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on Tue Feb 13, 2018 6:33 am

Seta Kaiba

The Number One Duelist:

Seta Kaiba

"Perhaps, although I will have to do some preparations before such a time." Seta mused softly, a hand raised to her chin as she had been thinking of the fight that had unfolded between the Battle Ox and Lumen. Although Lumen had her fair share of skill as a martial artist, she had noticed a few fundamental flaws in her battle Ox, flaws she could possibly get resolved given time and some tactical experiments. Mokuba at the other hand had noticed the curious glance that Lumen send his way, making the boy grin sheepishly at her. "You did an awesome job against Battle Ox, but that's only the weakest summon out of my big sis's deck!" The boy was clearly excited, but before anything further could be discussed Seta had started making her way back toward the far end of the arena, giving a choice selection of words as a parting gift. "I'll be accepting that offer of yours in the future Alisa, Lumen."

And with those words the brunette left the arena, leaving Mokuba to trail after her while waving at the duo. "Bai bai~ Please look forward to Sis's next summon!" But it seemed plenty of work still was left to be done before she could properly continue with her ambitious plans...


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on Tue Feb 13, 2018 9:26 am


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"By all means, train, prepare... I know Lumen needs her fair share of practice herself.", excused Alisa, waving her hand dismissively as she glanced at her partner, wondering how she felt about this whole fight. Was she satisfied with her power? Probably not... Would it drive her seek more? Probably...

Unable to speak, the Litwick could only giggle at Mokuba's comment, leaving everyone but Alisa wondering just what exactly the girl found so amusing. Indeed the sculptress had a pretty good idea, having spent enough time dealing with Lumen's impish, playful nature:

"I wonder how would battle Ox feel if he heard that~", Alisa teased, raising a hand over her mouth as she handed Lumen back her coat, while the Litwick merely nodded, confirming how that was indeed what she was thinking about here. Yet Kaiba's departure left them little time to joke about that as both sculptress and Litwick nodded, smiling and waving as the two siblings headed off, "Glad to hear it, and don't keep me waiting now~"
She'd be lying if she said this battle didn't make her curious, wondering what new kind of summons this businesswoman/heiress would have to show for next time they met. She looked like a proud sort, and Alisa guessed she probably wasn't too keen on watching her summon lose. In that case, next time they fought she'd come at her with a vengeance, and a renewed drive to seek victory.


Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

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