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on Sun Jan 28, 2018 9:12 pm

Baron rubbed his temples as he sat at the park by himself. he watched as people spoke and conversated amongst themselves. He felt himself growing envious of those who had someone but he didn't let it get too him too much as he sat cross legged on his flying nimbus. He had finally caught the cloud earlier today when it greeted him outside of the inn and now he had been riding it for some time now. He crossed his arms as he floated down the road with little care for the glances he got. It just wasn't fair was it? Everyone had someone, even the killer angel had someone but here he was a good looking, muscular young man with no one in his corner but a cloud. The nimbus began to rise a bit but stayed a good few feet from the ground as they floated smaller clouds being left behind as they gingerly floated by. What to do, what to do. He couldn't see much of anything in the crowds thus he took to the air for a bit and floated over the buildings looking down at the world below... So much but so little, "I guess i'll never find someone..." he sighed.


on Sun Jan 28, 2018 9:36 pm

She rolls around in her bed as it was some time during the day time. People were probably out, walking about and shopping. She was alone right as now as she couldn't hear Baron's snoring all the way from her bed room. She frowned as she felt like she was being judged from that night that didn't even happen. She sheepishly looked at the white ceiling as the white felt like it was getting to her. The light from the window on the other hand was glistening and beaming towards her. Soon enough Arisa rolled off bed and twisted, turned with her feet on the ground to get up. ''Well.. I should go out and do something for now...'' she spoke to herself with a gloomy attitude. Her mind, heart and soul missed the two people she thought of most, Alisa and Noel. Her best friend and her lover were always there for her rather or not they were literally there face to face. Just thinking of them kept her all okay.

She teared up a little as she thought of the monster she saw - herself, but it wasn't really her right? She didn't know what was going on, but the Arisa Baron saw wasn't her... so who was it? Arisa didn't get to ask him about what he saw, who he saw when she was eating that candy shaped person. It was cherry flavor...


on Sun Jan 28, 2018 9:56 pm

He continued to drift down the side walk and sighed to himself, there was nothing going on in Corcus, the people didn't seem all that worried about the oncoming flurry of destruction. He knew there was something up in the city but none of the citizens seem to care all that much. He licked his lips and nodded to himself as he flew to a nearby ice cream stand for a cool treat he took one and went on and down the way to get another treat and another until he had bags worth on his cloud. Oddly he could carry items on it which would be very useful.

He yawned and laid back on his cloud as he flew over the city and looked for anything interesting. There was nothing going on it seemed, or well, not much right now going on and that made him fairly sad. He burped and kept on flying and moving and going until he looked down at the city for a moment. Where are they? He couldn't find anything or anytone interesting maybe he could buh Arisa but he didn't want to see much of her right now... Not right now no, maybe later.


on Mon Jan 29, 2018 1:48 pm

She stretched as she stood out of bed, slipped on some slippers with faces of nothing as she felt weird wearing some animal face upon what she puts her feet in. She yawned softly, walked to the kitchen and opened the fridge. 'Wonder what to make.... It's only morning...' she thought sheepishly. There were eggs in the fridge, some oranges and plus a lot of other things so she grabbed the eggs, oranges, ham and milk. She felt like getting some bacon so before she closed the fridge, she grabbed that juicy bacon. 'Things so good come out of so much death...' she thought darkly while pulling apart each strip of bacon after taring apart the plastic it was being wrapped up by.

Next was the eggs and it was good that it was just something that came from a chicken, an unborn dead baby chicken at that so it was not even a little better. She was an animal lover so it was sort of hard to eat stuff like this, but it was so good... She took a deep breather and grabbed the pans from the lower cupboards. Saute pan, skillet and that was it as she started to heat up the pan. She wanted to make Extra so if Baron wanted some, she's have some cooked for him. He was a guest, a friend and it was only right, right?


on Mon Jan 29, 2018 2:24 pm

He stood up on his cloud and roamed over the town with a great pace, zooming over the sky leaving a nice vibrant yellow line in his wake. He was unaware that Arisa had already woke up not long ago, he'd likely have to make up for not telling her he was leaving so early. The Nimbus flew with great speed, so much that Baron had almost lost his a balance and tripped over. He held tight though watching as the small buildings zoomed by with a smile on his face. he was getting the hang of old nimbus and that was what really mattered! it was an awesome companion, super fast and everything. The wind began to pick up but the nimbus seemed able to handle the change in conditions in its current state. It was a heck of a lot faster than he assumed it to be.

Traveling was a sinch and not before long he imagined that he would be able to get it Bosco and back in no time at all without all of the foot travel. This cloud was a blessing from the maker, though it only seemed big enough for him at the time, would it grow any? Fingers crossed?


on Mon Jan 29, 2018 2:54 pm

She was cooking breakfest, flipping those eggs, grilling the ham and smelling the sizzling bacon in its glory. Glory... What did she know about Glory? She was weak compared to her lover in battle, but then why was she picked for the things she was picked for? The guild master, to be an angel, everything... Alisa was even stronger than her... Her head tilted up and towards the sky by looking out the window hovering over the stove. It was clear outside and it seemed beautiful. A nice day for her wings to spread out, but she didn't want to make a scene... She was still the only Angel on land - as far as she knew.

Who was that mysterious person anyways? The one who sent the letter.... It could be some dude from the past or even one of those people who sent those nature monsters after her in Baska. Softly she sighed and slid the food on the platter. ''I guess he won't be joining.'' she spoke...

''Who won't be joining?'' spoke a voice from behind.

With a plate a cup in her hand, it dropped as she turned and saw who it was. ''What... What are you doing here?....'' she spoke worrisome. It was... no... How did he find her?! Her eyes watered and her head pounded as if memories were splitting and erupting... He was the man from her Country, the man who ordered the separate deaths of the kids who lived with her... She pointed at him and stood back. ''You're dead.. You're not here... You can't be.'' she spoke with quivering lips and bumped against the counter with her rump... The man swooped his hand and with that the door was locked, windows closed and nothing could come in the room nor leave...Finally, out of no where he disappeared and everything was unlocked as the kettle steamed.


on Mon Jan 29, 2018 5:11 pm

It was time to open the gates! He was feeling it now there was so much energy up here! Flying made him feel magical and awesome he knew that life was going his way even if he had no friends or loved ones! He coudl go on his own,be a lone wolf and just live life out the longest he could on his own. Sure, he wouldn't get everything he wanted but that was just life wasn't it? We don't get what we want we just endure and try our best at everything. This was a new perspective for him but it would certainly do. What was the point of living if he was going to be a sad sack all of the time? This would all work out for him, life would work out for him and nothing would ruin his time except for the exposition of fear. That was it, he could do this life thing. He'd have to try it, one day he'd be a Super Saiyan if he believed enough! he licked his chops and crossed his arms as he made a U turn for the hotel to land on the balcony, rather or not Arisa was home was unknown to him.


on Mon Jan 29, 2018 5:45 pm

She was still in shock of what she saw. The man was the same compared to when she saw him as a child. He was so nice, caring, loving and passionate to mostly children as he wished he had his own. The woman he was married to, his mistress couldn't have children due to some casualties that happened during the war between them and some other area. Arisa didn't remember the details, but the sight of him made her heart drop, eyes water and body dropped to the floor with her ending up on the ground by her knees slamming into the floor. Her eyes were half-way closed as she gazes into 'space'.

Her mind was becoming lost as she clenches her soft hands into fists. With that she smashed glass into her hands, cutting them up a little. ''Huh?'' she shook out of the shock by the glass stabbing into her fingers. She hurried to get up, turned on the sink water and let the water soak through her wounds. She took a deep breather and used her magic to pluck out the little glass pieces she couldn't see. While this was taking its course, her mind was a little space cadet-like.


on Mon Jan 29, 2018 6:18 pm

WOO baby the gates were open now he could breath like a champ like no one was on his chest and nothing was wrong with him. he was 100% straight, like a god he was a good looking Saiyan, good looking Super Saiyan no one could touch him or his and when they tried they'd probably roll over and cry like a dog when he was done with them baby. He was king of the gates the only Saiyan in this dimension no one could touch him. The gates were swinging open now and Arisa's fine ass could see them swing if she wanted. Then again she was so invested in all of her stuff she probably wouldn't even give the Gates the time of day and that hurt his heart dearly because she was bad as hell, and she looked good too, which those two things meant the same but who gave a damn. If she was single he'd be all over that cake like white on rice. He licked his lips and readied himself to see her again he straightened his hair brushed his teeth in some stranger's bathroom and had his cloud fluffed to look good just for her.


on Mon Jan 29, 2018 6:35 pm

The blood was trickling down the skin and into the sink. 'If only I was Immortal...' she thought, cursing herself for being like a human, but not one at the same time. She finally got all the glass off her fingers, but now it was time to pick up all the glass and pieces off the ground. She walked away from where the glass was to go to a cupboard, grabbed a towel, a tray and then walked back over. A little parts away from all the glass she used the towel to sweep up the glass into the tray. After getting it all in the tray, she slowly got up to throw it all away in the trash. ''I should hurry and finish making all this.'' she spoke to herself as she tried to ignore what really just happened.

Arisa grabbed the oranges, the turner and the knife. Simply she used the large knife to cut the oranges in half, peeled them and then placed them against the turner. Afterwards, she turned the orange that was against that object to have it create juice in the the jar under the orange and object. She loved orange juice, mostly the homemade kind. She hummed softly and ignored the cuts on her leg as well from the glass falling.


on Mon Jan 29, 2018 6:39 pm

Baron clapped his hands together and found himself landing on the balcony after Nimbus touchdown with a gentle patter. He thought it was pretty awesome how his personal cloud could just stop on a dime like that. Oh the fun he could have on that thing. He clapped his hands again as he stretched around the balcony. He approached the glass doors and slid them open as he entered, this was fun seeing his buddy again and all. Arisa would probably be so glad to see him she'd hug him for coming back. He did have that effect on women when they weren't beating him into a pulp. Ah Eve, so evil, so scary, so... Awesome. Eh, whatever he couldn't sit on the past, "Honey I'm home." he called inside of the pent house Pent House as he looked for the Seraph, where on earth was she now? She should have been around... Then he could smell it, food cooking. Aww she made him something eat on, she really did care aside from putting him on drugs and almost giving him a panic attack. Geez he really needed to let that night go but it was so scary. He needed to let go but couldn't


on Mon Jan 29, 2018 7:00 pm

She made the last of the orange juice and sat it down by the plates and bowls. Next she had to grab some of the cups to have them be by the jar. ''I just need to get two...'' she spoke to herself as she grabbed two cups and turned around to see Baron just standing there after saying what he said. It reminded her of that guy who spoke and was just standing there, scaring her. She dropped the cups as she was spooked, smashing into the ground and a little jump from her. ''Oh! Baron... Wow... Don't do that again, okay?'' she said in a motherly tone like a mother would if her child was gone from home too long to see them home late, but in a calm manner way.

She looked down and sighed. ''Not again...'' she whispered and bent down on her knees to clean up the glass. ''There's food on the table as you can see. Can you get two glasses please?'' she asked sweetly and threw away the glass in the trash again. 'So much wasted glass...' she thought and dusted off her thighs that had some blood due to the glass shattering on her legs too. She ignored it as that was the least of her pains and worries. Her stomach was growling so she was hungry. With that she went to the table to sit across from Baron.


on Mon Jan 29, 2018 7:04 pm

Seemed she was in a particularly jumpy mood today he chuckled and scratched the back of his head when she asked him not to scare her anymore, he'd nod in retort and make a way towards her. "Sorry about that, sure, I'll get us some glasses." he went over to the nearest drawer and did just that getting two nice glasses both moderate in size. They seemed like fragile little things, though the way she spoke to him, yeah it was motherly but it was also.. Kinda hot, wow there was so much wrong with him right now but he was comfortable calling her these things! She was his friends, they could hang out and he could kinda say things like that. He put the glasses on the table and looked back at her, "Hey, sorry I didn't tell you where I was going last night, lots of nonsense was going on last night and I needed some air, me and Nimbus were pretty high this morning. He looked over at her and rested against the table careful not to tip it, he wanted to look cool and all this morning thus he'd look her over and wonder what she was wearing.


on Mon Jan 29, 2018 8:35 pm

She watched him get the glasses which was nice. She watched him come back and so she started to put stuff on her plate. There was bacon, eggs and some other stuff she didn't feel like listing in her head. The orange juice just looked perfect for this as she reached for it to pour Baron and herself some. ''Thank you. Here you go.~'' she spoke softly and sat straight back down to get her fork to cut and feed herself some food. She listened to Baron speak and apologize for leaving all of the sudden. ''Oh, it's okay. It's your life. I'm not your mom.'' she joked and chuckled as she ate another bite.

It would be funny if she was ever a mother in general. She couldn't have children... Shame. She wondered how her friends were doing and then looked at Baron. ''So how's your cloud? Have you figured anything new about it?'' she spoke sort of curious. She was saddened that once again, everyone around her seemed to have a companion or some sort of creature as a friend. Even Noel had one - or so she heard of it. It was a mystery of why she hasn't had one come to her yet. It felt like a curse.


on Mon Jan 29, 2018 8:54 pm

Baron had fixed himself a nice plate, luckily liked to eat hefty as well thus there was more than enough for them both and Baron's big appetite. When she asked about his cloud Baron placed his plate down and stroked his chin, "Well, I learned that it can go pretty darn high, but only one person can fit on it at a time. It's a pretty cool little cloud, can be a bit of a jerk though." he looked out of the window, the nimbus was no where to be seen. Where it went when he didn't ride it was a mystery but he didn't linger long, for all he knew it went with a bunch of other clouds of its nature, or maybe there were none and it merely flew about on its own. Was it alive? Was it even a real thing? It seemed more like a way of transport than anything and flew where ever he wanted on whim. It wasn't a living creature no, but Baron found it interesting none the less. It'd serve of use during the oncoming war. "You come up with anything new? Hear from your loved ones any?" he asked.


on Mon Jan 29, 2018 9:09 pm

She listened to him talk about his cloud thing and that he could fly but that was about it. He didn't know much more details about the whole thing or at least she believed he only knew just that. There were many questions about what all this guy knew, but not many of her friends have told her about what they knew about their companions. The companions were interesting as they never existed much before till recently last year. She remembered seeing Nas have her companion and they were just like the best friends. Was that how everyone of them were with their 'human's? Questions, questions, questions - so many questions yet never any answers.

It was typical, but for now she was to enjoy her food with her friend. She looked at where the cloud could or was to be. ''So very high huh? No talking, no spells or any of that? '' she wondered and then took a drink of her orange juice. ''That's quite interesting I suppose. The other people i know that have companions - some talk and some fight, but yours doesn't do any of that. I suppose they are animal-like though as yours is a cloud.'' she nodded at that confirmation to her own thoughts.


on Mon Jan 29, 2018 9:13 pm

"Yeah, but he's a swell fella, he hasn't dropped me yet." he chortled as he began to eat, he didn't use a fork but rather his hands the heat from the food not getting to him, he stuffed his mouth full first thing and beat on his chest to get it all down. "It doesn't really talk and can't do tricks but it's pretty fast you should try it out some time, though the last person I let get on fell off first thing, it was kinda weird... They just fell straight through, plop." he made the sound at the end and demonstrated it by dropping a piece of bacon into his mouth. "You're a damn good cook Arisa wow." he was enjoying each piece of food on his plate, it was warming him up and making him quite happy to have such a fine home cooked meal for once. He normally just ate out ramen but this was so much different he got to eat food made with love and not on an assembly line. It was a nice change of pace and he would have to make up this kindness with another one day.


on Mon Jan 29, 2018 9:36 pm

She heard his compliment of her cooking, making her chuckle. ''Oh, you're silly.~ You know that?!'' she spoke happily and drank more of her orange juice, thinking. She wondered when she'll ever cook for her lover. 'For fuck sakes, stop thinking about him.' spoke the darker toned voice - in her head of course. She frowned a little while she was drinking her orange juice and smiled normally as she sat it down on the table. Her head looked towards Baron and tilted her head sideways a tiny bit. ''Well, if there is anything certain you like for dinner. I will be happy to cook for you - as a friend of mine.'' she spoke softly and motherly.

Perhaps Baron was like a big child and she was a mother at this point as she was caring for him. She was paying for the food, the hotel room and even cooking for him. What was next? Buying clothes and setting him off to school? No. He was too old for school of course as he was a rune knight. ''So have you visited the facility in Era for Rune Knights yet?'' she wondered curiously. ''Wondered how the other Rune Knights are these days... My cousin introduced me to them, but didn't see much of him afterwards. '' she tried to explain.


on Mon Jan 29, 2018 10:01 pm

"Nah I haven't been to Era just yet I got recruited by a cutie with blue hair." He spoke about Reqi fondly as he smiled in remembrance. They had shared a bed and when he awoke she left a nice stack of paper work on the bed next to him for him to sign to become a knight, where she got it was beyond him but he appreciated the haste she showed in getting him set up before he knew it he had gotten the code by letter and his contract was printed off and sent to the HQ for filing he was now a knight oh so simply."What about you? You in a guild or anything?" he asked, he wondered who her cousin was but he was unsure how to react to that, if it was Reqi he pretty much would have been boasting about nailing her cousin and getting to sign on to the knights just because of her. It was pretty neat once he thought about it and even cooler when he remembered everything he did not long before. That's right Req was a pretty happening lady. If only he could see her again he couldn['t wait.


on Mon Jan 29, 2018 10:11 pm

She looked at him and leaned back as she was curiously listening to him. She smiled, arms crossed against her medium chest and perked her ears up to listen well. There was a girl who invited him to it, but he has never been to Era's headquarters, sad. She listened more and to its end he asked her about which guild she was in or if she was in any guild. It was kind of worrisome to answer since she was the guild master of a guild. She chuckled nervously and itched the scalp by her right temple. ''Uh yea. I'm in Lamia Scale like my lover.~ He invited me to it long ago - or so it feels like, but urm... I'm actually - never mind.'' she spoke and gulped. She didn't know what more to say so she grabbed her juice and drank that juice slowly. Her eyes were gazing away from him as she didn't want to lie nor say about her being the leader - not yet anyways. She looked about as she then wondered more, but held her questions. ''Actually, I'm the guild leader - believe it or not. Just don't tell anyone.~'' she spoke as she only wanted certain people to know. She trusted Baron, hopefully it wasn't a mistake.



on Tue Feb 06, 2018 10:28 pm

He was surprised she was so open with him, so she was the guild leader that was an interesting development. "You're also fine as hell, what else is new?" he stood up and stretched his arms and legs, "I won't tell anyone though you have my word. I won't tell anyone anything." he nodded to her as he stood up, "Her man was one lucky bastard that was for sure." he licked his lips and wiped them before looking out of the window. One more day till he had to go out and get to work... How scary it was to imagine going all the way out there just to kill others...

The war was coming and he was apart of the prep team meaning he needed to work on things like forts, fortifications, barricades and sand bags. Who knew that would happen... He needed to go on home and move on. He looked up at the ceiling and watched her go. Those hips could sway all day, but they would never sway his way. What a sad development but it couldn't be helped. He shrugged his shoulders and went into the other room as he put his hands behind his back. He was sleepy.


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