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Patrols and secret schemes [Baron]

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on Wed Jan 31, 2018 8:46 pm

Baron pasued and looked over at her when she spoke on the first patrol, it was a rather queer. There were supposed to be two patrols out at this time. Or well one on the other side and the one they were assigned to. Though he was supposed to be with the one over yonder. He narrowed his eyes, "That can't be good... I mean I don't wan to panic or anything but I doubt a pair of knights or mages would carelessly leave their post for any reason if it wasn't dire." He crossed his arms wondering what to do, there were options on the table but he didn't quite want to leave his post too. Else they ran the risks of someone sacking the construction site. "Hey can your butler handle our patrol until we get back? That's if ya know.. You can summon him."

He looked back at the opposite side of the crossing with concern as he tried his best not to let it slip get to him too much but he couldn't help but grow more worried. He wouldn't want to asks her to do this if he didn't want to investigate thus he'd wait for her response before maknig any movement of action though as time passed he became more riled up and ready to check it up. It could have been the Lycan in him seeking a hunt but he needed to know that patroll was safe.


on Wed Jan 31, 2018 8:48 pm


Esperia V. Eisenberg

"I can try to contact him~" Esperia mused softly as she closed her eyes and tried to focus on the presence of Sebastian. It was after several moments of silence that she finally opened her eyes and nodded her head lightly in response. "He is on his way back from Fia, but he will be continuing our patrol from this point onwards and is able to assist us should we get in troubles."

The girl reassured him yet despite that attempt she found herself still quite restless and worried about the current situation. The missing whereabouts of the other patrol was worrying to say the least, and to make matters worse. "GHYAAAAAH!" A loud scream came from a nearby alleyway, causing Esperia's eyes to widen in surprise as she turned toward Baron. "That must be the patrol!"

Perhaps it was reckless, but then again the awareness an innocent person who was fighting to protect Crocus was in danger had led Esperia to give in to the recklessness, rushing into the nearby alleyway. If Baron had decided to follow her he would soon find the girl standing in a small plaza surrounded by several large buildings where the girl was looking in disbelief at the fountain at the center of said plaza. Blood tainted the fountain's waters as a maimed corpse of a man, judging from his outfit a Rune Knight paige was found, his partner for the patrol, a mage seemingly belonging to Fairy Tail judging from the symbol on their arm was lying lifelessly at the edge of the fountain.

"What in the world happened here..."

Yet Esperia's frightened response would have been answered rather unexpectedly by a masculine voice from behind Baron. "Your 'friends' saw something they didn't need to see, and the same could be said of you."

If the two of them would turn around they would see three cloaked figures standing a few meters away from Baron's back, one on the nearby rooftop while the other two had seemingly concealed themselves in the alleyway till the two of them had entered the plaza!


on Wed Jan 31, 2018 8:53 pm

While relieved that she could indeed call her butler he still couldn't help but bite his lip as anxiety began to build in his gut. She spokeon him coming on his way, with that Baron managed to fully feel himself releived. There was so much happening at once, if they could make sure those people were safe there'd be some more assurance that the oncoming war wouldn't be as bad as Baron thought. The bleeding hearts wouldn't go so far as to attack in the midst of night would they?

The blood curtling scream made Baron cringe as fear took over his being, it didn't sound good. Baron's eyes darted towards the direction of the scream and without so much as a word he'd make a charge for the scream behind Esperia. His heart was racing and his eyes narrowed as he ran as hard as he could. They had to be alright, they had to be alright, the words kept playing in his mind as he desperate tried to delude himself that the scream was anything but serious.

Sadly Baron's fears had come true. Before him rest the mangled corpse of one of his fellow knights. The scene was horrific, he could barely stomach it, but with an iron gaze he endured the sight. Not only was one of his fellow knights maimed and torn apart but a mage, a mage of Fairy Tail of all of the guilds, rested lifeless on the ground. Baron took a step towards them his eyes wide. "No..."

The voice came, he was aware of it, but in retort Baron coudl only grit his teeth and tense his muscles, "I won't let you... grrr." he tried his best to stop the transformation, "I won't let you get away with this grr. You won't get away!"


on Wed Jan 31, 2018 8:56 pm


Esperia V. Eisenberg

What Baron possessed in restrain of his emotions Esperia clearly lacked, for when she turned toward Baron tears were visibly dripping down her cheeks, and when the cloaked murderers revealed themselves her grief took place for anger. "Is that why you killed them? IS THAT WHY YOU TOOK AN INNOCENT PERSON'S LIFE?!"

The man on the rooftop laughed at her angry shout, stating with clear amusement in his tone. "This is a war little girl, people die in there, that's nothing special." Such heartlessness... Such cruelty... It made her feel disgusted, to think that humans could be capable of such evil... "You're a demon... to think you would do such an evil thing!"

The cloaked figure simply shrugged his shoulders while answering her statement with a smug. "Yeah, I guess I'm a demon, going to pray to your god to save you? Hah! As if that would help!"

Esperia shook her head lightly in response to that statement, answering with clear grief and anger in her voice. "You're right... God wouldn't answer me, but there is no need for a God to deal with you... I know the perfect person to deal with a demon!"

Her hands gripped into fists as she shouted from the top of her lungs. "I don't care how, but punish them Asmodeus... LUXURIA!"

The phrase was accompanied with an all-but-familiar transformation, the Demon Lord appearing from amidst the cocoon of darkened energy when she finally turned her gaze upon Baron. "My dear Baron~ No need to hold back, feel free to kill one of them~ But please keep one of them alive, we'll need to do a bit of interrogating once we're done punishing those lowly mongrels..."


on Wed Jan 31, 2018 8:57 pm


Baron wanted desperate to fight the urge to kill, but he couldn't break his line of sight from the corpses before him. This war, this conflict, those damned Hearts, they murdered them for nothing. Showed them no Mercy all for the sake of appealing to their master, their higher ups. This was what they wanted? Carnage senseless carnage. For the first time in years hot tears streamed down the Lycan's cheeks as his transformation finally overtook him. His instincts and rage combed together in a deadly combination that took him far past what was to be a traditional transformation. His muscles doubled in size, hair grew into a mane of jet black fur and his eyes became beating red.

With no words Baron turned to face those responsible for this. He held nothing back, he didn't think, he only acted as he bounded for the first he saw, the one to the right who seemed to be less concealed than the other. With hellish speed and monsterous focus he held out his claws to skewer the water mage with is claws. If successful he'd slash him down his chest with a powerful swipe of his claw. This was a cruel and reckless thing to do, but Baron, as he was known was gone.


on Wed Jan 31, 2018 8:58 pm


Esperia V. Eisenberg

The transformation of Baron into a Lycan had seemingly caught the cloaked murderers by surprise, the mage who was targeted by Baron tried to raise his hand for a spell but before he could finish the motion the clawed hand of the man skewed the mage's chest, causing a pained gasp from the man while the other one jumped backwards and phased into the surroundings, seemingly becoming invisible!

The Earth mage on top of the rooftops raised a hand, seemingly preparing a spell for a long pike of hardened stone emerged before him, yet the moment he launched it Asmodeus shifted a hand above her head and hummed softly. "Kienzan!" Pink petals started to gather in a flurry around her, rapidly forming into the shape of a sharpened rotating disc that launched toward the pike, severing it into half while spinning into the direction of the mage-

However, in the meanwhile as Baron's second claw slashed the mage he was fighting into a nearby wall a warning shout came from nearby him "Be careful Baron! One of them is lurking nearby!"

Yet with her focus remaining on the earth mage Asmodeus couldn't help but grin for a moment. "So you're the artillery? That makes this a battle to see who has the greatest cannonfire~ And let me tell you, I always come with the messiest blasts!"

The earth mage grunted as he was forced to conjure up an earthen wall to defend himself from the slicing disc, hoping to grant himself a moment of respite to prepare another attack...


on Wed Jan 31, 2018 8:58 pm

With a ghastly howl he finally released the impaled pin cushin that once called himself a mage. While he wasn't dead the Lycan made an effort to at least try to make him feel the pain he caused the Paige and Fairy Tail mage. There was no forgiveness, only animalistic rage and Baron was drinking in every minute. With his claws coated in the water mage's crimson essence he heeded the woman's words despite his ferocious state and whiped his right claw at the air, blood spray, while not a horrid amount, dotted the surounding area and hidden mage, so much so that droplets had rested on his cloak making him visible for the rampaging beast. Again, with no forgiveness or care for his own well being the man turned wolf lunged onto the blood dotted Grimore Heart and immedately snapped his jaws at the blood marks.

His jaw locked around what must have been cloth and flesh and with a snarl he shook his head violently to pull the trickster back into the light, head whipping side to side as he tore off what must have been a sizeable hunk of flesh. With blood pouring his victim was more than visible giving Baron full time to put follow up his attack with a claw into the open wound, digging it as deep as it'd go before taking a hand full of flesh and tearing it out of the murderous bastard. Entrails and blood oozed out of the cloaked figure, the carnage matching what had happened earlier.

"You won't die yet, I'll make you suffer!"


on Wed Jan 31, 2018 9:00 pm


Esperia V. Eisenberg

The hidden mage seemed rather bewildered at the Lycan's actions, only realizing too late that the blood stains were meant to draw him out, leading Baron to easily get the murderer dealt with, but there was one more mage to deal with, right?

While Asmodeus had pinned the Earth mage onto the defensive, it appeared the man was far from done yet, for his barrier skillfully deflected the Kienzan while he raised his hand to produce yet another stone pike.

"You really are a one-trick pony, aren't you?" Asmodeus hummed teasingly as she swept her hand upwards, the gesture conjuring two large lances made of sharpened rose petals that molded together into the outline of a spear and with skillful accuracy tossed them at the stone pike the man had conjured, causing her lances to pierce his while she took the opportunity to finish their little skirmish with a surprise attack. A sudden flick of her wrist and a tap of her foot led to a stream of sharp thorns to rise from the ground before her, rapidly ascending upwards toward the man where they threatened to impale him, but at the last moment when he jumped backwards Asmodeus smirked "Checkmate~" For her Kienzan was manipulated with another sweep of her hand, seemingly rebounding off the barrier and slicing into the man's neck, leading the mage to cry out in pain as he collapsed against his barrier, a action that would have a disasterous consequence for the barrier toppled down alongside the mage, causing a large wall of hardened earth to pummel down toward the spot Baron and the mage he was fighting were at!

"Baron!" Asmodeus tried to warn him, but to no avail.


on Wed Jan 31, 2018 9:00 pm

To no avail his words were rung to a corpse at this point at the stealth mage fell to his knees. Baron pulled him close by his innerds and swung a hard claw down on him, he'd maul the lifeless body until it was in worst condition then that of the Paige. He continued on and on, tearing him limb from limb, piece by piece there was blood, flesh and guts everywhere. He event went as far as to begin even biting what was left the taste of human flesh on his lips blinded his other senses. It was so sweet, so tender, like pork, sweet, sweet pork. He needed more. He licked his claws. The distraction of deliciousness made Baron blissfully unaware of the toppling infrastructure above him. The wall came crashing down and Baron's Lycan form was crushed beneath. His large bulky frame saved him from being crushed to death but the damage seemed to be done.

Baron didn't move, his claw peaking from underneat the mess of rock and blood that was not all his own. The world went black, a blue flash in his eyes before he was pummeled by the wall... He was out cold.


on Wed Jan 31, 2018 9:01 pm


Esperia V. Eisenberg

Asmodeus was quick to move to the unconcious Baron while a puff of darkness caused Sebastian to appear at her side. "Sebastian, carry him for me will you? We need to take him to a doctor." The butler nodded in confirmation as he scooped an arm of Baron over his shoulder and lifted him upright.

"It is as you assumed Master, several groups of cloaked figures have been moving within some of the districts, while most casualties were avoided there were several cases of victims before they were caught." Asmodeus frowned for a moment, seemingly thinking about something while they carried Baron back to a doctor.

"Once we get him some treatment let's see about reporting this to the guards."

It felt like several hours had passed before Baron would finally regain conciousness, seemingly laying under the cover of a bed sheeth while his upper-body and part of his head were bandaged. "How you're feeling tough guy? Not many can say they survived having a wall of solid earth collapse on top of them."

Asmodeus grinned sheepishly as she continued. "Already reported the incident to our superiors, how are you feeling?" Despite the concern in her voice and the gentle smile upon her lips, it was quite difficult to properly figure out what Asmodeus might had been truly thinking.


on Wed Jan 31, 2018 9:01 pm

There was only darkness. His breathing was slow, there was nothing but darkness. HIs body was bruised the initial fall had caused him a few fractured ribs, bones were damaged his his head had taken quite a wallop. In his unconcious state he did dream, he was back home. The farm, his farm. There was nothing there, he was back in the glade not far from the barnhouse. The sky was brighter than usual, the sky a beautiful shade of blue. He looked up at the sky, "Was that... A dream?" he held his hand over his head, the sun was hot white but it didn't hurt his eyes nor did it make him look away it was simply a white flat in the sky. Though, despite that, when he looked back at the farm house it was.. He didn't know.

Was it his home? Where was he? He saw the sun expand, white dust seeming to drizzle from it and onto the surrounding area it was all being deleted. He ran towards the farm House, the sun had gone black and now a mere cloud of black brushed over the once peaceful farm. He Ran as fast as he could, striding for the front porch, just as he reached for the door knob he was consumed by the dark and he fell back.

With a gasps Baron awoke in the med bay... Over his brow was a cold sweat, he rubbed his brow and eyes before a voice, a sweet one, spoke to him. He looked to his side to see a beautiful woman at his side. He looked up at her, and then turned to his side before looking back at her. "I'm sorry? Are you speaking to me miss? I feel... I feel ok... But If I can asks where am I?"


on Wed Jan 31, 2018 9:02 pm


Esperia V. Eisenberg

A slight tilt of her head followed in response to his question, leading her to reply softly. "Yes I'm talking to you silly, I don't see anyone else in the room and Sebastian is keeping watch outside in case more troubles arise." However, the question that followed made her gaze soften for a moment, as if she was showing a hint of sympathy as she explained to him. "You're currently in one of the medical wards of Crocus, the two of us were on patrol to help the city prepare for an encroaching attack by Grimoire Heart when we got ambushed by several cloaked mages."

She gently raised a hand, resting it on the back of Baron's own as she continued speaking. "You fought a valliant battle, two versus one and they never stood a chance, but unfortunately at the last moment their remaining mage caused a wall of earth to collapse on top of you. While we are currently interrogating the surviving mage, I decided to stay here till you recovered. Do you not remember the fight?"

She pondered softly, yet behind her gentle smile Asmodeus saw an opportunity, a very curious one at that also. If her assumption was right then she might had a rather interesting event to deal with right now!


on Wed Jan 31, 2018 9:04 pm

"I don't... Remember any fight but it all sounds so... Amazing. You say I didd that? That's why I'm here?" he looked down at his hands, he held his aching ribs for a moment before realizing that they were banadged tightly. "But if I did do all of that, it must have been quite a show..." he rubbed his head heeding the wrap around his cranium... "I thank you for staying with me uh mam, but who are you to me? You seem very nice, I thank you for saving me is what I mean to say." he offered her a meek smile as he tried his best to recollect the lost memories, "I can't remember a fight though... I remember a barn? A big barn..." he narrowed his brow, "But that's it... Were we at a barn? I'm sorry for all of the questions..." it was all so foreign, he couldn't even remember his own name.

"Are we... Friends?" the question was full of worry, she seemed to have a head of horns... Was she a monster? She was very pretty but other than that he didn't have a hint or know a hair of who she was....


on Wed Jan 31, 2018 9:15 pm


Esperia V. Eisenberg

"A barn? That must had been quite a nasty hit you took then~ However, to answer your question: No, we weren't fighting at a barn, we're in the middle of the Holy capital, you'd have to travel to the outskirts of Crocus to find a barn~" The demon lord explained with a gentle smile as she raised a hand to her cheek, seemingly pondering softly. "You have forgotten already? Yes, we are friends~ Comrades in arms at that also." Asmodeus explained with a tender smile before returning back to the earlier subject. She couldn't help but wonder how much Baron might have possibly forgotten, or if he was suffering from some form of amnesia.

"Do you remember who you are? What your name is?" Despite the concern in her voice and the softness of her expression, the demon lord's thoughts were carefully concealed behind her tender and sympathetic smile. If Baron had indeed truly forgotten his identity then this might have been a useful chance for her to exploit. "Hmm, I wonder if it's because of the concussion you suffered? While the doctor said you didn't suffer any lasting damage it could be possible that you lost your memories after taking such a nasty hit..."


on Wed Jan 31, 2018 9:21 pm

She spoke to him and mentioned them being comrades at arms. The thought made him smile but he didn't quire understand how they had done so if they weren't fighting at the barn. Then again the Barn was... Familiar? Home maybe? Was that where he was now? It didn't make sense to him, how could he have not rememebred being friends with someone like her. "That is good, thank you my friend." he put his hands over hers and offered a warm smile before withdrawing. It was good to have someone he could rely on like that, even if he did not remember the scrap.

"My name? Uh... I think its..." he held his head as he tried to remember, "It's... I don't know." he looked down at this sheeted legs, "I am... Your friend? And I know about a barn but... I don't know much else about myself." he looked down at his hands, they were clean saved for small red blotches here and there. Was what she said true? If so whatever they did was quite heroic and that was well worth it!

"Oh dear I'm so sorry if me taking that hit gave you a fright..."


on Wed Jan 31, 2018 9:39 pm


Esperia V. Eisenberg


Asmodeus tilted her head lightly to the side in confusion as she listened carefully to his response, making it quite evident that the man had lost his memories. "Well, to tell you a bit more: Basically we met in another town a while back and became friends there, promising to meet again here in Crocus." She nodded her head gently as she continued speaking. "Let me properly introduce myself~ I am Asmodeus, the Demon Lord of Lust, and you were working to help defend Crocus alongside the girl whose body I inhabit, her name is Esperia."

Waiting a moment for the information to drift through the man's mind she finally continued speaking. "Although I understand that until the day you regain your memories it would be difficult to identify yourself, so as your friend I will bestow upon you a name, as a gift for your heroic actions last night~"

She raised a hand toward her chin, seemingly pondering for a moment for a suitable name. "Fenrir... It is the name of a mighty hunter, a proud wolf that exists in the realm I come from."

She raised a hand to the man's shoulder, giving it a light comforting squeezing as she told him reassuringly. "Don't worry, together we'll survive the approaching war, and figure out what that mysterious barn from your dreams was about. But for now you should try to rest a bit."


on Wed Jan 31, 2018 9:53 pm

Body she inhabited... This was interesting, but he couldn't help but be flabbergasted at her words. She was inhabiting a young woman's body, named Esperia? That was an interesting tell but he found it quite hard to believe at first. Then again if she was his good friend what reason would have have to lie? Given she had saved his life there was no point in lying even! She must have been telling the truth and nothing but the truth and such a friendly move made Baron smile widely. She was so kind to him, what could he have done to repay her? Ah so she could tell him his name yes?

Oh no she blessed him with his name and he quite liked it! Fenrir... "Fenrir... I like it!" he smiled widely as he looked up at her, "Thank you so much, I am so lucky to have a friend like you, when I'm better i promise I'll make it up to you!" he patted her hand and laid back down to rest. He was certain he was safe with his friend there, or well friends since they were apparently two different women, but regardless he was glad to have her here.


on Wed Jan 31, 2018 11:09 pm


Esperia V. Eisenberg

"No need to thank me Fenrir, that's what friends are for, right?"

She smiled kindly at him, a hand gently resting on the man's shoulder as she helped him lie down again. Yet despite the gentle smile the Demon Lord of Lust her manipulative nature stirred, her awareness of the man's strength and his potential to grow even stronger fascinating her quite a bit. It wouldn't be an understatement to say that this situation was quite interesting to her. "So Fenrir~ You mentioned before about your desire to obtain a certain powerful magic? I might be able to aid you."

The demon lord smiled briefly as she rose from her seat and approached the nearby window, briefly turning her back at him. "There is a myth within this realm about a certain being... Some call it a 'Saiyajin', a Saiyan. They are powerful warriors that are capable of ascending beyond ordinary mortals their boundaries. It's not an easy feat to accomplish~ But if you desire to learn more I could help you discover the secrets to becoming one."

Of course, getting the man to grow stronger while also become loyal to her? That would be a very tempting bargain to drive.


on Thu Feb 01, 2018 1:05 am

Fenrir huh, that was who he was. Magical, it sounded so powerful and neat! But he wouldn't want to look like a massive mean person. He didn't want to seem like a jerk to anyone, even with an intimidating name. Maybe he was too nice, that could have been why he got beaten up in the first place. More like being beaten up for being a jerk, not that his name sounded jerky but it was pretty tough thus he would need to get things together and try to be a lot nicer to people! If he had such a good friend in a demon Lord he couldn't have been too bad.

"Saiyjin?" he tilted his head, "That sounds really cool!" his smile wouldn't waiver. She could have made him one? Or she could help his discover the secrets of the Saijyin? Or well.. Saiyan? He couldn't wrap his mind around it too much. "That is something... But wouldn't such power be a bit scary? That could intimidate people... but I wouldn't know... I didn't even remember my own name ha ha I'm sorry." he hid his face in his hands embarrassed and red.


on Thu Feb 01, 2018 1:19 am


Esperia V. Eisenberg

"There is no such thing as an evil power Fenrir~ It is the person wielding it that decides the nature of it." The young lady commented with a calm smile while she raised a hand to her chin, seemingly pondering a bit further. "Of course, it will take a while to learn to master such a power." The demon lord explained with a brief hum. She was not sure how she would find the means to turn such a myth into reality, but she had some interesting ideas. There were several methods, rumors she had heard that could help her with finding the means to get the man the power he desired, but for a moment she turned back to him and stated with a soft smile. "But for now you should rest, and once you recovered your strength we can continue."

For now, she had to make sure to keep working her 'magic' on him, her gentle words hopefully providing him with the reassurance he needed. There was also the matter of the cloaked mages, their identities still unknown to them, and it was a case they clearly needed to investigate further. "Once you're healed we'll investigate those who did this to you, and also deal with the search for your power~"


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on Thu Feb 01, 2018 1:25 am

Fenrir couldn't put his finger on it, but her words relaxed and even motivated him further. Not in the part of power not being evil but the overall kindness behind them. It seemed like she legitimately wanted him to be stronger than he was before he was injured and it warmed his heart. How could he forget such a wonderful friend? He must have been a bad friend to her prior, that or what if she was more than his friend? Maybe she was like his boss? That would make sense, then again she probably wouldn't be so open to him if she was his leader.

He'd settle down into bed and rubbed his eyes with a breif yawn, "Thank you, when I'm 100% I can't wait to get to work with you again partner!" he had found himself nestled into bed as he yawned again. Not too long after he spoke those final words he'd drift off to sleep, an easy rest as he took to a slow, peaceful slumber. He may not have known it but his body was adapting far better to this new relaxed state of mind. As he closed his eyes he'd speak one last time, "Thank you so much Asmodeus"

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