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Update 10/02/2018

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on Fri Feb 09, 2018 6:07 pm


Update 10/02/2018

Fan Service Full Sets:

  • The full sets that were provided via the fan service will all be retracted. Users will all be refunded.
  • Single pieces provided via the fan service will remain, but users will still lose them if they go inactive similar to all the other limited pieces on the forum. The same goes for custom items won via dices or games.

Fan Service Future:

  • Users can still request for a piece suiting their character to be made, however users may only do this once every 3 months. At most, this piece can be Unique. In case the user goes inactive, they will still lose it after purchasing it. If the user really wishes to ask for a Legendary piece, they must wait 6 months instead of 3 months.

Point Shop Jewels:

  • Users can only purchase the 800,000J once per month from now on.

Combined Elemental Magics Damage:

  • In case a magic is composed out of two elements such as Solar Magic which is made out of Light-type and Fire-type, and it faces an element it is both weak and strong against such as Nature-type, the damage modifier stays equal and does not change because while Fire-type is stronger versus Nature-type, Light-type is weak versus Nature-type.

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