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Flip Em (Quest-Gwen)

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#1Gwendolyn Pendragon 

on Wed Jan 31, 2018 2:20 pm

It was night. Probably about 11:30 in the night or something. The streets are empty as the children are already home. Curfew is striking, but Gwen is already old enough to go out alone and now being a Rune Knight, she could go wherever she wanted. Gwen indeed, missed being a child. The time where her emotions showed happiness and bliss at the same time. But now she's grown up, the more she grows stronger, it slowly dies. She decided going out and visit the garden. She usually goes to the library whenever she isn't feeling sleepy, but she felt like taking a little chat with Mother Nature. She closed her coat up and walked out as the snow made its way onto the grounds of Crocus. She was gracefully walking in the moonlight's light. The streets are empty and quiet, no soul was there to accompany her. The garden gates are already closed and locked. Probably because it was late at night that they had to close it. Gwen decided to go home, but her eyes were still having a huge amount of energy and her body wasn’t feeling numb at all. She walked in the street again, but in the opposite direction of where her home was. The further she went, the more noise she heard. The lights were growing larger until she reached an inn she never went to before.

The inn was full of people. Adults, drunk and cheering as if they were in a party. The smell of alcohol and wine made Gwen’s stomach nearly complain. She covered up her mouth with her right hand and opened her fingers slightly so she would breathe. Something in the inside of the inn caught Gwen’s attention, it seems like they were fighting. Gwen took a look inside the inn as she was curious about it. And she was right, it was a fight between a waiter and a drunk man. People were complaining about the lack of food. Most were drunk people, complaining like a child.

By the door, a man went in front of Gwen. "Back off." He said. Emotionless, Gwen let the guy leave. She saw him go and watched his every step. And another man that looked older ran passed her. "Don't go!" He shouted. He was three meters away from Gwen, and she just stared at him. She might as well felt like leaving, she walked off to where the other guy's path was. "Oh no, not you too!" He shouted again. Gwen stopped moving and looked at the poor guy. "I am the owner, and my name is Batra." He said, then asked for help. Gwen had felt like she had met the man before, but maybe it was only a false memory. Gwen would rather spend her time in the library. So she took another step away, and stopped. She looked at the man closing his hands, begging for help. Gwen went to the man and touched his right shoulder, nodding as a sign of "yes".

She asked herself why she was in the kitchen, why she was wearing an apron, and why did her mercy tell her to help the man out. She already knew the basics of the kitchen, although she knew how to cook when she was young. Her skill in cooking started when her dad taught her how to bake cookies, then tried baking and cooking meat. She forgot how to cook at this age now, and it's her first time to post in such a long time. Oh look, her first order was 3 hamburgers. She flipped those hams and heated the vegetables. Cooked the buns evenly and combined them slowly, but surely. They were ready to be served; Gwen handed the plate to the cashier for serving. As she went back to the kitchen, she instantly got another order. "2 Breaded Chicken Wings" was written on the note. She tightened her apron and went back to cooking.

The next order was 5 hot dogs, the food Gwen hated the most. She took the hot dogs with disgust and made slices on it. They were ready to be in the pan for cooking, but it was cooked slowly because of how Miyu hated hot dogs. Her creativity went into her as she was slicing, then ended up making a flower in the hotdog. The product wasn't as fine as how the burgers were done, but at least they weren't bad too. She had to make the hot dogs as pretty as possible to hide the bad taste that would probably run out.

She liked potatoes, and making baked potatoes are good. She had to make another one for herself, it won't be that bad since she was the one who helped anyways. She salted the potatoes a bit too much. But she cared less, she wanted to escaped already. She hated the fact that she always gets a new order whenever finishing the previous one. It annoyed her a bit, she was losing inspiration.

The last order was simple, they were fries. She thought they were simple, but it wasn't. She had to mix in spices she had never done before. She mixed the spices, but she wasn't sure what to do next. The hard thing about that is, she isn't supposed to use oil to fry the fries. That didn't make no absolute sense, did it? It's called French Fries because you fry them, but she isn't supposed to use any cooking oil. Instead of frying, she baked the fries. It won't be a problem, they didn't say and advice Gwen about what to do. She's used to being alone anyways, and learning alone is what she is good at. So she did put the food in the plate for serving.

Until she realized that she haven't rested. Her arms are tired and her eyes are closing. She wasn't sweating at all, probably because the cool of the night's winter doesn't heat up her body that much. She was done, she took of her apron and left, just in time for midnight. She was thanked a lot, she had to leave. Bye bye for the place that brought her memories back.

WC: 1162

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