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One of Many Steps?[Open]

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#1Regis Karlinius 

on Fri Feb 09, 2018 1:52 pm

It seemed that nap in the wood was long over due and needed for Regis the elf lady whom was with Regis was gone now unsure how or when Regis could only as his mind could think up at all, not much else that she peacefully left during that but his thoughts and movements were still twitchy and fragmented but Regis would continue to roam where he could in the streets of Crocus.

He had no idea where he was, no idea where he was going, No idea what to expect, he knew nothing of what was to come, He could easily fear his reactions but he forgot what his reactions where and what he could do.

He just heard the sound of people and slowly, mindless, intently walking towards the sound, his primal mind wanted to inspect what was going on and were he was.

After all he never knew where he was, what he was like, he couldn't talk. Only seeing his mind and the images in front of him either moving quickly or slowly like the slow motions in moves where he could almost was multiple images or sights of a person movements where happening.

A major odd part would happen to him while he roamed this time, Regis thought he was still walking normally and peacefully away from people,crowds and anything else with people but he felt like something was stopping his movement when in his mind he was in an open space, but in reality he was walking into a random wall just stepping forwarding continually.

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#2Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Fri Feb 09, 2018 3:13 pm

Okay she had time to do some things for herself, get perhaps a new dress, shop some other items, She wasn't entirely sure, she had just bought a pretty ring that Persephone had pushed her to buy and she stared at the ring on her right ringfinger. She wondered what she would do more, there was no space in her bag to actually get more shoes, but there were some a bit done.

That's when she noticed someone walking into the wall and she stood still, some people stared and she wondered for a few seconds if it had been the guy she had actually been looking for. "Regis?" The Nature mage, who had changed quite a few since she had seen the knight months ago, was sure that it was him. She only hoped he would recognize her still, well at least he got away from Magnolia and into Crocus but she still wasn't sure if it was safe for him to walk around. She didn't want to be the judge of that anyway, perhaps he had found his family and was he doing much better.

She walked to the wall and stood next to it, "You okay?"

#3Regis Karlinius 

on Sat Feb 10, 2018 4:53 pm

It would take time for reality to slowly catch up as this curse normally did to Regis, People around him could pick up that he was confused and starting to get mad that he was not walking forward at all and if you could easily get what was going on and see that he was not keep up to what was happening and his mind had not picked up to the fact was walking into a wall.

Letting out a low tone growl like he was frustrated and mad Regis swept his right arm to push what he thought was an unseeable object, person or things that was trying to stop him, everyone would hear the noise of his plated arm hitting a wall and the noise of scrapping against it and dragging. Thinking that it didn't work Regis seemed to stop to walking for a moment took one step back and seemed to charge forward and just slammed himself into the wall.

The result Regis fell on the ground and it all slowly came to him, So quickly that it scared him like it sped up in front of his face and his eyes eyes in the matter of half a second and he had no idea that he had hit wall, Remaining quiet he heard some one speaking to him and his reaction was to slowly, with his head twitching quietly often and quickly like his control for the moment was now gone and he was trying to gather it again.

during the moment aside from his head twitching every what seemed few seconds his fingers were twitching as well but he was still on the ground during this and otherwise seemed to be not moving but trying to looking around since he heard his name or what he thought was his name was but it slightly confused him for the moment but it felt like he knew that word and it was important to him, given time he will remember his name.

#4Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Sun Feb 11, 2018 5:31 am

He moved up his arm, charged against the wall and fell and Phoebe looked at the people surrounding him and she shook her head and closed the distance. She hunched down, not entirely sure if she should get so close because she had no idea what the man could do but she had tried to find him back in Magnolia again and figure out what to do for him as well, she was absolutely curious to the development of this thing. Whatever the thing was, a curse, a virus, it could be many things.

"Regis, it is me. Phoebe from Magnolia." she said softly, not everyone should know her name but besides that by talking softly, she hoped that he didn't feel like she was a threat. "Should I help you get up?" She remembered the yes and no questions and she showed what she meant by standing upright, and hunching down again, she didn't touch him, she would wait until he would either ignore her or nod yes, than she would make sure to touch the armour, not that she noticed a piece of skin but she had seen how that looked, how the doctor had walked away from that. Did he had some help in the mean time?

#5Regis Karlinius 

on Sun Feb 11, 2018 1:17 pm

His own name slowly echoing in his mind Regis now seemed to snap back into reality mentally, Some one was offering to help him now, the voice felt familiar but in front of his eyes the lady looked different, but in the end Regis did not feel like she intended harm him so he would do his best to nod yes a rather yet slightly twisted and twitchy one at that.

It was slowly piecing together whom this lady was to him again the woman from the last place he was in, if she had changed that much for how long had his drifted away mind been walking or even going in the same spot? What was truly going on around him? did he even know anything anymore? but he was back into his mind for a moment to keep it some what straight

After he agree with he seemed to but did not reach for a hand to help get up but he seemed to slowly almost struggled to get up but he did by getting on his knees and placing his hands on the ground and slowly get himself up that way but only often a while just twitching as he normally did, almost falling over slightly when he stopped using his hands and tried to get up with just his knees but still managed in the end up in feet and stand normally keeping his arms straight and he seemed to be able to keep track of what was around him even managing and having the mind to look at lady, only just every once and a while one of his finger would randomly twitch but his head had stopped twitching for now.

#6Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Fri Feb 16, 2018 2:47 am

She wasn't sure if it worked the same, 4 months later was it? Maybe 5 now? Would the nodding and the shaking his head (which he had never done) work the same as before in Magnolia? She said his name again, and her own together with the town where they met. There was something going on that he looked like a walking dead person and she shook her head slightly, closed her eyes shortly, to get the images away in her mind. She asked him if he needed help getting up, he didn't react.

Which had happened in Magnolia a few times as well and she simply waited, she was no longer afraid now that it felt, after the nodd, that he recognized her as well as was a little calmer. So she asked again "Do you need help to get up?" perhaps a little different but she got contact again and he seemed to agree yet no extending hand or whatsoever, so she simply kept her lilac eyes glued to him to make sure he wouldn't fall over. She heaved up her hands as she slowly moved up with him, especially when he seemed to be stumbling. She waited for him to stand up straight, too tall for her but that didn't matter and waited for him to adjust, "Did you come just from Magnolia?" She asked him. Keep in mind, Phoebe, Yes and No questions.

Surprisingly Persephone had not said anything at that moment.

#7Regis Karlinius 

on Sat Feb 17, 2018 6:44 pm

As he seemed to settle in and go asked where he came from he seemed to stop dead in his tracks, his mind was trying to remember what Magnolia was it the town he was just at? or somewhere he had walked through he was trying to remember if he did see the sign or listen for a mention of it or not.

He really did not remember he only knew he had only been to one other town aside from this one, it was the spot he met her. So Regis seemed to not respond to the question but seemed to slowly look around at the people around them, Regis seemed to try and figure out what the small group of people around him intend to do, his focus was on the people around him currently

Regis was worried about them it seems, but he was just looking at the group much like them looking at Regis his stand still could mean any signs that were hard to tell, but his primal mind set was telling him to he maybe in danger and to stand to still to act like he wasn't a problem to anyone currently and wouldn't do anything to anyone.

But this was still hard to tell, Regis didn't answer her still but slowly turned his head to see more of the people staring at him, it was getting to that strange pause and stand off situation that could happen every once and a while.

#8Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Wed Feb 21, 2018 2:54 am

Regis stopped walking and she wondered if he was thinking about what was going on and what he could do about it. She frowned, it was difficult to consider what his track of thoughts could be as she had no idea how it worked. With difficulty he had more or less spelled his name, leaving out letters but struggle by staring at it that she had figured it out. What happened to him? Persephone asked her finally saying something but Phoebe couldn't answer as she didn't know. She showed Persephone her memory of meeting Regis the first time while trying to focus on the here and now.

She finally realized that she wouldn't get an answer to her questions when Regis looked at the people around him. They didn't seem to be that afraid as the people in Magnolia, which was strange as Crocus had been the one in an attack and it was a guy in an armour, perhaps they thought he was a strange behaving knight, that might be for the best but still a lot of people staring was never a good thing. But they stared, Regis seemed to stare and she simply looked as if she was watching a tennis match, from one side to the other and she was sure she had to do something before one would take the first step and it would become a disaster like in Magnolia, "Regis!" She said, moving her hands up to grab his attention, damn why was she so small, "Are you hungry?" Did a man that looked undead eat? She actually had wanted to ask him if he was hurt but she didn't dare.

#9Regis Karlinius 

on Wed Feb 21, 2018 6:20 pm

It seemed to had effect on his thoughts, The mention of it and his name it seemed to make Regis look over slowly upon her again, The yell broken the primal mind set thought and being unsure of the groups possible actions, to most people the scowl that cover his face and the tarnished armor would a stand out, most people would take care of it better.

It took his mind away the crowd he almost seemed to be gathering a thought, the best sign he seemed to either be reacted or thinking the normal twitch of his fingers of both hands every once and a while and his head every once and a while. Slowly the question actually finally hit his mind process.

Regis had not remember the last time he had actual cooked food, he hunted and ate it raw and was most likely anything good for him too but, Regs shook his head up and down going agreeing with her. Quietly raising his right hand up and reaching forward, it was what he attempt to show where he thought to go to find it or why he was walking, but one of his legs still seemed to drag slightly as well you could hear the sound of it dragging on the ground the slightly screeching of metal against the ground, he either was losing function of it or hurt it in some manner or maybe forgot how to use it, there where various option for what it could be.

#10Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Mon Feb 26, 2018 2:21 am

She had no idea how he worked, how he thought. She had little experience but she tried to make use of that day a lot, mentioning his name worked, poking him worked, yes and no questions. It was a start and even though he might not know or understand much, she tried to figure it out by simply going on and doing something. She still couldn't let go of the image that she had in her mind everytime she looked up at the armour, she knew how he looked. She didn't plan to go and find an excuse for him for this world anymore, it didnt'work. Magnolia had proven that. People liked to mingle in the business that they shouldn't. Had they not learned from Crocus and the new Emperor at all?

At least she got the attention from the man she wanted. He was hungry, she had wanted to ask if he was in pain but she didn't want the answer to be yes, as she had no idea how to fix that. She bet painkillers wouldn't work. Yet it surprised her that he was hungry as he looked like an undead to her in her mind. She wanted to say that they should go and get some but he already pointed and walked a little. She looked up surprised as he was dragging his leg with him. As if it didn't function and she and Persephone (after seeing the image) tried not to imagine what could be gong on. He had been fine, running around in Magnolia. Perhaps she should find a place for him to sit down and go get some food.. it was all too confusing how to best approach.

#11Regis Karlinius 

on Tue Feb 27, 2018 5:01 pm

It was quiet, much like how Regis was quiet too only really the blowing wind and the moving of plates of metal. Regis' thoughts almost were nothing. He felt pain and knew how to breath it seemed it was okay, Knowing to eat seemed just more of a primal thought of him. His walking was slow and the dragging that didn't help but Regis seemed to stop for a moment and just simple stood still.

To him the time seemed like at least 6 hours or long and the sun was about to set, But he just shook his head like he was trying to snap himself back into reality and normality again, looking and realize it was still just where he was now and starting talking again, realizing he was dragging his leg Regis looked at it.

Then then with the loud clash noise punched his own leg and it seemed like it was working normally for him again, this was a sign that Regis was trying to fight back against what was happening to him event if it didn't do much but make his leg work again, did not fix much else and still seemed as he normally did it was just a small sign for resistance to whatever was seemingly eating his mind and thought away very slowly and painfully with out him able to get help for now.

But Regis seemed to carry on,like these struggles were almost normal to him and no matter what he did things like that were normal to him.

#12Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Fri Mar 02, 2018 4:37 am

Phoebe quickly followed Regis when he moved on but he stopped just as abruptly as he had pointed and moved, "Anything wrong?" Which was a difficult question, it could be answered with yes and no but if it was answered with a yes, than how to figure out what was wrong? She had put herself in a difficult position again but she didn't plan to simply walk away. Her question seemed to be answered by a shake of the head and she only nodded. Well that was something, now to figure out what he wanted to eat and how he would eat it. If only she was a healer.

Persephone tried to figure out by the imagines that Phoebe had showed her and the here and now if it could be poison of some sort of plant but nothing came up in the mind of the Goddess that would be only this plant, there must be other things, she had no idea what and how.

Phoebe jumped up a little when Regis punched his own leg and walk on with a now functioning leg. Which was very interesting to both ladies as Phoebe quickly walked with him again. Should she try more questions, find medicine? Perhaps there were some plants that they could prepare to help him heal a little, after all she had Persephone on her side now. "Regis, would you want help? Perhaps I can?" She said but she wasn't sure if she should offer, perhaps she was thinking in the wrong way.

#13Regis Karlinius 

on Fri Mar 02, 2018 6:55 pm

It was an interesting situation to be for him now, if his could consider it interesting, But it was mention what he wanted help, the word he wanted to say along with it and hurts maybe a few others if he could manage.

The sign that it seemed to connect and Regis seemed to understand, when he looked at her when she asked and nodded yes, there was no twitching no shaking nothing else it was a clear answer he made sure none of his other limbs that weren't his legs walking forwards moved.

It was the only thing aside from food he wanted that moment, some kind of help, any kind of help that some one would think would help.

After all Regis couldn't explain what was going on, nor could he explain anything he knew, he was clueless and just knew something was wrong, he was hopeful it would do something for now anything, Regis just simple wanted to know if he could feel something new, that is it that is all his mind could wish to accomplish with that request.

Anything else to him would just be a bonus, if some pain when away, he did not feel like his thoughts were leaving him or even in extreme case he could at least talk, if anything some what of a stuttered or slowed down vastly it was a hope, hope Regis barely had left in him because he could not think of it otherwise, hope that kept him alive and breathing.

#14Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Tue Mar 06, 2018 9:56 am

As she had asked him if she could help him, it wasn't of course a very clear question. Help in what way, as she had been trying for their previous meeting as well as for this one. So she heard in her own mind Persephone race through a couple of options with herbs and she would need them to go to a store that sold them or go to a spot where they were and Phoebe worried about winter but Perse waved it away, Get your food, than we get to this point. Which sounded great but she was almost afraid for the disappointment or what might happen with Regis.

It was good to say these things out loud, "So first we are going to get some food, than I'm going to find some herbs that I have in my mind now, to try and make some sort of medicine for you. It might work slowly," She simply repeated what Persephone was saying only seconds before it came out of her mouth, "But I'm going to try and find anything that would be able to help you." Which was something, and it felt even good to Phoebe to be able to do something, she ignored Persephone her quest to get a blood sample, because she definitely didn't want to ask that or have that in her hands but the Goddess explained that they had to make sure the blood would take up the medicine and went on and on that she ignored.

She simply first walked to the direction that Regis had pointed to get some food for him. She was even willing to sacrifice her own jewels as she assumed Regis wouldn't have any.

#15Regis Karlinius 

on Fri Mar 09, 2018 5:00 am

So it was time to eat something he had not done i na while, while eat something that was cook he just kind of just badly attempted cooking and ate what he could even if cooked or not, hunting rabbits or other animals just to keep going while he did his best to keep himself alive, some how it managed to keep him alive.

The instructions were clear enough for Regis to understand what was going to happen, well only words stuck out for the moment, Food and Help. Which was all he needed to hear, his mind simply tracked what was told and going to happen and would follow as long as he needed too until he was told to stop.

What fragments of his mind had hope now. The parts that could gather a thought anyway, since he couldn't speak himself. if Regis could manage to it would be some skipping thoughts about being cured and safe finally, His life could be picked back up.

But also had the thought of hunting down who caused this to him, To kill his own wife and child, to fight his own sister, to become a monster to slowly rot away his thoughts and mind. He was not only hopeful in the end, He was mad but that was locked away in his mind, Even cured he might be hidden away, angry and now ridden with madden rage about this twist in life he blamed on something that people could easily dismiss.

But that was plan for later, For now he needed he eat and see if this help would be the salvation that he truly wish and could get, the part of the memory he could keep track, that hopefully was fixed for him, unsure what else would be in the end as well for Regis but hope.

#16Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Sun Mar 11, 2018 2:11 pm

While Persephone was keeping most of Phoebe her mind occupied with a list of herbs that they needed to get their hands on, Phoebe tried to keep a space to figure out what would make the easiest food to feed Regis at this point. Nothing that needed an attempt on cutlery and also nothing that was half unable to eat and needed her to pick out the plastic or the bones or anything, she didn't even feel like he would be bothered with something like bones. She looked around and found surprisingly a hot dog stand, she wondered if that would do. Persephone didn't seem to like the idea but she wanted to try something easy, without any napkins wrapped around the bun, he could eat it without her having to save him from papers, plastic or bones in the case of handing him spareribs.

With one look at the stand and one back at Regis, she was sure that he had not minded meat and that she had not to worry about something like a vegetarian. "Regis, let's go there." She pointed at the stand and would even pull him there if it was necessary. She first bought two, one for herself (ignoring Persephone) and one for Regis. She might buy one more or two for him if it was necessary and if anything changed if he got food. There might be a change that he would get angry from getting food as maybe it didn't work in his zombie like system. Finally when she bought some and handed one to Regis, Persephone started on her whole list again.

Her eyes scanned the little plaza to find a store that she was looking for that would sell some of the herbs. She would have to get him to a piece of park to get some other herbs, she thought she had seen some before and hoped that Crocus had the herbs as well.

#17Regis Karlinius 

on Mon Mar 12, 2018 7:10 am

Most people would find it weird for a some one like Regis being guided but this was no longer a normal situation still, But to Regis internally with what was left, It was helpful and made him feel a bit at ease. It removed from of his tension he was going to eat something normal, he did not have to attempt to figure out how to speak to some one about eating as well, It was a semblance of safety and assure for Regis it was just one of the few things he wanted to feel for the moment.

Nothing else on this currently empty thoughts could not focus on anything else. With being close the smell of the the close places that had food seemed to have Regis looking around picking up on the various smells of the foods around him wanting to go towards each smell he picked up.Regis seemed like every once and a while like he wanted to walk a different way to a different small for the way he was looking but kept walking at least good enough behind this lady still.

Regis slowly seemed to pick up on the smell of the hot dogs, It was a smell he did not in his mind, either never had them or forgot it allured him still that he stopped not too far away from his current guide when she arrived at this still moving things Regis did not connect in his mind it was a cart that served food, But maybe he would remember again one day, what day it would be still could be up in the air.

#18Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Mon Mar 12, 2018 11:34 am

Phoebe and well Persephone also kept a close eye on Regis to see his reaction on the hot dog and if he would want another one. Once she handed the one she had bought for him, she would guide him towards a bench only a few steps away so he would be able to try to sit down and get to the point that it would probably work, but she doubt it with the way his muscles seemed to work and Persephone gave her a few ideas again.

She would let it wait for a little until she finished her own hot dog, she needed to figure out how she would be able to head into a store quickly to buy the herbs that Persephone had mentioned. She wouldn't mind if Regis would come along but she wasn't sure if he was okay with small spaces and as she had mostly seen herbal stores that were small spaces, she had to figure out what to do. Could she leave him here shortly and go to the store that she had just spotted not too far from their spot. She herself sitting at the bench now after all. She wondered how much worse it had gotten since Magnolia, especially since the last time he had been able to sit on the bench but what happened to his leg, after hitting it, it seemed to work better but was it just some sort of neglect and thus not being able to use it because his brain didn't think about it?

Finally she decided to take the chance and instructed Regis to stay here, she would buy a second hot dog and bring it to him. But in the mean time she had asked the owner of the stand to keep an eye on Regis while she would get the medicine, not giving more detail. The man seemed to be friendly and agreed with it. She hurried towards the store after telling Regis again that she would be back as soon as possible and she jumped in, thank god there was no one there and she quickly mentioned the herbs she needed and bought a mortar as well and a bottle of water and within ten minutes she was back, hoping Regis had stayed in the right spot or that she would see him soon enough here again.

#19Regis Karlinius 

on Tue Mar 13, 2018 1:54 pm

In reality his mind,even hid brain considered a hot dog now his mind seemed to be slowly process even what to do with the food item in front of him. Regis smelt it, it seemed pretty good so far. Slowly as this helper tried to gather him to Regis also just seemed to slowly settle in place and sit down but in his simple mind he just sat down where he was just the loud clash noise of the plates of metal hitting the ground as he sat, But slowly she seemed to settle in the end quickly, quietly and rather easily.

It was like getting some one to eat something they had never had before, Regis seemed to sniff the hot dog and slowly reached out and took the hot dog like he was just different for him to do so or he had not done such things for a while. But he understood it was food. He remember what she offered for him and what all was happening for the moment. He knew how to eat as well and remembered a few other things that he needed to do with that as well, Just with in the darkness of the helmet you could not see Regis bite his food but slowly pulling his food away from him to chew was the more noticeable part.

He seemed to quietly enjoy himself just hearing for him to stay where sat, Taking his time it seems to eat his hot dog. He would do his best to stay still, Just sitting quietly watching this person walk away last time she had not returned for a really long time so he would have to wait and see how long this time he was having to wait for her to return or find her again, until then he was sitting somewhere eating a hot dog.

#20Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Thu Mar 15, 2018 4:00 pm

Phoebe was slightly in panic, what if he would walk away, how would she find him again but well.. "Perhaps he isn't afraid of narrow spaces, he wears an armour." But Phoebe shook her head to Persephone her comment as it made no sense. On one hand, would he be able to take it off all by himself? It was perhaps better for society not to at this moment, even with an emperor forbidding people to discriminate there were sure people still doing that. She grabbed all the herbs, paid and quickly walked out of the store. Trying to point no attention to her by running, so she walked. She tried to walk as quick as was possible without looking stupid but as soon as her lilac eyes caught that Regis was still sitting at the floor next to the bench where she had left him, she could breath easily. She was on time.

Her eyes flickered to green as Persephone took over in a bit to show the knowledge, she holding on to the back with the mortar and the herbs, they needed to find a spot out of the open, she didn't want people staring. It would be a herb mixture that he would need to drink down, Persephone tried to focus on making his body healthier, she wasn't sure if that would affect his mind as well but she believed that if the curse started in his mind and by fixing his condition, that would perhaps have some effect on the mental state as well. Apart from that the Goddess believed that you needed to act normal to cure a mental condition if it was only affected by a curse that could be avoided by the physical condition but the Goddess obviously didn't know the source of this curse so it was a difficult way to think.

"Let's take a walk Regis, than I can fix the medicine." I hope, but she didn't add her own insecurity outloud, she wanted Regis to believe as well. Perhaps some placebo would work?

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#21Regis Karlinius 

on Sat Mar 17, 2018 5:47 am

Leaning forward for a moment and placing his hands on the ground and put his feet on the ground as well, and get himself up slowly and quietly got onto his feet, Followed behind slowly and quietly as he normally did. It seemed for a while Regis would just be quiet to the point where he made no noise, only the shifting plates of metal was the sign he was still around for the moment.

He seemed to image the sky slowly turning day to night weather seemed like either it happen 3 times in one minute. To a actual week in his mind pass with in one second, So small point where everything seemed to slow down in mind like in fact he felt like he was walking to slower when he was not in fact when he thought that he started walking faster, Almost fast enough to walk past Phoebe, because in his mind she was still in front of him just far away from Regis himself and with him walking so quickly he was still too far away.

It was a weird mind warp to him, Where the moment he thought he caught up he was rather decently in front of who he was following. Looking around lost after doing that, For when his mind caught up it hit him really hard and it confused him, looking around like he felt lost in the area around him that it didn't realize where he was right away and it just now hit him. Looking around to the area he was in to gather what was going on.

#22Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Tue Mar 20, 2018 2:09 pm

Phoebe had hurried back to Regis, only to see him stand up and she stopped walking to see what was happening. Holding on to the brown paperbag with the herbs and the mortar with her other hand, pushed it against her body to not drop it. She had talked to him to get him back into the here and now and he did seem a bit lost, so she wasn't sure if she should guide him, if it would be okay if she did so or that he would feel treatened, because that's absolutely not what she wanted. She took his wrist slowly though to get his attention again, "Regis, let's go?" Before she would quickly let go again and not pull him with her, that would perhaps be bad. She gave him a smile, wondering if that still meant anything to him.

The Goddess would guide Phoebe to a place where she had seen a quiet spot, the moment when they had fixed the trees a few days before and that came in handy now. Where the city was still in crumbs because of the previous fights and where most people avoided to go because of the unhappy memories and scary feelings, empty places like that were perfect. So she walked there slowly and when they arrived, she turned to the bench, "Let's sit down again." She would watch if he would do so, either on the ground again or this time on the bench, where she placed the mortar between her leg, the cold of the stone seeping through her jeans but she ignored it and worked on making the herbs smaller and a sort of paste, adding some mineral water so he could drink it as soon as it was done. Hopefully Regis had the patience and the brain power to control himself and to understand he had to drink it soon.

#23Regis Karlinius 

on Wed Mar 21, 2018 4:45 am

Looking around at the narrow walls before him and ruined building and slowly it seemed to be less and less of them it seems he was being guided to something else different, trees and grass he thought anyway, But far from what was the town. It was tireless to most people but it was good for him, he had something to think about and keep track in his mind.

How could he express relief from such a smile, it him feel at peace for the moment, It was this such help when held back by a simple door Regis hoped for. Maybe a few other things, Regis had a few hopes for this medication that was unknown to him as well, but he did not nor could he think of what to expect. Even if it just dulled his pain for a while he would be happy about it.

Slowly getting down he just seemed. there would be a quiet moment where he was settling into place, Regis didn't just drop to the floor, he took the time to slowly move in place to sit down normally but he slowly just seem to let his stay limp and relaxed quietly just waiting to see what could happen, dulling the pain would but whatever else could be done is more left to his slowly shattered thoughts still, the time was soon for him to figure out of what was true.

#24Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Wed Mar 21, 2018 5:59 am

While Phoebe was mixing the herbs or well first pushing them into little bits with the mortar, Persephone kept saying what she would have to say, the sort of nature magic that they would use. It wasn't considered magic, there was no magical power needed, just a sort of enchantment that had been an ancient way of working back when Persephone was still a Goddess that people worshipped daily and ask for help with nature issues, not something as a forgetten denity as she felt that she was now. This made Phoebe whisper the enchantment as some sort of zombie, letting Persephone think and keep repeating the words that the Goddess mentioned in the ancient greek that she seemed to be able to remember and thus Phoebe being able to speak yet only understanding by Persephone her thoughts.

Phoebe mixed the ingredients in the right order and found a cup where she could put it in, one by one, some mixed together, some only working together thanks to the water that was now holding it together like some sort of cold tea. She stirred in some honey for taste, even if she wasn't sure if the person next to her, who sat down properly, would even know flavour from anything else. She wondered if that still worked, but also apart from that Honey had its own healing potential and it was also the magical meaning of some herbs together with the old ancient greek working, from which Persephone was and when it was finally done, which had taken a good ten minutes, she handed the cup or well extra (smaller) bottle of mineral water, now mixed with the herbs and flowers and honey, to Regis. "You need to drink it." She said, holding the other mineral water bottle in front of her mouth as if she was drinking it, to show what she meant.

#25Regis Karlinius 

on Thu Mar 22, 2018 5:17 pm

Looking at and even slowly taking to what holds this strange liquid. It seemed slowly Regis understand what she was asking of him to do, Slowly but surely he was. Regis also brought it up to his nose and sniffed it a few times like a confused animal unsure. He seemed almost unsure that he wanted too but he had to think, remember this face that she was the only one helping him.

It felt like a part of him really wanted to ingest what was requested of him to too, Another part of him in his twisted mind wanted him not too. It would to the helper of Regis look like he it could be another confusion moment while he slowly brought the liquid to where his mouth would be underneath the helmet. but stopped and his head seemed to twitch every once and a while, It was really slow process to Phoebe to watch one anyone would find annoying and almost dreadful to watch happen, Internally Regis actually seemed to be trying still.

In total time it seemed like it took Regis a half an hour to even get this to the point he was now. but after all that seemingly almost pointless waiting, Regis finally seemed to start drinking the water handed to him, slowly but surely he seemed to be even drinking it all at once, he had not stopped, internally his fragmented mind felt some kind of pain relief, it could calm him down for a while. He hoped it would do more it thought it was miracle potion or something, Regis could not think about how it would take time for its fully effect to happen, maybe even just allowing himself to settle with having no feeling of pain.

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