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Distraction [Quest|Rishi]

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#1Rishi Namatzu 

Distraction [Quest|Rishi] Empty on Fri Feb 16, 2018 11:15 pm

Rishi Namatzu
Rishi Namatzu

Rishi and Venus had been at the Muramasa's castle today. She had taken another request, and this one was probably going to be annoying. Today she would have to distract the village idiot, Leis. She had been told by the head guard of the family that Leis comes every day and rambles on about satan in front of the castle every day, and they couldn't have that happening today. They had a large event going on at the castle, and many other noble families would be visiting. They didn't want to bring shame onto their family, so it was Rishi's job to keep Leis away from the castle for today. She didn't know how tough this could be, or how long she would have to keep him away for. He could be very stubborn and annoying, which wouldn't be good, or he could be cool and agreeable, which would be great. Either way today was going to be a bit odd, and there was nothing the grey haired girl could do about it.

It had been a few hours before the event started that she and the vulpix had been there, waiting for the old man to show up. She had started to wonder why she had taken this request. This wasn't something she would normally do, and babysitting wasn't her specialty. She actually didn't really like babysitting, as you get paid to watch over someone who can't care for themselves, which puts a lot of work on your end. She discarded those thoughts for now, as she could see the old man approaching in a wheelchair. She ran forwards and had stopped him in his tracks, making sure he didn't get any closer to the castle than he was at that moment. She had convinced him to go with her into the streets to get a drink, and she had turned his wheelchair around and rolled him back into the streets, going down to a coffee shop.

They had gotten to the shop, and she had gotten a lemon iced-tea, Leis getting a cup of water. Rishi wasn't sure why this was exactly, but she had just let him get it anyways, as it seemed that was what he wanted. She had asked him a few questions, but she couldn't really do much more than that. Luis' answer to one question was a half hour long, and they would always be jumping around to random things that had nothing to do with the question and the occasional mention of his wife. She could tell that he had really loved her, and that made her think of Venus. He had been pretty quiet today, and she wasn't sure why. Normally he would be making happy sounds, just so show that he was part of the conversation, but today he had just seemed to be quiet. She had found this quite odd, but she wasn't going to do anything about it. If he wanted to be quiet then she was going to let him be, and that was the end of it.

Tags: @Quest
Word Count: 511/1000
Notes: Let's all be friends, ne?

#2Rishi Namatzu 

Distraction [Quest|Rishi] Empty on Sun Feb 18, 2018 10:04 am

Rishi Namatzu
Rishi Namatzu

Leis had rambled on for hours, and Rishi had almost fell asleep a few times. His stories were very long, and most of them made no sense. They jumped around and weren't in chronological order, so it was hard to piece everything together. Eventually she had gotten it though, and had asked many questions about the stories. She took a sip of her lemonade and pet Venus, his head now rubbing up against her side. She hadn't been keeping track of the time, and it had turned out that the three of them had been there for hours, and the event was going to end soon. Now she sort of wanted it to go on longer, just so that she would have more time to talk to this man. He had asked her to take him home, and she had agreed without a second thought. Though she enjoyed his stories, she wasn't going to hold him hostage. He was a free man, and he could do whatever he wanted to. He wasn't going to be held back by someone so young, and he certainly didn't have his whole life to spend telling stories. She took her last sip of lemonade, got up, threw her cup away, and then moved her and Leis out the door, back into the streets of Orchidia.

Venus had been trailing behind her, and Leis had been telling more stories as she pushed him along. He had told stories about when he was younger, and how he used to travel and see Fiore back in the old days. He had many tales, and they had all been very interesting. She wished she could listen to them longer, but they had been nearing his house and she would have to leave. She wanted to extend the time, but the event was ending and she would have to go get her money. She said goodbye to Leis, and he had thanked her for spending time with him. She walked away with Venus by her side, going back up to the Muramasa castle.

She had been walking for a bit when she had stopped to get another lemonade. She was probably going to have some problems later on just because of how much lemonade she drank and how many cookies she seemed to eat every day, but that would be later, and later isn't now, so she was going to worry about herself now and worry about how she was going to be later, later. She walked out of the store and had gone back on her way up to the castle. She walked a few more minutes and reached the castle, retrieving her money that was owed and then walked home, ready to go to sleep. Today had been a bit exhausting, and she needed to replenish her energy. She could see that Venus didn't really need any sleep though, as now he had been bouncing around all over the place like he normally was, and Rishi had just laughed. This is what she wanted in a day, and hopefully tomorrow could be somewhat like today.

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Word Count: 1029/1000
Notes: Let's all be friends, ne?

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