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Baska to Orchidia [Train Travel]

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#1Alisa Vollan 

on Thu Feb 01, 2018 8:37 am


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The sun shone overhead on a warm one winter morning, as a magical sculptress approached her train. She had lingered in Baska a few days longer than she ought have, since the call to arms first beckoned her to the capital. Fortunately, the spies or whoever caught wind of this did so with sufficient anticipation not to have to deal with it one day in advance. Personally, she still had business of her own to attend to, particularly centered around getting all the necessary training she'd need for a battle as big as this one promised to prove.

Thus, she acquired the strongest piece of armor she'd ever laid eyes on - which despite not looking like the toughest armor, was defenitely the most powerful article or clothing - and you could obviously find a great use for that once you paired it with the most resilient defensive spell you've ever conjured up. With two new assets in mind, Alisa stepped inside her carriage and slipped her back on its resting place above her, then took a seat by the window. Though not particularly long, the train travel to Orchidia would still take the better part of one day and end well into the early hours of the next one.

She still had time though... Hopefully... And with a bit of luck, she could also get some extra training done inbetween the time it take her to arrive and the fighting to start. Well, she'd worry about that later, once she'd finally arrived... For now, she just kicked back on her seat and relaxed, creating a tiny lump of crystal with which to sculpt away her time...

Strength is also Beauty

"Shall we dance?"
- Alisa Vollan

credit to nat of adoxography.

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