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Back Where it All Began [Training]

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on Sun Jan 28, 2018 11:25 am

Domus Flau, the arena of the capital. A place where many fighters had come to do battle and test their mettle against many others. Right now it sat abandoned, not being used for any kind of fights or bouts, hell there was literally no one around, but that made things a lot easier for Odin, who had just arrived back in the capital after a long time away. His first encounter had been here, the first time he had fought another mage, the first time he had truly learned what it was he had gotten himself into by joining a guild, and being a mage. He could remember it vividly, as he had just stood in the centre of the stadium, after having defeated three men that had thought themselves Odin's better. Back then, he had looked like a scrawny weakling, someone that could be easily bested by the average man. Obviously, they had been mistaken, and it had cost them all some time in the hospital afterwards. A low rumble echoed around the arena as Odin laughed, remembering their bravado and confidence dwindle and change into fear as he took them down, but that was not the only reason he laughed, as there was another thing on his mind.

Those three men, the three that had viewed themselves Odin's superior, the Lich couldn't help but wonder how they'd act now if they saw him. Of course, they'd have no idea it was the same man, but Odin doubted that would change the fear that would no doubt be present on their faces. Being a Lich had its advantages, but also a fair share of disadvantages, and not being able to control his appearance was definitely one. Arisa, the seraph, the angel, was able to control how she looked, by hiding her wings when she was not using them, and looking like just any normal human being, albeit one with interesting eyes. Odin didn't have any ability like that, he was stuck as he was, stuck to wander as a monster, and what an interesting life it would be.

However, he wouldn't be alone.

Raising two of his hands, Odin summoned two beings. The first, a simple skeleton warrior, one of the most basic creations Odin had begun to experiment with, and easily the weakest summon he possessed. However, they had great strength in numbers, as they could be summoned indiscriminately by the Lich. They came from under the ground, as all of his summons did, but summoning twenty underneath the feet of the enemy would give little chance to escape their clutches. They were not meant to fight the opponent one on one, they were meant to stall, to buy time, to capture, and to swarm. Once they were summoned, no more extra power was needed, and Odin could then either summon more, or move around the enemy and attack when they were too busy fighting the skeleton warriors. They were cannon fodder, but they were extremely useful cannon fodder.

The second summon was unimportant, as they were both sent away moments after they appeared, Odin simply wished to confirm his ability to summon multiple.



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