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What Time Is It? [Hammer Time Quest/Solo]

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on Tue Feb 13, 2018 4:29 pm

“Yo, Metal mage here.” Yasiel introduced himself as he walked through the door, the bells that hit the side of the door would give him a chance to alert the two of them, but the brunette liked to make sure of things. There Barras was, hammering away at the innocent metal slice and hard at work as seemingly usual. Considering the number of weapons that he had on the shelves, he was great with making weapons… But he was lacking in the demand area. A shame since mages seem to all have weapons, this shop needed to do a bit more to have more than average business. Not that Yasiel was here for that, so he’ll mind his business about that.
“Daniel, right?” Barras asked, placing his hammer down for a moment and looking up to the mage, who just nodded his head to avoid an awkward conversation. As long as the brunette was paid what he was owed at the end of the mission, Barras could call him whatever he wanted. That was the type of attitude businesses needed to learn to adopt if they wanted to see jewels giving them profit instead of return. The man seemed satisfied with his lack of memory, the illusion of a lie was more powerful than expected.
“Help an old man out and get to work on that metal back there!” No hesitation in givings orders already, but his wish was a command, one to be fulfilled in no time. Barras pointed back to a skinnier looking man with a hammer in his hands, weakly hammering down onto the metal. Nothing was going to get done with those adorable little slaps against metal, one had to use force. Yasiel felt a bit of pity for the assistant, considering the task description clearly explained why. Still, if you were not able to do a good job, make sure to not do it at all. It saves materials and time for everyone.
Sweet, looks like he gets to show off what he can do. Having many experiences with swords, he can easily make short work of this one right here. So he paced over to the assistant to see what kind of sword was being made. “All right, boss. How many of these do you want me to make?” The brunette asked the assistant, who proceeded to point to the broken pile of         swords lying in the corner. “About how many scrapped projects are lying down over there.” The assistant explained. It stacked up towards the ceiling… Honestly, why waste the materials when he could just summon the shortswords? The problem with that though was that they were temporary, and he wasn’t going to give Fairy Tail a bad reputation with trickery such as that. Something about being good to give them more benefits or whatever. If he wanted their help with gaining any grounds, he better not do anything to piss them off. A small internal sigh was let out before he continued.

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on Tue Feb 13, 2018 5:21 pm

“Seems like I’ll have a fun time.” Yasiel replied ironically, swiftly picking up the hammer and staring the little shred of metal down. Well, one could say it is hammer time. But stupid joke out of the way, he analyzed the metal and compared it to that of his usual spells. Though they were nothing special in terms of what they were capable of being, he could at least give them a chance in being replicated so that he could have a permanent one available sometime. Short swords were common, but very popular.

And down went the hammer, smashing down onto the hammer. Thanks to beautiful metal manipulation, he smashed it down to a quick flat surface. Only a few slams later and the whole strip of metal was formed. It was messy for the moment, but the little metal equivalent of a gin was more than enough for him to shape it. So he simply slammed the sword onto the side with much force to give it a quick shave. Sparks flew all over the shop from the amount of force used, the heat immensely covering the room and making the place hotter than it usually was. But with the quick balancing and the red metal creating the outline of a sword Yasiel would use, he would throw it to the side and let it cool off for the moment. “Well… That’s one down. Who’s ready to make this place burn like a fire?” At least he was aware that he wasn’t immune to natural heat, despite him being the cause of it.

So he spent the time repeating the process, the rough edges of swords quickly cleaned and cooled down afterwards in near record time. It made sense as to why one would love to have a metal mage for this mission, they were perfect for weaponry jobs. Not only did he use metal, but he also used said metal to make weapons and give him that knowledge.

A couple hours passed, Yasiel grabbing one last broken metal material that the assistant butchered up, cleaning the edges with the spinner and making it a decent sword again. Not in the best condition, mind you, but it was still functional. Wasted materials also served bad business, the boss likely would scream if they were left without hope. So the task was completed and the sun didn’t even go down yet. The brunette was proud with the amount of work he had down, a second tall pile left in the corner with a bunch of short swords.

“I’m done! I’m clocking out, though I ask for a bit of pay for my services?” The metal mage asked, looking towards Barras for the pay. Instead, he caught a bag of jewels to the forehead.

“That’s the spirit! Take your pay and bail, kid!” The blacksmith ordered, likely tone-deaf to the fact that he was still acting like Yasiel was an employee. With the mission done, he smiled as he walked out from the shop. Now to wait for Barras to give the report to his guild. A drop of water in the bucket to improve it, but the whole guild built off of drops.

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