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Hot In Here [Quest/ Solo]

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on Wed Feb 14, 2018 2:18 pm

Seems like he was up to the task of getting some weapons handled. Not a problem, he was going to take down the weapons by an hour this time. The last pay gave him enough jewels to pay a good portion of his rent, so to hear that he be given the chance to work with Barras and his assistant again was more than a pleasure. So the brunette proceeded to walk through the door of the shop to see the buff shop owner hard at work on his crafts. Looks like the swords were coming together nicely, now he needed to greet him and be told the task which he believed he knew already.

“Guess who’s baaaack.” Yasiel declared, inviting himself for the other two to know that he was present. The blacksmith raised his head before giving a kind smile to him, which warrented a small tilt of the head from the weapon mage. Was it a good day for him? Regardless, he wasn’t going to press his luck, so he let the man be as happy as he like should the brunette get paid. “So what might the task be for today? I’ll have you covered.”

Barras pointed back towards the second table where the assistant was hammering away at the metal. It seems like things were in order, but a sudden stack of metal pieces were stacked back in the corner where they seemed to throw everything into. Before given the chance to ask, the blacksmith proceeded to explain why this picture seemed wrong. “Well Daniel, the boy here has his arm working. I ain’t putting him back to the fire though, I don’t need him to lose any more business days than he already has. So…” Barras paused for a moment before looking even further back and moving his finger back towards forge. Nothing was inside of it.

“I need you to place the scraps in that ol’ forge, ya see?” With that, the blacksmith already went back to hammering his way through his own metal. Seems like the owner knew full well that Yasiel wouldn’t pass up this opportunity. Fine then, it was just placing things into something like an oven and taking them back it. It wasn’t going to take an hour, but it was a task that required little strength and still gave him the same amount of pay. So he proceeded to walk back towards the forge.

First, he needed some tongs so that he can take out the metal pieces and he wasn’t going to advance with the quest without having them since he’d rather not end up having burnt hands from a D rank task. Considering the ranking, he’ll likely find the opposite of respect at the guild when he returned to them. Even worse than being a nobody with an Elmo doll on him. So he walked around he shop a little bit so he can find said tongs, pacing around for a small moment. Time to work.


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on Wed Feb 14, 2018 3:04 pm

Found it! Lying by the side of the forge, a pair of tongs can be found innocently shining against the fire. Now to torment it with flames and metal both. No amount of magic can be used to help him with this task, it was just him placing things into a fire. So he would clamp the first piece of metal, hand shaky due to being nervous about having his hand so close to the fire. As more time passed, he would feel his heart beating rapidly as he felt the heat of the flames gather on his skin. The more he pressed forward, the more intense the heat. With this result, the brunette was not going to get anywhere.

Screw this, he was going to place it without a thought. Closing his eyes and living on a prayer, the Veriara simply placed the metal in quickly. The sweat from his palms nearly made the tongs slip into the fire in the process, but he sighed a gentle sigh of relief when he managed to come from the fire without a burn. Sweet, seems like he can continue doing this! There was a whole pile of metal that needed to be placed in there, so he proceeded to move onto the next metal piece. Thankfully, he didn’t have to worry about the fire since he knew that the tongs would protect him after the first encounter he had with the flames. Eventually as he piled more metal into the forge, he was able to pick up on speed and let the flames consume the metal like a meal for a few moments. Oddly satisfying.

After waiting for a moment, the brunette proceeded to place his tongs in the fire and plucked out pieces of metal. A smile equipped as the flames light reflected lightly over the surface of his eyes as they danced to the movement of the fire. It gave him delight to see that he was a part of the creation process for weaponry, even if it was just for a day. Still, the pay was perfect for his goal anyways. Placing the metal down onto the surface where the assistance hammered, the pile was being slaughtered group by group. Eventually, it will become nothing and he’ll earn his pay, though likely for a few hours from now.

It seemed to task was finished in a few hours. The pile was gone and a smile was placed on his face. Another bag of jewels have been thrown at his face from the forehead, dropping into his burning empty two hands to fill up that gap. Sweet! Now it was time to bail back to the guild and add this money to his wallet. Placing the bag in his pocket, he would look back over to Barras as he walked towards the wooden door. “Thanks for the job, boss! Hope to see you around again!” Yasiel called out, feeling a bit more durable from the flames hitting his skin.


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