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Community Outreach (Quest)

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on Tue Feb 13, 2018 5:50 am

Terumi Majora
Together, atop the archaic gothic cathedral.

The two large pillars were the seemingly ageless structure for the huge building that they supported. They were pearl white, and shined as if to tell the sun, we too are here. And most would not notice the chips, the cracks, and the scars. This building would bare all of it to none, and those seen few and far were buried deep underneath the pristine outside appearance that was upheld. Still, there are those who seek. The ones not yet tainted in a white cloth not easily stained. While most exist to absorb, to absolve one of their dirt, their spills, grime and grit. How would ones napkin supposed to clean and yet refused to be dirtied?

The man's lilac hair spread, twisted and even spiraled in the wind. His approach to the doorway was quick as it provided a safe space for him to retreat from the wind, if only briefly. Grasping the metal handle, so firmly planted to the large wooden doors, Terumi yanked back until the entrance slowly gave way. A gust of warm air exited the church following it, the smell of dusty stitching from old religious texts and even older makes of glue between the papers bindings was so uncomfortably spread thoroughly through the building. Along the large grey stone masonry work and pillars of stone throughout were artifacts and decorum of propaganda and what one group of holier than though individuals held as special for others to do the same.

Making his way along the dark black rug which seemingly extended forever, there were rows upon rows of benches, with semi-comfortable seat cushions to make people feel like sitting during a service was somewhat bearable. He'd finally reached the front of the church, a large gathering of people, some laid down, other kneeling but all had surrounded one man, wearing garments of the church's holy cloth. Terumi approached with a smile on his face, stepping carefully around the people who were receiving blessings from the man. Once he had seen Terumi making his way around, the man of cloth stopped his prayer, slowly meeting the lilac hair guest halfway extending his hand when they were but feet apart.

"Ah, you must be in need of something my child, I am Father Jerad. Anything can be made possible with just a little faith. Please, tell me how I can help" The man's gestures of kind came across as surprising to Terumi. Amidst a sea of people who had sought of help, he hadn't even remembered that there were flyers posted seeking individuals to help at the church. He replied to father jerad, gripping his hand firmly "Hello jerad, I believe you were looking for work?" his tone was of a familiar sense but was to come across as friendly more than anything else. "See, i'm not from this country but I do believe hard work can make a man. I can build character, especially if it's something such as helping those in need."

He finished shaking the mans hand, both men still wearing their smiles. It appeared as if the father was shocked. No one else had stopped by today to answer his flyer or so it seemed, and so the father began leading the young man towards the back of the church where a wooden crate sat between two book cases. "What could I do to help, if anything at all Jerad?" he finished.

"Well, i'm glad you asked. You see those people back there?" Jerad asked waving towards the large crowd while he searched the crate, not particularly for anything, but as if he was checking inventory. "I see them, yes."

"They're sick, all of them in fact. Usually I would do this myself, but since you are here it would be of great help to me if you could help me distribute these vials of medicine." the father raised the crate's lid, lifting from within and passing off one the wooden separators holding at least a dozen vials of the medicine. "I'll get it done right away." Terumi replied. With the tray in his hands he began to walk up and down the crowd of people handing off the small glass bottles filled with the medicine. Whatever sickness they had it surely was cryptic, or crippling to say the least. A lot of the sick were kneeling not only for prayer, but also because their illness caused extreme pain in their lower legs. Standing wasn't even an option, let alone sitting for some. Others chose to lay, as loved ones administered the medicine orally.

The treatment they were receiving, what type of oral medicine that the glass vials contained must have been extremely potent as each one had been created to suit the serving size of one individual who had contracted enough of the illness. Most people had simply expected themselves to feel better, and be rejuvenated once the medicine was consumed but, still their bodies had to work with it so that they could begin to recover. Terumi had passed out all of the vials he was handed, returning to the father to inform him of his completed work "What you've asked of is done."

Father Jerad's smile grew at least double the size upon hearing the news. "You work very quickly son. Here, a token of my thanks. Now hurry along before you become sick like the others." he replied handing the silvery haired man a vial of the medicine and a bag of jewels. "Surely this is enough payment for your troubles." the father finished.

"You're too kind." Terumi replied, taking the medicine and jewels in hand as he began to leave the large cathedral. It was a nice pay for a job well done. Exiting the cathedral he was once again met with the breeze, playing with his hair as it had seen fit. He peeled the cap from the glass vial, quickly consuming the medicine before saving the empty vial in his pocket to dispose of later.

Another soul, continuing his drift through a solar continuity.

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