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Cleansing rains [Nastasya]

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#26Nastasya Crowe 

on Wed Feb 28, 2018 10:31 am

The chains were painful and the way the pillar pushed in her back, she tried to pull on the chains with made a loud clattering sound, which annoyed her own ears. She wanted to get out of here and she tried to see Victoire which was a little difficult but she seemed to be here, she seemed to be breathing but the blood shook Nastasya off. She had so much hunger and there was her own blood sticking on her clothes and she tried to pull on the chains again but nothing changed.

Her angry red eyes turned towards the blue pegasus mage as she pulled against on the chains, she needed food. She could almost see every clear blood vein in Alisa her body or well beneath the skin that visible and she wasn't sure if she should be happy, after all it didn't satisfy her and if she would get free, she would think twice before biting Alisa, that would be a dumb idea. She spit on the ground, a little bit of saliva as well as blood, "Funny you ask again. Because I'm getting rather curious myself, if I knew don't you think I would have spilled already? Because I don't know. If I figure out who it is, let me send you a text, after I kicked this bitch myself." This stupid idiot, again probably Icarus, got her into this shit and she wouldn't be able to hit him but this sure as hell would hurt a lot.

#27Alisa Vollan 

on Thu Mar 01, 2018 10:12 am


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She struggled against her bonds, glared at Alisa, spat on the ground... Yet none of her actions recieved any hint of mercy for Alisa remained undeterred, barely even reacting to the redhead's resistance. In the end, Alisa looked completely indifferent to whatever she did that didn't involve giving the sculptress what she wanted. When she finally spoke the sculptress listened carefully... Only for her brow to twitch as none of those words included a name. Instead, she said something that might have been funny if she were in the mood to laugh. Why in the world did she think a hit would pay for a life? And even if she offered to kill him, whatever made her think Alisa would ever trust her words?

"That's just precious~", Alisa scoffed coldly, visibly unmoved by her pleas, almost amused that she'd think a kick was worth her master's life, "You really should have thought about that before he went around killing people. No, you're going to figure that out right here, and you're going to tell me his name. All that matters is how much you're willing to suffer..."

Of course, Alisa knew she wouldn't make it easy. But since seeing her reactions then and her reaction now, she also had a decent idea of the right approach. This woman wasn't in her right state of mind... Alisa needn't have ever seen her focused self to understand this; after her scene at the café and the sight of her fangs, she had a theory, one she'd now put to the test. Pressing her nail to the inside of her palm, she drew a quick cut across it, and clenched her fist.

Drip... Drop...

With a slow, but visibly pace, the blood dripped down her hand and onto the wet ground beneath... As she did this, Alisa kept her eyes on the woman's every reaction, wondering if she could prover her theory and find a more elegant way of extracting her information...

You only lose when you die

"Who did it?"
- Alisa Vollan

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#28Nastasya Crowe 

on Fri Mar 02, 2018 4:54 am

She felt the chains cut in her skin and how much she pulled on it, it would only be a second movement before the skin would cut and she would bleed a little. She couldn't afford that, not now. She had to stay sane which was already a fight within her, a great process that didn't really work at all. Whoever had done this, didn't mind that she was left in the dark. Didn't mind the consequences for their fellow guild members. Perhaps everyone knew who it was, perhaps she was the only one because she had been gone. She couldn't imagine it being Odin, not because he wasn't capable, but because he would have told her in Dahlia. Here in the Ark! Why not tell her!

Her mind switched to Yumi and Caius, she had not spoken to Yumi, she had spoken to Caius in an open place, he wouldn't have told her. But he would have told her more than enough, given hints, there was only one man left that would be able to do such things and which would be okay with the assumptions. He would kill her, that he would. He would rip her apart from telling his name to the outside world. She couldn't say anything, no matter in which way, she would die. Names went through her mind, she needed to find a name that would not be missed, Zade? Theseus? Crowley himself?

"I wasn't even around at that time." she muttered, hate filling her own blood for this Blue Pegasus mage and everything she represented. Walking on in the light, them all, pretending to be so good damn precious to the rest of the world and yet.. all of them. Than she smelled it first, before she hit it drop, her red eyes lighting up seeing the blood on her hand, vampire eyes were made for it and she pulled on the chains again, even the soft bark of Victoire couldn't help her. She needed blood now! First the waitress had made her want to eat, than she had a fight, sticky in her own blood that made her want to eat even more and now this!

She pulled on the chains again, she forced herself not to cry, Malice never cried, "His name is Crowley." She lied finally letting her head hang to the ground, she stopped moving. She would die, but at least the man would never be found as she had never seen Crowley in the open. Oh how she was wrong in the short future, in days to come, he would be in the open for forever. "He is the right hand of my guildmaster. I have no idea where he is, I never see him, he only sends letters." She was so damn hungry, if she wasn't chained to this pillar she would have collapsed at all.

She hoped it would be enough, but she doubt it, yet this woman had only asked for a name, perhaps that was enough. She would collapse from blood lose, hours of waiting, hours of hunger. If she would be able to stand and walk out, she would, not looking left and right for everything, her mind only focused on hunger and safety, forgetting Alisa, forgetting Victoire.


#29Alisa Vollan 

on Fri Mar 02, 2018 12:27 pm


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It always infuriated... If these people took an ounce of the empathy they showed their buddies and extended it to the people around them, nobody would ever need to find themselves in a situation like this. But they don't. Everyone around them is expendable - to be used and disposed of to their heart's content - while their own friends received every care in the world. Yet this time, she wouldn't go anywhere doing something useful to society as a whole, and yielding the name of one who should have died a long time ago. Once Alisa's blood reached the ground, the woman once more fought against her bonds, with a ravenous look in her eyes. Sensing weakness, the sculptress spoke once more:

"So that's what you wanted back there.", she smirked triumphantly for the first time seeing a way to break through this uncooperative redhead, "As you probably guessed from my armor, I'm perfectly comfortable trading blood for things I can use. Things such as power, or... Information."

Whether Alisa's offer did anything to her was of no consequence for no less than a few minutes after she drew her own blood, the woman suddenly felt much chattier. Crowley huh... The name of the killer, according to her, a name that didn't mean much to Alisa beyond that of someone she'd eventually kill. She explained this was the right hand man to Grimoire's own master, yet her confessions ended there. A deafening silence fell between the two of them for almost a whole minute until Alisa finally spoke again, brow furrowing further:

"Why do I not believe you...?"

Indeed she didn't, but she had no way of proving the vampire lied, nor had the vampire herself any means of proving her honesty. But Alisa fully understood how torturing someone meant they'd say whatever they thought their interrogator wanted to hear to be free. She'd done this enough times in the past to learn the hard way... Upon realizing how saying whatever came to mind wouldn't liberate them, many changed their tune and often revealed a different name hours after they first started singing. Which didn't happen here. In the end, she'd need to catch and interrogate another member of Grimoire Heart, comparing what she learned here with what one of her buddies answered when asked the same question. For now she had a name without a face to put to it, and at least two targets: Their Master and their right hand man. One gave the order, and the other swung the sword. In her mind, they were both equally guilty.

"Hmm... Fine.", with this, Alisa stood up at long last, and wiping the dust off her butt, walked up to the weakened redhead. She doubted the woman had given her anything worth the help, but the sculptress didn't really hate her. So, she opened the cut on her palm once again and pressed it to her lips, willingly sharing some of her blood, and walking outside under the rain.

She didn't bother unchaining her, but she gave away enough blood for the Vampire to recover her strength and break herself loose if she struggled hard enough. She didn't really care how she went about it beyond that.


You only lose when you die

"Who did it?"
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.

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