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Captain's Rum [Quest | Phoebe]

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on Mon Feb 05, 2018 4:49 am

Victor Garrett
'Back to the Docks we go...  Deja Vu?' Victor asked, keeping his eyes straight ahead while addressing the one accompanying him. A hand was casually thrown into his pocket, the other held a bottle of rum. His dark jacket hung loosely over his shoulders. As the sun kissed the duo, the warmth coaxed a sheen of sweat to form, he pulled his hands out of the pocket and flicked open the collar button and then another, of his white shirt. 'Now all we have to do is wait for that ship...' he said pointing at the ship with a grey-black sail, 'to dock... and then we can be on our way.'

He added as the ship seemingly grew, as it got closer. Just a little more and then I can talk to this Balthazar guy about my father. Victor thought. But upon analyzing a little more, his lips made a slight downturn, he was sure there would be just another task they'd have to accomplish before the man would spill. The blonde wondered if he had the patience. Finally, the anchor was lowered and the large ropes were bound to the docking station as the ship floated to a stop. If he miraculously got what he needed today, without having to work too much or too long, he wondered if it'd be time to leave the town of Hargeon. He considered the prospects of the future while striding towards the ship. 'What do you think about leaving Hargeon for other towns?' he asked.


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on Mon Feb 05, 2018 4:50 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
Her eyes looked like shining emeralds because of the light hitting them but Persephone had not giving Phoebe any space lately, mostly because she had been a winy child if you asked the Goddess but Phoebe had a point; they would have to work together. She looked shortly at Victor and nodded, "Again." Because how many times had they not gone to the docs to fix jobs for people. She shook her head and was actually quite done with the docs, too close to not her area. This was water, the nature Goddess was absolutely not a fan of that. She wouldn't complain too much, after all she would always show who was the dominant one of the Gods and Goddesses, she already had her vessel, so let them come at her. She was wearing high heels as usual, a reason why she had picked Phoebe or well one of them. People looked at them, shortly but that's because they simply looked good, she didn't say much about it and looked up when Victor pointed at a ship.

She took his hand and gave it a little squeeze and wondered what more was bothering him, she had stopped calling him monkey in her mind but that didn't mean she valued him as the same being as herself. She turned to look back at Victor from the ship when he asked her about other towns, a flash of lilac hit her eyes, "I need to go to Orchidia at one point." But the Goddess quickly recovered herself, "But I'm not in a hurry."


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on Mon Feb 05, 2018 2:13 pm

Victor Garrett
He stood a little taller than her, despite the heels, so when he felt her fingers squeeze his hand, he cocked his head and looked down and sideways at her with something akin to mild fondness. The man wore a gentle smile as a sign of appreciation for her concern and reassurance. Was his anxiety about getting information on his dad's whereabouts, palpable? He usually hid it really well, if he was slipping up he'd need to reign it in. He slipped his hands out of her and rubbed her shoulder instead, gently pressing to indicate that he was going in towards the members pooling out of the ship. 'The Captain's gotta be somewhere amidst them...' he said, walking towards the pirates, ensuring that is stance was the non-threatening and non-aggressive kind. He felt a bit vulnerable among the well-gelled group.

Nonetheless, the Captain was easy to spot. One recapping a story of an incident on the sea. Victor wordlessly held out the bottle. There was a sinister pause in the story as eyeballs assessed him and then took their own sweet time lingering hungrily on Phoebe's frame. Guess no women on board, Victor thought, gauging the men from in his peripheral view, he maintained eye-contact with the captain who's fingers closed around the bottle, accepting the gift.


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on Tue Feb 06, 2018 6:39 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
Phoebe had told Persephone many times already that purring wasn't a human thing, so the goddess didn't do that, even though the rubbing on her shoulder felt nice. But they would have to focus on this job soon and she followed, seeing the amount of men; pirates. Her woolen dress was a thight one showing off her curves rather well, Persephone didn't mind the attention but she didn't like the simple stares, not when she had not allowed it. Some didn't try to stop her but there was a guy that blocked her shortly to look her up and down before he allowed her to follow Victor. Her face became a mask, not showing anything else but her green eyes and the line that became her lips pressed together. It was a neutral expression and she tried her very best to not cross her arms, it would put the looks on her chest as well as shut off and become a perhaps agressive stand, something she didn't want.

When she stood next to Victor again, who offered the bottle to the captain, she only heaved up her head a little to show that they could look but not touch, it really made her very grumpy. Sure she had played games like this but than it was on her own account, now she was half expecting them to do something to Victor and take her own board. Thank god the ship was made of wood because else she would be in the reign of Poseidon and lost in the ocean forever. Patience, was all that was necessary right now.


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on Tue Feb 06, 2018 8:23 am

Victor Garrett
Victor held onto the bottle briefly as he and the Captain exchanged a glare, then he slowly let go. The Captain seemed rather suspicious, he popped open the bottle and took a whiff... Then a tentative sip, he grimaced at the taste initially, then smiled wide. 'Ah... this is the good stuff.' he said, easing up around Victor. 'Thank you, my friend...' he said, slapping Victor on the back like they were old comrades. It irked Victor, but he played along for the blonde had some business to talk about.

'Captain, I needed a word in private...' Victor started and the man waved him off. 'Oh yes yes, of course, whatever you need, but first I must unload the ship, my customers get cranky if I don't deliver.' he said with a chuckle. Victor just shut his eyes and grit his teeth momentarily to curb the nasty temper that brews inside. 'Right. Bet I can help?' he said just with a tad bit of dryness, the Captain missed it of course. 'Looking for a job eh? Of course... Of course.' Before Victor could correct him, the man clicked his fingers and two men scurried into the ship and retrieved a crate.

'This needs to be delivered to a man named Maxwell Buscon, silly fellow... Talks with his fists but not a bad lad for an odd job or too...' The Captain said redundantly, Victor interrupted the man as he began describing Buscon. 'Yeah... I know him, I'll get it done.' he said, relieving the man of the crate. He thought the man would leave, but he stood around and decided to hit on Phoebe. 'Hey what say we take it to the ship, baby?' he asked pathetically. Victor turned around and took a dangerous step forward. Menacingly he said. 'She's with me.' the Captain quickly ordered his sailor to leave the pair alone. He turned grumpily to Phoebe and smiled wryly. 'Neat way to tie things up, going to meet Buscon again, eh?' he asked his partner, as he swallowed his anger.


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on Wed Feb 07, 2018 4:25 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
Phoebe or well Persephone tried very hard not to show how annoyed she was with the people here. The idea of standing so close to a ship and with that the waters, made her everything but happy. She didn't say much and tried to keep her expression neutral, looking at the captain instead of at the guys around her because that would trigger her anger even quicker. Monkeys all of them. Not even, they were seals or so.. part of Poseidon and not hers, and she couldn't wait till he took them back and his minor gods and goddess.

This captain pretended to be two different people only based on rum, how low could a person sink? Literally. She only let her green eyes follow, looking at Victor, the click of fingers and two guys showing up to get something and turning back. She took a step away from the sailor and looked him up and down with a disgusting look in her green eyes, ew.. some monkeys no seals needed to know their place. She opened her mouth to say something when Victor already stepped in and a short smile appeared on her lips that disappeared as soon as it came, "The sooner the better." She whispered placing a hand on his shoulder, it was fine, she had no idea what irked him so much but it would be fine right.


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on Wed Feb 07, 2018 10:27 am

Victor Garrett
The territorial instincts that had washed over the blonde slowly faded. Phoebe couldn't have missed it, he wondered if she as grateful or could she now get a sense of his controlling instincts. There were no promised between the two hopefully there weren't going to be any and yet Victor had so easily staked a claim. Just as they turned and the pirates began to part to give them the duo way, a quick scan of the dock was enough for him to know they're being watched. Two huddled men engrossed in conversation threw the pair glances ever so often, another two on the other side did the same.

He paused to duck towards Phoebe, smiling wide, beaming like he had not a care in the world. He seemingly pressed his lips to her cheek, but the idea was to use the innocent gesture of romance, to get close enough to whisper. 'We're being watched, I'm not sure if we can pull the same trick we did last time... But we need to think of some way to make it to Buscon.' while still ducked he took the liberty of sneakily opening the bag she carried and dumping the material of interest into from the box into it, under the pretext that in case the box got confiscated, they wouldn't lose the deal. 'Let's just keep up the appearance of being carefree tourists or something, I don't think they'll make a move till they have proof... But things are likely to get messy if they witness the transaction between us and that thug... We'll have to plan a way in and out.'


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on Thu Feb 08, 2018 7:07 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
Persephone wasn't really sure about the whole situation and with that what she thought about it; mainly she didn't care. Victor would at some point not be interesting anymore and they would step aside from each other and just go their own routes, that was fine. It sounds very harsh and mean but Persephone didn't care, that was nature. She stopped walking as Victor pulled her closer and kissed her on the cheek, a very weird gesture but hse quickly heard him and wrapped her arms around him, to make them not stand like idiots whispering around. Hmm she wasn't sure if they could pull of the same idea as they had done before, "Than we can take it a step further." She only looked at the guys on one side, as her green eyes would simply look that way with Victor standing in front of her.

But yes they couldn't be seen with Buscon both, they needed a plan and she thought, while feeling that her bag got a little heavier but not saying anything about it. Would the same strategy work? As in they could first try to distract them and if that didn't work, they could try that they were in a fight and that Phoebe was lost and wanted to go home, she thought about it, but she was only eager to figure out what a step further would mean for Victor. She took his hand and walked a few steps now that their short converstation was over, now that she was aware of the stares she felt them like ants walking over her skin. Interesting that was.


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on Thu Feb 08, 2018 8:06 am

Victor Garrett
As amusing as taking it a step further sounded, they probably also shouldn't risk being arrested for public display of affection or something, Victor wasn't sure about the laws around that in Hargeon, so he just maintained his grin and shook his head with a soft sigh, snaking his own arm around Phoebe's waist and pulling her closer as they trotted along. The streets of Hargeon had grown in terms of familiarity, they were easy to navigate for the blonde now, so he could amble without paying much attention and instead keep an eye out for the Rune Knights, who were frankly doing a rather shoddy job of their stealthy stalking. 'Man... the Rune Knights need help.' Victor scoffed softly.

He maintained some idle chatter, which he was sure Phoebe would recognize and such, occasionally pointing towards locations that were deemed popular in Hargeon as the passed them by. 'This is exhausting, but we're almost there, Buscon must be in one of the alleys, down the road, second right...' Victor said, softly from between his teeth as he smiled, he'd kept his cheeks stretched for so long in with that stupid innocent grin, the muscles hurt. 'They're going to try and stop us soon, I'm going to let them stop me, my box is empty and I know the lead detective in Hargeon, so I'll be fine, but we'll have to find a way to have you meet Buscon and deliver the goods.' he said, stopping her gingerly in front of a cafe, and gesturing towards it repeatedly so it'd appear he was talking about that. The scent of the baked delicacies permeated the air... Maybe he'd stop by later to grab a coffee here.


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on Thu Feb 08, 2018 9:31 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
"It's almost as if you are supporting the other side at the moment. I would surely say that they don't need any help at all." She said with a little laugh as Persephone had been a bit surprised about the way Victor had thought about the Rune Knights, it might be simple frustration for not having anything thrilling to do, "If you are that frustrated, we can see how far the rules go for public display of affection or whatever they call it." But she didn't plan to, she had said that to him before so she was sure he would remember, after all, Victor was no longer a monkey.

She pretend to listen while he kept some idle conversation and she only thought about how to get the goods towards Max. "If only we can get him out of the alley and make sure he would find the goods that he need." but that would be a little difficult, she actually had no idea, before all this she or well they had simply done what was necessary to get away with their tasks, she looked at the pastries in the display, they looked cute, "Well if you distract them, I can of course still give it. Easy as that." And disappear through another backdoor or so, why think too difficult if it wasn't the case?


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on Thu Feb 08, 2018 10:48 am

Victor Garrett
'I think I have a plan...' Victor muttered as his gaze followed hers to the goodies in the shop. He pulled the box away from his body, so he could close the space between the duo. He leaned again, tucked a finger under her chin to pull her face upwards, he planted a chaste kiss on her lips, letting it linger though. Then he pulled away and clearly said. 'Carry on hun, I think I'm going to get us some treats...' and rubbed her shoulder affectionately. He hoped it was loud enough for the Rune Knights to catch it, yet not too loud for it to sound suspicious. With that he ducked into the shop and raised to fingers at Phoebe, indicating that he'd be with her soon.

He knew Phoebe was smart enough to understand the plan without him having to lay it out for her, if not, well he'd just have to improvise some more later. There was no way he could pause to explain anymore without the Rune Knights catching onto it, thick as they were. This worked well because he had to have something in the box and pastries for his alleged girlfriend, would be an ideal choice. He wondered how amusing it would be if he explained that he just asked Balthazar for an empty crate because he didn't have anything to carry the goodies he wanted to purchase... Victor shook his head and smirked, turning to the owner of the cafe.


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on Thu Feb 08, 2018 11:03 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
Phoebe looked at the pastries but her green Persephone eyes turned back at Victor as he mentioned softly that he had a plan, well she was surely curious to what that plan could be? As they had stayed a bit more distance after the pool game and the fire that she had been very aware off, she looked up surprised when he kissed her before understanding the plan within a few seconds but Persephone let it happen, why say no to something that felt nice right? She let the kiss linger on a little as she simply let Victor plan along, and she waved him off and waited there, turning a long lock of hair around her finger.

3. There were four rune knights and they had to get rid of them all, the thing was that Buscon was in the alley next to this place and 2.. well they obviously had seen Victor saying goodbye and carrying off the box that they had with them from the beginning.. 1.. with a loud thud against her shoulder all four of them walked past her, the one that bumped into her made her stumble to the alley, something totally unnecessary but it happened as she planned it out. The man, obviously not the smartest of the four, apologized and crossed his arms in front of his chest and looked at her. As he looked away she dropped her bag with a little kick, she heard the glass of Phoebe her perfume bottle smash and she flinched a little, but the smoke bombs on top of her own stuff rolled out and she looked shortly in the alley to see Buscon grab them, "Oh dear me, what do I do now." While the Rune Knight his loud and obnoxious voice called out for her to help her, which made Buscon aware that he should hide and as he did, she hunched down already to grab some of the things, tissue, glasses, and the smell of Phoebe her perfume was too much. She actually tried to see what was okay, like her glasses and her wallet before she simply dumped it, "That stain would never get out." she pouted, "It was my favourite bag." Bullshit.


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on Thu Feb 08, 2018 11:47 am

Victor Garrett
Victor had just finished packing away the sweet delicacies, and he flashed the cafe owner a classic gracious smile as he paid his dues. Damn, the dessert actually cost a decent bit, that Balthazar better make up for my effort and money... Victor grumbled inside his head. Then he heard the Knights step in. They were so... loud and made their intention so plain. Vic didn't panic or anything, he slipped past them, nodding his head and wishing them a good day.

He was already out a few steps out of the shop before they realised that their target had just walked past them like nothing happened. Vic quickened his pace, away from where Phoebe was headed, to keep attention off of her. He was happy garnering some suspicion now, he had nothing on him to make him a suspect. It'd kind of be comical. Sure enough, the Rune Knights fell for his tactic, the moment they noticed him rushing, they followed suit, exiting the shop in a frenzy. Victor began sprinting, shamelessly, he turned to look over his shoulder as they called out to each other and quickened their pace. The blonde turned towards an alley which would lead could hopefully to Kenji, that detective would still vouch for him... He was sure of it.


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on Thu Feb 08, 2018 11:58 am

Phoebe Rainsworth
She turned towards the Rune Knight and looked a bit sad to the ground, "I should go to the hotel and pick up a new bag." As she said that her green eyes looked up, noticed the rune knights that had stood visible for her had disappeared, time to go as well. "Thank you anyway." She turned around, the clutch stuck between her side and her elbow, the glasses in her left hand and she walked away. How long would it take before the person would realize that she was hiding something. Man this person was really dumb.

But soon enough Hey wait! oops. The thing was that her bag was gone and that Buscon got the smoke bombs and thus she didn't care, if anything she needed to get this guy away from Buscon so he could get away from the alley himself, she started to walk as quick as her heels could carry her, pretending that she had no idea that the knight called out to her. In the end she would wait as the man took hold of her and he apologized apparently she had nothing on him anymore and she even answered a bit offended, because these knights were getting ridiculous. But she headed back to the docks, having demanded that the man left her alone, he had already ruined her bag and now even falsly accused her and she missed the pastries that her boyfriend had bought and she started almost fake crying but it was not necessary. She noticed the knight using his lacrima to call off his colleagues and she walked back towards Baltasar, hoping Victor would be there earlier, she didn't feel the need to actually talk to the pirates.


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on Thu Feb 08, 2018 12:24 pm

Victor Garrett
Victor finally reached the street where he'd met Kenji on his patrol, he paused and smugly stared down the Rune Knights that were following him, then he slowed down and approached the detective. He cleared his throat to garner the man's attention. A troubled Kenji looked up at the blonde. 'Oh it's you!' he said cheerfully. Victor could see the Rune Knights befuddled expressions as they slowly continued approaching him too. 'Hi there, detective Kenji.' Victor said, with ease. 'I was wondering if it was customary for your guys to chase down civilians...' he asked jovially. The Knight rookies were within earshot now.

'Sir. That man is under surveillance for fraternization with Balthazar sir, we believe he has illegally obtained items in that box.' one of them said while saluting the superior. Victor feigned a shocked look. '... I thought they were after me because I have some tasty treats they'd like!' he smirked and opened the box he was carrying. 'I just bought them from that lovely cafe, they're for my girlfriend... But I thought I'd pay you a visit first and offer you a couple since I plan on leaving the city soon...' Victor explained, grinning with his saccharine smile.

Kenji still turned to his subordinates, wanting some more information from them, but just then one of them got a message from his fellow comrade, probably the one that had followed Phoebe. He interrupted before any of the others could answer. 'Oh er sir, I'm sorry there has been a terrible misunderstanding if you'll allow us to take our leave.' After Kenji dismissed them with a slight frown he turned to Vic and denied the offer of the treats. 'It might be misconstrued as some stupid bribe...' he clarified, Victor was glad, he didn't really want to have to share. Following a quick polite conversation, he turned back towards the docks.

He noticed Phoebe was already there and her expression was devoid of anything that may lead him to believe that the job wasn't complete. First, he went to her and gave her the box, to prevent Balthazar from coming to any stupid conclusions. 'I'll go deal with the transaction.' he added, with a smile. He also wanted the information about his father, which he'd rather Phoebe didn't hear. Confidently he strode to Balthazar, to collect the reward, finally also gaining some knowledge about the whereabouts of his father... With a contemplative look on his face, he returned to his partner and held out the money. 'To another job well done...' he said.


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on Thu Feb 08, 2018 12:33 pm

Phoebe Rainsworth
She wasn't very happy about not having a purse and not having the pockets in this jacket to put her wallet away nor her glasses so she kept holding on and waiting till Victor showed up, who gave her the box which she opened albeit with some difficulty and she noted the pastries, interesting. she closed the box and waited for the blonde to show up again. She sighed, because pirates definitely weren't one of her favourite people on this earth surface.

She didn't say much and just waited, there was nothing else to do and for just saying the job was done and getting the jewels, it took a while and Persephone didn't like waiting. But finally Victor showed up again with some money, "I lost my bag." she muttered, sure Phoebe still had enough but it was just difficult carrying everything. So handing over the box with pastries again and making sure her glasses were okay in the pocket of her jacket, she could tug the pouch in her other pocket, they got more paid than usual. "Let's leave the docks. The smell of pirates makes me nauseous." She said as no one was close enough to listen in on them, she turned her heel and walked away from the ship.


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