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Embracing Team Spirit [Bodak]

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#1Tecka Majora 

on Sat Feb 10, 2018 3:47 pm


An unsatisfactory look appeared on the black haired-young man's face as he tried opening the tall wooden door for the third time in a row. He felt the steely door knob twist almost eight times in one direction with seemingly no end, and sixteen in the opposite direction. Upon pulling the door, it budged not, and pushing it wasn't even an option. For as much strength as Tecka had the door was twice his size. Given that he'd be able to even tilt the door just a bit, forget trying to push it down. It seemed so aged that to open it would probably cause the hinges on the opposite side to break and fall off (given that they had suffered enough rusting). The resulting break would probably have such a large effect on the door, that it would fall upon him, causing slow pain and agony before an eventual slow death.

He sat down on the floor of the guild hall, legs crossed with one hand upon his knee and the other scratching the back of his head redundantly, slowly exhaling the deepest sigh he had ever let out among the other three he had ever exhaled in total. Tecka was told about the door, and partly of what would be behind such a large door. It would lead to the basement of the guildhall, and there was where he would have to find power. One that could prove to be greater than his own, as far as how to gain it; he wasn't given the best of guide manuals. His instructions for the most part revolved around finding the basement first, which he did, possibly. The whole description of the door, if he was given a description, was or better yet, wasn't given as if there was no intention for him to find it, but it had to be the way to the basement. The young man had spent all day searching each door within the guild hall, some leading to rather personal and/or unpleasant sights with accusations of peeping and threats, some with actual invitations to join-raunchy enough to make a man blush...either way no other door within the first floor of the guildhall was quite like this one was. None of this size, same make of older, detailed carved and laminated wood, and colored that same tint of light brown almost marble color in quality.

Someone dedicated quite the amount of time and resources to this section of the guild hall alone and Tecka was bound to find out more, he had to if he wanted to obtain the power his fellow guild mate spoke of. "There's more to this door, I know it. I just don't know what there would be more of." Remarked the young man, as he stood up from the floor, his spirit of determination re-ignited. He winded back his leg, preparing to launch a kick a the door. Like most people his solution was to simply beat things up if it hadn't worked, beat it until it did function properly. Before more animistic instincts had taken over, he noticed the one detail that seemed to make sense. Something so simple it was the easiest thing of all to miss. The door knob had a slot on it presumably meant for keys, "meaning the door is magical, meaning it needs a magical key.." He muttered aloud while slowly lowering his winded up leg, beginning to look around for a key or some sort. Most keys within buildings-publicly accessible ones were usually hung on walls or some sort.

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on Sat Feb 10, 2018 11:12 pm

Bodak Manji
Shura's Shadow
It took longer than she planned. An entire night and half of the day was gone. Luckily she didn't have to clean or dust it before hand, all she had to do was move things around to fit her needs. For now, old papers and scraps filled the floors and desks. It wasn't really known what this was far, but it always appeared to be some den or library, possibly something Ceasar had for himself in private. Only a good half of the basement was cleared, while the rest was still cluttered with crates, books and other odd treasures. She would be sure to clean everything up before the arrival of her master.

She smiled, a large clearing of the polished hardwood floor open for her own needs. Her bag of her new items from the other day remained unset. Now it was to find the man who had requested her aide.

She would ascend the steps only to reach the large door that divided this place from the rest of the guild. She twisted each lock, and chain from the hinge. Sh traced her finger along the carvings on the other side of the door. It was as dark as night, as if it was stained or burned, yet it smelled as if the tree it was cut from was standing that same morning. It was fresh, and it was perfect.

She would open the door, peeking around, wondering who else knew the secrets of the deep dwelling. But it didn't matter, those that helped, were followers now, if they weren't before. Something that may prove to either be helpful, or a hindrance in the future.

She would open it only just enough to poke her head out. And she would catch the end of the man's words.

"Key?" she said, almost laughing at him, "It locks from the inside. That knob has been broken as long as anyone could remember." And she would stare at the man with the most omniscient smile, she knew that this day would be different

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#3Tecka Majora 

on Sun Feb 11, 2018 2:45 pm

"If it locks from the inside, and you were on the outside, for example: yesterday- how did you get down there?"

He questioned rhetorically with a un-amused look upon his face. Tecka replied to himself in a purposely low tone "No hows, only wheres, right?" Before pushing upon the door slightly more than Bodak had allowed for. Her head had been peaking out with a devilish smile sculpted upon it, as if this was something she'd been cooking up for a while now, and now that the door was opened he could see why. His original assumption was right in saying that she may or may not have signed him up to a cult rather than a guild.

It seemed as if Bodak had been dressed in her Sunday bests, a finely tailored black dress, she herself- adorned with the many colors of her necklaces. Normally, the duo at this point would continue on their tasks as per usual but for just a brief second, Tecka had felt a need to say something. He walked past the woman, taking a non specific walking pattern down the steps into the basement. As he was passing, he commented "You look nice." He hadn't cared much for looks, and to some degree he could tell that neither did she, probably anyway, but there were still some people who enjoyed hearing it.

With each step descending further into the unknown, he continued to walk until reaching the bottom floor of the basement, departing from the staircase. "Alright, lead the way." He said while stopped on the shiny hard wood flooring. The black haired young man had taken a few steps forward from the set of stairs, taking in all of what was around him. The hints of mold and subtly set dust, and a clearing within the large space that made up the majority of this lower floor. There too were items that had been laid to rest for a lack of better words surrounded within other items, papers, and boxes. Most of the things within the basement had been organized, a large sum of them not that lucky and scattered in the large pile of stuff, not unlike something being swallowed whole.

"You cleared this up? I'm amazed, I hadn't taken you for the cleaning type." He said with his usually blank expression.

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on Wed Feb 14, 2018 11:54 pm

Bodak Manji
Shura's Shadow
She needed not to tell him about their rules. It had been that way since Chisu had came to Fiore, and was even the same way in Sin. Someone always occupied the buildings. Nothing was left vacant, always. In the case of Fiore, a Shrine maiden always stayed in the temple. If all went to plan, then Caitlyn was now the heir, and she would follow the rule until their master arose.

Bodak would be the Phantom that never left Oak, at least until her own master would tell her otherwise. This basement would be the same. Another mage would always be cleaning up, in this mysterious dungeon until Bodak returned. Perhaps soon, she would move all of her belongings to this dwelling. Perhaps one day.

"Thank you." she would speak with genuine feeling. It was probably one of the first times, if not the first time anyone had complimented her since her rebirth. But it was unimportant how one looked. It mattered only of one's devotion.

"Being... Vice Guildmaster, I guess would be the most accurate name.. has its perks. That or being a book keeper and allowing others to climb ranks with meaningless tasks. She smiled, turning to the clearing that was made. She would move to one of the desks to retrieve her bag, only to then make her way to sit upon the polished floor. It was none cold, but rather a strange grossly warm. One would think it to be cold, but. . . no matter...

She would motion to him to take a seat opposing her, a good meter or so away from her, her bag only a few feet before her. It was between them, but within a lean and a reach for her needs. There was no time to waste, unless this man had his own suspicions to lay to rest first.

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#5Tecka Majora 

on Fri Feb 16, 2018 4:15 pm


His words came out as warm as a draft of heat leaving an open door in the winter time- noticeable but smooth. As Bodak motioned the young man to have a seat across from her with a bag of unknown items between them. He would ensure to gather one last peek around him as he made his way over. Tecka hit the floor in the most majestic yet least graceful way possible, his legs crossing and folding on top of themselves the closer to the floor he'd gotten. Once fully sitting upon the floor, he'd stretched his arms out behind him, the rounded-slightly curved surface of his palms lying against the flat surface of the floor, and in doing so, he had expected a cool feeling to run over his hands. A cold of laying upon the street that is always there in waiting, and type of chill that emanates from the darkness deep within the ground. To his surprise the floor had an almost uncomfortable warmth that rivaled his own.

Sitting so relaxedly was a rather new experience to him as well, let alone sitting in a basement. There were moments in the past when he had taken the time to himself to enjoy all the simple things, but not very many of them could bring him the same happiness, the joy and pleasure of combat with conflicting wills. So far there had been nothing he'd found that could match that. All around, it wasn't like the feeling of taking a small break was a bad feeling, but knowing Bodak relaxation was far from what they would be doing. And whatever she had in the bag sitting between them, he could only imagine what would be their next plan of action.

Plus there hadn't been any alcohol nearby, at least none that Tecka could see. That was a surefire determinate that the time they'd be spending together this evening was strictly business despite how fun things were going so far. His back straightened for a moment, Tecka sat up to speak with Bodak face to face "Alright, I'm ready."

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on Sat Feb 17, 2018 12:11 am

Bodak Manji
Shura's Shadow

". . . and to him, let him know it was not his fault. It couldn't be his fault. This was my fate. It is all of our fate. We will die only at the hands of ourselves, or those of the Nobu Assassins. No one can stop their death, but you can choose what you die for.

I die for the glory of this fateful guild. When I return, I won't be the same. I won;t be me. But know, I will never betray you."

The words echoed in her mind. She had read over that book a dozen times since she discovered it, and she was probably the only one who knew her fate. Of course, then there would be the new crown, it was going to be Caitlyn most likely, seeing as she was the closest to the bloodline. It didn't matter none, seeing as it was all temporary. It was all soul transfer, but before that, soul collection. And here, she would use her god's power to reshape a soul.

She would reach forward to her bag and take out a few candles and the vial she had bought some time before their meeting when they were out shopping. She would set them in front of her, only to get a lighter out of the bag. She would flick it on, to ignite the wick of the first candle. With it, she would begin to use the flame to melt the bottom of the second, then the top. With the second, she would melt the first's bottom, and she would place them both between the two mages. Together, they would make a shape of a square, with the bag misplaced in the center.

"No need to rush things. It takes time." she would say to him. "Before I start to empty out this bag, what can you tell me about both Phantom Lord, and the Manji Culture?"

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#7Tecka Majora 

on Sat Feb 17, 2018 3:51 pm

"Phantom Lord is uh-"

He hesitated for the slightest second before answering only with what he understood to the best of his knowledge. "It's our guild. The place where our allies are, and about our history- our former guild leader was killed along with his brother for some reason or another?" Unsure about the second half of his reply he'd somehow formed it into a question, then continued to reply to Bodak. "And the Manji is, i'm not too sure. A cult, perhaps?" a small grin had formed from both corners of Tecka's mouth meeting at the middle between both of his lips. As he had recalled, it was quite common for him to attempt at making fun and teasing Bodak for her interestingly dubious behaviors, but upon thinking back she did mention on multiple occasions that Phantom Lord isn't a cult, maybe the Manji would be where his underlying accusations derived from, but then that would mean he was wrong in assuming his own guild was a cult.

His gaze was brought upon the bag, and then back towards bodak as he thought about the two groups she'd mentioned earlier and the things they had in common. "I mean, as far as I know, both as places that remain out of the light." as he finished, the young man turned his upper body to stretch his arms and shoulders. "Is this gonna be a history lesson, i'm rather fond of those. My own history, not so much but to learn of someone else's is of great interest to me." He wasn't expecting Bodak to exactly lecture him on the Manji and history of phantom lord but it was very much welcome if she sought to do so, it wasn't the worst type of education one could receive. And considering how rare an education may come it could quite possibly have more value than years of studying one specific thing, these few minutes of discussion.

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on Sat Feb 17, 2018 11:02 pm

Bodak Manji
Shura's Shadow

She reached to the bag, expecting a whole hearted answer, though it seemed as if she had gotten ahead of herself. There was much to learn, and she would build off of this foundation.

"Phantom Lord was once allied with Blue Pegasus do to family relations. While most of Fiore holds us in a tainted light, we're still the good guys. Grimoire Heart have been, and will always be the enemies... and to us, so are the Rune Knights." If he wanted a history lesson, she would give him all she had absorbed in the last few months. There was much to learn.

"We're banned from playing the good guys, thanks to the council. That's why we take odd jobs and often more sinister contracts. this alone doesn't make us evil however." That was all she had to say on it. Even she didn't know the entirety of the tale.

"Cult is a strong word. To some it's a religion believing in one, two, or three gods. To some it's a culture. To me, it's my family." She would smile, but it wouldn't stay for long. Her lips would fade into a frown as she continued to think of their fate.

"Today, the Manji offer you a great and confusing power. I cannot teach you the ways, for that is your own path to walk. You must discover the great potential within you. I can, however, explain the changes and what will become of you, as a person, as well as few of my experiences. "

There was much she had to say, but she had learned to hold her tongue. Everything would come in time.

"I've never done this before. But upon request of our Nameless god, I must record all of my thoughts and feelings as well as interactions and adventures. In the case that my mental state is lost, it will be this recording of my humanity that will tether me to this world. Should it fail, then accept this book as my memoir.

To the reader, I beg of you to live life to the fullest. You never know when your story will end. Make sure every page is an adventure."

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#9Tecka Majora 

on Mon Feb 19, 2018 11:30 am


His thoughts upon hearing the woman's words had taken him to some very dark places he'd once kept buried. Places he'd thought and even still when rediscovering even the smallest fragment of the memory, the feeling it left in his mind was eerie to say the least. Tecka found a great peace in continuing to omit it from his memory, refusing to surrender to his curiosity this time around.

He'd often wondered why the jobs listed in the guild where to a certain extent suspect of many things..but usually summed it up to requiring a certain set of skills. Who would've guessed that whenever he would decide to show his guild tattoo, the public had a view of them that hinted at an unpleasant and undesired taste left in their mouths. "Welp, I won't be doing that then." Tecka shrugged, he hadn't cared either way. He would do what he had seen as an act of strength regardless of what others thought, but even still he had to acknowledge that there were others who hadn't felt the same, and would do whatever it takes to put a stop to him for anything and everything, if the need be. It was understandable, how Bodak had described the current situation with the guild.

Once she began to detail the Manji culture, Tecka initially had rolled his eyes in playful jest, but upon seeing her resolve in the words she spoke, his demeanor summed itself into something more mature. As she continued to describe this power that was being offered, she mentioned it being great yet confusing. It appeared to be a power that couldn't exactly be explained but rather one that comes from within. A power of self discovery. The black haired young man steeled himself. He replied "Confusing? Changes? I'm listening, though I should mention there isn't much that can confuse me." His determination bled through the pores of his face, cracking a grin larger than any he'd ever cast. It couldn't have been helped, Bodak not only described a power that wasn't out of reach for the young man but also a challenge to be overcome. He couldn't have been happier and wouldn't have hesitated in the slightest although, her words of changes- What would become of him? There was only one surefire method of finding out.

He finished "although, i'll admit you have escaped me in terms of understanding. Probably more confusing than myself to be honest. Regardless, continue."

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on Mon Feb 19, 2018 9:34 pm

Bodak Manji
Shura's Shadow

She reached into the bag holding onto the vial, pulling it to her lap, onto to crush it into her palm, the glass shattering, the fluid pouring onto her lap, mixing with the blood that spilled from her hand.

"I can only offer you tales of the past, rather than ones of our present day." she continued, "However using this magic, submits both my soul, and your devotion to my god." She would bow her head, looking upon her hands.

She would rub the glass between her palms, slicing her skin, only to take her fingers with her crimson paint to begin to draw on the floor. She would rise slowly, only to take time to finish a portrait that would take some time to complete. But they were in no rush. They had all the time to prepare. The ritual itself, was short.

"I will be more than content to offer my soul to my god for a second time, but you must understand that this is no simple leap of faith. My god is real, and soon she will walk this earth again. She will never ask of you for something you cannot deliver. But for each gift you accept from her, she will request small tasks of you. Think nothing of it. She's been making Wayne do nothing more than keep tabs on Crocus for us." She would smile, drawing a large half circle starting from her side, closing into Tecka, and soon past him. After it was complete, she would move into the center to continue her piece.
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#11Tecka Majora 

on Tue Feb 20, 2018 2:28 am

"Should I...oh. Okay."

Seeing the woman actually mutilate her skin to draw a circle of blood around them was, oddly satisfying in a sense that, most times when seeing others in pain individuals often feel it themselves. Despite that the black haired young man had fell different. It was satisfying for tecka to see how she was seemingly unbothered by cutting into her own flesh. As the liquid dripped down her dress and legs onto the floor around them while she'd been finishing up the circle, the young man realized that her devotion to this god was real, if nothing else. He thought for a second more about her words, trying to understand to what extent had she meant. "Her soul and my devotion." If his devotion could drive him to display that kind of refrain from physical pain, he'd give it. It was another strength he could use.

"Is there anyway to know what this god of yours would request of me?" He questioned trying to figure out the motive behind it all. Although, once pledged it would become his god as well, as per his devotion going towards the being but in reality he hadn't cared. As long as he would obtain what what promised. It was already set to happen, the power that he'd sought out. To ask anymore questions for him had only been to satiate his earlier welled curiosity. "Whatever the task, consider it done." He replied finitely. It hadn't taken much thought, at least with this god, his prayers would go answered..

"I'll pledge myself to this god, but at least tell me this. Are they strong? Can you vouch for the strength of a god?" The question was rhetorical at most but he'd wanted to here the woman's reply for his own ears.

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on Wed Feb 21, 2018 10:41 pm

Bodak Manji
Shura's Shadow

Bodak listened to his words as she continued to draw half circles, triangles and other symbols all over the ground. Some new, some old, all with a meaning. "She only asks what you can deliver. If you are a merchant, you are to offer your wealth. If you are an assassin, you are to remove who she chooses. If you are a guard you will protect what she needs. It's nothing to think about. After all, for my life, all I do is keep notes on everything in and outside of these walls. Everything is a fair trade." She would smile, going to sit back in her place, though knelt, and leaned forward.

"Come closer, I need your forehead." she would say, before answering his final words.

"I was dead a few months ago. I was a soul lost for years, I have no idea how long I was gone. I wandered the darkness until she welcomed me. I kept her company, and she was pleased with my conversation. She found this body for me, and allowed me to live again.

In an age before, she fought a great enemy, and held Phantom Lord on her own. It was by her hands that the walls stood up, and it is by her hands today that they still do. I cannot vouch for her entirety, but you can decide for yourself when she walks through our doors, very soon,"

If he would lean forward, she would place her right thumb on his forehead, drawing a horizontal line of blood. After, she would motion with a nod and a wave of her hand for him to sit again, to which she would as well.

The matter was complete, but still she wanted to settle any doubts. The time was nearing, and soon the both of them would find the Eternal. And soon her god would awake from the earth, as she did not long ago.

The eternal felt like forever, to be trapped within it... but to be freed... that was the work of a god, to one she would owe her life.
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#13Tecka Majora 

on Thu Feb 22, 2018 5:10 am

"Aren't we a little old for face painting.."

He had remarked in playful jest after leaning forward to receive the mark from Bodak, her finger making a single horizontal line in her blood across the bare of his forehead. Despite being new to the concept of humor, each of his attempts at such, at least purposefully made attempts- not including those when others would laugh and he'd not intended for it to be- but every time his behavior had resembled that of an aged uncle, or very old but slick grandfather. Tecka would know, he spent a lot of time with his grandfather, as apposed to his actual father. Maybe some of his ways wore on Tecka and were just starting to show, then again, as Tecka looked to the floor and circle of blood, and then at Bodak, her hands near soaked in blood. All of this just for power, and at what cost? His grandfather wouldn't have approved.

"So, I guess we see once again who has evolved to survive and who has perished due to their stubborn ways." He thought steeling himself against the memories of his grandfather before quickly dispersing them. "Need them, I do not." He sat back down from leaning forward, his response readied based on the words Bodak had told him. "Your god, only asks within ones capability?" He questioned as if the trade off had begun to sound appealing than it previously was.

"Then, the enemy of your god is my enemy. I've no wealth, and I never was good at protecting those close to me." He paused, taking a moment to once again ward off the poorly kept thoughts of the past before continuing "But, I am a warrior in blood and bone. I fight for any cause good enough to keep the fight going. Consider me the sword of your god, and point me justly." Tecka was almost sure this was one of those cliche' catch alls, where he'd be forced to fight those he'd care for the most. Unfortunately for those close to him, he hadn't cared enough to not fight them. Perhaps one day would present itself, but by then he'd have already gained the strength he'd needed and paid the cost for it.

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on Thu Feb 22, 2018 11:10 pm

Bodak Manji
Shura's Shadow

How could she ever fear death? Why would any amount of pain shake her? She had suffered for an eternity. Bits of glass and fear of death did nothing to her. To offer her soul, the last thing that belonged to her, at a chance to live again was a small price to pay. She would serve her god to the day she died, and beyond. She was bound to the eternal darkness that existed within her consciousness alone. Eons of silence filled with meaningless prayers was pleasing to hear a new and refreshing voice from time to time. Everyone wanted something, but only few offered something in return. Only the latter received their gifts, the first would receive death, only to be absorbed into the collective. People who only took and refused to give were less than the precious and worthless humans. They were below worms and bottom feeders.

"The more you give, the more you will receive." she would speak, closing her eyes, her bloodied hands resting on her cheeks, covering her face in the same color of the ground. The flow was beginning to stop, and it was no matter. After all, all she needed to do, was done. For now, the rites of blood were offered, and now the boy would offer his allegiance, and her, her own soul once more.

"If you please her, you will be gifted with a second life, as I have. If you fail her, you will be cursed with a second life, only to serve us as a slave until you pay your dues." She would close her eyes. It was about to begin.

"My dear, why do you call upon me so brash? Can this wait?" her voice rang within her mind. In the present world, Bodak was nothing more than squinting with her eyes closed,
fighting the battle in her soul.

"I'm afraid not milady. A man offers his allegiance to you. He requests our power, and with it I will pay with my soul as well." Soon, it was all going to be over. Soon he would see this world.

"Very well. I will give you my knowledge. I trust your judgement, young Iki." With it, she laughed before fading away into the dark.

Bodak would open her eyes to look at the man's face, only to give one instruction. "Please, close your eyes. We will finish within her domain." Her arms would fold over her lap, her eyes would close. When he would close his eyes and open them again, he would find himself in a world of darkness. Black as far as the eye could see, only to have a white marble flood under the two of them. Both would be seated as they were before, the bag remaining, along with the large circle. In this world, they were spirits, and here, Bodak would speak the harsh truths of the magic, as well as the tale of her master.
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#15Tecka Majora 

on Fri Feb 23, 2018 2:34 pm


Tecka replied in full confidence. As the edges of each eyelid met each other in an equator of the two celestial bodies of his eyes, his view of the room around him slowly enclosed into darkness moving circularly from the outside in. The books, the blood, the ceiling, the floor. The last sight he'd seen before the darkness, Bodak, her eyes shut tightly with her arms crossed. It was the pitch black of space, as the eyes contained the gateway to the soul, through his led a path among stars like any other but to his own galaxy. A universe through his existence all his own, but not his alone.

Opening his eyes in an almost unsettling snap that stretched across the back of the ocular stems plugged to both eye sockets, he'd felt wet warmth drip down the length of his face. Tecka's first thought, "tears?" A spectacle he hadn't known for some time. He felt the corner of his eyes crust, boogars like early morning dew and a rude awakening, the warmth on his face still flowing to his chin and tickling the nape of his neck. All around him was a star stripped galaxy, empty- yet still within the void both Tecka and Bodak shined, sole stars abandoned by the former world they once were in. The floor around them, pearly white as it radiated an otherworldly light. It was either the light of the floor reflecting off of the two, or the two individuals shining against the floor. Bright regardless of which was the cause and the reflection.

Around them, the circle remained- the bag as well. It was hard to comprehend, and despite how hard he'd wanted to place a logic over it all, Tecka had known deep down that no such thing existed here. Looking down, he'd see the drips of blood pooled from his chin to the floor below- the sight through of his right eye now a rose colored tint. "This is pure madness." He remarked, as if the safety of his words could keep him from having some type of panic attack.

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on Sat Feb 24, 2018 12:36 am

Bodak Manji
Shura's Shadow

"She has granted me the rites, and thus we shall finish what we started." Bodak smiled, not one of happiness, nor of joy. It was something she was born ready to do, without the hopes of ever doing it. These two people were going to become a team, and the best way to unify them was a skill that was one and the same. Tonight, they would become one.

"Ah, my daughter? Why do you ask of her?" his voice echoed, however faint, within this dark and odd realm. "I gave everything up for my children. Her mother gave up her life. That's why she lives, but that's not important. You wanted to know how she worked? How she lives on? I don't know. But if I had to say, it had to do with our bloodline. Our curse. Our blessing. We are sworn to kill our masters to become the next generations of teachers. But I became immortal, and she became eternally mortal. I can never be struck down, and she will never stay down." his voice played over and over, end to end. Never stopping. It was the only sound in this dark world.

She begun to hum, a tune that would start with two low notes, a high, a middle, and low again. A pause, and she would start again. This world was an echo of what could be, and what was.

"No one knows what happens when you die. But when I was lost, this place found me, and now it will find you Tecka." his name. it was probably one of the first times she would say his name, and most likely the last. Everyone was born with a name, but others are known by something given, something earned. That was the title of the Manji Clan. The crown. The helm. Yoshimitsu. The Dragon Warrior. That was the god without a name. That was the ruler of this cursed and dark world. For the first time in forever, she had left her own domain, for she was being risen elsewhere. It was her time.

"I am no god, but i am her disciple." Bodak spoke. Her mind drifted to the years of watching from behind a lit lantern, only to listen to words and prayers. She could see the earth, the dirt, the offerings, but never the faces of who visited the shrines. She begun to make them up, imagining how these people would look. Some revealed their names, others only wanted to seek peace. In their eyes, they were nothing more than moving auras in the shape of an average human. They all looked the same, but Bodak knew her god could see the faces of them. She knew she was greater, stronger, wiser.

Bodak was nothing more than another spirit kept for entertainment, and now, she was serving her master in return for her life and the chance to be free, even if bound by her law. This was her life now.

"The hunger in all of us, tonight it feasts." She lifted her arms, extending them over Tecka, her steps drawing closer, slower. Her arms moved at her side, making her self into a cross. For her, it was self-preservation. To allow another to share her burden of this power, but with it, she too could gain more power. She would use him, as he would use her. Today they would rise, no longer just as Phantoms, but those of the Manji.

"May you feast upon the knowledge of the world and be left never satisfied!" She yelled, her tone deeper, as if to invoke a new power, yet the world around them did not change. Even if it felt the ground was shaking, neither would be moved from the still terrain. Both would hunger for things human and inhuman. They would crave power, knowledge. They needed skills, power. For them, they would collect data, not for themselves, but their god.

"Rise and be born again, rise from the blood!" the circle of the dried blood would begin to lift off the ground, glowing, growing fresh and fluid once more. The volume of the blood growing, the shape spinning, rotating, hovering around the two of them.

But what would become of them after it was over? What price did they really pay for this skill?
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#17Tecka Majora 

on Sat Feb 24, 2018 6:00 am

"And so, I rise."

He repeated, standing from the low and glow of the floor to meet Bodak standing high above where the stars used to lurk, although she being taller he would still try to meet her face. In doing so, he merely observed as his action, commitment to the ritual would in some ways mirror the woman who had come from this culture. It was very rare that he would find something he hadnt minded dedicating to, and would follow through with it. It felt nice, somewhat. It was a feeling as if he belonged exactly where he was yet knew that that's not where he's from. He was an outsider openly welcomed to not only a cult but, a culture. A way of life-and for some reason, he'd been happy about such, though unsure of how long it would last. It was enjoyable to say the least.

As blood around them, spattered across the floor, dried and covering not only bodaks hand but even from corner's of tecka's eyelid began to float against its normal properties, undrying even and returning to its once liquid form. He could feel the warmth of the blood once again as it somehow wet itself again and raised in unity, proceeding to circle the duo. In violent yet artful spins, contortions, taking various shapes as it shifted in a state of constant change, the blood in varying degrees of density and mass, liquid and color began to hover and rotate around the two beings who in this realm truly were a type of celestial body. Without the marble flooring and even the blood in orbiting fashion, both were diamonds shining against the back drop of the endless void of ebony. All around them, since they first arrived to this place nothing was quite as bright, and could possibly ever be.

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on Sun Feb 25, 2018 1:01 am

Bodak Manji
Shura's Shadow

Darkness. Can you see it? Let it fill everything. Close your eyes. No... that's nothing close to it. Darker. ... Darker.... Darker. Yes. Pure darkness.

Wisps dancing along the dark night of a unlit sky. Shadows cast over large figures that gave the other shade from the black entirety of this realm. You could spend an eternity here, without even seeing your own hand an inch from your face, if you were lucky to still have hands in this world. Everything was different, for everything did not, and at the same time, did exist. But when you are shown a light, at the cost of your loyalty to a being you know nothing about, you have to make a choice. Do you dance in the darkness like the many years you have done before, or do you enjoy the warmth of the sunlight for once and begin to open your eyes to see the sights of her domain? If you chose the darkness, you're a liar. Everyone gets trapped into serving her. It's her trade, her trick. Everyone works for her, and she's smart about it. She never takes advantage of her pupils. You almost want to work for her, forever.

But you can't know one thing off a single promise. That is why she'll trap you, hold you, testing you for years to come. She is the only one who can see outside of this world, but she allows you to catch glimpses, little moments of the mortal world. You can hear sounds that don't create fear of the mysterious unknown. You can hear voices of children, old men, teens, kings and commoners all ask for her aid. There was no discrimination. But all seemed to ask without giving in return. That was, until the Manji stepped into the picture.

Bodak had watched her god vanish from her sight, only to walk the earth. She could hear the world around her. She could speak to her god, providing aid as needed, as the other spirits could. Oh, other spirits. The feeling the boniness would escape this world. You weren't alone anymore. You belonged to something larger. But you knew that some were suffering. They had wronged her. In her domain, you lost your powers. Some no longer could speak out, others were blinded and bound. But still, you would choose to be a prisoner in this Eden than to walk the darkness once more. A demon you could see, was much less frightening than one that you couldn't. No one wanted to remain tormented in the unknown land, unsure if their time was coming, if it was to come. No one knew when it would be their last second alive. But in a world where nothing existed. . . you weren't alive anymore.

"Rise Tecka of the Manji-Ma, rise and serve our people!" Her head tilted back to stare into the sky of a unlit sky. The marble floor begun to glisten like a moonlit path, the blood reflected, protected them and the light. It would turn dark, cold and black, spinning, their wounds healing. They were no longer home. They were in her domain. If they were to suffer, she would pain them. If they were to die, she would claim them.

But her arms would fold in, before her chest. She would fall to her knees. A great pain would strike her heart. Her eyes would be filled with tears. The pain, the fear of this world would settle. She was not going to be a mortal much longer. She was going to suffer. She was going to die.
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#19Tecka Majora 

on Thu Mar 01, 2018 12:10 pm

"What? No, I heard what you said. I just- it's so blurry. Is this, what it sounds like, the sound of...nothing?"

It was as if all of the sounds of the world had amalgamated to create a type of brown noise, the loudest conglomerate of sounds, voices, noises, so loud that in turn, to the ear it sounded like an almost numbing, brain deadening hum on the background, but in the foreground of it all. It was the sound of the void, loud and filled with silence. It was everything the world had to offer, and it streamed into the black haired young man's mind. He could feel himself absorbing and enlightening, being washed in the perpetual waves of everything. "It was so tempting."

"To continue dancing in these pools." he thought, and yet in this state what had been and was thought. The idea of a sentence unfulfilled? It was a sentence drawn nonetheless with the pencil of the mind rather than of the mouth but, the sound of the background of the void, it was so noisily quiet that it was hard to tell when a thought stopped being a thought. The words words simply coming out as if he'd lost the storage to hold them in, the storage of his mouth? No. His being. Tecka's existence, like all others housed this creativity machine which made with a select favorite words from the vocabulary of choice. Being here was not safe, stepping back into the pool he had. The longer he'd spent here, the more he could feel it. The knowledge of the world drained into him, but the vessel itself was soon to give from the duration of such an act-compared to the content of his being. Most cups could hold a tall drink of water, but considering if the cup was made of paper, perhaps it would stand in whole or part- Or break as the soggy paper collapsed beneath it.

A piece, like forgetting where you shoe is but not quite. This was far more important. The river of the void had bathed him, quenched his thirst for knowledge and feelings of being lost in search of power, and in the same instance he'd taken on too much, a piece of him broken away in the flow of it all, consumed by nothing and everything. It wasn't was if he'd cared for it, a piece of himself gone, "a replaceable piece" he presumed. And today had proven it.

He'd been ready for the constant rush of it all to take his conscious away and restore him to whatever being he'd become once lost to the void, but just as quickly as he'd been there he'd been called upon to rise. Not only to raise up, but to be reborn as well, in name and character. His conscious returning to that place they were once before as Teckas eyes had opened wide, though deep down he'd known they were and weren't his actual eyes. He could see the floor brighten- reflective of moonlight, the blood around them turning a dark color- cold to the touch, as bodak's cuts healed. She buckled to the floor, her arms hugged to herself as if in pain. The darkness surrounded them, once again they had been within the void, and alone they were not.

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on Fri Mar 02, 2018 4:16 am

Bodak Manji
Chisu's Daughter

Would you live again, if you would lose everything you had? Your memories, your friends, all of the love you had and didn't have. Could you toss it away to continue to live behind the guise of a face you never knew? What past would you hold onto, when it keeps merging with the new vessel you inhabit?

Years. Decades. Centuries. Millenniums. Eons. Eras. Ages. Eternities. How many times would you start over, until you forget why you began? How long until you forget who you are, who were where, and who you wanted to be?

A sad life. To be born again without choice. Without direction. To live in moments because the next day you may no longer remember who you were. Can you trust the pages in your handwriting? Can you trust them?

Can you trust your students, your pupils? Can you leave a legacy to people who know your name is not the truth? This is your life. This is your fate. It doesn't matter if it was a blessing or a curse. This is how it is now. There's no escape. You chose this life, or perhaps it chose you. No one could ever know the truth besides you. That's the truth of it. No one else but you could know the truth. But with years and years, and thousands and thousands of minds and memories mixed in with your own, did you forget who you were, or who you are? Can you remember them all?

This void. This world. It does not, it did not... It's not Bodak's world. It's not the world of their, her, god. This is a realm of terror, pain, and loss. But here, everything is eternal, including memories. At least here, you will no longer be mixed in with untruths and half lies. Here you will know what you know and learn what you will know. Here you can see what has become of your legacy and be presented with the outlooks of who you used to be.

But you will never know why you used to be, only what others saw of who used to been.

Can you live with a life where you don't matter? Can you live a life of someone who used to have been?

Nameless didn't have to suffer anymore. She had lived alone in this void for far too long. Time escaped her. She had given up. But just as the thought crossed her mind, a man approached her disciple, and her legacy was retold. She saw the face of a friend that used to be, and time was restored to a world where the sun did not rise.

It was coming to an end. But was she ready? Was Bodak ready to accept a life like her master? All of this suffering to understand a magic that was conjured from the darkness of her soul. A darkness. A shadow as black as could be, a darkness full of nothing. A darkness so dark, it had begun to emit light and attract spirits to serve her. Whatever she wished for, she was granted. With an empty life, she would entertain herself granting her wishes to others, to have them continue to feed her wishes.

If she was going to live again, she needed not only a body, but a soul for her to create, to fill the lost corpse. This was the cost. Bodak would offer what was left of her soul, her spirit, her freedom. Tecka would offer his servitude to this nameless god. That was her price. Assurance.

Assurance that when she arose, when she finally came back. . . assurance that she would have something to come back to.

This was no longer a ritual of power. It was a ritual of sorrow. It was a place full of personal hells and desires. In this world, you were alone, and there was no way to avoid your own truth. In this world, you were a pawn in the grand scheme.

She would continue to hold herself in pain, the feelings and thoughts flooding through her. It was her own suffering, but she would feel all that Nameless had her entire life. In order to share her gift, she had to share the pain. This was the price of a pupil. This was the price of being remembered.

This was the pain of being forgotten by everyone, including herself.
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#21Tecka Majora 

on Mon Mar 05, 2018 3:31 am


The black haired young man had spoken her name aloud, he was sure of it and yet nothing could be heard. "Bodak!!" He'd say again. Internally, the young man was swearing upon his life that he'd raised his tone, volume, and every adjustable aspect of a voice there was to the max. Still, no definite sound. But he could hear it. As his breathing grew heavy it was the only thing made known to his ears. Everything else, even tapping his foot on the floor, or whatever it was beneath their feet. Still no noise, t'was only a dead silence.

With every inward breath, inhalation of the strange air in the void all around them, a unity of his organs and vacuum of the body's inner working's sounding- the heart beating with his lungs increasing in size and the dispersal of it all throughout his body. The noise was like an orchestra of voices, all speaking at once. Each had their own- no. Each was their own emotion and tone, "Anger, Sadness, Despair." They were very much present, in their world, and this world alike. "Hope, Joy, Patience" His exhale sounding much like a release of a winds strong enough to blow away the toughest of tarps from tents. A calm release, letting go. The energy of where he was had mended with him on a deeper level, forgetting the pieces of him it cost to get here. Taking the pieces he needed to be here, who Tecka was? He hadn't remembered it all in the slightest, and hadn't felt the need to. What mattered most was the now.

He was here, and yet not. But then- he was alive, that's all that mattered, "Serve." and he had heard it again. Like another string of voices had united together on his exhalation, once he'd come to his previously stated realization. These voices clung to such a wide range and mix of emotions. Why? Each as if they were gone, but still lurked around life- and now this existence. "I serve.." the young man started as the last few fragments of who he wanted to be faded away. The man he wanted to be, like who he was now were both different from whom they used to be but the existence, body of this short, black haired twenty year old boy was the same "the Nameless god!"

As if finishing the signature on a contract, he finished his sentence, lips oddly perked and sealed. Eyes squinted in the same manner. He was ready, giving what was desired to obtain the same for himself and yet the piece of him that had been stripped mourned for itself. No one else would, after all...

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on Tue Mar 06, 2018 10:24 am

Bodak Manji
Chisu's Daughter

. . . Ginger, and... cinnamon? She watched, amused, aware of her own devotion. For her, this was all in an instant, but it seemed as if this boy was trapped in limbo, fighting for his own loyalty of his own body. Was he being betrayed by his own will?

No. It was rose... cherry perhaps, something sweet. Definitely cinnamon. Bodak didn't think too much of it. She inhaled again, sucking on the cigar that lay betwixt her lips. She didn't know where it came from, only that it was an offering to her god. It was left behind, and she was no fool. No one would outright steal from a plate of offerings that belonged to another. But here, in this guild, she was the placebo. And besides, the smell alone she could tell it was nothing she would find interest in. It was fresh, pure, and untainted. That cursed god, she would only find pleasure in poison. Tobacco was nothing near her desires. She shrugged, the end of the cigar burning with each puff and exhaled smoke from her mouth. The paper turned to embers, embers fell to the ground. Ash became of the embers and her feet put out the light that remained. That was her job, to extinguish the flames that remained. Only those worthy and of use were to be kept alive. Perhaps the same to be said of her.

She puffed, inhaling, watching the boy's body as his mind delved into his own consciousness. This was a ritual not to bond people to each other, but to the god that granted them power. She was no creator god, she was a god of destruction. But from the ashes, you could rise again. When everything is torn down, you could build again. From her destruction, you were allowed a chance to redeem yourself. Offer all you ave left, to be more than you ever were.

Her rear rest pressed against the desk, watching the boy, waiting for him to snap back to it. Bodak's hands were well wrapped, her own medical supplies kept in the bag for preparation. She knew well enough what to expect. She could have told him, but there was no joy in that. It was his journey to venture, not hers. She only offered half of her soul, or rather all of it. She only held onto just enough to live, to be physical. She was a puppet to her god, and from her wishes, she would live and grant them.

She pressed off the table to lean forward, walking towards the boy. Whatever he saw in his mind, must be dark and troublesome. His expressions would speak so. She would have laughed, if only it was just herbs and plants. This was different. If she didn't collect him soon, he would be lost and untethered. She would only be able to pray for a safe return.

She took a seat before him. Ah yes. A final inhale. All of the smoke, tasting the sweet smoke and ash. Soot. Was this the taste?

She removed the cigar from her mouth, her lips pressed, holding the dying flames. She held it off to the side, dropping the ashes on the ground. She would exhale into the man's face.

Though to her, he was always a boy. It was his choice how he would return, if he returned. Her left hand would reach out and hold his. She would fold his palm over, observing the back of his hand. Surely when he awoke, a new power would be born from him.
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#23Tecka Majora 

on Thu Mar 08, 2018 8:58 am

Un-death, meet death as you come unto me, this deep contradiction that sets my soul free. Un-lying, Unifying, and frightening it be, but still a release to the feelings i've reaped. And still I compete to contain the beast, and yet I regret a divergence at least, cause to life i'm a tune that's played on repeat.

He heard the words loud and clear as they spun through his mind like dirty water down a drain. It needed to be heard. They completed his journey, the answers he needed weren't exactly found but he'd felt them deep inside, like a map had been handed to him, yet the distance to go had not been traversed. Truly no one would show him, nor tell, nor explain, but he felt it rather... The absolute darkness returned, alone he was- senses cut from where he had been. The world he'd entered, his vision of Bodak, of self, the floors, the materials, gone. The first thing he'd felt were the hardness of the floor against his legs. They'd stiffened during this time, so he'd bothered not moving his lower half. His face, relaxing more and more as he realized what was occurring, began to comprehend and feel all of what was around him. The stale air, the warm draft of wind that would rarely pass by. Suddenly, he'd felt a breeze of a different kind, slow, stagnant, yet the smell was exotic, hazy and fruitful, sweet to the point of suffocation. A single thought had come to mind. His eyes still closed, Tecka slowly inhaled as almost half of the smoke around him had been taken into his mouth.

The next sense he'd felt was his left hand being taken by another's, unfamiliar yet calming, exciting and comforting. In the past he'd deny such things, no need for anything outside of what couldn't give him strength but this felt like more, but so little. His heart raced for a split second, as he'd lean slightly closer from where he was sitting. The young man wasn't exactly sure who it was or where they were but he had an idea of both. That and, he'd felt them. Wherever he'd gone, his body temperature had lowered considerably, as if he was dead. The smallest bit of warmth emanating from just there presence was felt upon Tecka's face.

Had she not moved back already, Tecka's face would be just before Bodak's, about an inch away when stopped. He'd pause exhaling the smoke earlier caught in the form of a donut from his mouth to her lips. "I used to smoke heavily...." The young man's voice, had presented itself in a slightly deeper, more matured tone than it had been previously. Hearing his own voice for the first time since hadn't shocked him, nor amazed him as if he'd known every aspect of his being, and who he was. He continued, "It's like you, probably bad for my health, but i can't stop thinking about you, and once I have it I never could seem to get enough. How about, we go for a drink? My treat."

The young man remained where he was for just a while longer, returning to Bodak the same amount of pressure she enacted on his hand with his, slight but comforting- simply to see whether the golden chocolate glazed woman would react, would finish the taunt of a simple interaction like a kiss, whether she had an interest in such a thing, whether she still had a piece of her that was still..her. Whether she had human instincts such as attraction, feelings, and emotions. He'd wondered about it for a while now after being in her presence for so little but so long, and the curiosity had fluttered to its peak after going through just the mere beginning of his journey. How much of herself had she given, what was left? He wanted to know it all, and yet he had for a second- his first sentiment of human affection. The feeling that most people feel when they liked someone, that they want to give to them and receive from them. For a second he had the sentiment that he wanted her, whatever was left of her, for himself.

And in the following instance, the young man would open his eyes, moving away from the woman, releasing her hand, to stand in a slow and painful process. The feeling he breathed just then, had faded so quickly at the thought of having a drink. Following this, he couldn't even remember why he was doing what he'd done, or what it was he'd been doing, though the thought of having a drink appealed to him greatly.

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on Thu Mar 08, 2018 11:53 pm

Bodak Manji
Chisu's Daughter

The cigar dropped. Ash fell to the ground. The markings remained, her grasp tightened. She pressed against his lips...

.. Her hands divided the space between them. "And I'm in the body of a chronic alcoholic. We all got our problems." She smiled with his words. It amused her, and she would be lying if a feeling did not surface. But what was it? Perhaps this was the start of Nameless's journey of the Thousand Bodies. It was a story that she could never forget, and perhaps this was the start of the same for her.

"I'll take your offer, for the drink. The rest of you, can remain yours." She would lean back, taking her hand off his face, finding some enjoyment in the ritual. This must be the feeling Nameless sought. This must have been why she didn't give up after her demise. It was an ecstasy, and she would not stray from this. This was bliss. This was addiction. This was her drug.

"My destiny has been sealed. I cannot allow for emotions to blind me." she'd smile, with a slight lean of her head to the side. "You'll make someone happy, but it won't be me. My life is one of a servant. Perhaps when Nameless arrives, you can speak to her about all of this." She would begin to rise, as he would .

"Let's get a drink."
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#25Tecka Majora 

on Mon Mar 12, 2018 8:01 am


He yawned in renewal. Stretching caused the stiffness to leave out from his legs in a slow and rather effective process, as the young man absorbed her words with surprising ease. He was in all actuality being let down; rejected, and softly at that-at least. Perhaps he had a complete understanding for his newly developed emotions of passion and wasn't effected by the negative counterparts of such. Had he not felt the fear of rejection, the pain of being an undesirable like most who'd share his fate, the disappointment of it all when things don't work out after, the regret of doing, giving, and feeling so much and receiving nothing more in return than anxiety and uncertainty? He wouldn't understand such things, Bodak would make sure of this with her rejection of his advance. It was better this way, maybe this was the purpose of having friends. And the young man had still been fond of her presence, the rejection giving him no anger or ill will towards her, after all he hadn't felt so prideful regarding his own stance, nor entitled to her existence or affection.

To Tecka, it mattered only in the moment as an afterthought. He lacked the low self esteem requirement for such dismay of emotional stability, and more importantly- his mouth was dryer than burnt rocks. It was almost dismal, the amount of moisture that was absent. Even a kiss would've been so uncomfortable, it's comparable to licking sandpaper, and that's without tongue. The duo would proceed to the stairway they entered the basement on, and exit the floor by going the opposite direction on the wooden steps. Once to the top, there was only one way to go, had Bodak decided to follow. Approaching the guildhall's bar with exhaustion rather than usual glee for alcohol, Tecka grabbed one of the smaller bottles off of the shelf, in comparison to it's larger counterparts- the size almost comparable to a flask.

Once he'd managed to yank the cork out of it by grasping the small amount of sponge material that was left revealing from the bottle's neck, he began to moisten the inside of his mouth and throat with two large gulps of the drink. There was no describable taste, scent, or color but it did bring some comfort to the man's mouth. While enjoying the slightly lack luster drink, he felt a type of newfound power that had coursed through him, and he felt it deeper than his skin and muscles. As if engraved on the bones themselves, a feeling of cool comfort stemmed from within.

Tecka knew this was what he had asked from his newly established god, that this wasn't meant for his own personal use, but intended to be used in the service of the will of the Manji. He'd even considered what would occur had he decided not to follow that will, but he'd ponder further when that time would come. For now, he was a man of his word and as far as he could see his personal alignment hadn't conflicted with that of the nameless god. They both sought the same thing through different methods, and that alone was enough. Re-corking the bottle, Tecka would slip it into his pocket for later use. It wasn't too great but it's lack of any special attributes had grown on him.

He then walked towards the entry doors of the guild hall, holding them open for Bodak while he'd wait for their departure. "I know a not so nice place where the drinks are cheap, and the karaoke is cheaper." he'd remark with a slight grin.


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