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To the victor goes the pillows--- or is it spoils? [Nastasya]

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on Mon Feb 05, 2018 12:04 pm

Within a small house, a rather peculiar party had gathered. An elderly butler was standing before the window, his gaze sharp while he stated in a calm tone. "It seems the siege has ended."

It had been a bloody and violent conflict, and many lives were lost, although for a peculiar reason most of the victims were those who fought for the crown, rather than the citizen. It was a mysterious situation to say the least.

"Bah, if Master Asmodeus allowed us to go out with you then surely their army would have stood no chance!"

A female voice declared with a hint of annoyance in her tone as she carried a basket that contained a set of clothes. "Ah Aura, I'm certain the master had a good reason for making you stay behind. However, have you finished your task?"

Aura nodded her head lightly, putting the basket on the ground while scooping out some of its contents. "Yep! The clothes of our guest have been washed as ordered, but why did Master Asmodeus request such a thing?"

Sebastian turned toward the dark elf, raising a hand to his chin as he seemed to ponder over the question. "Perhaps to clean the blood stains?"

Aura nodded her head lightly in return to that thought, yet she hummed with a grin as she scooped what appeared to be a pair of panties and a bra. "Yet you traumatized poor Mare when he found those while washing her clothes."

Despite the fact, Sebastian's expression didn't change, his tone clearly suggested a slight hint of bewilderment. "You made... your brother wash her clothes?"

Aura snickered softly, clearly amused at the whole situation when after a moment Sebastian coughed lightly and adjusted the focus of the conversation onto something else. "By the way, where is our guest?"

Aura gestured lightly at the nearby door at the other side of the corridor and hummed softly. "In there, sleeping in a warm comfortable bed."

Yet Sebastian had another question, one of equal importance that needed to be asked. "And where is Master Asmodeus?" The dark elf tilted her head slightly to the side. "I saw her enter the room earlier so she is likely there, in a warm comfortable bed---- clearly not sleeping."

Sebastian raised a hand to his face, seemingly in an attempt to conceal his expression while he mumbled under his breath. "Oh Satan, please don't let this be true..."

Aura's eyes twinkled with mischief as she started to sneak toward the door. "What did you expect, she is the Demon Lord of Lust~"

Yet inside the room Nastasya would find that upon regaining consciousness that something peculiar was going on. She wasn't inside a jail, nor was she dead for that matter. Instead, she was lying on a comfortable bed, a soft and warm blanket covering her body. Speaking of her body, it seemed her injuries were oddly enough gone, and she might have actually even felt healthy and somewhat refreshed.

But there were two minor details worthy to be mentioned: Her clothing was missing, and a familiar obsidian-haired demon lord was cuddling up against her with a smile on her lips. "Oh~ Finally awake are you?"

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on Mon Feb 05, 2018 12:12 pm

Nastasya Crowe
Her head was heavy, her body had been heavy but surprisingly she didn't feel the rough edges of the stones in her skin basically she didn't feel anything rough against her skin and that also meant: no leather pants, brawstrap or anything else. The thing she felt was like soft, feathery? and warm.. which was definitely a contrast from the Vampire her own body. She frowned, not sure if she should open her eyes, she had failed, some stupid butler had showed up and in minutes she was knocked out to the ground without anything happening. If only Crowley had not send her apart from Odin, she was sure that he would save her from the stupidity of blood and rubbles and.. she let out an unwilling sign and opened her eyes. Only to stare at a person she had seen on the battle field. "Wha." she couldn't help but let out a yelp as she had not expected her at all. She had been knocked out no time for sensory spells and all the like, she actually had expected Icarus to pick her up again or Theseus and well..

Oh.. she was naked. Ew.. She pulled up the blankets again and stared angry at the person next to her, "Not sure if you know, darling but if I'm to be the bad guy, you don't ought to kidnap me." She looked left and right, shit! Victoire.

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on Mon Feb 05, 2018 12:45 pm

Asmodeus couldn't help but let out a little giggle at the angry stare of her guest, leading to the Demon Lord to hum softly. "Please don't glare like that, there are plenty of expressions that suit a beauty like you much more~" Asmodeus had moved slowly, trying to straddle her similar to how Sebastian had done before, but unlike him, there was no display of hostility in her expression or mannerisms. "The bad guy?" A slight tilt of her head followed in response to the statement made by the assassin before she chuckled heartily. "Oh~ The war is already over my dear~ I'm uncertain of the consequences Grimoire Heart's siege had on the other areas of the capital, but the fighting has already ended and the invaders have disappeared."

Asmodeus explained as she slowly bends downwards, pressing her body onto that of Nastasya while humming softly. "Besides unlike you I never belonged to a faction. My loyalty is to the girl I possess, who was merely trying to survive and protect those dear to her. I could care any less whether it's the crown or Grimoire Heart that controls Crocus." Yet there was something else that she needed to make clear, something she did by lightly attempting to run her fingers against Nastasya's cheek in a tender caress while she leaned in to whisper in a seductive tone. "So you could say neither of us are bad girls, we're merely survivors of a war~"

She leaned back a bit and giggled softly, her eyes focusing on the lady while she hummed softly. "Do excuse me for the lack of clothes, I had to get my servants to mend your injuries after you lost consciousness, there were several internal injuries that were tended to so you might feel a bit exhausted." She explained, yet after a moment her hands snuck toward the vampire's belly as she whispered softly. "Besides~ The fact you're still alive and able to leave soon if you desire rather than being slain on the battlefield or imprisoned for your actions... surely your current situation is more than a favorable bargain, isn't that so?"

A wink followed as she noticed the wandering gaze. "Hmm looking for something? If you mean the magical entity that followed you upon losing consciousness, she is downstairs. Mare and Aura were feeding her earlier, don't worry she was left unharmed and is merely waiting for you to recover."

The demon lord explained as she once more leaned downwards, ensuring she was face to face with her with only a few inches apart. "So~ I believe proper introductions are in order: I am Asmodeus, The Demon Lord of Lust~" The last bit likely would have been obvious by now already. But nonetheless, with a hand trailing along Nastasya's stomach she inquired softly. "So how are you feeling? Is there still any pain lingering? I'm fairly confident in the twins their magic proficiency but you did take a rather nasty blow back then."

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on Tue Feb 06, 2018 3:50 am

Nastasya Crowe
There were a lot of things that Nastasya Crowe didn't understand. How she got here was a bit figured out as she had seen the demon on the battle field and it was her servant or so she believed that had knocked out, easy way to pick her up and be done with it. Of course she should be rather happy that she wasn't arrested or that she would have to listen to a whole speech of Icarus, if he ever gave her one. She couldn't remember from the last time. She felt a pain in her throat and her eyes started to glow softly. Oh shit.

Of course the war was over, it had not been long, it had been a siege of only the three of them, or well as far as she knew and stupid that she had not worked with Odin, she was sure he had won with his new ability and she stared a little less angry at the demon, "Of course."She wasn't sure what gotten into their minds but with them three as the elite and no one else but the minions that had lost every five seconds that they walked towards someone; it was a disaster if you asked Nastasya, but she would never say.

She heaved her head a little as the woman now on top of her also carrassed her cheek, ha if only Odin knew.. he wouldn't, she was sure this woman was careful enough with taking her away that there were no other witnesses, "Well isn't that charming and should I consider myself lucky."

The demon continued talking and she sure believed indeed that this was a better situation than the other options but she was damn hungry for blood, she had no idea if it was because of the way they healed her or simply because she had needed to be healed but she could use a couple of drops, especially now that she knew that she was save as well as Victoire. She felt the hand over her stomach, it felt warm against her own marble feeling, "I'm only hungry. I'm Lilja Oswald," it was an autmatic reaction, even though she could have just used her own name mainly because this person already knew she was a grimoire heart mage.

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on Tue Feb 06, 2018 4:09 am

"Mhmm quite lucky~ In fact, if it was up to the others to decide you would have had a wooden stake jammed right-" A hand trailed upwards toward the assassin's chest, finally stopping right above the spot her heart was situated. "Here~" Nonetheless, it seemed her words had at least convinced her guest that she was neither an enemy or a threat to her right now and the change in attitude was pleasant for the Demon Lord to experience.

However, the light glow in her guest's eyes, the usage of Blood magic during the battle and the comment about being hungry made Asmodeus quite confident in guessing a certain detail about her guest, who introduced herself as Lilja Oswald. "A pleasure to meet you Lilja~" Of course there was the little bit of the matter about the vampire being hungry, and Asmodeus had a pretty good idea what it is that a hungry vampire would desire. "Oh mai~ It would be bad for my guest to be hungry~ And yet I am quite hungry myself also."

Asmodeus' lips curved up slightly as she leaned downwards once more, yet this time reached for Lilja's ear while whispering temptingly, all but aware that her neck with its silken-like softness was quite close to the vampire's face. "Then again, being the Demon Lord of Lust it is understandable that I approve of those who pursue their desires~ so..."

One hand trailed along the vampire's waist, slowly going upwards while she mused softly. "Does the blood of a Demon Lord satisfy your appetite? Then again, simply feeding would be a bit boring, so how about we get to know each other a bit better in the meanwhile?"

Asmodeus' invitation might have sounded quite tempting, and pretty beneficial in its own way also! "Still I have to praise your creativity, if not for that one error in your approach you would have delivered a flawless assassination. But let us change the subject for a bit Lilja~ While I'm quite interested in the assassin, I'm even more interested in the woman before me~ Such talents are quite pleasant to have, and I do admire women who hold both beauty and skill."

A soft hum followed as Asmodeus curiously awaited the reaction of Lilja.

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on Tue Feb 06, 2018 5:23 am

Nastasya Crowe
It was an automatic procedure to say her name was Lilja but also to breave like a normal human being; something that she hasn't been for over a year. She wondered if the story of pushing a stake through her heart would work or if it was really just chopping off her head, she didn't plan to find out any time soon, "How lucky again, that they didn't." she said giving a smile to Asmodeus, interesting how life could go.

She had to admit that she was hungry and she would rather eat soon before she would lose her mind again and she had been so well in not getting past that point. She didn't know what Asmodeus planned because well let's be fair not everyone wanted their blood sucked out and she mostly bumped into the unwilling ones. She felt like the invitation for getting blood from the demon made her already more hungry, as if throwing a chocolate pie under the nose of a chocolate addict, considering how Caius his blood tasted, how would it be from the demon lord herself? "Thanks for the compliments. So how do you want to get to know me better?" She tried to breath through her mouth, automatically, so she wouldn't smell the blood pressure so close near her own mouth, her red eyes staring at the veins in Asmodeus her neck as she had gone closer, she needed to be sure what the consequences would be, didn't anyone say something like that? Odin? Who.. oh who cared.

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on Tue Feb 06, 2018 12:11 pm

Asmodeus' lips curved upwards as she started to notice the interest in Lilja's voice. Her fingers continued to trail from the side of her body toward the outline of the vampire's breast, slowly encroaching further as she hummed softly. "I'm sure you can imagine already~"

Soon leaning even closer she tried to take a little nip at Lilja's earlobe, declaring in a rather mischievous tone. "Besides, isn't it even better? Being able to feed while feeling good at the same time?" A snicker followed as she finally lightly pressed her hand onto one of the pillows of the vampire, fingers lightly squeezing inwards while she inquired with a hint of curiosity. "You got a lot of self-control, I give you that~ Most mortals would already been squirming and moaning in pure bliss at the mere presence of having the Demon Lord of Lust on top of them."

Another hand trailed further downwards while she finally whispered those tempting words at the same time her fingers would reach a certain area. "My dear~ There is no need to hold back anymore, Mare and Aura can deal with the discomfort I might feel from blood loss, not to mention even with a mortal vessel my endurance is pretty high to be fair~ so let's see how long you'll last hmm?"

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on Wed Feb 07, 2018 11:23 am

Nastasya Crowe
Oh she definitely could but she wasn't very used to it anymore. The last time someone had showed interest in her well let's just say that they were all traitors and had gone for her body and destroyed that feeling that she finally gave into, in five seconds by walking away with another woman. This.. this should only be a game and she couldn't help but arching her back a bit up to Asmodeus her touch, but she needed to calm down. Strange thing was that her berserker side had not jumped up yet. Even the hunger, the touch, everything that made this predatory game interesting, was her other side afraid of the demon lord? That surely did please Nastasya.

Asmodeus spoke and she had just wanted to gasp for air but turned that into not doing anything, good for the vampire that she didn't needed air, good she was undead, "Mere mortals can't enjoy a game for too long." she said a little husky, "Oh but I can." But what a strong need of not giving in to that moan was necessary, she tried to push it to her berserker side and she closed her eyes slowly, it still wasn't surfacing, but shit that wasn't necessary. She could drink here, she didn't need to fight it. But her eyes flew open when she felt Asmodeus her hand and she couldn't resist that moan anymore, what the hell. Of course a demon lord.

She pushed herself up, mixed between the berserker side that wanted normally to go all out to get blood, but was afraid for the demon and herself who simply needed blood, she leaned on her left forearm and made sure to get closer to Asmodeus and lick her neck softly, she wasn't sure, she normally didn't even put effort in the game. But she did now before finally sinking her teeth in the skin of the demon lord.

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on Wed Feb 07, 2018 11:22 pm

How long had passed? One could only help but wonder as the Demon Lord pulled the strap of her dress back into place and smiled calmly at Lilja. "I hope that your appetite is satisfied now my dear~ Perhaps we should go and reunite you with your companion~ I'm sure she'd be delighted to see you again, lest you want to go for a round two?" A teasing wink followed by Asmodeus as she clapped her hands lightly, causing a boyish-looking elf to enter the room. "Don't worry, Aura is a girl~ Either way, Aura washed your clothes while you were unconscious, couldn't have you leave with your clothes full of dirt and blood stains, right?"

The dark-skinned elf bowed politely toward Asmodeus before taking a step backward to leave the room. "Feel free to get changed~ I'll show you where your companion is afterward ~" The Demon Lord stated with a calm smile while turning toward the window. "I won't ask you 'why', but your guild has some weird motives. Laying siege on a city and yet keeping its civilian casualties at a minimum? I heard only several were slain as a result of being at the wrong place at the wrong time when your fellow elites fought. Ah well~ Guess we'll find out soon what the consequences of this war were."

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on Thu Feb 08, 2018 10:44 am

Nastasya Crowe
Man it wasn't far for a deadperson to try and have more endurance for a round like that, especially after feeling dead for so many months. But the second round didn't happen, not even after the demon lord suggested it herself but she clapped her hands and Nastasya rolled on her side to look at the elf. "I don't think I had to worry anyway." This probably happened far more times than only just her, just as much as Nastasya wanted to be special, it never happened and she had to give up on that idea anyway. At least her berserker side was far away from everything as she didn't dare to show up with the demon around. "No that would be rude." She answered, leaning on her fist as she leaned with her elbow on the bed, she didn't like the idea of being stripped while she was unconcious but it was smarter not to talk about it, it was far gone so she didn't need to talk about that anymore.

She took her clothes and started to get dressed, her red eyes looking at Asmodeus as she mentioned a few things about Grimoire Heart. She didn't plan to say anything about that. "Some people are very quick with giving a stamp for good and bad." she said while pulling the shirt over her head and stepping out of the bed to put on the leather black jeans. Not that she had a whole idea about what Crowley and Icarus were doing, she had done this game before on an old friend Aonaka, she had no idea where he was, if Icarus had killed him for Celeste her mistake, she wasn't around anymore else well or on another mission as happened to her. She planned to say no more.

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on Fri Feb 09, 2018 9:03 pm

Asmodeus's gaze shifted lightly from the window as Lilja finished dressing, making the demon lord turn around to face her. It appeared the rumors were quite correct about the queen of temptresses being flawless, at least in looks for the feeding marks on her neck had already faded away, leaving the demon lord to lightly rub her hand against her neck and shoulder while she stated with a playful tone, her eyes filled with a mischievous glint. "If you are as passionate about everything as you are with feeding and the other 'fun', I can imagine you'd be quite well-liked~" Yet the teasing remark didn't remain the focus for long for the assassin stated something very, very interesting.

"Oh~ Are you implying that the Grimoire Heart guild is more than it seems at first?" A short pause followed before Asmodeus smiled calmly."But you're quite right on that, good and evil are definitions that all depend on the perspective you see it from, or perhaps you can say it even depends on the personal opinion from person to person~" Asmodeus mused softly, seemingly interested at the ongoing subject, but after a moment she approached the door and asked with a calm smile. "Shall we go downstairs?"

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on Fri Feb 09, 2018 9:31 pm

Nastasya Crowe
She fixed her undergarment and her jeans and her shirt and even tried to pin her hair together and make sure it was out of her face because that would make things easier, she licked off her lips and turned back to Asmodeus. "If only everyone thought so as you." She said with a small smile, thoughts like that made her mad, basically because she was stood up twice without getting a good reason and she would like to understand why. Perhaps that was another reason for why she had sprinted off after that failed romance, and she had other things to do but who cared.

"of course I assume that, if everyone was as bland as just the simple stamp of good and evil, it would get rather boring and I don't like the idea of that, heck I would have never joined if it was a duller version of Phantom Lord." She looked at her nails before walking over to Asmodeus and looking out of the window, "But yes it depends on opinions as well, I don't care about most people their opinions." She nodded as Asmodeus suggested to go down stairs and she would follow, it would be more fun here but you couldn't stay hidden and showered in compliments all the time, such a shame.

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on Sat Feb 10, 2018 1:49 pm

"I'm quite an understanding person~" Asmodeus hummed with a smile as she watched Lilja lick off her lips yet as she joined her at the window for a moment the Demon Lord mused idly at her comment. "I can understand that sentiment. Life needs a certain flavor of excitement to be bearable. In the end, a life without desires to pursue is the same as being dead... then again dead might sound ironic to a vampyre."

The demon lord clearly seemed amused at the last little quip, but deciding that they had lingered for long enough she guided her guest down the stairs and into a spacious room. It looked like an ordinary living room, and soon Lilja would find her companion, the snowy Ninetails being situated on top of a blanket with a large bowl of both water and, was it perhaps some sort of food? But it seemed delicious enough since she had almost finished her meal already in its entirety.

Mare was quick to stand upright, the girlish-looking dark elf's cheeks turning red as he approached the woman in the company of his master and stated in a soft tone. "Are you feeling alright miss? I-I tried to heal your wounds but Sebastian's punch might have left a concussion, so you might be feeling a bit weaker for a while, I'm not sure..." poor Mare, so nervous right now..."

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on Sat Feb 10, 2018 5:57 pm

Nastasya Crowe
"I like understanding people. Makes life a lot easier." Saved her from getting annoying feelings and so on. Which was definitely a good thing, she shouldn't think too much about the past, it didn't change much anyway. The present was a lot nicer people with understandings and people that liked her.

She looked out of the window for a few seconds, wondering shortly where her friends were. She wanted to know if Odin was alright, what Crowley his plan was because that still wasn't clear, not that she would ask. Odin had made her very clear how dangerous that move was and she should have known as well. She took a deep breath and looked at Asmodeus, "So how does it work, you are a Demon Lord, connected to your vessel but can you do whatever you want?" She had not much desires, which is why she didn't say anything, the idea was that she gone berserk and that was so annoying that she tried to avoid the topic all together.

Nastasya followed Asmodeus and looked up at Victoire, "Oh I see you didn't miss me." but her companion jumped up and smiled at her in a way that the snow ninetails could do, she hugged her friend, "Sorry to scare you like that. I know our plan ought to be different." she muttered as she petted her companion. She looked up at the person or elf that was here as well. "Oh thanks. I have had worse."

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on Wed Feb 14, 2018 10:23 pm

"I can understand that entirely~ sometimes being able to settle things peacefully is a lot more rewarding than conflicts." A soft chuckle followed as she watched the vampire girl be reunited with her companion

Yet after a moment she asked her a rather interesting question, leading Asmodeus to hum softly while thinking about the subject out loud. "Well, sort of~ While I dwell within the deepest parts of this girl's heart, I could freely take over should I wish to. But then again, that would be an act that goes against my personal interest and ambitions so I'm fine with being on the backseat. Not to mention, it allows me to see some rather entertaining and juicy scenes sometime."

Still, it was now her time to inquire about something, a hand raised to her cheek as she tapped her fingertips lightly against it while musing out loud. "That reminds me~ Sebastian saw one of your friends on the way here. At least considering he is an elite like you it would be expected as much. Pretty demon boy who can pretty much nuke entire districts with a clench of his hands?" She giggled softly at her description of a certain man whose alliance was with Grimoire Heart.

"Seems he put up a tough fight, until a certain angel girl appeared with an even bigger nuke. Then again, I heard the only one who crushed the defenders was a Necromancer near Mecurius. Seems he gave them a nice beating before noping out of there. But that's enough about the siege~"

She turned her focus back to Lilja and hummed softly. "Pity that pretty demon boy never told me the guild he was trying to recruit me into was Grimoire Heart~ If I had known that the invitation came with perks like your companionship I might had been more inclined to accept it right away~ Nonetheless, hearing one of your fellow members contained the spirit of Lucifer did leave me a bit curious~"

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on Mon Feb 19, 2018 6:16 am

Nastasya Crowe
She didn't feel the need to discuss the idea of understanding people more, after all, mostly weren't and it didn't do well to dwell in things that weren't going to happen anyway. She resisted the urge to sigh, another thing that wasn't necessary. She petted Victoire, trying to look her pet in the eyes and just let her know that she was alright, to see if Vic was alright, but even though she was treated very well here, she wanted out of here. Not per se the house but Crocus, she was a failure, she should be ashamed of herself, again.

Yet she was very curious where Odin and Caius might be, how would it go for them and what would Crowley expect from them. There had not been a very clear message. The siege had ended, technically never started as they were only there as a distraction. She turned her attention back to the here and now and spoke the question that she had had before with Lucifer and Odin, yet never asked him. She listened, lifted an eyebrow as Asmodeus explained and she only glanced at the Demon Lord once before turning back her attention to Victoire who jumped up as if to say that they should go on, like they always did, but not this time, "Interesting." she whispered.

She finally stood up and stepped away from Victoire and turned to look at the woman tapping her cheek. She felt a twitch in her eye as she mentioned a demon boy and the magic that she wasn't all to familiar with but there was only one demon boy she knew lately and that was Caius, she wasn't sure if he lost his God Slaying magic but she wouldn't have to know at the moment. They were a secret organisation and she wouldn't betray her friends in speaking. Not when she only had two or three left. She however looked up and turned her red eyes back to the demon, as she had tried to look away as if she wasn't interested. Odin. He was safe. He won. She felt a relieve drop off her and a small smile appear on her lips. Thank god. How could she doubt him.

She was a bit taken aback by the open conversation her hostess had at the moment, companionship? It was.. she didn't know what it was, she only looked at her with the effort to put the smile away, "As you have figured we ought to be a secret organisation. So he couldn't tell, nor his name. Neither will I for that matter. As for Lucifer, the demon lord no longer connects with one of my assosciates." Which was the best way to say it. She wasn't sure how else she must say it.

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