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The After-Party [Social | Victor Garrett]

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on Sun Feb 11, 2018 9:05 pm

Michelle Hunter
After that long journey from Oak and the long day in Crocus, trying to scout the Rune Knight camps, Michelle was exhausted and desperate for food and shelter. Of course, after such a massive attack, there wasn’t a single inn that had rooms with all walls intact. About half the population was in the medical camps and while the remaining half was lucky enough to escape injuries, they had lost all their home and possessions. It was like the Grimoire Heart pushed the reset button on the status quo of the capitol. Michelle could see both nobles and commoners stand in the same queue as someone distributed food.

She might have skipped the queue in the train station to get her tickets, but she wasn’t so cruel as to do the same with this one. In fact, she had enough food left from what she packed for the train; there was no need for her to exploit these unfortunate souls. She sighed softly and walked past the queue towards one of the broken buildings. The stone house was still half-intact; a lucky break compared to its neighbours. She cleared the rubble from one of the corners and sat down, opening one of the food packets. While she may not be exploitative, she was no saint either. She kept the remaining packs for herself; if she was to stay here for a few days, she will need them for herself and can’t go around handing it to people.

However, she can’t hoard it forever; after all, food do get spoiled. Maybe someone can convince her to share… for a price. No greed; just quid-pro-quo.

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on Sun Feb 11, 2018 9:27 pm

Victor Garrett
Someone else's bed, someone else's sheets... The blonde groaned into the pillow. The side he lay on must have been the woman's side of the bed, the scent of the heavily perfumed shampoo lingered on the pillowcase. It was tolerable, but annoying nonetheless. Victor was groggy, naturally, he didn't quite feel like himself. But it'd been three days, three entire days since he made his deal. Had he known his decision would weaken him this way, maybe the man would've chosen a more apt time to go through with it?

But there was hardly a chance that would allow for our deal to be executed so exquisitely. The voice inside his head was clear and articulate. Victor didn't fight it, the blonde didn't disagree, but the feeling of vulnerability was gnawing at him. All he wanted to know was how much longer would he have to wait before the two souls could co-inhabit this body and still realise its full potential...

Three days, give or take. This broken home had been his shelter. The dwellers probably injured, or worse... At least the home provided him with the comfort he needed. A bed and some food, since the law-enforcement was overwhelmed with other pressing post-war matters, no one cared about Victor's illegal use of the structure... Unless... was that another person he heard scuffling around downstairs?

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on Sun Feb 11, 2018 9:44 pm

Michelle Hunter
Michelle nibbled her food, absentmindedly staring through the broken wall and into the rubble-ridden street. When she was half-way through her food, she scanned the building she was in and noticed that the staircase that lead to the upper floor was still standing. She wondered if there was a closed place upstairs that she could use as shelter for the night. So, she held the open food packet on one hand, still occasionally taking small bites, picked up the rest of the food on the other hand and headed upstairs. Once she was up, she noticed that there indeed was a large bed in an almost-closed space. But of course, it was already occupied. What was she expecting, hoping to get privacy in such circumstances? Thankfully, there was enough space on the bed for another person.

Michelle didn’t care that the one lying on the bed was a man. She was confident enough that she could beat the shit out of him if he tried something; upon getting closer, she could see he was coming down with something. “Guess we are sharing the bed tonight… I hope whatever you have isn’t contagious,” she said, not even looking at him as she sat on the other side of the bed and removed her footwear. Once she sits back on the bed with her food still in hand, she felt bad to not even offer to share. After all, the blonde man seemed like he could use some energy. Sighing softly, she pulled out a food packet from her stash and pushed it towards the man. “Payment for letting me share the bed,” she said, which was mostly true.

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on Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:01 am

Victor Garrett
Had Victor been more attuned to his surroundings in his current state, maybe he'd have heard the footfall on the staircase. But alas, the vessel had to be informed. We have company...Victor. The voice inside his head cooed, it was odd to hear the gentle condescension in the tone, especially as an invasion of his own thoughts. Upon being warned, however, the blonde hoisted himself onto his elbows and slowly shuffled higher onto the bed. His neck was supported by the headboard, his face angled towards the doorway. He really wasn't up for a fight, so the blonde hoped this wasn't some ambush...

What he received was a dark voluptuous woman instead of an imagined enemy. He almost thought this had to be a gift... But as he watched her carefully, she ignored him, rather obviously. Hmm... Isn't it odd for a lady to ignore your presence?. It rankled Victor, the voice and the feeling it incited in him. It definitely wasn't normal for women to behave this way. He suppressed the urge to snarl. 'Might be.' he responded dryly, perhaps a little stung. He did accept the food she offered though. 'Is the price open for a bargain?' he asked softly, as she settled in beside him. 'I mean, its not just the bed, its the blanket too... Or is that all mine?'

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on Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:23 am

Michelle Hunter
Michelle saw the man try to sit up and only partly succeed. Despite his weak state, he seemed to have some spunk. “Might be, eh? Looks like I have no choice but to take the risk,” she said. It was true, she really did not have much of an option. She felt it better to give her immune system a chance against whatever the man had over the cold temperatures outside. The assassin couldn’t help but chuckle at the man’s questions. “That packet was for the entire suite,” she said, pointing around at the wrecked room. “Besides, don’t push your luck. You should be glad I’m not kicking you out. Considering your state, I doubt you will be much of a challenge,” she said jokingly. Unfortunately for Michelle, she had no clue she lying right next to the vessel of Lucifer, and her jokes might be taken seriously. She surely wouldn’t want to hurt Lucifer’s pride.

“Anyway… It’s been a long day. I should get some rest. And you should rest after eating too, if you plan on getting off the bed someday,” she added before lying down and pulling the sheet over her. These were her typical tactless, dry comments, and she usually had the mettle to back it up if it came down to it. However, tonight, considering the tiring day it has been and the fact that she had just eaten dinner, she felt extremely comfortable on the mattress. It would be a pain if her ‘roommate’ was offended and she had to fight him.

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on Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:51 am

Victor Garrett
The demon clicked his tongue, quite audibly in Victor's ears. The man had not expected conflict within. Noisily, he opened the packet and took a whiff of the food offered. Beggars can't be choosers... the voice reminded him, pointedly stating his current state. 'Considering you're willing to share, I'd say you're pretty desperate too.' he retorted with a soft snort as he took a few bites of the rather practical source of nourishment. At least there was some humour in her tone, dry as it was. It gave Victor the excuse to keep himself contained.

'Right.' he simply said, before sliding into the blanket again and turning away from her, so that his back was exposed to her. Never expose your back to your enemy. Victor sighed, but he had sworn to make this seamless, so he held his tongue yet again and simply turned back towards the woman. 'Are you the sort who'll at least leave their name in a not before leaving? Or are we limited to vague pronouns only?' From his slightly odd interaction back in Hargeon, he had learned to reveal even lesser, despite the everpresent expedition to unravel the other person.The need to gather more information about the woman that lay in the same bed was still pretty high. 'You better not be a kicker...' he muttered before fluffing his pillow as he changed directions.

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on Fri Feb 23, 2018 7:45 pm

Michelle Hunter
Any other day, the assassin would have retaliated; probably kicked him in the balls to show who was the boss there. But that night, she just wanted to rest. The three-day long journey and the tiring long day at the broken capital had taken its toll on her. So, instead, she simply sighed and decided to not grace his snide remarks with any response. However, she couldn’t ignore him for long. He seemed to be the chatty type; not something she appreciated. “Would appreciate it if you used that mouth of yours to just eat for the night,” she said, cutting him in the middle of his sentence.

She thought that would settle it, but it didn’t. He was worried she might kick him during the night, which raised a very valid doubt in her head. “You better not be in my kicking range… or I will,” she said bluntly. Michelle was a light sleeper; even the slightest of noise would probably wake her. Besides, she had a feeling this guy might not try anything funny with her; particularly her, in fact. Although she had no basis to have such confidence, it was pretty strong. Probably related in previous birth… if that was a thing, she thought to herself as she dozed off.


Michelle woke the next morning before sunrise, as always. It took her a moment to realize where she was, and once she realized, she turned to see the blonde man still sleeping. The purple-haired woman smiled softly and looked at his peaceful face, having no idea who he was hosting in that weak human body. It was time for her to leave. She picked up her stuff without causing much noise. Before leaving, however, she left the last food packet she had with a note that simply said ‘Hunter’. The woman had no idea why she just gave up her breakfast to this man, but she knew she wouldn’t have felt right the entire day had she not done that.


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on Fri Feb 23, 2018 11:18 pm

Victor Garrett
Victor scoffed, but kept his thoughts to himself, which despite her prickly demeanor revolved around certain outcomes that didn't necessarily involve any violence, just idle thoughts though, he had no real intention of making any moves. Sure she'd like me to use my mouth for just eating. Nonetheless, he didn't have the capacity to talk it out with her. Despite what she may or may not be willing to offer. Her threats were getting annoying. 'Yeah yeah...' he said dismissively. Rolling his eyes, he responded with a soft sigh... 'It's not my fault I'm bigger than you can handle... I guess I'll just have to take it as a compliment...' he said with a shrug, unwilling to stoop to her level and threaten to take her limbs if she made such moves and instead just settling with an option which involved implications she may be uncomfortable with.

But she seemed rather unfazed, perhaps because he didn't betray the slightest shred of any real interest. He just pulled the blanket closer towards him, rather sharply as one final ditch effort to win this cold war for the bed territories. He slid lower, stretching underneath the blanket, and sincerely hoping that the pair didn't land themselves in any skirmish, Victor could use all the rest he could get.


When he woke the next morning, she was gone. Despite everything, that was strange, it was usually Victor who found himself sneaking out in the garb of the early morning air and darkness. Idly he wondered if fate would ever have them cost paths again, as picked his torso off off the bed, he had a sinking feeling that it would.

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