say much to Tori because she let her catch a sight of everything and try to figure out her own thoughts, but she kept an eye on her friend which was definitely a funny sight. She needed to rest a little though and placed her own hand on the baby bump and made sure to sit comfortable, Hecate walked past her into the kitchen and Jupiter remained at the door on the other side of the room. She giggled when Tori said she was going to find a rich girl, "I have no idea what the costs of this house were, the previous owner was a mage of Grimoire Heart and a Vampyre, so they wanted her out. Kon bought it after finding the deed, we have been restoring and cleaning it when we had the chance. I can tell you or show you later, I just need to sit for a minute." to which Jupiter walked over and handed her the letter, her fake title was on there; Lieutenant Baskerville.

She turned it around and looked at the insignia of the Rune Knights, which made sense as it said Lieutenant. She looked shortly up at Jupiter before fiddling with the letter, "Would you want anything to eat, to drink perhaps?" she said gesturing to the table opposite her, "Do you mind? It seems to be important." Else they wouldn't send her a letter, for as far as the lower ranks Rune Knights knew the Lieutenant was with maternity leave. She turned it around again once more and opened the seal on it, the first words were short but clear, the King was dead and the throne was taken by the man called Arthurias di Fioria, the 24th emperor from now on. There was another letter with it, which seemed to be the speech the man had given in Crocus.

The first word than went through her mind was Kon. But she still believed very well that he had to be alright. But she turned a bit pale from the news and she would want to read the letter, the speech but Tori ought to know as well, "The King is dead," She looked up at Tori, "Grimoire Heart won." Now she had not cared about the King at all, surely he didn't seem to be a bad man in general but she wasn't very much aware of everything.

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#16Tori Lancaster 

on Thu Feb 22, 2018 12:12 pm

Alice giggled at Tori's declaration of finding a rich girl and responded by explaining the circumstances behind her boyfriend's acquiring the manor. Her eyes widened slightly at the mention of a vampire, but was replaced by a look of confusion at the mention of a group called Grimoire Heart. She had no idea what that group was, but from what Alice was saying about the town wanting the house to go to someone else, it couldn't have been good. That thought was confirmed moments later when Jupiter, the former yellow beast, gave Alice a letter. After a small struggle with it, she read its contents before going pale. "Alice? Are you ok?"

Her concern was answered with Alice meeting her eye to eye. She simply said...the king was dead. Again, Tori's jaw dropped. How in the world would someone be able to assassinate the king? Or did he suddenly fall ill? What happened? Her next words would give her the answer she was looking for. She said Grimoire Heart won.

There was that name again. "What does that mean, exactly, Alice? Who is Grimoire Heart? And what did they win?"

#17Adelaide Sokolov 

on Thu Feb 22, 2018 12:30 pm

She needed to take a deep breath before she explained the little thing she could, the king was dead, grimoire heart won. She would have to read the speech that was noted down by someone from the Rune Knights and she frowned and couldn't really focus on it of course but her golden eyes scanned quickly over it before looking up at Tori again, she wasn't sure if it was the effect being stuck on an island for six months because before that, she didn't know Tori yet or well not that well, they only met once in Batra's inn.

"You don't know?" She almost felt guilty for saying it like that, "I will try to explain as best as I can. I am worried because there was a known attempt by this Guild on the capital. My guild, I mean the knights send Kon towards there as well as other protectors from other guilds. The guild was behind the attempt and success of bursting out Theseus in Era, about a year ago, where you were alongside Kon with the.. other two mages with the index I believe, they were Grimoire Heart mages. I fought one in the auction house myself. Later they fought against Blue Pegasus in Hargeon, that was around September, I believe you would be on your Guild quest by than. They killed the Blue Pegasus Guildmember at that time. And than last month or no at the beginning of this month we heard about a possible attempt on the throne now that the guildmasters were taken care off and that's why Kon went to Crocus, I obviously can't come along that's why I am here. Sort of hidden and yet not really."

She felt silent for a short second, again reading the short speech and holding it out to Tori, "This man claims to be the nephew of the last king and claims to take back his throne as the new emperor. He was Grimoire Heart or so he stated." Hecate came back from the kitchen with some drinks as well as sandwiches, she had no idea what happened but Jupiter quickly walked towards her and whispered the new information. Where Alice tried to be calm and reasonable, Kon had to be fine, she felt her heartbeat quicken and quite worried and stressed; definitely something she couldn't use at the moment.

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#18Tori Lancaster 

on Thu Feb 22, 2018 2:27 pm

Tori listened intently on what Alice had to say. Clearly whoever this group was, and whatever their intentions were, would influence the fate of Fiore in one form or another. Apparently Grimoire Heart was the same group who stole the Magister's Index, the codex that Kazumi and herself were sent by Fairy Tail to assist in protecting; an objective which they ultimately failed due to the intervention from two people. Evidently Kon had relayed the events of that night to Alice and it was deduced that the two belonged to Grimoire Heart. But they had split their operations or something, as Alice described other encounters that night, one including herself.

She went on to explain that there was a recent situation in Crocus, which Kon was sent to help with. That must have been the royal castle being stormed by Grimoire Heart. Apparently its leader was a rejected heir to the throne who used his influence to form the guild in an effort to take the throne he felt that he rightfully deserved. It seemed that he was unsatisfied with how the former king was running the country and made a vow to run it differently. Alice had handed her one of the two letters that was contained within the envelope, and as Tori read it, she didn't quite know how to feel. The letter seemed to be a speech given by the new emperor, speaking out against things such as slavery and discrimination that ran rampant throughout the kingdom. Tori was confused reading this, as she had been all over Fiore since she arrived from her homeland, and never seen anything like that. But she supposed, she couldn't see everything in the whole country in a single year. Still, it rubbed her the wrong way. "Alice, what do you know about slavery in the kingdom? If what this new ruler says is true, then I can't exactly oppose the reasons for his actions." she question. While it was true that a hostile takeover isn't normally the right way to go about doing things, she couldn't be mad if that was part of the reason.

#19Adelaide Sokolov 

on Fri Feb 23, 2018 2:28 am

As she handed the speech to Tori and let her friend read, she eyed for the reaction on her face, it was for as globally as she read it, very strange. Slaves and discrimination, she had never really noticed that it was an issue, especially slaves, but it was of course better that it was gone but in what way? She couldn't form any thoughts about the whole ordeal, not completely at the very least.

"I didn't know. I mean I didn't know that there are still people used as slaves, surely there are maids and waiters, butlers and nannies but they get paid for it, if everything goes right." She took a deep breath and looked at Hecate and Jupiter, they also didn't seem to know much more else she was sure Jupiter would have opened his mouth, which was what he usually did, "What I do not understand is the way he thinks, this all sounds lovely," She pointed at the speech that Tori was still holding, "But why the fights, why the killing of the Guildmaster of Blue Pegasus, heck even others? I fought this Shield of the Emperor, I should be thankful that he didn't kill me, and I miraculasly saved my baby but they didn't fight fair and I believe that a lot of innocent people died and now he claims back the throne? The way he does it makes not up for what he had done before. It confusesses me so much, I have no idea what to think about it at all." Words formed as she talked to Tori but that was about it, there were not really emotions, at the moment she wasn't afraid, not really, she was a bit afraid for the future for her child. She didn't know this man, who was he really? The one that attacked towns, killed innocent citizens and declared war on guilds or the man from the speech? They didn't seem to be able to be the same man at all.

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#20Tori Lancaster 

on Sat Feb 24, 2018 6:04 am

Alice answered Tori's question showing a distaste for those who use slave labor as well, pointing out that paid service staff was a completely different matter. But she continued to say that even if those were the intentions from the beginning, why cause the havoc that they have. She questioned the need for the death of the different guild masters as of late, a sentiment to which Tori agreed. If anything, they could have helped rally their own members to help with the eventual rebellion. She said the Shield of the Emperor which the speech spoke of was engaged in a battle with Alice herself at one point and almost died in the altercation. That made some sense as Alice was a Rune Knight, and thus a servant of the country's military. If one desires a rebellion against a kingdom, it would be elementary to thin the ranks of its soldiers to make that easier on oneself. But she didn't mention that thought out loud.

She explained that with the deaths of all the innocents at the hands of this guild, the elimination of the guild masters, and everything else that had transpired, the ends did not justify the means. Again, all things considered, Tori was forced to agree. "Not to mention, it says here that if any of his cousins were to speak out against him, they would be executed. I can only assume the same rule would apply for the common man as well. If you're going to be such a benevolent leader, why would you openly say, upon assuming the throne, that you would execute anyone who spoke out against you? On top of that, he made those personally responsible for all this death his personal guard? I don't know. Things just aren't adding up," she pondered, rubbing her chin in thought.

#21Adelaide Sokolov 

on Sat Feb 24, 2018 6:31 am

The whole speech and her feelings were a confusing thing. Pain and death, it was a consequence of what happened to be Grimoire Heart, before this emperor, not even king but he made himself an emperor, there were things that didn't add up. Of course you could say that Theseus didn't kill her and that was mercy but they killed enough others. She nodded when Tori mentioned the possible executions, something she had not even thought about. She at first had assumed it was only meant for the family, so no one would take his claim again. But what would happen to others.

She took a deep breath, another pain pinch went through her body, too much stress and she clenched her fist, why was there no letter from Kon! If they could write down the speech, if they could send it to her in Orchidia, where was the news of her fiance. She took another deep breath, trying to get the pain to go away. She frowned, trying to let it go and try to ignore it, just like the stupid feelings she got withit. Another deep breath and tears showing up in the corner of her eyes, no! She hated crying. "If he.." man why did she stutter, "If he is the guy from the speech, I could stick to my job, mostly to protect the citizen. I don't support him but my job doesn't only mean that. I.." another pain moment, another tear, "Definitely hate being pregnant at the moment." Why did it hurt so much?!

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#22Tori Lancaster 

on Sat Feb 24, 2018 5:26 pm

Alice was obviously thinking about Tori's comment, and the blonde could see that she was making some kind of sense of the words, possibly even agreeing to them. She started to talk about still being able to do her job, Tori assuming she meant the role of a Rune Knight, but then went on to say that she really hated being pregnant at the moment. Tori could only assume that she meant being unable to do anything in her condition, particularly to check on the condition of her boyfriend. Wait...that's another thing that didn't add up.

"Alice, if you got those two letters, one of which being a fully transcribed speech, don't you think Kon would have sent word that he's ok?" Her voice echoed with concern, but she couldn't figure out why. For everything Kon had done in the time she had known him, she hardly felt sorry for the knight. It's not like Kon was a friend of hers, but Alice was. And she surely wasn't about to end her friendship with Alice just because of the actions of another person, grim as they may be. But it still didn't add up.

"You don't think Kon got hurt, do you?"

#23Adelaide Sokolov 

on Sun Feb 25, 2018 10:36 am

Tori mentioned the words that had been going on through her mind the whole time since she got the letter. Where was the letter from Kon? Not that the Rune Knights would be able to send it, since technically speaking they weren't a part of there and yet.. It made no sense that anything happened to him, she couldn't imagine the idea, she couldn't bare the idea and she felt her shoulders shake while she tried to fight the tears off. Pregnancy hormones.. who came up with that idea. Alice hated crying so much and she had been doing it secretly every since she became pregnant and she simply looked up at her blue haired companion, walking close to her and wrapping her arms around her shoulders. She felt like crying only sooner, muffled, with her nose pressed against Hecate her collar bone, she would answer Tori her question.

"I'm surely afraid." Hecate let go and Alice brushed the orange hair out of her face while turning back to Tori, "I want to go to Crocus. But I can't." The immobility, the pain, the tired feeling that she got after arriving here from Orchidia. It felt so close, Crocus to here and yet she felt so far away because of her condition, another pain kick. The baby didn't agree either. But she didn't want to say that, that she was in pain, people would pull her to a hospital and there was nothing wrong, right?

"I'm sure he could handle himself, I just don't understand why there is no letter."

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#24Tori Lancaster 

on Sun Feb 25, 2018 1:32 pm

Alice said out loud that she was afraid, but she did not have to. Her body language and tone of voice told Tori that fact long before it was confirmed by the words. Tori's concern grew for Alice and Kon, despite her history with the latter, as moments passed. The blonde never thought she would feel this way about the man who had done the horrible things that she had witnessed from him, nevermind what else he might have done that she was unaware of. But she couldn't let herself worry about that now.

Alice obviously wanted to go to Crocus, but she was in no condition for extended travel. Even though the capital city wasn't incredibly far away under normal circumstances, it was quite far for someone as far along during her pregnancy as the red head knight sitting beside her. It was then that Tori made a decision that she wasn't sure she would come to appreciate, but it was necessary given the current situation. "Alice, I can stay in Orchidia until you have the baby," she said reassuringly. "Then once you've recovered from the procedure, I'll come to Crocus with you. I'm sure Kon is ok. From what I've seen of him, he can definitely handle himself. And we'll find him together so that he can meet his child." She wanted to spin Alice's thought processes to a positive note, and she couldn't think of a better way than to imagine her beloved meeting their child for the first time.

#25Adelaide Sokolov 

on Sun Feb 25, 2018 1:48 pm

Alice looked up in surprise, trying to fiddle with her hands and trying to ignore the uncertaincy that she felt, she didn't know what she had to say, staring at Tori with a dumb look on her face as she simply couldn't believe her ears. She blinked only and listened to what Tori said more and she nodded. She had of course rather have Kon here that that she would have to find him later. But something must have come up. However it was something and she tried to smile and look at Hecate and Jupiter shortly before nodding, "Thank you Tori. You could stay in the Manor if you want? I mean... we got enough rooms. I also hoped to talk to you about.." It felt as if she was betraying him in this way, "Kon." She muttered it, looking at her hands again. "I mean the last time we talked, there was a lot I had to talk to him about, you told me so much that I had to learn and talk to him about and I want you to know a few things about that too. I mean, I can imagine you don't like him at all." It felt surely like betraying him now. She would not leave him, no matter what Tori would say, she knew what was going on. She had seen the answers and emotions or more the tears and she would still do everything to help him, as she had promised. They would be together, so she could back him up and yet here she was alone and he alone in Crocus.

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