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You can never have too many elves in your party [Liana]

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on Wed Feb 07, 2018 3:16 pm


Esperia V. Eisenberg

To say that she was excited about the meeting she had planned was an understatement. Not only was this the first time after the war that she was able to spend some quality time with her best friend, but she had also prepared a rather grand surprise for her. That surprise came in the form of the companions she had brought with her into the Crocus Gardens. Not only was a certain obsidian-haired trickster present, but beneath the shade of a nearby tree a feminine-looking elf was excitedly reading a book, while another boyish-looking one was swinging back and forth along the branches of the aforementioned tree.

However, there was one very mysterious detail about the elves: their skin was much darker than the fair ones most elves had. "I wonder how Lia will react to the idea of meeting elves, although Asmodeus did mention they were 'dark elves'..." The girl raised a hand to her cheek, seemingly lost in thought when suddenly she heard a loud "WEEEE~" And a force knock her onto the ground, causing the lass to look up to notice the boyish elf from before was now sitting on top of her back. "Yo~ You looked rather nervous, did I knock it out of you?"

Esperia laughed weakly as she rested her head lightly on the bed of flowers and hummed softly. "Guess you did Aura~"


on Wed Feb 07, 2018 4:00 pm

The Nature's Bonder
To be able to spend her time with Esperia after the war was quite the relief. It was good to know that her friends had come out of it alright, just as she did. After all, if they were nowhere to be seen by the gates when she was there, then they must have faced much more fearsome and strong opponents. The ones the young Sylvaine had faced were mere subordinates of Grimoire Heart, those who were either at the same level as her when it came to magic or somewhat below her.

It was a learning process though. She has been taught a lot of things. It was a first too, the first time she had ever participated in a real fight. Many of them, actually, she wasn't only faced with one. Due to that, she now feels much more confident, she feels like she's finally getting stronger, strong enough to properly protect the ones she's close to.

A walk to the gardens was made, Liana not taking too long before ultimately reaching her destination. From afar, at first, she was unable to notice Esperia, yet she was able to notice the dark elves, one of them seemingly sitting on the ground...

... Or not.

Her eyes widen for a second as she notices he was actually sitting on top of the female Eisenberg, her eyebrows furrowing in question. At first the elf actually thought her friend was being bullied and abused, though that didn't appear to be the case once she noticed the smile she wore on her face. A light sigh of relief escaped her lips at that.

"Hey! Esperia!"

The late teenager shouted, waving from the distance until she'd ultimately close the gap. "I see you are having some fun." She giggles once, crossing her arms over her chest.
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on Wed Feb 07, 2018 4:09 pm


Esperia V. Eisenberg

Liana's timely arrival caused Esperia to look up at the young elf with a sheepish grin. "One way to call it I guess~ Asmodeus would call it babysitting." Yet the elf on her back who had dismounted the girl as she stood upright puffed her cheeks in a complaint at that statement, quickly correcting Esperia. "Oooy who are you calling a baby?! I'm at least three times the age of you and your friend!" the boyish-looking elf crossed her arms beneath her chest and huffed lightly, making Esperia giggle softly. "Aye~ Aye~ Sorry Aura~ Either way, this is the friend I wanted you to meet."

Aura turned toward Liana with a curious look on her face. "Hmm an elf? No, actually she kind of looks like a half-blood." The dark-skinned elf mused softly while Esperia addressed her friend with a sheepish grin. "Asmodeus promised you to tell you more about elves right? And who better to ask than the twins? The girlish looking one beneath the tree who is occupied in reading a book is Mare, and the feisty one at our side is Aura~ Also before you get confused: Swap their genders, Mare is the boy, Aura is the girl~" Hearing those words the elf beneath the tree's cheeks flushed up lightly while Aura grinned sheepishly at Liana. "Of course I'm a girl! Anyways~ Pleased to meet ya~ Liana was it?"


on Thu Feb 08, 2018 5:10 pm

The Nature's Bonder
Liana giggled a bit more at the interactions between her friend and the dark elf who appeared to be one of her companions. Esperia did have a lot of them and it actually amazed the elf. Though, most of it all, it made her happy. Genuinely happy, immensely happy for her best friend. That satisfaction was easily noticeable by the glittering of those emerald orbs of hers as she kept her arms crossed.

She blinks at the fact the boyish-looking elf was easily able to guess that the young Sylvaine was in fact a half-blood. There was no lie in that. Once the introductions were made by Esperia herself, she lowered her arms back down and would proceed to offer them a polite bow of sorts, bringing up that usual friendly and welcoming smile of hers.

"Nice to meet you both. Mare, Aura." Liana responded, straightening herself up and addressing the other girl with a nod. "Mhm, I'm Liana. Just like you thought, I'm indeed not a pure-blood." She admits, eventually shifting her attention back down at Esperia.

"Anyway... I'm glad you came out well from the war. I was really worried about you, I thought something had happened since you just went and vanished. Matter of fact, is Fia alright?"
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on Sun Feb 11, 2018 8:35 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

It was curious that Mare and Aura were able to identify Liana as a human who had turned into an elf, was there some sort of difference between them and a 'true' elf or a Pureblood as they called it? Nonetheless, Liana's concerned words about the war made Esperia nod her head sheepishly.

"It was really scary... like there were Grimoire Heart members attacking the Embassies where I was at, and some of them tried to attack me but Sebastian stopped them and then Fia arrived to help me." The girl nodded her head a few times, clearly still a bit shaken by the memory while she continued to explain. "We even had to fight an assassin who tried to kill a Rune Knight! lots of scary things, and there was a Lycan called Fenrir and a guy in a weird suit..."

The last bit made her giggle a bit before she nodded her head lightly, her cheeks coloring up a red tint of embarrassing as she explained. "She'll be fine~ Although she suffered some injuries during the battle Fia is really tough and was able to handle most of it as if they were scratches or bruises, that and if she is well enough for 'celebrating' I'm sure she will be her old self again soon enough~"


on Sun Feb 11, 2018 11:33 am

The Nature's Bonder
"I'm glad..."

A sigh of relief escapes her lips once her friend had shared that nothing too bad had happened to both her and Fia. While the latter was still hurt, her being alive and well was enough to make the young Sylvaine feel at ease and not with heavy weights on her back. There was only one more person that she wanted to check on, though at this point it was hard to find them, especially seeing that she now had to hang out with Esperia.

Liana steps closer to the other female, lowering down, yet not entirely, to extend a hand out and help her friend stand up. If she was able to do such thing, then she'd ultimately attempt to pull her in into a friendly and warm embrace. Her eyes close and her lips are led over to the Eisenberg's nearest ear, before she proceeds to whisper.

"I missed this, you know... I missed just being close to you like this, just hugging you like this... Like last time when you confessed to me... I feel like I've been very distant ever since I met Alisa..." She states, only to add brief seconds afterwards.

"... I still have to fulfill our promise. We still have to go on our adventures. Isn't that right, Esperia?"

She awaits for a response then, eventually leaning back, yet not releasing her arms from coiling around the other's waist, looking her friend right in those heterochromatic orbs of hers.
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on Mon Feb 12, 2018 1:11 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

Esperia had to admit that just being able to talk like this, the knowledge that those she loved and cared for well all alive and well was a blessing in its own right already. Esperia smiled softly at her childhood friend as she was helped upright again, yet what followed was a gesture she had not expected. The gently pull as Liana wrapped her arms around her, the tender embrace making Esperia's body freeze up for a moment. Not out of fear, but because a familiar sensation resurfaced within her chest. Her heart skipped a beat as the elf's lips moved over to her ear, the soft whisper as her breath tickled her earlobe making a familiar voice resurface in her thoughts. "It's been a while, hasn't it?"

Liana's comment about having missed being close to her, to be able to hug her in such a warm way left Esperia with a mixture of feelings. As Asmodeus suggested, even if she loved Fia in a romantic way, to suppress and bury her intense feelings for her childhood friend was a difficult, if not impossible task for her. "You're always welcome to hug me~" Esperia mused playfully although the words spoken afterward made her gaze lower slightly while Aura, getting a cue had moved over to her brother to give the two girls some privacy. "I... I was really hurt by what you did back then. Ignoring me while being entirely enamored by Alisa, you didn't even come home to our room that night..." The girl's gaze shifted back to Liana's face while she explained further. "Although I love Fia immensely, much more than I can possibly describe, I can't just erase those feelings I hold for you either."

She paused as she thought about how to express the next bit, she finally leaned up to Liana's ear, giving it a playful nibble while she whispered in a more sensual tone. "Although Asmodeus might amplify my lust for you, it still isn't able to make her match the affection and love I hold for you, both as a friend and someone I care even more deeply for."

Yet after those words, she leaned back and smiled softly. "But I can't have everything I desire~ So as long as Fia continues to love me, I think I will be able to endure those unrequited feelings. So yes, we still have to keep our promise~ I'm not going to let you get away from me just because you'd rather like to do naughty things to someone with big pillows like Alisa than me~" A mischievous snicker followed as she looked at Liana and mused softly. "To go on adventures with you and Fia sounds like the most fun way to spend the rest of my life~"


on Mon Feb 12, 2018 10:45 am

The Nature's Bonder
The young Sylvaine looked down as she was deservedly scolded. It was true that, while under the effects of alcohol, the elf, before a human during that time, had ended up completely disresgarding her best friend merely to keep all of her attention on her teacher's chest. Drinking shouldn't be an excuse though and she's fully aware of that. Thus is why she finds herself guilty of hurting Esperia's feelings in that moment. Thankfully, the strong chemistry they still had with each other allowed for that to be forgotten.

Hearing the other female state that she still held those same feelings for her surprised her a little as her eyes widen upon hearing such. Her train of thought after listening to that was interrupted though, by the playful nibbling which the Eisenberg performed upon one of pointy ears.


Sensitive as ever, it was obvious that such would startle her and make her feel weird for the time it was done, especially since she was distracted with a lot of pondering beforehand. Yet, Liana smiled as her gaze was brought back over to her friend's own, her eyes glittering with hope and immensely growing happiness. It was clear that a tear threatened to escape, though the elf was brave enough to sustain such, leaning in to hug Esperia tighter. Her eyes close as she rests her chin on her shoulder.

"You stole my words, you silly... I don't know what else to say other than..."

Her sights then open once more, as her head leans to one side and her lips approach closer and closer to the female Eisenberg's nearest cheek, pressing onto them in pure care and affection. It lasted at least about five seconds, and once it was dropped, she'd add in a much softer tone.

"... Than that I love you more than anything..." Liana looks down for a moment, taking hold of Esperia's hands with her own, before finishing her speech. "... And that I promise that I will never let go of you." She states, leaning back to look her straight in the eyes once more and repeating, now with way more conviction.

"I promise."
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on Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:08 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

The tight embrace slowly caused her cheeks to flush up in embarrassment, the combination of feeling those soft pillows press against her and the sweet floral scent of her childhood friend making Esperia muse softly, her words barely a whisper. "Did your pillows grow when you became an elf?" Whoops, it seems her mind was getting sidetracked again, and it didn't help that her excitement was stirred even further when Liana's lips moved closer to her cheek. The pleasant scent, the soft sensation pressing against her chest, and then that gentle and innocent kiss, it made her entire face turn as red as a tomato as she felt that familiar sensation resurface. If there was one thing that Esperia had learned ever since she awakened as the vessel for the Demon Lord of lust, then it was that lust and love could often be very close to one another, and yet remarkably different depending on the situation. Perhaps it was because of her relationship with Liana that it was difficult to grasp what sensation was overwhelming her. Was it love, or was it lust? Looking into the elf's eyes as she had voiced her promise once more Esperia smiled tenderly at her friend. Yet it was at the same time she found herself wondering something once more: That sound Liana made earlier was surprisingly cute, and she found herself almost instinctively drawn to try to coax it out of her friend again, the moment her hands were grasped Esperia gently pushed her hands forwards, attempting to rest them onto the elf's hips while leaning upwards once more to take another light nibble at her pointed ears, a playful little lick of the tip of her tongue following as she whispered softly. "hehe~ make that sound again for me..."

It was at that moment she understood it: It didn't matter if it was lust because her lust and desire were made entirely from the affection and love she held for the elf. Perhaps it was for that reason that she was said to be so compatible with the Demon Lord. "nom~ nom~" The girl giggled softly in between her nibling, only causing it to send small vibrations through the elf's sensitive ears. Certainly, the future would have plenty of travels in mind for the duo, but for the time being, she would be satisfied with teasing Liana till her legs grew weak~


on Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:46 am

The Nature's Bonder
Liana blinks as such a comment was made. Even a faint blush began to round her cheeks, though the smile she wore hid most of it seeing that she could also be flattered by the fact that she's finally able to share such moments of friendship with one she considers her best friend. The elf continued to look Esperia in the eyes, giggling at her words and looking down for a few seconds herself.

"You only noticed that now?"

They weren't so much visible since she was wearing a full sweater, though the bump from below that piece of clothing had clearly grown slightly bigger. One would only be able to notice it if they looked closely or if they felt it squeeze against their bodies, just like what happened with the female Eisenberg. Either way, that didn't appear to be the only tease that her friend had prepared.

The young Sylvaine looks further down as Esperia proceeds to rest her hands over her hips, and followed by it, much to her surprise, another nibble on her pointy ears would be stolen, the late teenager ending up also feeling the other girl's tongue licking at it. Without being able to help it or sustain it, another light squeal escaped her lips as she closed her eyes and stared further down, the blush on her face only intensifying at such a move. It was so sensitive that she didn't have the strength or actual will to push her friend away.

"A-Ahh... E-Esperia... D-Don't... Don't do that here..." She mumbles an attempted complaint, that more so sounded like she actually didn't mind doing such in a more private place due to her gentle and flattered tone of voice. In the end, it would be up to Esperia if she wanted to stop or not. Liana didn't appear to be able to regain her strengths so soon. "Mnn... Y-You're such a r-reckless pervert..."
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on Mon Feb 12, 2018 6:37 pm


Esperia V. Eisenberg

Esperia's lips curved up into a mischievous smile as Liana giggled at her remark and upon playfully raising her hand used one of her fingers to poke in the pillowy flesh. "Mhmm~ You were already big, but now you're even bigger~" And of course the teasing nibbling continued with each whispered word. "But it makes you even more fun to snuggle~"

The light squeal was music to her ears, the shiver that ran across the elf's body and the sound that she thought might have been a moan making the obsidian-haired trickster's eyes spark with a renewed excitement and liveliness. "Oh mai~ guess I will have to get us somewhere a little bit more private then." The girl mused softly as she took a final lick at Liana's ear and leaned back once more. "Mhmm~ Reckless and Perverted are two words that fit me well, right next to adorable I guess!" A little giggle escaped her lips as she nuzzled her head gently into her friend's bosom when she mused out loud. "I'm not sure any god would answer my prayers, considering I'm Asmodeus' vessel, but I'm truly glad we made it out of the war alive. I don't even want to imagine what I would have done if something happened to you."

Knowing her she would likely first had been consumed by grief before her hatred would consume her and she would track down any Grimoire Heart member she knew. Still, there was something on her mind, something the girl voiced quickly enough. "While I wanted to use today to have the twins teach you about elves, I want to be greedy and take your time all for myself~ Can I? I'd like to go somewhere with you~ Just the two of us~"


on Mon Feb 12, 2018 7:25 pm

The Nature's Bonder
She couldn't help, but allow her friend to have as much fun as she desired. For as long as it lasted. After all, over everything, the most important thing the young Sylvaine wanted out of the Eisenberg was happiness, was to see her smile, to see her giggle, to see her filled with immense joy. Sure, there were other many ways, but for a girl as shamelessly perverted as her, this was probably one of the best, if not the best way to get a good beam out of Esperia's lips.

Once the last lick was made, Liana allowed a faint sigh to escape her lips whilst she shook her head gently, in the end even smiling herself. "You're such a silly goose..." The elf lightly scolded, her embrace having been broken at that moment as she continued to look in her friend's eyes, listening to what else she wanted to say.

"If only you guys didn't rush out without coming to warn me, then we three could have fought together. But what truly matters the most is that we came out of it alive and well. Right?" She states as her smile only widens a tad more, clearly pleased when spending time with the other female.

Esperia's following request would be received with a single blink of her eyes, and then eventually a mere giggle. Liana found it amusing that her friend mentioned being 'greedy' and wanting to 'take her time for herself'. Though, of course, the elf had a positive response.

"Sure! I'm curious about this 'somewhere' now. Where is it though?" The girl questioned.
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on Mon Feb 12, 2018 7:47 pm


Esperia V. Eisenberg

"Well~ to be more specific it's two locations I have in mind~" Esperia mused softly as she gently placed her hand into Liana's own and guided her toward the nearby path while the elf twins waved at the duo, seemingly amused at the change of events. However, as they traversed the path Esperia guided her toward a more secluded part of the Crocus Garden and hummed softly. "The second location is the bath house! It has those warm springs that make you feel super relaxed and I think taking a dip in them is just what we need to relax~" Her footsteps slowed down as the duo reached a clearing surrounded by trees and bushes, and amidst a large flower field stood several... graves? Seemingly intending to explain the potential confusion for her childhood friend Esperia explained further. "I recently learned about those graves from a local."

Wandering amidst the collection of graves she finally stopped right before one in particular, flowers scattered over the tombstone and the grave itself as Esperia kneeled down and her usual goofy smile turned more serene. "Good morning... sis." A gentle brush of her hand over the tombstone revealed a small inscription:

A flower-coated gravestone wrote:Fallen in defense of the realm and her loved ones
May the Holy Knight Aseria Eisenberg enjoy eternal peace in Illumin's embrace.

"It's been a while, hasn't it? We haven't spoken since the day you died... Back when the Lycan pack attacked our family." The girl sighed softly, closing her eyes as she mused softly. "A lot has happened since then. The feud between our family and the Lycan pack is over and I learned the truth about our family. It's still a bit scary, to know that we were born and raised to be the vessel for a Demon Lord, and yet you never cared, did you? To you I was always that silly little sister you adored so much."

A hand raised to her eyes, a desperate effort to restrain herself from getting teary-eyed but soon her hand lowered and she smiled warmly at the grave. "But I'm fine now~ I'm traveling with two really wonderful girls now. The girl at my side is Liana~ You likely won't believe it, but she wasn't always an elf~ Also she is really sweet and caring and often worries a lot, hehe a little bit too much even~"

The girl giggled sheepishly as she continued. "She also has those pointed ears that are fun to nibble on because it causes her to make those really cute and sexy sounds~ Oh! and she is really good with a sword from what I heard, much better than me! She also is a pervert like me, but prefers to hide it in a closet~ Does that make her a closet pervert?"

A sheepish giggle followed as she continued. "Next time I'll take Fia with me also so you can meet her, Fia is pretty feisty! but a really sweet girl who has her heart at the right place~ She also has a really fun way to give nicknames." The girl nodded her head a few times before she took a deep breath. "What I want to say sis is... I'm fine~ I'm becoming a lot stronger now than when I was a child, and no matter what Asmodeus plans, I will become even stronger so that I can always protect those that are dear to me, just like you did... I'm no longer alone, not anymore... And as long as they remain at my side I'm sure I will be able to live a happy and exciting life."


on Sat Feb 17, 2018 9:19 am

The Nature's Bonder
It wasn't hard to figure out one of the reasons, or most likely the main reason as to why the female Eisenberg wanted to bring her over to the bath house. Many, many pervert thoughts were probably the trigger for Esperia to come up with that kind of idea. But it's not like the young Sylvaine can complain. She might also be a pervert herself, even if she hides it way more than her friend, and as long as the latter was happy, then the former would be satisfied.

It didn't take long for Liana to be led over to a secluded place within the gardens of Crocus. In the midst of the flower field, graves were present. She had never noticed something like this, yet she wasn't too surprised seeing it was the capital. Having something like this in such a peaceful-looking place was only fitting.

They stopped then, in front of one of the graves, and the first thing she noticed was the surname 'Eisenberg' written on it. Only to add more to her guess, Esperia would lower down and talk to the stone as a 'sister'. Liana didn't need to think any longer, as she merely stood behind her friend and allowed her to speak, saying nothing. Of course, when she was mentioned, she could only smile, hearing both the sweet and more silly descriptions that Esperia spoke of about the elf.

Once she was done, the late teenager would walk forwards once and place a hand on her friend's nearest shoulder gently, continuing to smile in the same kind manner down at the other girl, whilst she began to lightly caress and massage that part of her body.

"I promise to keep her safe..." She mumbled, those words of hers most likely directed at Esperia's sister.
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on Sat Feb 17, 2018 9:33 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

A soft smile lingered on Esperia's lips at Liana's words, feeling the gentle massage on her shoulders. A moment of peace lingered as a soft wind breeze blown across the small graveyard, the brush against her cheeks somewhat tickling as she finally rose to her feet and turned toward Liana. "There we go~ now that sis is assured we can go to our next destination~"

In an attempt to gently scoop a hand onto the palm of Liana's hand she was quick to try to lead the girl along to their next destination. Fortunately, it was not that far away, a modest building a few streets away from the gardens, and with a lack of reservation, she opened the door with a sheepish grin. "Miss! It's me~ Esperia!"

The girl's cheerful exclamation was greeted by an elderly lady behind a counter who laughed sheepishly at her entree. "Esperia~ And it seems you brought along a rather cute guest, didn't you?" A playful nod came from the girl as she asked with a grin. "Say~ Is that one spring reserved yet? the one Lilith likes to use?"

The elderly lady shook her head lightly, placing a key n the counter. "It's still available my dear~ You two enjoy yourself, just make sure to bring back the towels once you're done." Of course the excited trickster didn't need to be told twice. "Hai~ Let's go Lia~" and soon she marched down a nearby corridor while explaining further. "Asmodeus often comes here to relax~ I think she even visited this place with Alisa before."

The girl mused softly as she unlocked the door leading into what appeared to be a spacious hot spring, and not only was it walled off, it seemed entirely private! Perfect for what she had in mind. "Nyehehe~ I think today I'm going to help you relax a lot!" A few nods of approval came from herself as if she was agreeing with her own idea before explaining in a playful tone. "Mhmm~ But first how about Lia washes my back and I do the same for you? It's always more fun to have someone else go 'rub rub'~"


on Sat Feb 17, 2018 10:04 am

The Nature's Bonder
Once again, she'd allow herself to be led away. As the door leading inside the modest-looking building was opened and the greetings were made, the young Sylvaine would perform one of her own, offering the elderly lady a polite bow. "Good day, miss." Liana speaks in a soft tone, continuing to smile, seemingly pleased at spending time with her best friend. As she spoke about reserved springs, she already knew exactly what the female Eisenberg had planned. To spend time in privacy in a hot springs place with the elf, most likely to do some pervert things. But it's not like it makes her worried or scared.

Hearing the fact that Asmodeus had already spent time with Alisa in the same room was rather interesting. It meant that it wasn't long ago that Esperia and her teacher had met one more time. Though, since her friend said the word 'think', then perhaps the latter didn't exactly happen.

A brief look around was given at the private room as they walked in. "It looks great. You're very lucky with people, aren't you?" Liana jokes a little, keeping those emerald orbs of hers attentive on the other girl as she continued to speak, making quite the obvious request. Obvious as in being obviously perverse.

Yet, the elf took it as if it was completely normal and there weren't any secret thoughts added into it.

"Sure! That sounds good."

At the end, Liana would walk over to a spot where she could drop her clothes or hang them somewhere, proceeding to calmly strip, of course with her back facing Esperia. She'd be done after taking off her underwear, grabbing a towel to cover her private parts, knowing her friend's intentions, before she turned around and walked back over to the female Eisenberg, tilting her head to the side and smiling.

"Shall we?"
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on Sat Feb 17, 2018 10:23 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

Poor Liana, if only she had known that her thoughts about Esperia's intentions were quite correct, for the Eisenberg had started stripping out of her clothes without any hesitation. "Oho?" Her gaze shifting sideways as she spotted Liana changing with her back to her she had to admit that seeing the backside of her childhood friend was quite a temptation,

"Say Liana~ Now that the war is over, we should start thinking about where to go next, do you have any place you'd like to see? Maybe somewhere with lots of trees?"

Musing out loud Esperia was trying to figure out a good location that could please both Liana and Fia at the same time, and after seeing the elven maiden wrap the towel around her Esperia's eyes had a twinkle of mischief in them.

"Li~A~Na~ You do realize you're committing a taboo right?" Esperia mused softly as she slowly walked over to her childhood friend, clearly not troubled by the fact she was quite literally in her 'birthday suit' as some might jokingly call her lack of attire. "Nobody heard about wearing towels at a time like this!"

A few nods of affirmation followed as she soon added with a more playful tone. "Or could it be that you're playing a present box and are waiting for me to unwrap you at the spring?"


on Sun Feb 18, 2018 12:02 pm

The Nature's Bonder
"Hmm... I haven't thought about that much, due to the war and all. But sure, we could plan something together."

The young Sylvaine would respond to her friend's first question, now already closing the gap with her. It wouldn't be too long before Esperia eventually pointed out at something. Due to that and due to how close they were now, even Liana, being the closet pervert she is, couldn't fail at noticing the fact that the female Eisenberg was also fully naked, yet not with a towel shielding her body.

A look down at the towel she sported was given whilst she gulped faintly, a faint blush beginning to round her cheeks.

"W-Well... I... I just thought this was fine..." While she could tell her friend the real reason as to why she was protecting her body, she didn't want the other to feel bad for the elf being aware of Esperia's true intentions. "But anyway! No time to waste!" And with the goal of wanting to change subjects, she'd move over to where the showers were, eventually sitting down on one of the stools and now allowing the towel to drop, ultimately bringing her arms up to cover her bare chest.

"You wanted to wash my back, didn't you? Go ahead!"

Even if not entirely exposed, Esperia would most likely still be able to see a bit of her backside. Other than that, everything else that is seen as a private part to most people would be hidden as her legs even press close to one another, covering whatever was in-between them.
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on Mon Feb 19, 2018 3:21 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

A gentle nod of agreement came when Liana mentioned that they could plan something together on terms of their next destination. She had not really thought about anything just yet, but she was sure as long as there were forests and some sort of excitement to be found that both Liana and Fia would be sure to enjoy their stay there. Noticing the faint blush Esperia giggled softly, part of her having expected that sort of modesty, but the sudden change of the subject left her somewhat startled, even if her expression didn't show it as much. In the end, she had wanted to snuggle with her friend, to tease Liana till she was giggling herself silly and blushing even redder than a tomato, but it seemed those plans would have to be canceled.

The way she had taken a seat, using her arms to cover those pillows she adored so much and her legs closed to one another left an unpleasant feeling in the girl's chest. Even as she dipped the sponge into the water and coated it with soap she felt that feeling intensify.

Am I not good enough?

Despite her effort to smile away the gloomy thought she couldn't help but think back about that day during Halloween. Back then, even if she had been under the partial influence of the alcoholic beverage Esperia recognized there was an overwhelming difference in the way Liana acted toward their mutual senior at the Blue Pegasus guild and herself.

That reservation when it came to moments like this... It hurt her, and even if she tried to suppress it by gently rubbing the soap-soaked sponge against Liana's back she couldn't shake of the gloomy thoughts.

What does she have that I don't?

A glimpse downwards made her wonder if it might have been her bust. Liana did seem quite fond of large busts, and while she might not have been flat by any means, she was still quite unable to match Alisa when it came to size.

Why can't you look at me the same way you look at her?

Was it too much to ask? She would have even been fine if Liana had been polygamous in nature, but in the end, she was only seen as a friend... She wasn't a fool or naive enough to not know something had likely happened between Alisa and Liana that night she didn't go back to their room, the time they ceased sleeping in the same room...

How odd it felt that despite the friendly nature between them such a large distance had grown between the two of them. The gentle rubs continued as she proceeded to wash Liana's shoulders, the last part of her backside that she had yet to focus on but right afterwards it seemed the girl considered things done, for she rose back onto her feet and attempted to reach the spring, all for the sake of fully submerging herself into the water to conceal her face.

Stop it Asmodeus, stop making me feel this...
You know what it means to be my vessel Esperia: To act upon your desires is an essential part of your nature.

Her hands clutched into small fists at the words spoken by the demon lord.

You know the consequences...


on Mon Feb 26, 2018 1:30 pm

The Nature's Bonder
Luckily for Esperia, the elf had seen it all. She was able to read the emotion shown in her friend's expression as her back was washed. Even if at first her eyes would be shut to enjoy the affection offered, the moment she opened them, she would be able to look through the mirror in front of her and analyze every single little detail in the female Eisenberg's visage. It was obvious that she was sad. The first reason that came to Liana's mind was that it was because she didn't allow her friend to have her way with her, to be able to perform her perverted actions. Yet, then she thought more, and knew that it had to be something else deeper than that.

Even so, the late teenager decided to leave it for another moment. Or perhaps she was even too late to bring it up after thinking further about it. Since after she did such, her friend would stand up and be done with cleaning her back, only to head over to the springs and submerge into its warm waters. She only glanced from the corner of one of her eyes, ultimately allowing a light sigh to smoothly escape her lips.

Seconds after, Liana would be the one to stand, towel still covering from the top of her chest down to her thighs. Just as she reached the edge of the springs, she'd remove her towel, closing her eyes and most likely allowing Esperia to get a brief sight of her bare front body. Quietly, she'd also proceed to submerge herself in the water, actually sitting down right besides her friend and staring down.

"You don't think I'm blind, do you?" Liana mumbles, now slowly bringing an arm over and around the other girl's shoulder, offering her half of an embrace. "While I may feel weird whenever you get all pervy with me, the last thing I want to see is that look in your face. The only thing I want is for you to be the happiest you can be." She continues, keeping the same low tone as her head eventually turns to the side and that emerald gaze of hers locks on Esperia's own.

"So... Do..." It was hard to put it out at first, even a faint blush beginning to round her cheeks. "Do... Do whatever you'd like with me... I just want to see you happy... That's all..."

And after she said such, that same arm would be removed from around her friend's shoulders and dropped back to her side. Her head would lean back and her eyes would close as she assumed a pose of relaxation. She was ready for whatever Esperia had planned.
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on Mon Feb 26, 2018 2:21 pm


Esperia V. Eisenberg

While being submerged a lot of thoughts drifted through the girl's mind. Thoughts that were her own, thoughts that were Asmodeus' and desires that might have belonged to both of them. To say that Esperia was a girl who lived and prospered through her lust and desires was quite an honest and correct statement, and that was understandable considering her being the vessel for the Demon Lord of Lust. However, as she tried her best to let the thoughts wash away the girl's face emerged at the surface of the water, similar to an alligator as she listened to Liana's statement. It was true, most of the time Liana had an unnatural knack for reading her emotions like a book, perhaps a testimony to how easy Esperia was on terms of reading her feelings and thoughts.

"blub blub blub" although the girl had replied, it seemed that her words were illegible, courtesy of the water covering her mouth. A soft shake of her head followed as the girl finally allowed her face to emerge, seemingly on the brink of answering Liana's statement about feeling awkward when the girl's perverted tenacities tended to show up, the fact she wanted Esperia to be the happiest as she could be was still heartwarming to hear.

Perhaps... perhaps it was time to tell her... thinking about the matter Esperia felt the arm gently reach for her, the halfway hug making her cheeks flush up lightly as she felt more determined to answer Liana, but little had prepared her for the surprise the elf had prepared. Esperia had just finished her decision and as Liana's words reached her ears and the hold on her shoulder was released the girl turned her body so she was before Liana. "Ah~ yeah, I guessed as much, you likely prefer for me to---- EEEEEEEEEEH?!"

A loud exclamation of surprise came from the girl as she bounced upright, clearly looking shocked at the statement, and it didn't help either that Liana had a full frontal view of Esperia in all her uncensored glory as the girl's unsteady movement made her stagger slightly, seemingly falling face-first into the bosom of the busty elf.

"Uwawawa, that's way too sudden of a surprise and it isn't even my birthday." Esperia mused softly amidst Liana's cleavage but quickly pulled herself upright and took a deep breath. "I umm..." She took a deep breath and finally resumed speaking. "There is something I haven't told you yet..."

She smiled briefly as she decided to sit before Liana so the two of them were face to face. "The truth is that there is a reason behind why I'm so openly with my perverted actions. As Asmodeus' vessel I have to be honest with my desires and longing, if I'm not then it ends up hurting me physically, and should I keep them suppressed for too long... I could die."

She closed her eyes for a moment, gently trying to scoop a hold of Liana's hand and take it to her own chest. "I understand... that you don't know yet what this type of love I seek means, and that I haven't experienced it much yet myself either. So instead: Let's both do whatever we like with each other?"

She winked playfully as she resumed her explanation. "I made my resolve Lia~ Just as much as I desire you, I also desire for you to be happy and make your own choice rather than being forced into it. Whatever choice you make, it won't change our friendship. Although..."

Her cheeks flushed up slightly as she felt her heart skip a beat at a certain thought. "I kind of like the idea of a snuggle sandwich..." whispering beneath her breath the little lewdling quickly turned her focus back to the conversation as she raised her free hand to playfully give one of her childhood friend's pillows a gentle squeeze.

"I kind of missed that warmth... So Liana~ What do YOU want to do?"

She was prepared for it, if Liana did decide to reject her confession a second time she would have decided to turn the focus of her feelings elsewhere, but never would she allow it to damage their friendship. Although she kind of wanted to see how Fia would react if she suddenly brought Liana along and asked if they could include a snuggle buddy.

"But... I wonder if big busts is something universal for all elves, or if it's just the fact you were always quite well-armed in that department~" A mischievous giggle followed by the girl as she waited for Liana's reaction, although she might have been physically teasing the girl, it was clear that the answer provided could change things remarkable.


on Thu Mar 01, 2018 7:36 am

The Nature's Bonder
The elf had already almost lost her best friend once. She wasn't about to let the same happen twice. Liana didn't appear bothered when the female Eisenberg fell face-first into her bosom, her arms staying by her sides, dropped, mostly submerged as her gaze lowered down to a seemingly surprised Esperia. There was a bit of smile creeping up across her features and she was already about to raise her arms and comfort her friend with them. Though, when she started speaking, her expression turned more serene and her ears perked up as she'd proceed to listen carefully.

Esperia 'could die', she herself states. After hearing that, the late teenager's eyebrows would furrow, clearly not something she found anywhere near satisfying. She didn't interrupt the other, allowing her to continue speaking. Her eyes widen a little the moment her hand was taken and pressed against her friend's chest. If their bodies weren't already hot from the springs, the blush on her face would clearly mean something else. At the end of Esperia's speech, she smiled and nodded, before being once more surprised by a playful, yet gentle squeeze of one part of her chest.

"Mnn." It wasn't a noise that meant she was annoyed by the touch or anything, neither did it meant pleasure. It was merely the sudden feeling of a greatly sensitive area of her body being messed with like that. Eventually, at her last statement, she shook her head, and allowed a few giggles to escape her lips. "I guess I was just always like this, b-but... They did grow a tad bigger when I turned into an elf..."

But not long afterwards, it was time for the final response. The young Sylvaine only continued to smile, arms now finally extending out to cross around her best friend's shoulders. Slowly, she'd pull her head close, aiming to actually send it straight back into the center of her bust. Ultimately, her head would lower down, one side of it resting against the top of the female Eisenberg's as she closed her eyes.

"I want you to continue being honest and longing with your desires. I want you to do whatever it takes for you to not be harmed." She mumbles, adding on after leaning her head back up a little and lightening the grip around Esperia's head to look her down in those multi-colored eyes of hers. "Just as you said, let's both do whatever we like with each other. All I want is to make you happy, is to help you be the healthiest possible. I don't want the same thing with the Lycan to happen again. So... As I said before..."

Liana would close her eyes and lean her head back now, dropping her arms. Just like she did a minute ago. Then, she'd finish her speech.

"... Feel free to do whatever you'd like, Esperia."
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on Thu Mar 01, 2018 8:02 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

As the vessel for the Demon Lord of lust, how could she possibly resist a temptation like this? The answer was: she simply couldn't. Feeling Liana's hands gently pull her head closer, the girl soon found herself trapped inside that soft cleavage once more, and if by then her mind had not turned putty, then it clearly would have been now. A satisfied little sigh escaped her lips as her hands gently slid up around Liana's waist, pulling herself closer in an embrace. What was it that she wanted? What was it that she desired? For a moment she closed her eyes and tried to find the answer to those questions. At first, the familiar figure of her lover popped in in her mind, a warm and pleasant sensation coursing through her body, but at the same time, she felt something... different? The image distorted, and as if on cue with her desires she suddenly felt the image turn to resemble the elf that her childhood friend had become.

Love and Lust, both were quite close to one another, to the point, the girl felt it was almost impossible to find a difference, aside from the fact that when both were combined it was the most pleasant sensation to experience in the world. She felt confused, but at the same time while her heart was confused her body was much more honest with her desires. A hand trailed up to Liana's bust, fingers gently pressing into that soft flesh while she looked upwards at Liana with a sheepish grin. "You better don't give up after one round~" Esperia remarked teasingly, briefly leaning up to give the girl a kiss on the lips while her hands started wandering...


How long had passed? It felt like at least hours had passed, and yet Esperia had to admit she was quite impressed. To think that Liana had enough endurance to keep up with her all the way till both were knocked out from exhaustion... Considering her body had benefitted from Asmodeus' unnatural endurance the fact Liana was able to keep up spoke quite highly of her abilities, and she didn't just mean the naughty variation. By the time both woke up again they would find that there was quite a good reason for Esperia to have selected this spring. Not only did it serve well to make it less obvious from what had happened, something that was quite easy to imagine normally judging from all the moans, gasps and giggles that came from the spring, that in combination with the warm temperature had made it a pleasant experience in more way than one, and by the time Liana would have woken up she could have, without a doubt found the obsidian-haired trickster nuzzling against her.

"hnnn~ time to go back to the inn I guess~" Esperia whispered as she stirred softly, her face brushing lightly against the bosom of her companion while she mused playfully. "I never thought you'd actually taste like honey~"



on Wed Mar 07, 2018 5:44 pm

The Nature's Bonder
Liana was prepared for whatever was to come. Whether was it going to be tiring and lasting, or something much more gentle and less time-wasting? Either way, her main reason for allowing her best friend to finally do whatever she desired to her body, like the Eisenberg wished ever since they met for the second time, was to make her happy and was to prevent the same from happening again. The same that happened only a few weeks ago in time. When Esperia was almost stolen from her by death.

Her lower lip would receive a light bite as she felt the obsidian-haired girl's hand trailing up to her chest and pressing against it. She continued to look in her friend's eyes, able to conjure enough courage to do so. At her words, she smiled softly, and then her lips would be pressed on by Esperia's own as the latter's hands would resume their exploration.


There was not a way to tell how much time they spent lovingly and lustily worshipping one's other bodies. There was only a way to tell if it felt good or not. The moment Esperia woke up, the elf did the same, her eyes slowly opening and already feeling her friend's arms embracing her as her own did the same. She looked down to notice the silly lusty girl brushing her face against that same bosom she appeared to have a fetish for. A single agreeing hum would be heard as she nodded, ultimately lowering her own head to nuzzle against the top of the Eisenberg's own.


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