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Baska - Rock And Roll

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on Sat Feb 10, 2018 8:15 pm



Quest: Rock And Roll

Rank: B

Type: Bad


  • A New Mine completed
  • No Stone Unturned completed
  • Friend Ore Foe completed
  • Took It For Granite completed
  • A Heart of Stone completed

Mattoro: Former foreman, he and his crew would go into the mines for the town's needs. During a cold winter, they were promised great wealth that would allow them to retire if they kept on mining. In the end, the additional money was never paid, while Mattoro lost many good men when the mine crashed. Enraged, Mattoro and the rest of the miners rebelled and formed the Cold Colliers.

Summary: With Kalaus and Giroud gone, there is only one more task that must be completed. After the explosion at the mine that you caused, the mine has been repaired and is being worked once more. This time, Giroud and Kalaus sent some of their personal employees to oversee the entire situation before they died, and Mattoro is tired of waiting around and fighting in the shadows. This time, he and the Cold Colliers will come and assist you in killing all the overseers that hang around the mine after the miners have all gone home.

Overseers: The personal enforcers of the contractors, who ensure their will is carried out. They are tough fighters known for using force to accomplish whatever task they are set, and often using more aggressive tactics than necessary. They pride themselves on being stronger than anyone and use fear as their main motivator. They themselves are, in reality, simple mercenaries who are only motivated by money.

Objective: Assist the Cold Colliers in defeating the overseers, and bring an end to this ordeal.

Extra Rewards:

  • Endurance +3


  • Create a topic in Baska Town.
  • Receive a letter from Mattoro, requesting your presence once more in the Cold Collierís hideout.
  • As you enter, you will see the gang gearing up, looking like they are getting ready for a large-scale battle. Mattoro will also be preparing, holding two large pickaxes, one in each hand as he sees you approach. He will then give you the details of the quest.
  • The mine is covered in the personal enforcers of the contractors, and itís about time the Cold Colliers got some of their own vengeance for what happened. Mattoro called you here out of respect for what you aided them with and hopes you will join them in this final battle.
  • After preparations are competed, the entire force of the Cold Colliers will make their way to the mine, with no care for being quiet or stealthy. They are a gang, and they are finally getting to fight. When you get to the mine, they will immediately initiate combat against the overseers, Mattoro included, and the battle will commence.
  • Three of the enforcers will make their way towards you, as they notice you are more powerful than the simple gang members, and try to kill you. Take them out using whatever abilities you have. Once they are defeated, you will see Mattoro get severely injured by one of them, who will then begin running off away from the battle. Mattoro will ask you to chase after him and finish it, as the rest of the gang have successfully eliminated the other overseers.
  • Chase the man, who will run down one of the abandoned mineshafts to try and hide and escape from you. After a few minutes, you will find him running down an old area of the mine, which will cause a low rumbling, and some rocks to fall on him, crushing his leg and trapping him for you to finish.
  • Before you finish him, he will curse the name Frankan: the third contractor and the one you thought was innocent in all this, then either leave him to bleed out or kill him, before returning to Mattoro with this news.
  • Enraged that they made this mistake, the gang members collect their dead comrades to bury them, leaving the overseers out in the mine to rot.
  • Mattoro will reward you afterwards, and state that he will call on you soon to kill Frankan, once his wound is healed.

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I'll take this.

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Joan has started the quest.

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Joan has completed this quest.

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