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Rat Race [Quest | Alisa]

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on Tue Feb 13, 2018 5:23 pm


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Who would have though...? To think Alisa could actually enjoy herself doing something like cooking, something she'd never been good at nor had much interest in improvement - she had other plentiful thinks with which to occupy herself, far more important than such. It didn't even prove exceedingly difficult, though she guessed the simplicity of the dishes naturally contributed to this. Honestly, the only thing closely resembling 'trouble' she had to face had to do with a single drunk customer getting his hands all over her innocent partner. Yet one look at Lumen showed her not looking any worse for wear, still having that perpetual, almost air headed smile, completely nonchalant to her surrounds in a way that put even Alisa to shame. Even when she thought back to that fight against Kaiba and her summoned Ox, that moment of anger at the latter's perversion lasted so little Alisa was sure Lumen missed her sparring buddy right after the fight ended.

"Guess you wound up having fun tables, huh Lumen~?", asked Alisa, petting her partner's hair, watching the delighted hum she answered her with.

In any case, Lumen had nothing to worry about here at the bar as her partner had her eyes on her the whole time, and the moment that drunkard got frisky she made sure he got his hands off before long. She hadn't met a man (or woman for that matter) who wouldn't stand down from whatever they were doing after feeling a sharp blade poking their delicates. Luckily for her, the guy was too drunk that even if he had told his friends he found a blade randomly poking his crotch, he'd have been unable to convince them of how it conveniently vanished by the time. All the better for Alisa, but then, that was his damned fault for being a pervert, so she hardly cared too much. Yet not that she ended her shift and prepared to go back home, Alisa couldn't help but notice a single request on the job board, the only one she hadn't seen before when she went looking for them. It came from the woman named Luciel, who asked her for that translation work she did earlier. Seeing it, Alisa went to meet the woman as the request didn't really specify what the woman needed. If this was something simple, she wouldn't mind taking a little detour and clearing the job board of every low rank mission - easily done as this was the only one left.

"Let's see what she has for us this time around, shall we?"

"Hmmm~!", nodded Lumen, with a girlish, almost excited spring in her step; clearly, she'd already forgotten the boredom she had to endure on the last mission, or she looked wholeheartedly convinced the next one would be better. Or perhaps something in the middle?

Even Alisa couldn't always guess what her partner was thinking. She and this client were two of a kind, for different reasons. While Lumen simply hummed and giggled everything off, the client named Luciel scarcely showed even the slightest hint of emotion, barely even acknowledging Alisa's presence when the woman entered her study near the library, even after knocking on the door.

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on Wed Feb 14, 2018 9:13 am


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Even at these late hours, she seemed to be going at it pretty hard with all those books, still delved into her research as if her life depended on it. Did such overtime work had anything to do with the reason why she wound up calling for a mage? Alisa had pretty good degree of confidence in saying it most likely did. She scarcely paid Alisa any attention however, and it took the sculptress clearing her throat for her to finally look away from her books:

"Oh, the mage from this afternoon...", said the bookish woman, almost inaudibly, looking up with a dull look, "I need your help again."

Not even a greeting or anything of the sort? Alisa crossed her arms, well, one some level her guess was reasonably accurate; why would Alisa suddenly come looking for her at this hour if not for having found a rather urgent sounding request on the way home:

"Good evening to you too.", Alisa greeted, a cool, faint smile contrasting with the woman's deadpan expressionlessness, uncrossing her arms and resting one hand on her hip, "Don't tell me you need another translation again?"

A hint of boredom peered through Alisa's ordinarily inscrutable expression, a very subtle hint one might pick up on and that way understand Alisa hoped this job entailed just about anything but that. Thus, a soft sigh of relief escaped her when the woman shook her head. This relief was short lived however, as Alisa and Lumen alike soon focused on Luciel with an expectant look, brow raised as they expected her to reveal what exactly she needed help with. And it about ten seconds of awkwardly staring at each other, the woman finally turned down again, grabbing a pencil and roll of paper and starting to write.

No, not write... Draw...

Lumen leaned over the table curiously, hands held together behind her waist, while Alisa merely raised her head slightly, enough to get a better looked from which to peer upon the drawing. Yet no more than five strokes she understood nothing decent would come out of it. Because Luciel didn't really know how to draw. Almost expectedly so considering she took no further than ten seconds to do so, before grabbing the paper and holding it up in front of Alisa, who merely eyed with confusion:

"What's that...? A raccoon?", she inquired, rubbing her forehead as she narrowed her eyes, struggling to make sense out of those scribbles. No matter how much she tried being polite, there was simply no way of figuring out what the woman wanted to draw there. It looked like a four legged creature with a long tail, sharp teeth; with a mean look all in all.

Alas, it wasn't a raccoon according to that shake of her head. She didn't look too bothered by Alisa's lack of understanding either, almost like she already expected one such question to begin with. A sign of self awareness towards her poor artistic skills? Or perhaps did she already knew it would be hard to identify the creature even should the artist be up to snuff?

Alisa couldn't handle the anticipation she actually could but let's say she couldn't as she hoped Luciel would shed some light on the matter.

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- Alisa Vollan

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on Thu Feb 15, 2018 4:17 pm


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"Mutant rat... I made it.", she answered plainly with the faintest hint of sorrow, her head cocking down ever so slightly. This might have been the strongest hint of emotion Alisa had ever seen out of this girl, so much even Lumen's perpetual, air headed cheer faded away somewhat.

When asked to elaborate, the client simply elaborated how this was one of her magical test subjects who'd proved much to successful, enough to escape captivity and threaten the safety of everyday citizens. Alisa knew both scientists and wizards alike love rats when looking for test subjects, at least those scrupulous enough not to experiment on humans.

A giant mutant rat huh... How unpleasant... Alisa struggled to imagine many things more unpleasant than this; perhaps a giant mutant dark mage? Yeah, that would probably be even nastier now that she thought about it. No matter, Luciel was right to call for help on this, as if a normal rat can spread disease as easily as breathing, who knows how much more can a mutant cousin do. She defenitely had no interest in finding out and thus accepted the mission immediately:

"Alright... Don't worry, we'll take care of your mutant rat problem.", she smiled at the client, confidently flipping her hair, "That shouldn't be too hard now should it?"

Ignorance is bliss.

"Hmmm... This might actually be harder than I though...", Alisa confessed, one hour into the pursuit. The air had chilled enough for the sculptress to almost feel at home; and even that scarcely relieved her discomfort.

She had looked just about everywhere she found somewhat acceptable to fiddle around in, short of breaking into people's homes and asking them if they had a very large rat problem. Yet she'd found nothing yet, despite thoroughly searching the area where the client told her it had last been seen:

"Now, If I were a giant disgusting rat, where would I hide...?", pondered Alisa, raising a hand to her chin and inspecting her surroundings. And much to her chagrin, only one single option stood out. The manholes leading down below, into the sewers

Sewers... That was about the only way to make this mission even more unpleasant, throw in another layer of foul stench. With a repulsed twitch of her nose at the thought of what she'd have to do next, Alisa approached the manhole and crouched,

"Hey, you! What are you doing over there!?", a city guard called out, passing by just as Alisa had grabbed the handle and began pushing up. Even for her, dislodging that heavy, rusty piece of metal would have taken a mighty long time, and wound up with the manhole flung upwards by the time she did liberate it from its bonds.

Thus she had to explain to the guards what two finely dressed, seemingly well mannered ladies were doing in such late hours of the evening prying open the entrance to the sewers. Thankfully, the guard was quite understanding upon hearing she'd been sent by Lucien to hunt down the very elusive, but hugely troublesome mutant rat.

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"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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on Thu Feb 15, 2018 4:46 pm


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He also said no words about it being created by the woman herself, to which Alisa assumed the guard held no knowledge of such - and that her client no doubt preferred it kept that way. The guard also gave her the only useful lead she'd ever gotten all night, that sightings of that rat had all centered around one specific abandoned house in this district. Abandoned it may be, yet that house yet counted as private property, and for so long as it did so, guards had no way of going in to search for an urban legend... That said, they wanted it gone as much as Alisa did, which was why this particular guard would turn a blind eye if the sculptress were to waltz in and do her thing. He could just call it a break in tomorrow morning, but by then the public health menace would be long gone.

These terms were fully acceptable to Alisa who wasted no more time and instead hastily made way for the abandoned house, letting out a long, sleepy yawn. She'd been at this for far too long, doing missions since daybreak and all... Staying up so late obviously wasn't good for her skin.

"Keep your eyes peeled, Lumen...", she whispered to her partner as they swung open the old, creaky door, the smaller girl nodding as the activation of her light spell created a warm, cozy candle glow above her head, more than enough to light up their dusty, moldy surroundings. At the same time, Alisa clacked her heel and produced her own scanning spell, closing her eyes as the vibrations from her own step propagated though the wooden planks and back to her, "It's definitely here, somewhere..."



Name: Geomancy
Rank: A
Mana Cost: 200
Requirements: Crystal Magic
Type: Supplementary
Element: N/A (Crystal)
Range: 20 Meters
Cooldown: 4 Posts
Duration: Sustained
Effect: By tapping her heel, Alisa covers the topmost layer of her skin and clothes to a crystallized version, which lets her use its hypersensitivity to vibration as basic a sixth sense. To the user, it feels like a hybrid between hearing and touch. Faster moving opponents emit more vibrations, making them easier to sense, while opponents further away mean those vibrations get dimmer and harder to detect. This seismic sense naturally filters down excessively powerful vibrations (such as earthquakes), preventing Alisa from being "blinded" by the sensory overload.


Name: Come To The Ferryman
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Litwick Magic
Type: Debuff [Strength]
Element: Darkness
Range: 5 Meters
Cooldown: 1 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: Litwick flickers its light once by emitting a screeching sound and debuffs the strength of a target.

Between Lumen's light and her own sensory abilities, it took only a matter of seconds to find the rat, making its home in a room on the second floor. Courtesy of this unlikely tenant, the whole place smelled like sewer, making Alisa shudder at the thought of possibly needing to have searched the sewers. Whew... She dodged a bullet there. Sure, she'd do so if the need truly arose, but she'd have not enjoyed it, and it would have not been over quickly.

Grateful all she needed was to locate her foe, Alisa gave it no chance to react to her presence. Without warning, she ran forwards, dashing only when she stood about two meters from her enemy. Setting her left foot firmly down on the ground, she unleashed a devastating soccer ball kick to the giant rat, just as it finally caught sight of her. An instant, overwhelming victory against a foe who she really didn't feel like spending a long time fighting, seeing it as far less unpleasant to simply put it out of its misery as quickly as possible. The thundering kick would have shattered most of its bones and killed it instantly, before smashing it through the brittle, aged wall, making a bloody mess on the streets below.

The latter part, however - carrying it to a nearby garden and burying it - was a dirty job, but once more somebody had to do it. It wasn't nearly as troublesome or bloody with Lumen around to help her, as the rate still looked mostly whole especially after she crystallized the whole corpse with her magic so she could carry it around in a single, solid, odorless lump. Eventually she got her reward, and If the outfit wasn't so expensive, she'd still consider having it incinerated.

"Guess I should stop by the hot springs..."


Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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