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No Saiyajin, this card game isn't Solitaire [Training - Baron]

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#1Seta Kaiba 

on Thu Feb 08, 2018 12:20 am


The Number One Duelist:

Seta Kaiba

It was not often that the Domus Flau was occupied for an event that didn't involve sheer violence, but on this particular day in the wake of the invasion of Grimoire Heart its people needed a more peaceful activity to distract themselves with, and what better option than a tournament of a card game?

Although the game, in particular, was famous among children and teenagers, it also boasted a fair amount of fans among adults both inside and outside of Fiore. As a result, it was to be expected that when the Kaiba family hosted a tournament where participants could enter either with their own collection or an assortment of cards they could borrow from the event organizers it was obvious that the event would cause an uproar.

With a fair reward promised to the winner many had entered, and with a bit of magic, the duels were even able to get more exciting as the spectators could see illusionary images of the monsters played by the participants fighting each other!

And yet none could stand up to 'her' performances. The crowd went silent in awe as the brunette currently in the stadium tapped a card onto the table before her, causing a large minotaur to emerge above her!

"Hah! your card is only a four stars monster! It can't beat my monster that is equal to you!" Her opponent, a young man grinned confidently, yet his smile faded into a look of concern as the woman folded her arms beneath her chest while she scoffed at him. "Ignorant fool, do you truly think that I would have summoned that creature if I had no way to best you?"

Raising the card in her hand up in the air she slammed it onto the table while exclaiming confidently. "I activate my Magic Card: A Wingbeat of A Giant Dragon!" As the card hit the table a large shimmering image of two scaled wings blown above the minotaur. "By activating this card I weaken your monster, more than enough for it to get bested in combat."

Turning away from the table she flipped a hand through her hair while ordering with a harsh tone. "Battle Ox, remove this idiot from the battlefield..." The Minotaur roared menacingly as he rushed forwards, axe in hand while he cleaved straight through the monster, making the man collapse backwards onto the ground in fear. "I-It's impossible! We can't beat her in this game!"

Scurring his deck from the table the man left the battlefield while leaving Seta to sigh softly and recall her cards. "Only one more challenger and then this farce of a tournament will be over..."

Training C-rank spell: 441/750


on Thu Feb 08, 2018 12:23 am

Fenrir had overheard talk and ramblings of a card game that was swiftly overtaking Crocus with great gusto. With the war well behind them the Lycasaiyan had been taking his weakngess heavily and was desperate for any sort of distraction. There was no doubt in his mind that he could have advanced on and fought the powerful enemy that Asmo and twins had mentions but his body at the time.. it felt so weak, but when he awoke the next day he felt stronger than ever.

Despite the surgeof energy Fenrir still wanted a distraction fromt he hussle and bussle of the war. He had learned to appreciate life and he had even grown a new respect for his master, swearing himself to her for helping him get this new found power. At first, like any mortal he would fear her at first, but after getting to know her and being under her for longer than a few choice days he had realized that she was a kind spirit only wanting to help him get stronger.

His mind would soon clear of his failure and move on towards the tournament. It was a game called yu-gi-oh... Of course he was unsure what it even meant, but he would try anything to get the war off of his mind, including playing a card game he had just heard about not even two hours ago. It seemed he spotted a pair of kids playing and after some hassle they allowed him to play, as well as even letting him use their cards! After a while he felt as if he had a hang for the game and bought his own deck!

In his hands was a deck of cards that he liked, they were all based around animals mostly neat things like koalas, kangeroos, and monkeys. He thought it was a darn good deck, but he could have ofcourse been wrong given this was his first time even seeing any of these cards. He shuffled his deck and entered the hall. Just as he got in he noticed a man scurrying past him as if he was about to bust into tears. These tournaments must have been rough.

He realized that there was only a woman sitting on her own with cards in front of her, thus he walked over to the seat without any hesitance he plopped himself down and smiled at her, "Hi! Can I play?" he put his deck on the table with a confident grin.

#3Seta Kaiba 

on Thu Feb 08, 2018 12:34 am


The Number One Duelist:

Seta Kaiba

It was sad, despite the fact she had given plenty of people the means to learn the game, even assisting people with making their ideal decks by granting them access of vaults full of cards, none had been able to provide a satisfying challenge. If only 'he' was still within Fiore... While distracted thinking about the past a sudden plop onto a nearby chair made her turn her gaze sideways in bewilderment as she noticed a young man placing his deck on the table. "The fact that you are fearlessly challenging me must mean you have a strategy in mind?"

She turned toward the stranger, shifting her deck into position while she looked down at him. "Very well, I Seta Kaiba will be your opponent!" As she drawn her first five cards and waited for her opponent to do the same a coin was tossed into the air, landing on the head size. "It seems the challenger gets the first move, draw your card and regret facing the Number One Duelist of Fiore!"

The crowd in the tributes were getting excited once more, cheering left and right while waiting for the stranger to do his opening move. What sort of plan did Fenrir have in mind?

Training C-rank spell: 206+441
Total WC: 647/750


on Thu Feb 08, 2018 8:17 pm

He didn't quite understand what she meant, "duelist?" he tilted this head. That was... Interesting. But it must have been like some sort of new term for great fighter! Now his deck was full of monster cards from what he knew, but he thought that was the point of such things? As soon as he drew he had a few monster cards in hand, since that was all he carried. With that he looked down at that six cards in his hand. This was it, he had to show her that he was a pretty good duelist himself more or less.

He looked down at his cards and tapped his cards, "I'll start with one of these." he laid down one monster card: Ape Fighter in attack mode and smirked, "Let's see ya beat this one." he nodded to her and concluded his turn. He actually lucked out and got the two other ape fighters he had in his remaining five cards. He watched them all go, this was going to be a easy win from what he knew. "Don't be so worried, I can go easy on you if you want ya know? This is a pretty good monster after all."

#5Seta Kaiba 

on Thu Feb 08, 2018 8:56 pm

Seta's gaze focused at every motion Baron made, watching him lay down a monster card into attack mode. Of course, she was ready to think of a solid counter-attack. Watching the young man's monster materialize into the air Seta's lips curved up into a grin as she prepared to act. Drawing her next card the young woman's finger trailed over the cards as she raised one into the air "I believe you overestimate your little friend there..." A card was placed onto the table, causing the large minotaur to emerge, raising his axe high into the air. Placing another card on the table she mused out loud. "By activating this Magic Card: Shrink I halve your Ape Fighter's power..." A light sweep of her hand followed made the creature let out a roar "Crush him Battle Ox."

The Battle Ox roared menacingly as he rushed in a headlong line toward the Ape Fighter, axe raised high into the air as he tried to cleave through the monster. "Your turn..." She clearly was curious to see what would happen next... Did this stranger have some sort of plan in mind? For now it seemed he was just foolishly sacrificiing his pawns...


on Thu Feb 08, 2018 9:55 pm

To his surprise she moved quicker than he expected, she even activated a bunch of cards! Other cards, for a moment he tried his best to keep up but soon she summed a massive monster that made his ape look like a child! He looked at the two cards and tried to understand what was happening but all he could register was her first move. The Ox, he couldn't pin a finger on in but he soon realized That he was in more trouble than he thought. He held his head up and nodded as he realized that she had put him in the mind set that he may have been in over his head.

He shok as he realized that his monster was stomped without so much as a word. He shook his cards and put his fingers on yet another monster. "I-I've got this, you'll see a real monster now! I summon Des Koala! Ha ha, you can't beat this guy! He won me a match two days ago!" he smirked at her and closed his eyes, this was quite a win, there was no way she could counter his Des koala, this was the go, easy peasy.

#7Seta Kaiba 

on Thu Feb 08, 2018 10:05 pm

"..." Silence lingered in the air as Seta watched the man summon an adorable little koala to challenge her. Considering his decision of playing just that card she couldn't help but raise a hand to her forehead while groaning slightly in annoyance. "Did you even check its offensive power?" A second Battle Ox was placed right beside the first while she decided to explain further.

"The Des Koala's offensive power is inferior to my Battle Ox, as a result by attacking it with my second Battle Ox I am able to not only destroy your monster but also inflict more damage to your health points." A light wave of her hand through her hair followed as she expressed an aura of confidence and with a nod of her head commanded her second companion. "Battle Ox, attack him directly." The Minotaur charged straight across the table and slashed into the air above the man, while she declared in a confident and cool tone. "With the damage you suffered in total you got 800 life points left, you better make the last round count..."

This farce of a battle was almost over it seems. Just a little longer and victory would be hers! Not that she even had to put down any effort yet for that matter, but just to play safe she placed a covered card on the table: a trap or magic card perhaps?


on Thu Feb 08, 2018 10:16 pm

She didn't seem impressed by his change in monsters, but he believed he was in key position to do things like this. He knew battle and his Des Koala was far too impressive for her to just toss it aside like a child. He smirked at her and waited for her move, the silence was probably because she was soon to be defeated. "You can give in now if you want ha ha, no way you can beat this guy he's really good." he was struggling with being so arrogant but hey, it was a fun game and he wanted to see like he knew what he was doing at the very least. There was no way he'd fail at this point.

With a cool smile of his own he'd sit back and cross his arms as she summoned another battle ox, he still remained calm and waited for her next- "wait direct attack?" he opened his eyes and gasped. He realized his koala was far gone... "What?" he looked down at the cards, "Uh- Uhhh, oh I know!" he drew a card and looked down at it, "Ah ha! You've activated my ace in the hole! I summon Berserk Gorilla!" he laughed, "He's one of my best! No way you can get past him!" with that he'd point at her cards, "I attack your battle ox!" he declared, his gorilla being able to do so.

#9Seta Kaiba 

on Thu Feb 08, 2018 10:31 pm

Seta had to admit it was interesting to see Baron's final effort to struggle out of there, the sight of it making her hum softly before tapping her finger on the trap card she had been hiding. "Seems you fell right into my trap." Flipping the card Seta revealed a card that intercepted the gorilla's assault, causing her to shake her head in amusement. "So~ With your attack negated I believe it's time I end this."

Pulling her two Battle Ox off the table Seta pulled yet another card upwards and smirked at the man. "I sacrifice my battle Ox pair to summon 'my ace': COME FORTH BLUE EYES WHITE DRAGON!"

It a flash of blinding white light a giant white scaled creature from myth descended, a glorious roar coming from it. "Obliterate him..." The creature inhaled deeply before launching a stream of blue energy to consume the beast, making Seta nod her head firmly. "Game-Over." With the man's life points reduced to zero the duel was over, and she picked up her deck from the table. "I guess that's over and done with." stashing the deck away she decided to prepare walking away, shooting a final glance at the stranger.


on Thu Feb 08, 2018 10:39 pm

He gasped when she revealed a trap card, "How did you? What?" he looked down at the cards and turned pale, "You can't be serious..." he looked down at the cards and tried his best to decipher what was even happening. He was certain she ran into a problem with his new offense, there was, there had to be some sort of joke in this. He was being tricked right? He had her beat, or at least he thought he did. She must have been cheating, this was a tournament and he must have been in it right? How could she have been so good?

"No wait!" he held up a hand dropped his hand as they fell to the table, he began to sweat a bit, she had summoned yet another monster and it was a damn good one. "Blue eyes what?" despite it not being an actual monster he had witnessed his monster get destroyed and his life points drop down to a double goose egg. He softly gasped and realized he had just gotten destroyed. She smacked him so hard that he didn't even realize it was over until she got up. When she got up he stood up as well, "Hey, hold it lady!" he walked after her, "How'd you do that just now? How'd you beat me?"

#11Seta Kaiba 

on Thu Feb 08, 2018 11:05 pm

His reaction as he stood up made her turn to face the stranger, the disbelief in her tone seemingly making her scoff at the thought he had actually had a chance of winning. "Are you seriously asking that? I'd have a greater challenge playing solitaire."

But perhaps she could at least entertain this naive man about the way of the game, a hand rested on her hip as she stated in a harsh tone. "Someone who only relies on monster cards is just asking for a humiliating defeat. Harsh words, but they were quite true to be honest. Someone who went in without any spell or trap cards was just asking for a quick defeat against a skilled opponent. "By employing Trap Cards and Spell Cards you can easily disrupt your opponent's tactics, just like in a real battle."

A gentle sigh followed as she turned away from him. "Consider those details before challenging a superior opponent." And yet as she prepared to walk away a part of her believed that this clearly wouldn't be the last bit of their conversation. Usually, you had three type of losers: those who took their defeat in stride and took amusement out of it, they who cowered at their defeat and then the sore losers... but what type of loser would this man be?


on Thu Feb 08, 2018 11:20 pm

She was so cold to him, she even mocked him for his choice in cards. He tightened his fist and closed his eyes as she walked away. "Then I will beat you! I will! Just you wait lady! You hear me?" he called after her, he wasn't going to take this disrespect, he wanted this now, he was going to beat her! Even if he had to get more cards! More traps! More spells! More of everything! He'd get hundreds of cards! Thousands! Entire army of cards! Cards cards cards! He was going to beat her one way or another no matter what.

He smiled at her as he waited for her response. He sure showed her, he crossed his arms and watched her, "I'll show you can I can be as good as you! And... and I'll beat you hard!" he thought about Shalltear, he still had a date to go on... He'd have to train to beat this woman after his date with her. He still felt a bit ill, but that was just something that would pass most likely right? He couldn't stay sick forever after all it was just a thing that would pas after his date.

#13Seta Kaiba 

on Thu Feb 08, 2018 11:46 pm

A chuckle escaped her lips while she stated with a hint of sarcasm. "If I got to wait that long I'd likely die of old age." An amused chuckle escaped her lips while she took a few steps further away from him, but at the same time a curious little idea popped up in her head. "However, I guess depending on how you grow as a duelist it might become more entertaining in the future."

A short pause followed when she turned to face him and inquired with a firm gaze. "Perhaps next time I provide you a different type of duel." Turning away from him she started to slowly walk toward the exit while a soft whistle came from nearby, rushed footsteps came from nearby. "Big Sis! How did the tournament go?" Yet Seta merely patted the boy's head and started to resume walking out of the arena. Unfortunately, she was quite displeased with the talent level of most people here, to the point that she was mildly annoyed. "Do you plan to practice your magic next?" The boy turned his gaze curiously at the stranger who was left in his sister's wake, wondering what was up with him.


on Fri Feb 09, 2018 1:24 pm

He narrowed his eyes at her and clenched his fist, who did she think she was? Leaving him on his own like this.. Like he was nothing but a joke, a child... He was a warrior, or at least that was what he was told. He knew that he could beat this woman, but she took this farther than that. SHe insulted his pride. Challenging him to another type of duel like he would be an easy win in that as well. "I can beat you in any duel!" he called after her just as she'd meet up with a young boy. He was angry now, she got under his skin, or well, she some how managed to get on his nerves.

He locked eyes on the child and narrowed his visage before softening up to a smile and polite wave. He looked down at his cards and simply, without second thought, left them there. He didn't need them after all, they were just cards he could get more and he could build an even stronger deck than what he had before, he'd get every card, any card and his pride wouldn't be so hurt anymore he'd beat her and make her feel his pain.

#15Seta Kaiba 

on Fri Feb 09, 2018 1:47 pm

Mokuba could only watch with a mixture of confusion and sadness as his sister left the arena, but seemingly having been struck by an idea the young boy approached Baron and knelt down at his side, whispering softly. "Please don't think too badly about my sister, she is truly a great person beneath that harsh exterior. However, if you truly want to challenge her then come here after sunset."

A sudden voice came from nearby, making the boy jolt upright. "Mokuba, we're leaving." And with those words, the boy rushed off to follow after her. A brief wave at Baron being made before he ran after the young woman. A few hours passed till nightfall finally arrived, and if Baron had indeed gone to the arena he would have found that the tables were gone and the tribunes empty, only the brunette and her brother were in the arena.

"Alright Mokuba, I'm going to start practice."

The boy nodded his head eagerly, watching as his sister placed a hand on her card holster and with a light tap she pulled a card up into the air, causing the ground before her to illuminate as a 2 meters tall minotaur roared. Did she... Did she seriously just summon the same monster she had used to beat him with earlier?!


on Fri Feb 09, 2018 2:04 pm

He looked at the boy with a warmed smile on his face, he seemed nice considering how rude his sister was. Poor boy must have been afraid of her, or well, afraid of losing her maybe? He didn't know, it was a random assumption. She was good at the card game, but if she thought she could defeat him in battle she was wrong. He wouldn't be humiliated like that, it was one thing if she beat him in a game he didn't understand but to judge him as a warrior... That was too far. She'd pay for it, or at the very least he'd make her see that he wasn't just another fool she could beat.

When the boy brought up returning to meet her here he nodded and watched as he scurried along. Not wanting to stick around and wanting to prepare for their next meeting. He left the arena this morning and returned as the boy instructed. This time he wouldn't be ready for a duel but he was more ready for whatever else she may have had in mind, he even went out and bought booster packs of cards to get ready for this one. He entered the arena and spotted her with the... Battle Ox? "What? That thing's real?!"

#17Seta Kaiba 

on Fri Feb 09, 2018 2:10 pm

The pair turned toward their unexpected guest, albeit where Seta showed clear hints of surprise, and perhaps even a bit of concern Mokuba was grinning sheepishly as he exclaimed proudly. "Of course it's real! That's the result of my sister's magic!"

The battle ox took a step forward, his weight seemingly making the sand kick up slightly as he stomped his foot onto the ground, making it clear that the Battle Ox was indeed quite real, and not some sort of illusion. "You again? I thought I made it clear to train more before facing me again in a duel." Mokuba shook his head lightly, gently tugging his sister's arm. "Now~ Now~ Don't be so dismissive of him just yet sis, didn't you hear that this man participated in the war? The fact he is still alive means he must be a warrior with a fair amount of skill." For the first time there was a change visible in the haughty duelist's expression, eyes sharpening into a focused gaze as she looked him over. "Is that true? In what district did you fight?" It appeared that for the time being she was, at the very least interested to hearing more about him.


on Fri Feb 09, 2018 2:25 pm

So it was real... Hm, "Dunno about a district, but I was swarmed by bleeding hearts and lived to tell the tale." he clenched his fist, "But your brother says you have magic, how about we test it out?" he fell into a fighting stance and looked at her ready to brawl. He was ready to face off with him or her whichever was the power holder, "You know, you might be strong in dueling but I know my way around a fight. He chuckled. She was kind of scary, ok she was very scary. It was intimidating just to look at her behind that massive monster.

There was no way he could beat her without slipping up, "Ok, ok, let's get started come at men when you're ready hot stuff, hey after I win how about I..." he thought about his conversation with Alisa, "I slurp your noodles! Yeah! Slurp your noodles, and what's up with uh, that body of yours! I've heard of a hour glass figure but I wouldn't mind flipping you a few times. You seem the kinda girl who'd want to be flipped." he hoped that the teasing would make her angry so he could see her full power! Or better yet her full potential...

#19Seta Kaiba 

on Fri Feb 09, 2018 4:42 pm

"So he fought the Grimoire Heart and lived to tell the tale? Now that was fascinating... However, as the Battle Ox idly waited for her orders Seta soon found their conversation resume when he made a demand after winning the fight. "Slurp my noodles?" Mokuba's face turned beat-red at the statement of the young man, but Seta started to laugh in amusement. "You look like the type of guy who doesn't even know how to open the cup!" Savage, but he did look kind of clueless... However, when he commented about her body her lips curved up into a grin and she ran a hand through her hair. "I know I'm fabulous, if you want to know the secret: exercise, balance your food and get enough sleep every day."

The battle ox suddenly started to charge forwards, letting out a deep howl when suddenly he attempted to launch a straight jab for Baron's stomach, upon which he would try to use his remaining hand to slap the man's face. "And on terms of flipping, I believe someone as clumsy as you might end up slipping before you do as much as reach my body." Oh gods, she really was in a savage mood today, wasn't she?


on Fri Feb 09, 2018 4:50 pm

His words seemed to work, though when she spoke on herself being oh so good looking he kind of slouched over and cocked an eyebrow. He wanted her to get angry, not compliment herself. How could someone be so into themselves? He cracked his knuckles and smiled at her confidently as he awaited her approach. Whilst being in his fighting stance he held up formed an X with his forearms to shield his stomach from the Ox's Punch but was clipped by the massive hand that smacked him across the face. He veered back and slid on the hard ground of the arena.

With that he got back into fighting stance and raised a hand to guard and another at his side in a clenched fist. "That was quite a hit, but I was expecting you to fight me not your friend." he dashed forward and cocked a fist back, without so much as a second thought he'd make an attempt to uppercut the ox, following up with a round house Kick into its unarmored stomach. If both hits connected he'd bounce back a few meters and dusted off his shoulder. "I'll be slurping your noddles if this is how your monster fights. Hear that kid? You'll be getting a uh, little "niece" or "nephew" soon" he had no idea what he was saying, but from what he knew if that was her brother he would get one of those things if he ate his sister's noodles. He assumed they were like pets, but he could have been wrong.

#21Seta Kaiba 

on Fri Feb 09, 2018 7:01 pm

Seeing the little fight between Baron and the Battle Ox was invigorating to watch. While the man intercepted the monster's punch to the stomach thanks to the guard of his forearms, the massive hand that slapped him across the face was enough to cause Baron to veer back and slide hard across the ground, yet Baron was quick to return to the battle, a sudden uppercut to his face being intercepted by a swift raise of his hand, causing the battle ox to intercept his attack.

However, the sudden roundhouse kick to his unarmored stomach made the beast stagger slightly, a grunt coming from him yet before he could properly counter his attack the Baron had bounced a few meters back and stated something that made Seta's face redden slightly in annoyance. "Oh really? Judging from what I'm seeing so far... if your skills in the bedroom are as poor as those in the arena I'm going to be very disappointed."

The battle ox dashed forwards, lowering his upper-body slightly as he attempted to do a full body-tackle against Baron, which if successful would be accompanied by a powerful grab around his arms as he attempted to force him into a bearhug and squeeze him tightly!


on Fri Feb 09, 2018 7:19 pm

Obviously he was under her skin finally managing to shake her up a bit. Her face resembled her brother's at the moment, beet red and embarrassed meaning that now he had the chance to get to her! Sadly he was wrong, the Ox avoided his upper cut, but the kick in the gut shook it back just a bit. Just as he thought he had things under wraps the beast charged him like a wilda beast nearly goring him and making him drop back a bit. He met the tackle head on and held the monster's shoulders as he slid back to stop its momentum. "You... Can't.. Beat me like-"

Just as he was about to finish his words he was gripped by the Battle Ox and held tightly in its monster grip. He struggled to get free, but he was too restrained and the grip was crushing him far too much. He yelled out and gritted his teeth, "No!.." he tried to breath but it was all too much for him, this was no good. He shook his head and tried to get free, "You'll be dissapointed... When I eat..." he yelled out at the end as he struggled.

#23Seta Kaiba 

on Fri Feb 09, 2018 8:30 pm

The battle ox's forceful hold was quite firm, tightening his grip as he grew even more intense, squeezing and clenching tightly as he was trying to squeeze the air out of the man. However, it appeared he was still far from done, for with the way he was holding Baron off the ground the Battle Ox did something quite... painful. Leaning slightly backward the Battle Ox suddenly rammed his head toward Baron's face, a rather painful headbutt following.

"Can't hear you beneath all that whining..." Seta mused softly as the battle ox resumed his squeezing, almost enough to start hearing muscles tearing. "Hmm, I don't understand why you asked him to come here Mokuba. That man is clearly a disappointment, both as a duelist and as a fighter."

The battle ox narrowed his eyes while glaring into Baron's face. It seemed Baron would need to think quickly, lest he'd get himself a worse end than a humiliating defeat. Still, it seemed Seta was pretty confident in her approaching victory, but would that truly be the case? Was this truly the limit of Baron, the first Saiyajin in Fiore? Only time could possibly tell them the answer to that... Nonetheless, if he didn't act quickly he might have gotten his bones broken!


on Fri Feb 09, 2018 8:47 pm

He couldn't escape, he was powerless to do anything against the iron grip besides give in. To be defeated so quickly, how pathetic he was. No wonder the master was dissapointed in him during the war. he was a failure, he was nothing but a pawn that was no good to her or anyone else, a failure. A disappointment... The word rang in his mind just as he looked into the Battle Ox's face one last time. He could feel himself letting go already. How could he have been defeated so quickly? Was he really a waste of time? A waste of space? A true disappointment?

His eyes shut and his head would soon rest on the giant's shoulder as he finally passed out. There was nothing but silence, darkness in his mind really. Was this death? Could he have been lost? Was she going to kill him? No..

Just as quickly as he fainted he would wake up not long after head still down as he gritted his teeth. The two would notice that there was more to him as he was shallowly breathing in the monster's grip. Sparks and aura began to radiate off of his form. He would look back up at the beast, his eyes golden now, he roared and broke the hold, he would be consumed in a blinding flash of light as he stood before the two still roaring out.

His hair had grown longer, his teeth sharper, a tail sprouted and everything just... It got brighter. Off of his form raided golden light, body covered in red fur now. When he finally stopped he looked down at himself, "This is new..." he spoke gruffly and deeply as he admired his new form. Without another word to Seta he smirked at her and fell back into fighting stance, "C'mon."


#25Seta Kaiba 

on Fri Feb 09, 2018 9:17 pm

That was a surprise... Watching the man burst into a flurry of energy Seta blinked in disbelief as Baron transformed into some sort of furry creature. "What the hell is this furball transformation? Are you some sort of furry?" Her eyes narrowed in a glare as Baron forced the Battle Ox staggered backward in disbelief, not entirely certain about what to do while Seta swayed a hand forwards. "Attack him Battle Ox!" With the command given the creature lunged forwards, a hand clenched as he punched down onto the ground, a large spike of earth pushing forwards from the ground in an attempt to impale him.

To be honest, she was feeling a bit nervous, not entirely certain whether the Battle Ox was able to best this man, especially since his presence felt suddenly a lot more powerful. "What type of power is that..." A grumble escaped her lips, clearly a bit annoyed at the thought. However, her little brother seemed rather fascinated by the transformation, perhaps because it looked like something straight from one of those comics he loved to read. A guy who on the brink of defeat obtained a mysterious power to even the odds? How in the world could he not get excited by something like this!

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