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Baska to Orchidia [Train Travel | Lacie]

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#1Michelle Hunter 

on Fri Feb 09, 2018 9:37 pm

Michelle was glad that Lacie agreed to come with her. The walk to Baska was relentless. There weren’t many stops on their way except for the occasional necessary breaks. Once the two reached Baska, Michelle rushed to the closest food stall and stuffed herself with everything she could. The lady was not one to cut down on her food; she ate well and trained well. After she was full, she ordered some more and packed them for both her and Lacie. She knew the train journey was long and they would both get angry eventually.

After food, it was time to buy their train tickets. Michelle noticed that the queue was long and was in no mood to wait around. She left her luggage with Lacie and snuck up to the counter. “I’m so sorry... But my eighty-year-old grandma can’t stand for much longer. Could I get the tickets please?” she asked, batting her eyelids and pointing towards an old lady standing in the corner. The guy behind the counter believed her and gave her two tickets immediately. Michelle kept the act on until she was in his vicinity and then winked at Lacie, dangling the tickets in front of her.

Once they had everything, Michelle walked to the platform number written on the ticket and boarded the train to Orchidia. The long walk followed by the huge meal, made the assassin extremely sleepy. She fell asleep in less than a minute after settling into her seat and only woke up when they could see Nanuq town far off in the distance. “Sorry… It’s a lot more tiring than I thought,” she said, turning towards Lacie. The rest of the journey seemed uneventful with Michelle binging on some of the snacks she brought along and staring out through the window.

In a few more hours, the train pulled up at Orchidia station and it was time for the duo to depart. Lugging her luggage, Michelle got off the train and stretched her arms. “Long walk ahead. Should be great to burn all those calories I have been ingesting,” she said, grinning. With renewed energy, she dragged the luggage and headed towards the capitol.


#2Lacie Eventide 

on Sat Feb 10, 2018 2:48 pm

She was tired she wasn't entirely sure if it was due to health issues because they had been gone after the issue with the Lacrima was fixed. She sighed a little bit but tried to hide that from Michelle. She wasn't sure how Michelle saw her but if it was like someone great and inspiring with her Dragon Slayer Magic, than it was better to keep that way of thinking in line. She was surprised to see how much Michelle did eat, it reminded her of Selena telling her to eat more but she had lost contact with her cousin. Something she didn't mind that much, especially not now the plans had changed.

When they walked over to the train station, the queue was enormous and Lacie sighed because of that, but Michelle had other plans, she sneaked over to the queue and pointed at some elderly lady and Lacie had no idea what she was doing. But she tried to keep her face neutral and just looked at what was happening. She stared surprised at the tickets but grinned quickly just like Michelle, "I like the way you work."

When they found their platform and sat down in the train it seemed that Michelle fell asleep immediately. Lacie just held on to her bag a little tighter and stared outside, she wasn't much for conversations anyway. She wasn't sure if she had to act in front of Michelle or not. She had tried not to fall asleep and she actually did regret that a little when they arrived in Orchidia because they would still need to walk to Crocus.

"I seriously wonder what will happen in the capital. I need to figure out a few ways to.. train my magic." She muttered, perhaps it was best to ask Michelle for that as well, at least she needed no worry for Michelle to figure out her secret after all.


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