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Conman Coward [Quest | Phoebe & Victor]

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#1Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:28 pm

Crocus had made a few changes, she turned her pint glass with her left index finger around, she had absolutely no idea what she needed to do here. Thanks to the war, disaster, anything you wanted to call it, the raven haired girl had not found any job before hand. "Anything else to drink girl?" The bar owner asked, she believed his name was Batra, he was a nice man but it didn't change how boring Crocus had been. Which wasn't even the right word that Phoebe could use but she didn't like the depressed feeling that was here. She had bumped into Regis again and that had been a good thing for her worried feelings, but it was a sad feeling to see nothing had changed for him.

Persephone was having this whole speech about not calling her a girl but since finally Phoebe could walk and talk, she let it be and looked up at him, "You don't have a job for me do you? Flipping them burgers or so? I used to be the one cooking at home." man that was a long time ago, perhaps at some point she would be in Orchidia again, not if it was depending on Persephone. "I actually have another job that needs to be taken care off."


#2Victor Garrett 

on Wed Feb 14, 2018 1:30 am

Perhaps it had been a bit rude of Victor to leave Phoebe to her own devices in a town like Crocus, especially in the time of an impending war. But he'd found a reason to slip away momentarily, Victor did have an old aunt here, although he'd never cared much for her... The real reason for him going off on his own was to seek out the knowledge he needed to the pursuit of his goal. He had no part to play in the war that had ensued but it did serve an important purpose. The chaos that the battle between Grimoire Heart and the kingdom created had given Victor a chance to carry out his deed, within the allegedly sacred walls of the Grand Cathedral. He had summoned a demon in the belly of that religious monster. Following which he needed a few more days to replenish his energy before he had the will to resume his normal life... He couldn't have let anyone see him in his post-ritual weakened state.

Nonetheless, he had hoped to run into nature wielding woman again. As the town dealt with the blows it had endured, he roamed the street and observed. The recovery process would be slow and tedious and yet even this destruction would pass. The famous inn was already up and in business, it helped that his side of town hadn't taken such a great hit. Now among the only regions that had remained relatively unscathed, business was probably flourishing, the blonde thought as he made his way into the inn. Phoebe was easy to spot, as she toyed with the glass and seemed engrossed in an idle conversation with the bartender. At least the attack had left her unharmed, he wondered how she'd treat his return. He skulked behind her slowly and then casually placed his hand on her shoulder, wrapping his fingers gently, so they were nestled in her collarbone. He leaned closer 'Missed me?'


#3Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Fri Feb 16, 2018 2:38 am

She wondered what the future else had in store for her, seeing Regis and still being unable to help him was a bit of a frustration, but that frustration soon was gone when Persephone said nothing could be done and she shouldn't blame herself. His family should take care of him, and she knew vaguely that he had them, she had managed to get that piece of information back in Magnolia, back in the summer. That was a long time ago and it felt like that, she had been swaying and sweeping around on her own, losing contacts here and there and that had been boring. Than she suddenly become the vessel of an arrogant goddess. Hey! but she ignored Persephone for now. She missed King, she missed friends she thought she had. All she had at the moment was Victor and that was a game, for him and Persephone, nothing like real friendship, heck he didn't even care one piece about her. Which made her jup up as she was listening to Batra telling this job too her, or actually she was daydreaming while he explained and she turned to look at the blonde, you would almost think she summoned him with her mind.

Her eyes shortly flashed to green because Persephone was bothered that she had not noticed him as well, "Would you be happy if I say yes?" She said before Phoebe quickly took over, "This man here has a job for us." She turned to look sideways at Victor, wondering if he was interested at all. "He wants us to find a con artist and get his scammed money back." Which was a very short version of the story.


#4Victor Garrett 

on Sun Feb 18, 2018 12:24 am

'Do you want me happy?' he countered, just for her ears, in a soft whisper as he leaned in. Then her tone abruptly changed. It reminded him a bit of that Nora woman he'd had the pleasure of meeting in Hargeon on the night before their scheduled departure from the coastal town. Quite a turn-of, but he was not socially inept enough to let his disappointment show in any dramatic manner. One side of his lip made a slight downturn as his eyes narrowed, he stepped away from her markedly and slid onto a stool beside her instead, keeping a casual distance between them, his back straightened and alert, as he assumed a more business-like stance.

'Tell me about this job, then.' he said a little pointedly, enough for her to realise he wasn't pleased, but not giving her reason for this conversation to become actively argumentative, a carefully controlled passive-aggressive retaliation, is what the blonde practiced, since work took precedence over their reunion. But when she did summarise the job in question, he had to work harder to guise his intrigue. That magic was very familiar to him, too familiar in fact. There were only a handful of mages that could pull it off... It was his father's trademark after all. He drummed his fingers on the bar counter to attract the attention of the bartender. 'Hey, so what exactly did the conman leave you with?' Victor asked.


#5Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Mon Feb 19, 2018 5:40 am

She didn't answer, Persephone didn't got time to answer and she scolded Phoebe for it. If they finally had a game to play, which gave them a companion, why would she complain? But Phoebe ignored the Nature Goddess in her mind. She even turned the whole conversation away from Victor and she had to have her fingers crossed that Batra didn't mind for someone else to tag along because she had not asked, she had asked a job for herself as she had been bored and there was this depressing atmosphere and barely any nature that made Persephone a grumpy woman too. Her lilac eyes turned towards Victor as he sat next to her and she wondered what he thought. Persephone didn't care, even though Victor wasn't a monkey anymore, he was still human and she didn't care about him and neither should Phoebe. But Phoebe only tried to understand. Their first mission had been her, mostly after had been Persephone.

She wasn't sure if his passive-aggressive anger was a good thing, if it made her happy. In one way it meant that he did care if she had missed him or not, but he was vain, arrogant. She should get away from him while she could before she would get hurt but it was Persephone her pushing and meddling that made her not want to care as well. She kept her eyes on him, a bit worried, a bit distance, there was so much going on and she wasn't even listening to Batra explaining to Victor what happened. When the bar owner rushed them out to find this conman, she snapped back out of her daydreaming. At least she had figured out the job mostly already.


#6Victor Garrett 

on Tue Feb 20, 2018 8:36 am

Victor had an inkling now, about the woman's mysterious eyes. Now that he had noticed a few flickering alterations in himself post his deal with the demon. But there was power in knowledge and it had greater potential if the wielder had the wisdom to keep silent about it and use it when the opportunity was ripe. His focus remained on the bartender, while even just with his peripheral vision, he tried keeping track of Phoebe.

The distraught Batra responded in a series of repetitive complains. The blonde maintained his patience and wore his best empathetic expression as he sifted through the relentlessly provided redundant details, for the information he wanted. 'So he stayed here till today and some of his rent money turned into invaluable items...' Victor confirmed before they were ushered out with urgency, along with a description of the patron.

It didn't take the duo long to find him, the man greeted them and tried to pass of his act as a mistake. He swiftly offered up the money he owed... Too readily. Clearly, this one was a novice conman. Victor shook his head, but he wanted to have a conversation in private with the cowardly guy. 'Looks like Batra will be happy to have his money back...' Victor played along, having cornered the man in an alley. 'Phoebe, would you take the money back to Batra? Meanwhile... I'd like to have a little chat with the man...'


#7Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Tue Feb 20, 2018 9:31 am

Phoebe let herself glide off the barstool and looked at Victor shortly before giving him a short smile and heading out of the inn to go and find this conman. The description that the man had given at least was caught by Victor because Phoebe had absolutely no idea who she was looking for. As Persephone spoke to her;

If we need allies, you better get him on your list dear Pheebs. There are things we can't do alone, now go on. But she couldn't, she didn't like playing a game, especially not when it came to faking friends and relationships although the last one was definitely not between them but kissing and other attention was not what she liked. She liked someone else and even if that had not been an official relationship yet, she felt like she was cheating albeit not him but at least her own feelings. Yet Persephone pushed and ushered and she couldn't help but let her hand bump against Victor's. Forget her feelings about this, as long as she didn't forget what she wanted. She could play this game as well as Persephone. "I'm sorry. I didn't want to say I felt lonely and I missed you." she said with a sugar sweet voice before they found the conman.

When they got there the man did far too easy but Phoebe didn't say a word, she looked at Victor once, did he believe she was that dumb? But Persephone ushered her away, He needs something, we figured that out in Hargeon, now let's go and let him mind his business. So she did. She took the money and walked back to the inn and threw it on the counter. It was fake again but she knew, Victor knew and now she had to wait. Hoping Victor didn't betray her at the moment. When he didn't and they got rewarded, she wasn't sure what to tell him now, Persephone was much better in this game, "Now don't leave me too long alone again. Who knows what might happen." The Goddess let Phoebe say before she left bar to go upstairs to the inn.


#8Victor Garrett 

on Tue Feb 20, 2018 3:50 pm

Better. Victor thought upon hearing the admission. He was skeptical of her tone, it was a little too sweet for the game they'd indulged in, but he appreciated the effort to make amends, to soothe his ego. Since he could smell her intent though, the lack of purity in it, he didn't quite grace it with a response, nonetheless, he did let his fingers slip between hers, as he scoured the paths for the man. Upon finding the conman duo backed him into an alley, casually leading him that way, till he sensed the danger and coughed up the money, which Victor knew - as per the tools of the trade - was fake. Phoebe waited, bag in hand. Victor just raised his eyebrows, mildly, almost as though he was going to snarkily ask her Yes dear... What's the hold-up? Before he had to though, she took the hint and left. Good girl. he thought to himself before turning to the sheepish conman.

'Now you and I both know that bag was nothing but stones...' Victor said, having backed him into a wall. A fierier orange color glinted in his eyes. The man immediately tried to shove Vic away and make a run for it, but Victor swiftly stuck his leg out to trip him. The blonde casually lifted the man by the collar and pushed him back into a wall, with his forearm across the man's throat. 'Now more than the real money, I want to know who you taught you how to conduct this magic...' The man balked and denied everything again, now in fear. The twenty-four-year-old just cocked his head, before swiftly pressing into his neck. The man croaked and lifted his other hand to push Victor's face away, but Victor swat it away with his free hand, grasping the wrist and twisting it into a painful lock.

'I'm counting till three. And you will tell me everything...' With each count, he increased the pressure on the man's throat, till finally, the man croaked out everything Victor wanted to know. Once satisfied, he pushed into the coward's neck till he was unconscious and sifted through his belongings to collect the real money, since he could discern the fake from the real. Following that, he headed back to the bar and threw the real money onto the bar, then picked it up again. 'That's mine now, right?' he asked the Bartender with a wink, before picking out a fistful from the sack and leaving it at the counter. 'I was kidding, I'll take just all this.' he added, skipping steps to rush in after Phoebe, maybe they could make up...


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