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This isn't a Scooby Doo episode! [Training - Sage]

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#1Seta Kaiba 

on Sat Feb 10, 2018 9:56 pm


The Number One Duelist:

Seta Kaiba

Seated in her office in the Kaiba estate Seta was busily reading over the latest reports of the recent tournament that her family had hosted. A tap on the desk followed as she read the paper sheet. "I guess it's to be expected..." A sigh escaped her lips as she gave the paper a glance once more. "Fenrir, was that his name?" As she read the paper she spotted several names on the paper, one in particular name pulled her attention, and that was the name of the Saiyan she had met before during the tournament who also showed up in the duel at the end of the day.

"Miss Kaiba, we got a problem here." a man in a business suit approached her, a look of concern upon his face. Turning her attention to the man she stated calmly. "What's the matter?" The man bowed lightly into her direction and answered her with a polite tone. "We have been getting reports of a lot of children and teenagers in Crocus being robbed of their Duel Monsters cards..." A frown emerged upon her face as she rose from her seat, stashing her deck in the card holster. "If that keeps on going our reputation will get damaged, I will investigate."

Seemingly ready to depart Seta suddenly heard footsteps and watched her little brother appeared with a grin. "Sis! I'm going to come also~" Mokuba's arrival came rather unexpected to her surprise. "Fine, fine but stick close to me."


on Sat Feb 10, 2018 10:49 pm

Sage was sitting in his chair, his feet on his desk and his elbows resting. He didn't know what to do. It was too hot outside and he was just waiting for his lunchtime to come. A small fan on his table was spinning so fast just to keep Sage cool. He was inside his office doing nothing because the rune knights headquarters wanted him to arrange the files that they have, and Sage did it in just a couple of minutes while the headquarters expected him to be done by a week.

So now he has nothing to do for the whole week, he wants to patrol the holy capital, crocus but he can't, it was someone else's shift to do that. Sage whined, "Ughhhh, only if there's a case or other detective I can do.". It was as if the universe knew what he wanted, someone rushed and opened his office's door. Sage put his legs down and sit up straight, "Yes how can I help you?" Sage asked as a woman wearing a suit appeared in his office, she didn't knock but Sage could put that away for the moment, there was something more important than that.

"We have a new case, and we need someone to investigate this, you are our only available knight who is capable of doing this Mr.Elm." The woman said and Sage wanted this so he agreed immediately. "Sure, give me a what you got," Sage said to the woman expecting her to give the files that might include clues for the case. "I am sorry Mr.Elm but we don't have any clues, the only thing that we know for now is that kids are being robbed, and all of the victims are a card game player and what were stolen from them are cards.", the woman said to Sage.

"Hmm..." Sage was thinking, the victims are card game players and what was stolen are their cards. "Thank you for your report, I'll do my best," Sage said to the woman and stood up from his chair. He grabbed his jacket and walked out of his office, not forgetting to close his fan and lights first.

Sage headed towards a mall, where a tournament of card games must be held. Once he found it Sage stood in a corner in the upper floor of where the tournament was being held, he examined the situation, waiting for something suspicious to happen. Sage then thought, maybe this would be something useful for his training too, expecting this would be easy handling a stealer of someone who robs a children's card game. This will be easy Sage thought. While Sage was examining the situation, Sage saw two people, and they are too old to play card games, but then he saw other adults going to the card game stores. Now this is getting interesting, not just children play this card game, adults do too.

WC: 500/4000

#3Seta Kaiba 

on Sat Feb 10, 2018 11:17 pm


The Number One Duelist:

Seta Kaiba

Dressed in her usual attire Seta certainly possessed the type of look that drew a fair amount of attention. Mokuba was already eagerly humming along, dressed in a long trenchcoat and a pair of sunglasses. "So Mokuba, why are you dressed up?"

The brunette's question quickly pulled her brother's attention, the boy lifting his sunglasses while he inquired with an excited smile upon his lips. "I am incognito!" An excited bounce followed as they arrived at the mall. Of course, like usual she had her deck contained inside the holster on her belt, with that she was prepared enough in case troubles would arise.

However, after a moment Seta found the idea that going incognito would be a bit too difficult with her reputation, for some children spotted her and exclaimed in excitement. "It's Kaiba! It's the number one duelist!" The children approached her with smiles upon their faces, while at the same time Mokuba was grinning sheepishly at her. Nonetheless, Seta looked down confidently at her while she inquired with her usual calm tone. "How are things going around here? Have you heard any stories lately about other children being troubled?"

The children nodded their head firmly yet before they could answer her she spotted a stranger at the opposite of the area she was at, and for once it didn't look like someone who was here to play Duel Monsters...


on Sun Feb 11, 2018 12:00 am

Sage saw a woman, walking with her was someone who wanted to look incognito but was actually showing himself too much by wearing sunglasses in a building. Then a bunch of children ran into the woman and it seems like they all admire her. To Sage, she looks like a celebrity that he doesn't know. "Hmmm..." Sage thought for awhile, wanting to break down who she is. Sage had an idea that she is someone that is so popular in this card game world, she must be. She said something to the children but Sage couldn't hear it very well.

She then turned her head towards where Sage was standing. 'Shit, she caught me.', Sage didn't have any plan on what he will do if someone caught him in action. Sage turned his face away from the woman's view and he walked off. He sighed, he had never thought it would be this hard, but still. He must know who the woman is. Doing the easiest thing on earth, Sage head towards a card shop and walked to the counter intending to ask the shopkeeper who in the world is that woman and why is she so famous.

"Hello, may I ask you something?" Sage said to the shopkeeper while he extended his wallet, showing a rune knight's badge. "Oh yes, please, I'll help you in any way possible." Sage leaned towards the shopkeeper and whispered to him while looking around making sure nobody could overhear them. "Do you know who that famous woman is?" Sage asked the shopkeeper and he was dumbfounded, "You don't know who the great duelist is? Well, of course, how could you not know you're a rune knight, not a silly card gamer." He said, which is quite true, he has no time to play this silly card game. "Tell me more about this great duelist.". The shopkeeperanswered, "She won every game and never lost, whoever challenged her will have a certainty of losing.", "Ouh, thanks for your help." Sage thanked the man, "Anytime.".

Sage left the shop and walked towards the famous woman, he wondered, why would someone like herwalked into a place like this on some random day, she must know something, plus the fact that someone nextto her was dressing like an investigator, everything became too obvious for Sage. He walked to a corner where the woman was standing and he looked at her, expecting her to come to him and speak up.

WC: 422 (922/400)

#5Seta Kaiba 

on Sun Feb 11, 2018 1:06 am


The Number One Duelist:

Seta Kaiba

After they had arrived at the little part of the mall where people were busy playing the card game spotted two peculiar things: The first being that her little brother had gone to take a seat on a bench near her, a newspaper unfolded in his hands to cover his face and make his disguise complete while the second was that a stranger was nearby clearly observing her actions. "Psst Sis, there is this guy looking in our direction."

Mokuba's soft whisper made her sigh playfully, a hand resting on her hip as she replied to the lad's words. "I know Mokuba, he's being as obvious about is as your disguise is." Turning her focus back to the children she asked them the question she had been trying to ask them before, leading to one of the lads to explain in an excited tone. "I heard Jake got his cards stolen recently! Three grownups snatched his cards near Batra's inn!" Hmm, if it involved Batra she could likely get herself some extra info from him... "Guess we got what we need, now---" Turning to face the newcomer straight ahead Seta marched over to him, her stride clearly one filled with confidence as she stopped a few steps away from him and inquired. "You don't exactly look like someone looking for a duel." She remarked calmly, a hand tapped to the holster on her belt that seemingly contained some sort of card game deck.


on Sun Feb 11, 2018 1:31 am

The woman walked towards Sage as he expected. "Of course I didn't," he replied to the woman, he then showed his rune knight batch so that things were clear, he is a rune knight investigator and is trying to solve a case. "I'm investigating a silly case about cards being stolen, and I guess you and your friend there is doing the same thing too?". Sage will expect a yes from this so he would continue, "So what's your lead?" Sage asked the woman, he doesn't wanna waste any time.

He may look very young to be investigating a case, plus he is seventeen years old and he doubted the woman to believe him. "Oh yeah and I forgot one more thing, the name's Sage, what's yours?" he said and asked the great duelist, he can't believe that he didn't introduce himself first, how rude he is as a rune knight. After she gave Sage the information that she has, or she refused and she gave Sage her name or if she refused too, Sage will then ask, "Who's that guy? Invite him to join us." He will ask the woman for that guy who was wearing the trenchcoat and the sunglasses to join their 'discussion'.

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#7Seta Kaiba 

on Sun Feb 11, 2018 1:58 am


The Number One Duelist:

Seta Kaiba

Seta's expression briefly turned into a noticeable frown when he showed the badge that was a telltale of his membership into the Rune Knights. "A Rune Knight hmm? And here I hoped to get things resolved before they got involved." A soft grumble followed as she crossed an arm beneath her chest and averted her gaze from him for a moment.
"You'd be wise not to underestimate the value of a game like this and the cards that come with it. Games are not silly. Games soothe our souls and leave room for new development that challenges the mind. They are the products of human wisdom."

Stating a certain quote she was fond of using she made another tap on her deck as if to silently remind herself that it was because of 'silly games' that she was able to obtain a special type of magic like this before she continued.

"I guess it could be useful to have a Rune Knight around in case things get violent... As far as I know the victims were all robbed near Batra's inn, so I planned to talk to Batra to find out more."

Meanwhile, as they were talking Mokuba had already started to shuffle over, sometimes closing his newspaper slightly to peek sideways at the duo while the Rune Knight introduced himself as 'Sage'. "Seta, of the Kaiba household here in Crocus." She explained when the matter finally turned toward Mokuba's presence who had stopped right at her side and closer the newspaper. "And I'm Mokuba! You don't need to invite me, because wherever Big Sis goes, so do I!"


on Sun Feb 11, 2018 2:35 am

Sage kind of made a mistake, he shouldn't say that this is a silly card game to someone who dedicated their life to it. The woman's name is Seta Kaiba, a lovely name. She gave the information to Sage, which Sage was very grateful to have, at least they have a clue unlike what the rune knights headquarters had, which is kind of like nothing at all. Not long after that the man who was with Seta came and introduced himself, his name is Mokuba and he said that Seta is his big sis.

"Oh he's your brother," Sage exclaimed to Seta, he didn't know why exactly why he said that, but the only thing he was sure about was they are all in to solve the same damn case, the only clue they had was that the crime took place near Batra's Inn. "So let's go there together, to Batra's," Sage said he doesn't want to drag any more people in because three people are the max number of human beings Sage could tolerate to be in a group with unless if they are very close to Sage then Sage could easily be with them.

WC: 204 (1341/4000)

#9Seta Kaiba 

on Sun Feb 11, 2018 2:51 am


The Number One Duelist:

Seta Kaiba

A curt nod was being made by Seta in return to Sage's inquiry about the relationship between her and Mokuba to be one of siblings. Nonetheless, it appeared that the Rune Knight wanted to investigate this matter together, and so she soon found herself a new tagalong.

Fortunately for them the mall they were in wasn't that far from Batra's inn, after leaving the building they only had to cross a small section of maze-like streets, that the brunette seemed to know pretty much flawlessly out of her head considering she didn't need to look for street signs or clues of their whereabouts when finally they reached the inn that was their destination.

Seta made little delay into opening the door and marching inside, hand pressing against the door as the peculiar trio entered the inn and nearby Batra was visibly tending the bar. Seta approached the bar, while Mokuba tried to tug Sage along when the brown-haired woman took a seat on a nearby chair.

"If it isn't the scion of the Kaiba household, what can I help you with today, Seta?" The young woman briefly tapped her fingers on the counter, placing some jewels on it. "For me a Vodka Martini, Shaken, not stirred." Mokuba eagerly hopped onto a chair and exclaimed. "And for me a Vod-" Yet Seta quickly interrupted as she placed a few more jewels onto the counter. "For my brother a warm chocolate milk." Poor Mokuba, so dejected he couldn't get the fancy type of drinks... Turning to the Rune Knight Batra inquired calmly. "And what would the sir have?"


on Sun Feb 11, 2018 4:05 am

It seems like Seta knew the way to Batra's Inn very well, as they reached there without Sage doing any thinking are locating. Seta opened the door to Batra's Inn and entered, he and Mokuba then joined Seta and entered the Inn. Then Sage saw him, Batra staying behind the bar as usual as always serving his customers. It seems like Batra knew Seta very well, then he said her family's name, Kaiba which means that the family is very known throughout the region. Sage wonder who the Kaiba family is but he got something better to deal with at that moment.

Seta walked to the bar and sat on one of the chairs, Sage, as an elf,hated the smell of wine and alcohol inside the inn, but Mokuba tugged Sage before he could even react, and the last thing he knew was that him sitting at the bar, he sighed, he thought that he could just finish the case without a drink. Seta on the other side ordered a Vodka in such a familiar way, but Sage can't remember where he heard those sentences, nevertheless Mokuba tried to order vodka too but her sister stopped him before he could even finish saying the word vodka. Seta ordered him a warm chocolate milk instead.

Batra then turned towards Sage and he asked if he wantsanything but then Sage instantly shook his head as to say that he doesn't want anything, "Nope, I don't drink, sorry.". Sage wanted to do this quick he didn't want to be in the bar at all. "So Batra, have you heard about children playing card games around here recently?" Sage asked Batra, expecting him to say that he did and he also heard about the robbery as well.

WC: 302 (1643/4000)

#11Seta Kaiba 

on Sun Feb 11, 2018 9:49 am


The Number One Duelist:

Seta Kaiba

As Batra prepared the hot chocolate milk for Mokuba he listened to Sage's inquiry and laughed softly. "Odd question to ask when you're in the company of the one who designed and manages the whole affair of Fiore's most popular card game."

As he placed the goblet filled with Mokuba's drink on the counter he looked briefly at Seta. "He does know who you are, right Seta?" But the brunette merely shrugged as Batra sighed in amusement. "Aside from being a famous duelist in the game, she is also the adoptive daughter of Gozaburo Kaiba, the current head of the Kaiba household, a small but wealthy noble family within Crocus."

He paused as he started to prepare the cocktail for Seta, carefully preparing the finishing touches as she had requested and handed it over to her, making Seta raise the cocktail to her lips while the bartender continued. "She's somewhat of a hot topic around town. Despite being an orphan she got noticed for her intelligence and a rather headstrong personality, to the point that the head of the Kaiba family took her in and trained her to be his successor."

Seta slowly lowered the drink back onto the bar as she stated calmly "That's enough about my past Batra, I believe you are aware of the recent robbers that been targeting children?" The bartender nodded his head slightly in response as he explained.

"While it's only a rumor I have yet to confirm, the story goes that a small crime group gathers at night at the plaza behind the nearby warehouses in order to auction rare cards. Some of the cards sold so far are suggested to belong to the victims." That was all she needed to know. Rising from her seat she turned her back at the bartender and addressed her brother. "Mokuba, start preparing a list of the stolen cards, those we can't retrieve tonight I want to see remade and handed over to the victims."

Mokuba nodded his head lightly as he finished his drink and mused softly. "Because 'for a duelist their cards are a treasure of immeasurable value', right?" A light nod followed by the woman in return as she tapped her deck lightly, those thieves would pay for their crimes... "Ready to come Sage?"


on Mon Feb 12, 2018 7:36 am

Batra laughed at Sage after he asked Batra if he had seen any kids around and hence said that he was sitting with someone who knew too well about that matter. "huh?" Sage said clueless of what was going on. Batra and Seta then made some sort of communication that made Sage go even more clueless than ever. But he waited, waited for someone to give him an answer before he asks for one. Batra then told Sage who Seta Kaiba actually is, and after actually hearing all of that Sage looked at Seta Kaiba again and he couldn't believe that the Kaiba had a successor, but the muse ended quickly as Sage reacted with, "Oh, wow, nice."

He really didn't have anything else to say, well what else is there to say about it. Moving on to their real purpose of going to Batra's, Seta asked the question that Sage should have asked earlier before, had Batra heard anything about things included with the robbery of cards, Sage can't believe he didn't ask his question specifically. Batra was a good lead for them, for what Sage could tell, Batra knew about the card robbery and where they are being sold back again.

Shockingly, Seta stood up and she looked like she was very serious about doing the matter, she told her little brother, Mokuba to list down the cards that they couldn't retrieve on that night. In Sage's mind, he thought of what would happen on that night and after a few seconds, Sage had an idea that Seta wanted to go to the place where the cards that were stolen are being held, and before Sage could even say something Seta would ask him if he was ready. "Lead the way," Sage replied realizing the benefits of getting out of the wine-smelling inn and into the fresh air of Crocus.

WC: 320 (1963/4000)

#13Seta Kaiba 

on Mon Feb 12, 2018 10:31 am


The Number One Duelist:

Seta Kaiba

Although the fresh air might have been a pleasant change for Sage, the pleasantries would not last long for their destination was quite close. After reaching the collection of warehouses an alleyway between two of them led toward the location the auctions were held, and upon arrival, the trio found that like they were told the auctions were being held currently. A crowd had gathered around what appeared like an elevation similar to a stage or podium where a man was presenting various goods. "Welcome! Welcome! I present to you yet another treasure in the form of several rare and elusive cards!"

A tall and slender-build man announced while a smaller and rather big-boned companion was carrying small boxes from a nearby spot to the stage. Seta scoffed at their words, perhaps because the cards were all stolen rather than earned, and turning toward Sage she whispered softly. "I'm going to disrupt their auction, can I leave it to you to intercept their escape route on the other side? Use the crowd to cover your approach, the big guy likely will try to flee with the cards..."

After getting Sage to confirm his decision to help her with her plan or not Seta lowered a hand to her card holster and within the blink of an eye, a card appeared in her hand, a light sweep making it disappear into thin air similar to a magician's trick.

"And let us start with the bidding! 1000 jewels for this rare Battle Ox card!"

Battle Ox, rare? Pfft although she could see some irony as some of the less knowledgeable visitors started to bid on the cards, but it was then all of a sudden that on the stage an illuminating light shone, and the moment the two meters tall Minotaur appeared the crowd screamed in a panic as the Battle Ox grabbed a hold of the neck of the auctioneer's neck and shook him violently back and forth while Seta calmly approached the scene as the crowd fled in terror! "Surprise, seems you found some cards with a will for vengeance..."


on Tue Feb 13, 2018 4:30 am

The place where the auction was held was quite dark and gloom and those are the things that Sage dislike. He could see a crowd gathering around a podium where a skinny man was announcing a bid on a card. Seta then said to Sage if he could block the escape route on the other side of the place. Sage instantly understood and didn't say another word. He was walking like a normal people making way through the crowd and was probably pretty hard to be seen by the big-boned companion carrying boxes to the stage from a nearby spot from the stage.

If the companion or the man saw Sage and recognize him, it won't be a problem at all as Sage could just block their path with roots and trees. When Sage did get to the other side of the stage, Seta did her work and Sage could see an illuminating stone shining on the stage and then an Ox materialized on the stage, not any random Ox but the Ox that look very similar to the one in one of the cards. Sage was in awe, he never thought that those creatures from the cards could be summoned.

The Ox grabbed the auctioneer 's neck and shook it pretty hard. Sage doesn't like violence but he has to let this one pass as the auctioneer deserved it. Seta then made her entrance while saying something cool. The small but bulky companion then made his way to somewhere, either to help his master or to flee, Sage would simply wave his hand sideways and roots emerged from the ground, grabbing the companion's leg and making it trip, its head falling to the ground first. Sage walked over towards the companion and waves his hand again and this time roots grew out of the ground and it acts like a handcuff capturing down the companion with ease.

"Hey, Seta you want me to capture that one too?" Sage said to Seta referring to the auctioneer and if Seta said yes Sage would then simply wave his hand at the direction of the auctioneer and roots will grow out of the ground and cuffs the auctioneer's hand together but if Seta refused than Sage would just take look around so that people who were involved in this crime won't escape.

WC: 397 (2360/4000)

#15Seta Kaiba 

on Tue Feb 13, 2018 4:56 am


The Number One Duelist:

Seta Kaiba

Watching Sage's magic at work quickly suggested that the man was a mage with an affinity toward nature, at least the usage of his spells suggested as much. While the Rune Knight easily dealt with the aide of the auctioneer, his attempt to flee quickly being prevented by Sage's magic, the moment the auctioneer had finally broken free and tried to flee toward a nearby alleyway the Minotaur rushed after him while Seta's hand trailed toward her deck, a card being swiftly drawn and materialized right night to the man's side as he tried to flee into the alleyway.

A fierce gust blew through the alleyway, one with such pressure it knocked the man straight into the wall with enough force to leave an imprint and allowed the Battle Ox to drag the auctioneer back by his nape. Mokuba meanwhile had moved over to the cards, seemingly following his sister's instructions to compile a list of all the stolen cards. Meanwhile, the Battle Ox that the young woman had summoned lightly tossed the man at Sage's feet, the intimidating growl of the Minotaur being enough to make the man squirm on the ground like a terrified child.

"Either way, there you have your thieves Sage. All in a day's work. Mokuba did you list down the cards? We'll send out a call to those who got robbed to retrieve their cards." It seemed the brunette was fairly pleased with the end-result, and rightly so!


on Tue Feb 13, 2018 6:26 am

The auctioneer broke loose and tried to run away, Sage wanted to use his light magic and just blind the man so that things would be settled more easily. But Seta wanted to do some action too. Sage saw her drawing a card magically from her deck and a sudden wind blew the auctioneer to a wall. The Ox than threw the auctioneer at Sage's feet and Seta said that the thieves were captured in only one day. Then she turned towards her brother and asked if he collected all of the cards stolen that he listed before.

Sage focused back on the thieves on his feet. He simply,y wave his hand and root handcuffs grew out of the ground and cuffed the auctioneer. Now that Sage had the thieves he wanted he grabbed something from his pocket, a device that'll let the rune knight's headquarters to aid Sage and there were two buttons, one to imprison people and the other to call for emergency. Sage pushed the button to let the headquarters he wanted to imprison people. Soon there'll be rune knights, lower ranked rune knights coming to Sage's location and bring the thieves to the prison located in Era. As a signature move of his, Sage snap his fingers, a blinding flash appeared near Sage and both the auctioneer and the companion were blinded because of Sage's spell. This will make things easier for the rune knights to take them to their prison.

Sage walked towards Seta, "So you got some pretty cool card magic eh?" Sage said to Seta, he had never seen card magic on action before the only thing he knew was that it was super rare. He couldn't have solved the case without Seta's help. He won't even have a clue were to look at first, "and thank you for helping me out with this case.".

WC: 322 (2682/4000)

#17Seta Kaiba 

on Tue Feb 13, 2018 10:06 am

The gratitude of the Rune Knight came unexpectedly, and while not unappreciated she merely shrugged her shoulders lightly. "There is no need to thank me, helping you out was mutually beneficial." In the end, it would do her no good for the card game to be sabotaged by something petty like theft. A part of the charm of games like this was the entire concept of collecting cards by spending your well-earned jewels on them, so obviously thievery was a taint upon that effort. "I guess you could say that my magic is slightly different than most."

That would be quite an understatement, considering most magic came in the form of employing one or multiple elements and use them for various spells, but instead she relied entirely on the concept of turning her cards into reality. Monster cards became summons and spell or trap cards could become special spells that were often so outlandish even the most experienced mage would find themselves confused at their display. "Either way, I believe this ends our cooperative efforts Sage, a fine day to you."

Turning her back at the rune knight she went to pick up the crate with cards and marched off into the alleyway, preparing for the final part of her 'business'


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