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No Saiyajin, this card game isn't Solitaire [Training - Baron]

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on Fri Feb 09, 2018 9:40 pm

"Kyah!" he took another dash forward, he couldn't explain it but he felt a rush of life run through him as he took another shot at fighting the ox. Just as he made his go she commanded an attack a large spike sprouting out of the ground. Fenrir was having none of it meeting the spike with a furious swipe of his right, backhanding the pillar out of the way as he cocked his left fist back. Rather it was ready or not the battle ox would find itself in a much more difficult fight. With new found agility came new found strength, once he had found himself back in the vicinity of the battle Ox he'd lunge at it again this time with a much stronger upper cut guiding his path.

Expecting it to block he followed up spinning to his left with a devastating elbow smack dab into the monster's exposed gut yet again. There was nothing to explain this new found power, he loved every moment of it and wanted more! But first.. After dealing with the Ox, though it may not have been knocked out he'd crawl over its shoulder and lunged at Seta stopping just a few feet away to point at her.

"Your noodles please." he gestured to her with an open palm.

#27Seta Kaiba 

on Fri Feb 09, 2018 10:16 pm

The stronger uppercut was enough to send the Battle Ox off its feet, causing the beast to let out a painful grunt as it collapsed backward onto the ground and crystallized into tiny fragments, leaving the young woman in disbelief as he gestured at her with his open palm. Such humiliation, and from a man who had the brains of a monkey?! Her eyes quickly narrowed into a glare as Seta slapped his hand away. "You..."

A sudden jolt coursed through her body as she felt the concealed relic in her possession pulsing with an eerie energy, and yet at the same time her mind seemed to grow numb, as if her thoughts were drawn into a daze. To Baron it must had looked odd, how floating above the young woman was a ethereal figure, seemingly resembling a priestess from an ancient civilization holding a golden rod in her hands.

"YOU PAY FOR YOUR INSOLENCE!" Storm clouds started to gather in the sky above the arena, bolts of lightning crashing down onto the arena around them while a flash of blue light came from behind the young woman, soon revealing a rather ominous sight:

A ferocious Dragon emerged!

Was that truly the same beast that had crushed him the first time? No, judging from what he could see a dark aura surrounded both the woman and the dragon she had summoned, the creature raising its maw backwards before unleashing a stream of burning energy upon the man!


on Fri Feb 09, 2018 11:05 pm

Her Ox fell to a single combination of Fenrir's new found greatness, when she swiped his hand he backed away with a confident smile as he flexed a bit. "You like this? No need to be scared, I just wanted to show you I'm pretty damn good." he backed away from her, even after she told him he would pay. Wait, she told him he would pay? He did nothing to her but prove a point, yet... Yet she changed, her voice changed. She was so much different at the drop of a hat. he rubbed his hands together and at her before the flash of lightning would blind him.

He shielded his eyes from the lightning bolt and looked back to see... it, the monster that had defeated him the last time, how could she do that? That was real, a solid hard copy, not a card game... She was hiding this the entire time it seemed. "He backed away a bit more as it levitated in the sky above them scales glimmering in the light. He cleared his throat, "I need to do something about that.... Shit..."

Ideas ran through his head, "What if I... The technique from Mare's scroll!" he smirked to himself. The technique required a lot of focus, something he still didn't have, with a wide wide sweeping arm movement he cupped his hands together a blue light immediately collecting and with all of the might and mana he could muster he threw his hands forward and fired a blue wave of energy at it.

The two beams collided, Fenrir trying his best to hold, out of the corner of his eye he saw the boy. "Kid! Get outta here, try to take your sister with you!" he growled before resuming his concentration.

#29Seta Kaiba 

on Fri Feb 09, 2018 11:18 pm

Beam crashed against beam, the struggle going back and forth as neither side was giving way. The aura seemed to intensify even further, the beam seemingly almost overwhelming the fierce energy being released by the Saiyan when all of a sudden something unexpected happened. Mokuba rushed to her side, a hand reached for his sister. "Sis! Snap out of it!" A sudden gasp escaped her lips, as if she was starting to realize something, hands reaching for her head as she cried out in pain. "You-Won't-Control-Me!" A pained scream escaped Seta's lips as the aura around her expelled, causing the spirit to shimmer out of existence while she herself collapsed backward on the ground.

At the same time, the Saiyan's attack rocketed toward the dragon, consuming the beast entirely as it exploded in a flurry of crystalized shards. With Seta laying unconscious on the ground as her brother shook her unconscious body lightly "Sis! Sis! Please wake up!" The boy was clearly worried as the golden rod rolled from beside her, a faint glow coming from it while Mokuba looked rather worriedly from her to the mysterious warrior who fought her a bit ago. It was clear that whatever had happened, the mysterious aura was gone...


on Fri Feb 09, 2018 11:33 pm

All looked lost, his beam had grown weak and shaky as he was backed down. It seemed he was in over his head as his transformation began to waiver. The hair on his body was receding, his arms were shaking and the blue eye's blast was overcoming his own. It seemed like the end up until the girl screamed out, he couldn't make out what she was saying he was working after all! And with a loud groan of his own he pushed the beam back into the blue eye's mouth and then some consuming it with the last of his mana.

He cried out as he obliterated the top of the beast defeating it and ending the fight. In the end Fenrir stood tall panting heavily as his hands stayed in blasting position. "I can't believe it... I did it, and I still have energy to spare- oh there we go." he lowered his hands and collapsed. His transformation would soon disipate and his form would return to normal, shirt torn badly and he was covered in visible damage from just transforming on his own. "Now I bet... you'll take my... noodles..." he rested his head on the ground as he panted.

#31Seta Kaiba 

on Sat Feb 10, 2018 12:21 am

Hello, clueless saiyan? There was a certain thing about being unconscious, the fact you can't respond to others! Despite the fact she seemed unharmed the fact her eyes were closed shut and her breathing shallow made it clear Seta was unconscious, Mokuba blinked in confusion as he asked with a hint of concern. "Umm you do realize that she is unconscious right? She can't hear the fact you want to do perverted stuff to her!" His face still red the boy mumbled softly. "Better that she doesn't..." He sighed softly while shaking his sister lightly.

Meanwhile, in the shadows of the Coliseum, a cloaked figure turned his back at the trio and started to walk away, soon disappearing in the darkness. The storm clouds started to disappear, slowly disappearing while at the same time the young woman stirred lightly. "Sis?" Mokuba seemed rather worried as he shook her body lightly, causing yet another stir. "... Moku..." a soft whisper escaped her lips as she slowly opened her eyes and she found Mokuba suddenly pull his arms around her, doing his best to hold back his tear. "A-Are you alright Sis?" And now the golden rod ceased its glowing... What in the world had happened just now?


on Sat Feb 10, 2018 10:14 am

Soon Fenrir would rise in all of his glory as he yawned a mighty yawn, he had done it. He beat her and her evil dragon and now it was time to claim his prize. His right arm retracted around his ribs, his body still aching after having the life squeezed out of him. Who was the disappointment now? He hobbled over to her unconscious form and listened to the kid rant at him. He didn't even know what he meant by her noodles, but it was fun to say thus he kept saying it. He looked down at her and the boy before cracking a smile, "That was fun..." he chuckled to himself.

"I bet she's fine." he looked up at the sky as the clouds began to waiver. Seemed like the weather came with her conscious, "Well thanks for the fight." he turned his back to them, "You can keep your noodles, I don't want to eat anymore." with that he began to make his way for the exit, he needed some rest before he collapsed again, rest and food. "And hey kid," he looked back at him with a serious expression

"Make sure your sister gets something to eat, I would offer but I don't think she could handle it." with those parting words he walked off.

#33Seta Kaiba 

on Sat Feb 10, 2018 12:14 pm

"What a weird guy..." Mokuba mumbled softly after the Saiyan departed from the arena, leaving the worried Mokuba alone with his sister. However, little did they understand what an impact her defeat had upon Seta. The humiliation of losing against someone like that boorish man, it was an insufferable experience that she intended to overcome at all costs. "I'm alright Mokuba..." She mumbled under her breath, unsteadily staggering back to her feet while scooping up the relic into her hand. She needed to get stronger, to obtain more power and the means to show that Saiyan that she was better than the likes of him.

Her grip tightened around the rod, fingers clenching into the metal as she pondered about what to do to be able to obtain the power she sought. Perhaps she could try to improve her mastery over the art of summoning creatures? Disregarding the fact that the Battle Ox was defeated so easily by the man's transformed self, the Battle Ox his strength, speed and endurance were somewhat lackluster which led to an easy way for others to defeat him. No, if she wanted to obtain the true potential of her cards she would need to figure out a different tactic, a different means to draw forth the full power of her cards...


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