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Shady Business [Quest|Sage]

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Shady Business [Quest|Sage] Empty on Wed Jan 31, 2018 9:45 am

Sage was standing there, in front of the quest board, he was reading the quests offered by various people but most of it doesn't seem to attract Sage's attention at all, he wanted something that is fun to work with, maybe with more fighting. Scanning the whole board over and over again, but still, he couldn't find one. Sage lost hope, but he then saw something that might involve fighting, it was a quest flyer from a quite famous merchant, Barras Berend. Sage knew him because he sells stuff to royals and even things to the army, which would be him as Sage just joined the rune knights. Sage took the flyer and went to see his client, Barras in his forge. As Sage had gone to his forge once, Sage knew the way already so he didn't get any help from the people around him like he always did back in the old days. When Sage arrived at Barras' forge, he said, "Is anybody home?" before entering to not be rude or anything. Barras greeted Sage and let him inside the forge. Sage stepped inside the forge, the quest flyer in his hand, swaying as the wind blows through the door and into the forge. Sage lifted the flyer when he was in front of Bassar, hoping that the merchant would understand what was going on and what Sage wanted to tell him as he doesn't like to talk too much and get things done quickly. Sage waited for quite awhile, and when he got fed up, he wanted to open his mouth and just tell Bassar what was going on, but then Bassar spoke first, "Oh you want to take my request?" Bassar asked Sage, curious his voice sounded. Sage felt like facepalming, he couldn't believe that a merchant to the royals is so stupid. Sage wailed, "Yes Bassar, it is not that hard to understand." For no reason, Sage sounded like he was bumped well because he was. "Woah, don't need to be so grumpy in my store," Bassar said to Sage, hoping him to calm down. "Whatever, just tell me the details," Sage said straightforward, wanting to get things done because he still remembered that he needs to get going to crocus to help the rune knights defend the crown from threats. Bassar then noticed that Sage was serious and wanted to get things done, so he told him all the details Sage needs. "Ok, so here's the deal." Sage leaned forward and closed his eyes, as he wanted to remember every single detail so that he won't mess up like a stupid amateur mage as he is now a professional one. Bassar felt weird when Sage closed his eyes, "Dude are you still there or are you sleeping?" Bassar said, Sage couldn't hold it anymore, he opened his eyes widely and stared at Bassar like a hawk, and sure is Bassar was intimidated and said, "Ok, ok.".

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Sage then felt like he was wasting his time, but he kept his patience and waited for Bassar to give him the details. "So I made this agreement to buy ores from a merchant, a unique ore, and they sell it at a very very low price," before Bassar could continue, Sage, looked at Bassar again with those hawk eyes. Sage had enough detail to see what was going on, the mind of his processed the ideas so fast that he predicted what Bassar was about to tell him. "So you want me to check it out for you and represent you because you are afraid that it was a fraud as the price of the unique ore is too low?" Sage explained so fast that it left Bassar speechless and he couldn't even move. Sage doesn't want to waste any more time with the nonsense showed by Bassar, "Now tell me where and when fast." Sage ended his sentence with such intimidation that Bassar lost his words but he needs to tell Sage where and when the deal will take place, so he just opened his mouth and blurted everything out. "During the night, at the alley near the outskirts of the city," Bassar said as if he was threatened, which he kind of is at that time, but maybe that doesn't count because Sage didn't mean to harm him at all. It was still the afternoon, so Sage decided to rest in a nearby hotel which was near the outskirts of the city. While waiting, Sage had a bath and packed his things for travel because he needs to get to Crocus, fast. Sage also had his dinner early and when it was dusk, Sage was stationed in an alley near the outskirts of the city, he dressed normally, not revealing if he's a rune knight nor a mage. As Sage waited, caravans passed by, holding lots of things from people to dead people, food to clothes and other things that can be found in the market except for the dead body of course. The silence of the night accompanied him, not a single sound of an insect can be heard, only the sound of the wind whooshing by could be heard by Sage. As the moon grew bigger and brighter, a caravan was going towards the direction of the alley Sage was at, he was prepared to face anything, be it a smuggler or a real merchant, Sage wanted to deal with this fast. As the caravan stopped in the middle of the alley, the one who keeps the horses in track hopped off the caravan and opened the caravan's door, the moonlight let Sage see the boy as a someone handsome with long hair bang like he does but the difference is that both of Sage's bangs are long, this guy, only one of his bangs is long. The man seemed like a merchant's aide as there could be no way a merchant opening a door for someone else.

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The man who was inside the caravan looks old, but to Sage, he looks quite fit and healthy. But judging from the merchant's clothes, which is just a plain white shirt, Sage could already tell that this isn't real and is a fraud because merchants usually wear their best clothes to make a deal, but Sage couldn't judge something quickly even tho all the molecules in his body told him that he is in danger and he needs to act fast, real fast before something bad happens. The merchant and his aide walked to Sage, they are not quite far from the caravan, of course, Sage wanted to peek inside the caravan but the aide closed the door before Sage could see anything inside. More suspiciously, they came to Sage without the ore, without anything really, Sage determined that this is a fraud and he must be ready for them to attack first. The merchant smiled to Sage, and Sage also replied with a smile, but with a dishonest one, after smiling, Sage returned to his serious face and asked the merchant, "So where's the ore that I ask for?" Sage sounded professional because he needs to before the two fraus merchants found out that Sage isn't the merchant he made a deal with. "Oh before I show you, you must show me the money, we don't want to be mugged in the middle of nowhere you know?" The merchant said and right at that moment, every particle in the whole wide universe is telling Sage that this is a fraud they are going to mug Sage, but Sage played it cool, he wanted to make things more interesting and he wanted the merchant to act first and so that if this case is going to be held at the court, Sage could win the argument by saying that they attacked first and if Sage attacked first they will surely win the case. Sage then replied the merchant, "Oh yes, the money..." Sage searched his wallet for the money he is going to use to buy the ore, but he knew that there isn't any money there in his wallet, he will make him look very open and will going to make easy for the merchant and his aide to steal Sage's wallet. Sage made it looks like he was counting the money but actually, he didn't. The merchant gave a signal to his aide, Sage noticed this and made a note in his mind that the merchant will always depend on his aide to do stuff. The aide quickly grabbed Sage's wallet and Sage seemed to let it go just like that, the aide and the merchant laughed, the aide gave Sage's wallet to the merchant and he cracked his knuckles at Sage just because he wants to beat Sage up and gave him a warning first. The merchant laughed but it died as soon as he realizes that there was no money in the wallet.

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The merchant growled, "How dare you, you insolent child! Beat him up." the merchant ordered his aide to beat Sage up, Sage had expected this to happen right from the beginning. The merchant's aide charged at Sage with his left fist, Sage bent his knees and dashed to the right with amazing speed, he left a purple flower mark on the ground where he'd been and then Sage hardened his fist and in an instant a light orb formed in Sage's hand, because Sage dashed just now, he was at the back of the aide, giving Sage the element of surprise. Sage threw the light orb at the merchant's aide, and because the range between Sage and him isn't that far, the light orb hit him instantly, and because Sage has been training for quite awhile, the damage given out by the light orb was enough to defeat the merchant's aide. He fell to the ground with such impact by the light orb, the merchant was afraid, he didn't know where to go so he begged Sage, "please don't hurt me, you don't want to hurt an old man right?" the merchant pleaded Sage for mercy. "Well you are an injustice man, you should be ashamed of yourself and most importantly you should realize that what you are doing is..." Sage said to the merchant, he cut his ending as he draws nearer to the merchant's ear with his arm crossed, "Disgusting.". Then Sage hit the man in the rib just to knock him out, it was vital to know human's weak points as a rune knight, especially someone like Sage, who fight bad crime instead of giving tickets to people. Sage took out some ropes he got for being a rune knight and tied the merchant and his aide at a street lamp for the rune knights in charge to take them to the jail as Sage already contacted one. He then checked the caravan for the ore that should have been sold to Bassar, but as Sage expected there was not a single ore in the caravan, plus it seems like the caravan was stolen from somewhere Sage had been before because he was sure that he once saw the caravan before. Sage left the scene for the other rune knights to take care of it while headed to Bashar's forge to report what happened. When Sage arrived at the forge, sage told Bassar everything that happened and Sage could tell that Bassar was quite disappointed but at the same time happy to see Sage not hurt. "Thank you," Bassar said to Sage, thanking him for all the hard work Sage went through, then Sage felt a little sorry for Bassar becuase he was being lied, "Well I am sorry things didn't go well but your welcome anyway," Sage said to Bassar without being his usual angry serious Sage but a cool one now that he had finished the quest of the day. Bassar smiled and said to Sage, "You can keep the money as the reward.", Sage smiled, and he walked over to Barras and gave the bear like human a hug, even tho Sage can be a little too much serious, he is still a child inside.


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