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Baska - Friend Ore Foe

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on Sat Feb 10, 2018 8:13 pm



Quest: Friend Ore Foe

Rank: C

Type: Bad


  • A New Mine completed
  • No Stone Unturned completed

Mattoro: Former foreman, he and his crew would go into the mines for the town's needs. During a cold winter, they were promised great wealth that would allow them to retire if they kept on mining. In the end, the additional money was never paid, while Mattoro lost many good men when the mine crashed. Enraged, Mattoro and the rest of the miners rebelled and formed the Cold Colliers.

Summary: Despite now having accurate representations of the three contractors, Mattoro isnít sure if each one is responsible for what happened, and he does not want to harm an innocent person, especially since two of the contractors have families to care for. He needs you to find evidence of the shady practices of the contractors, if any evidence exists, and find out how many of the three men are enemies and which, if any, could be friends.

Enemies: None

Objective:†Learn what you can about each contractorís involvement.

Extra Rewards: None


  • Create a topic in Baska Town.
  • You will receive a letter to return to the Cold Colliers hideout, where you will once again meet with Mattoro.
  • Pleased with all you have accomplished thus far, Mattoro will ask for your assistance once more, and give you the details of the quest.
  • At least one of the three contractors is guilty, this much Mattoro knows for certain, but he wants you to find out the truth about the other two as well. He blames Kalaus as he was the contractor present during the incident, but he doesnít want to kill any of the other two without first knowing for sure if they were involved.
  • You are given Kalausí address in Baska. He is currently away in another town on business, so there will be no unwanted guests inside the house. All you must do is break in and look for any clues as to the involvement of the other contractors, but Mattoro states that you should still be careful not to be detected when you break in, as he isnít sure what could happen.
  • Inside Kalausí house you will find, after about an hour of searching, a letter from Giroud, one of the other contractors, talking about the problems Mattoro and his gang are causing, and how they should have made sure to kill him when the mine originally collapsed. Knowing that the two of them are both involved, that only leaves Frankan, the third contractor.
  • As he does not have any known residences in Baska, you will need to approach Frankan when he is alone and interrogate him about what he knows. Frankan will appear terrified of you and have no idea about what you are talking about when you mention the shady dealings of the other two. Horrified when you explain, he will give all the information he can about Kalaus and Giroud which will include their timetables and what they often do when they are both in Baska.
  • After collecting the information, return to Mattoro and explain what you learned. Angered about Giroudís involvement, but glad you found out in advance that Frankan wasnít involved, Mattoro will reward and dismiss you.

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