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Conman Coward [Quest: Seta]

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#1Seta Kaiba 

on Thu Feb 08, 2018 8:18 am

It was not often that Seta visited Batra's inn, but every now and then even she wanted to enjoy a peaceful drink without needing to keep up her tough outward guise. It was for that reason she considered Batra an excellent listening ear, and for Batra she was a rare client. After hearing about the story of how a conman had swindled one of his clients Seta had decided to accept the man's request to track down this con man and drag him back to the inn so that Batra could have a nice long chat with him.

She had everything she needed to track down the man: a description of him and a name: Kyle. Even better, with a bit of inquiring she was quick to learn that Kyle had made a habit to seek out unsuspecting fools-ahem victims within a certain part of Crocus' streets, and it seemed that lady luck would be on her side. Why exactly? Because as Seta was walking past one of the streets a man in a purple shirt approached her, rubbing his hands together. "Ah fair lady, I got just the thing for you-" A cursory glance at his features made her quite confident that this was the man she sought, but of course it was best to get confirmation first, right? "Kyle I assume?" The conman blinked in confusion as he replied, clearly flabbergasted at her knowledge of his name. "Yes, have we met before?"

Bingo, jackpot from the first go. A hand raised to the collar of the man's shirt while her eyes narrowed into a sharp glare. "I do believe you got 'just the thing for me'. Listen well because I'm in a foul mood and my patience is running thin: You swindled some people recently, I want their money back."

The man squirmed in her grasp till he finally pulled out a large pouch containing a huge amount of jewels and in a panicking state said. "H-Here is all the money! P-Please let me go! I got seven children to feed and a sick wife and-"

With a forceful push at the same time she grabbed the bag Seta glared down upon the man as she commented harshly. "If I hear you doing this again in the future I won't be so forgiving..."

Turning her back toward the man Seta left the street, leaving the man coughing for air while she made her way back to Batra's inn. Unfortunately, it seemed that wasn't the end of her little tale, because Seta soon found Batra's eyes narrow a little. "You been fooled Seta, that's fake jewels..."

Oh boy, that guy just had made himself a dangerous enemy. Slamming her fist into the palm of her hand Seta stated out loud. "I'll be right back Batra."

Marching out of the inn Seta's departure made Batra shake his head lightly in amusement, knowing all too well that Seta was on a mission to catch a conman. And she wasn't going to rest until he was weeping at Batra's feet!

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#2Seta Kaiba 

on Thu Feb 08, 2018 8:39 am

Rushed footsteps resounded on the streets of Crocus as a certain conman was rushing his way to freedom, or perhaps he was trying to escape from hell? Considering that an angry looking brunette was chasing him Seta was rather confident that it was the latter. Unfortunately for the Conman, with a bunch of Rune Knights at the gates leading outside the capital running past them wouldn't be an option, so like a cornered animal he fled into a nearby alleyway, Seta being hot on his trail till finally the man stopped with his back against the wall of a large building. "If not for your meddlesome interference I would succeed in my scheme! I'll just make you go silent, shit-haired bitch!"

Wow, now that was quite the vulgar naming sense! She actually was kind of proud of her brown locks so to have it referred to as poop? Now that was quite unpleasant... Her eyes narrowing in annoyance as the man grabbed a hold of a metal baseball bat the young woman's hand lowered toward her card case, tapping it lightly while Kyle asked with a hint of amusement in his voice. "Going to hit me with a card?"

A light shake of her head followed while she pointed with a hand in a thumbs-down fashion. "No, I'm going to make this guy deal with you." As the are between them started to lit up the conman's face turned pale as a two meters huge minotaur stood before him, roaring threatingly. Of course the fool tried to attack the minotaur, who easily grabbed a hold of the baseball bat and bend it out of shape, as if it had been a twig! "EEEEK!" Kyle's screech was almost entertaining for Seta to hear as she watched the Minotaur look at her for orders. "Give him a good trashing." It didn't need to be said twice. With a sudden straight jab into Kyle's stomach the Minotaur send the fool reeling backwards against the wall, a pained cry escaping his lips while the Minotaur took a step forward, a hand grasping a hold of the man's throat while lifting him upright. Despite his flailing and squirming it seemed to do little to weaken the Minotaur's grasp upon him, and when the Minotaur finally headbutted Kyle it was lights-out for the conman.

"Perfect, but before we go back... Battle Ox... Let's give the man a present, shall we?"

It was an hour later that Batra found himself in the company of a certain conman who was weeping like a little baby and a horrible, horrible scent that came from the conman's clothes. "Good work Seta, but what in the world is that freaking stench?"

Seta smiled contently as she grabbed a hold of the pouch Batra had rewarded her for the job and turning to the weeping conman she hummed softly. "Bullshit Batra, and I mean that quite literally..." And with a rather villainous laugh, the young woman left the inn, pleased with the success of her mission...

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