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Peccato Involontario Part II [Baron&Arisa] Closed

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on Sun Jan 28, 2018 10:57 am


Arisa was dancing elegantly and then wild - there was a mix to it all. She didn't have a settled theme as she just wanted to dance freely. She felt high, relaxed and just going with the flow sort of mood. She was with a friend, named Baron as they went to a club that has been here and hidden for many years. People could drink alcohol, deal things, drugs, blackjack and hookers. The place was crazy and restricted to only those who are known within the huge circle that was going on. She didn't know exactly what this circle was nor what was going on to be honest, but she didn't care much to - as long as they respected her.

Those who didn't respect her were to found out what happens to them. For now she was to enjoy the dance floor with her guy friend as the lazor of colorful lights flashed upon them all. The music was a blast as it was kind of an electrical type of song. It had tons of beats to it and that's what really mattered, right? She felt like so, but she finally continued on dancing without much thinking though. Her heart pounded with the beat while ignoring the people around her other than her friend to make sure he wasn't doing anything bad.


on Sun Jan 28, 2018 11:05 am

he was dancing better than he ever danced before he was blowing his whistle and twirling his glow sticks around like a mad man. he was chillin out and still hallucinating but he danced freely on all of the drugs he consumed. He nodded his head and danced about with the others he licked his lips and whistle and blew on and on with the music. He paid no mind to no one around him as he danced, this was so weird he didn't know what to do so he just kept dancing on and on as he laughed to himself as new hallucinations came about.

He was hallucinating a few different things, lots of colors and more snakes, there was even a big one at the back of the club but it was out of sight and out of mind. He was dancing so hard at this point he was traveling all around the place in the center of everything. He would soon find himself near the chick he came with but then he just kinda drifted back into the crowd. This was terrible, too many snakes. He wasn't going with no snakes, why were there so many snakes geez.


on Sun Jan 28, 2018 11:44 am

She continued to dance while wondering what he was seeing while hallucinating. The other people around her seemed to squish in more people as they danced closer to people if not certain specific people. She didn't really know much of this stuff that she was taking, but she had to experience some how! She continued on dancing some more for a few hours with her friend, Baron till she was done dancing. She tried to find Baron, but the effects of the stuff she was taking was beginning to hit. The people around here were started to slink and change shape while the floors were hovering and moving on their own. ''Do I... Just stand here?'' she wondered as she just stands to see if she moves on without even taking another step.

Her head tilted down to look at the floor all dumbfounded and then realized she was obviously not moving with the thing. 'Damn things...' she thought and walked forward towards where the couch was and the people sitting in the 'circle'. She plopped next to the people that have been here the last time she came here which was years. ''That was some dancing there, Ari.'' spoke a friend which made her chuckle. ''Haha, you're funny. I was just dangling about.'' she joked. She then heard some mumbles from the random people that were all sitting on the other ( shaped couch as she was on the ) couch. She once again tried to calm down.


on Sun Jan 28, 2018 12:01 pm

Baron rubbed his hands together and put the glow sticks down after a moment of wild dancing. He threw his glow sticks at once of the snakes and watched it eat them. He looked for his shirt but it was gone and he would soon sit on a couch far from where Ari was he passed out on the couch and began to drool a bit as she saw more wild things. He saw a snake eat a woman and then the same woman was just fine. He licked his lips an d nodded to the music as he began to drift off he had found himself laying on some random person leaning on them rather they wanted it or not he would look out into the club with one eye as he fell asleep there. he tried to stay up but it was so hard he couldn't keep his eyes open for anything thus he would eventually just rest up and go on to bed, there was nothing better than sleeping on the ground of a nasty club he was sure no one would take him or hurt him he was safe for now he just needed more rest lots of rest.


on Sun Jan 28, 2018 12:23 pm

She sighed and looked at the friendly face. ''So what have you been up to? Been awhile.'' he asked her. She didn't know what to say. 'Oh you know. I died because some dudes appeared and violated my human body, but then I got a new body and all - totally an undead angel.' Part of that was true, but she was no undead as she could die like any other human, unlike what she heard about with liches. She thought of Grim and hoping their friendship will last - Yin and yang. That was what they were supposed to be, but what if he decides to kill her or fight her anyways?

'Just disregard the past...' she remembered him saying that or something like that... She wanted to, but the past is what etched into her skull and memories for life and beyond. She chuckled, ''Oh traveling here and there. Fighting some battles and the sort.'' she spoke. The people that were in the other couch were chuckling, making jokes about what she said and about her in general. She was almost close in ... in being not her. What was it? Who was she or it? This part of her that felt hungry, angry and just sinful It gave her the shivers...


on Sun Jan 28, 2018 12:29 pm

He began to dream again, this time it was... A strange one, he saw many snakes hundreds they were on the floor, no, they were the floor and the ceiling it was like a big room made of snakes. He was grossed out and fell on his hands as he would sink into the snakes though when he fully sunk he couldn't scream because his mouth filled with more snakes he would continue to sink as he held his breath mouth now full of small snakes he went through the floor and held his breath as he left the room and went to an empty one with a big mirror.

He looked into the mirror and saw that he was now a snake! Which made him scream out loud in his dream but in the real world he just sort of shook and jumped. He was on the floor now and his mind he was now a sake. He looked at his arms only to realize he had none. He slinked into the nonsense and eventually woke up looking around before going back to sleep. He needed to sleep this high off bad there was so much wrong with this place he just wanted to rest.


on Sun Jan 28, 2018 12:50 pm

She looked around to see if Baron was around, but he was being weird in the dance floor. 'He'll be alright... right?' she thought. She waited for some other voice to speak, but perhaps the drug was making it so the other voices couldn't speak. She didn't know for sure, but her attention went back to those people who were mocking her, everything she was doing or saying. Her eyes calmly looked at her friend that has been here for awhile - giving the randoms another chance ... one more chance. She wasn't sure how far these people were going to go, testing her patience.

It was getting bad since the person next to her could tell something was going to blow, her mind was going to blow and herself was going to change. ''So uh... Ari! How's that stuff you're trying? I'm glad we got the good stuff today since you're here.'' she spoke to her. The girl that spoke was the girlfriend to the guy who was sitting next to her, to Arisa herself. She blinked and cornered her eyes softly towards the girl. She was really pretty... She had a medium bust, a apple-like body and red hair. Red hair people were pretty... It kept her calm for another moment... Where was Baron again? Wait... Who was he?


on Sun Jan 28, 2018 1:26 pm

Baron snored out loud on the club floor before finally waking up when someone tripped over him. he pushed the person off of him and crawled on the floor behind one of the couches. There were too many snakes around he needed to get out in the open before they attacked him. he crawled on the ground and rolled to another couch before looking around, the snakes were gone, good. He kept low still however the paint on his body concerning him as he tried to rub it away with his hands. No matter what he did it wouldn't come off however he just went onward then convered in paint he felt gross but he continued on anyway. He looked around arisa but couldn't find her thus he would soon find himself hiding under a table. He was shaking wildly the snakes were gone but now everything felt like it was underwater, thus he held his breath and tried his best to creep and swim on the floor as he looked for the angel. This was no good if he got caught by a shark he'd be sea food and he didn't want to be sea food not yet.


on Sun Jan 28, 2018 1:42 pm

Arisa listened to the woman who was speaking and the boyfriend who was sitting beside the girl and herself. She kept talking and talking, non-stopped - not that it was bad or anything since her voice was quite melody to her ears, but to others it was getting annoying. She didn't care about anyone else as this was a secret place for mainly her and those who she has known when she first got to the Country of Fiore. Some of these people (like the girl talking) were also people from Sin that ran away from something there. Each one had a story, but these strangers? She didn't know them nor did she care to know them.... ''So as I was saying, Ari, how is the stuff?'' she spoke once more about it. The people were mocking once more, speaking rudely and whispering hates.... She no longer felt herself...

One chance, two chances ... three
Screw me and you'll end up screwed too
Here we go, a spree
Not a Spree you'd see at a store, but a spree on you
Gnawing of flesh, a spree for gluttons all around as your soul is now free.

She slowly got up while her facial expression changed into a cold expression with some disgust for these people. ''Oh? You like making fun of the innocent? Hurting people's feelings and perhaps even harm them?'' she spoke as if she saw those people who harmed her that one day - they were those people. An unconscious her saw them as well.. them.


on Sun Jan 28, 2018 3:38 pm

Baron would finally get up from his trip and sigh, he took a cup of water and splashed it on his face from the bar and went to find Arisa, once he found her he wouldn't speak but instead plot down in an empty seat as he tried to ride out the last of his high. He looked around the place for some food but his stomach began to turn at the thought of eating again. There was no use in trying he was too disgusted at this point the snakes and water made him too scared to eat and now he just wanted rest. He looked around the place again to see Arisa talking to a woman, what could she have been talking about? Was it drugs? more drugs, why did she even give him drugs he didn't want no drugs he wanted to be secure in place not high. He felt awful about what she had given him and now he just wanted to sit down and relax before things got worst. He licked his lips and sighed to himself looking over at Arisa again in all of her glory and sighed as he rested in his seat this was a long night.


on Sun Jan 28, 2018 3:51 pm

She looked at the group in front of her as they were disgusting living beings that needed to go. ''Get out of my sight now...'' she spoke angrily as if she was holding more than she was showing/revealing. Her hands clenched and it just got worse as they spoke once more - one at at time. ''We don't need to get out of here you crone.'' one of the females spoke as she wore a mini skirt and crop top. A huge part of her was just gone, any niceness she had was gone for this moment. Slowly she chuckled. ''Oh? You're right....'' she started with a smirk as she slowly climbed on top of one of the females - the one talking shit. Her legs held her in place as she wrapped her arms around her neck. ''Maybe you are right... you could stay here just a little longer... for a...'' she started and then put her mouth by the woman's neck...

'She was there... Standing next to that guy who violated my human body... It's her fault... her fault...' were the thoughts going through her mind. The woman first had a pleased look, but Arisa then bit inside of the woman's neck and tore her flesh creating the woman's face into a horrifying expression. ''You sinner... You are not invited here - not to live nor to enjoy life.'' she whispered in her ear as she got up quickly to wipe her mouth with her sleeve. Her eyes glared at the other people who were with that girl. She spat the flesh at her friends while the woman laid there dead with a wide eyed dead look on her face. ''Get the hell out of here before I punish you all.'' she spoke in a hateful manner.


on Sun Jan 28, 2018 4:19 pm

Baron had seen it all, he didn't know if it was the drugs but he watched her murder the woman she tore her neck open like it was nothing more than a shopping bag with her teeth. A shopping bag full of gorey mess, a disgusting scene. He didn't know what to say or do he froze in place as he watched in horror. His mouth hung open as the scene unfolded any scream was gone, there was nothing just emptiness in his eyes. He had never seen someone die like that, he had never seen someone so grizzly murdered. he was a rune knight but he didn't expect to see what was happening before him. Not even in such a dangerous line of work. He wanted to stand but the drugs made him fall back, he tried to reach out to Arisa but he only fell back down, his breathing heavier. Whatever he had taken had been taking a toll on his body. He could barely speak up as he sat still looking at her. What was happening? She was once a sweet woman but now she had taken an immediate turn to monstrous. She killed her with her TEETH of all things. What was this.


on Sun Jan 28, 2018 6:54 pm

Something was weird, this was weird, wasn't it? She blinked for a second as everything became bright. Was this really real? Was this actually the drugs she was taking in? She coughed for a second as the people that were in front of her disappeared and instead, it was a row of candy. Where the dead woman was was a bitten up candy shaped as a woman. ''Hey... You're going to pay for that now.'' an old woman said to turn around and saw Baron with a horrified facial expression. 'That explains why he has that face... He probably saw what I saw and felt.' she thought. The true explanation was that since he took all at the same time, his was lasting longer.

What more was he seeing now that she was up. Her face was sticky from the candy eating - in which she thought was a woman who was in that group. Arisa walked slowly as she stretched and yawned with her mouth open. ''Alright. Here...'' she spoke and paid the woman at the counter. To Baron, it looked like she gave flesh to some man who then shoved it in some box. In reality, she then walked to Baron and dragged him out of the Candy store which looked like the club for Baron. Perhaps this was a bad choice to introduce him to these candies as he mistakenly took too many.


on Sun Jan 28, 2018 7:20 pm

Baron couldn't say another word he was dragged by his wrist out of the club and pulled into the night life. He was frozen by shock as he could only look at Arisa with a cocked brow. Who was she? She couldn't have been the girl he once knew, then again he didn't really know her now did he? He could only watch as he placed a hand on her shoulder, being guided out of the club with all of the ruckus and fear back there was so odd. He rubber her shoulder and patted for her to stop, "Hold on, I need to catch my breath." he panted as he tried his best to keep up, "Are you ok?" he asked still panting in between sentences. He was gassed and her display didn't help him at all, he didn't know if it was real or if he was tripping out but either way he was losing it because of the candy. He just wanted to rest but it didn't seem like that would be happening anytime soon after what she just did whatever that was. He was a rune knight, did he stop her? Nah there was no use... Too high.


on Sun Jan 28, 2018 7:30 pm

She kept on jogging while gripping onto Baron's shirt to leave the area. Something was wrong with those drugs. Something was wrong with her and him! She first saw that candy woman as an actual woman... the gnawing of flesh that spewed in-between her teeth as she took out a chunk - it wasn't really a woman at all. The red was candy and it explained why it didn't taste like human... Not that she would really know or anything. As soon as they were a mile away, she stopped jogging and turned to look at him. ''What do you see now?... The drugs are screwing our visions and we're seeing other things...'' she wanted to know..., but if he wasn't out of the drugs yet, done with hallucinations then he saw nothing but darkness and her. He was in a world of darkness and this other Arisa that had blackness for eyes and dark scarlet lips that smirked.

''Helllo?~ Baron!'' she tried to get his attention. He asked if she was okay, but that didn't explain what he saw. '' Uh... yes I'm okay, but I need to know what you see.'' she explained as she saw the normal outside of Crocus. She needed to get him to his room so he could rest. ''Let's go back.'' she finished her words as she lead him back to the pent house.


on Sun Jan 28, 2018 7:35 pm

" I see the most beautiful woman in the world, how about a kiss?" he spoke as he puckered his lips with a snicker, "TIred, really tired, I see colors still, no more water or snakes.. Weird." he backed away and leaned against a light pole, "I don't even know what's happening, before he coudl speak again he was dragged to the pent house pent house and pulled up into the elevator and down the way. He was so confused but withstood as she spoke to him every now and again. He Would lean on a wall as she opened the door and immedately flopped onto the couch as she did whatever it was she had planned. He looked up at the ceiling and thought about everything that was going on tonight yet again. What was his life? What was she doing? Was she a murderer? What if she was gonna kill him? Then he'd wrestle her into submission most likely and call for help. Then again she was so magical, he had no magic... This was how he'd go then? That was no good he would have to fight atleast but he couldn't even bring himself to call to her again. "Hey Arisa... you're hot... Even with the snake hair..." the snakes were back.


on Sun Jan 28, 2018 7:51 pm

He spoke again and with what he said, she slapped him and suddenly backed away. ''Hehe.. I know you're kidding. I told you I had a lover!'' she spoke with an innocent smile and laughed, blushing as she thought about Noel. He'll never leave her... Right? She kept thinking of negative thoughts and truly she needed to slap herself. ''You're dumb. Let us get back to the pent house now...'' she spoke and rolled her eyes in a joking way. Arisa continued to go on and with that they got to the pent house. He plopped on the couch. She walked to his room, got his blanket and threw it on him. ''Alright man. Good night! - wait... My hair?'' she asked surprised. She didn't understand for a second as the drugs wore off on her, but not him.

She touched her hair and thought of then Medusa. ''Too bad I don't have the power to turn people into stone with my gaze. Haha~'' she joked and then turned off the light. ''Go to sleep.'' she spoke, went to her room and closed her own door. It was time to go to sleep and before she did, she locked her door. It wasn't because of him, but it was because of those candies and how messed up it made people or someone that has never took them.


on Sun Jan 28, 2018 7:57 pm

Baron felt the sting of her hand on his cheek still linger, he didn't know what to make of things he would just hunker down on the couch and lay his head down turning on the TV and watching whatever was regardless of if he liked it or not. He'd watch the funny colors go by and then it would eventually fade away he cleared his throat and rested his head on one of the couch's pillow. She spoke about her lover, mm, he didn't have one of those, maybe that was why he found it so heard to want to fight for crocus, no one to fight for. He cleared his throat and rested as he looked at the TV go by and by, nothing good was on at all there must have been something worth watching but in the end there was nothing but commercial and stupid soap operas. He watched one about a guy like him down on his luck with no one to love. He began to cry a bit, sniffling as he wiped the tears away from his eyes. Eventually he had found himself cheering for this guy as he met a variety of people in hopes to find love. "If he can try... I can too..." he sniffled.


on Sun Jan 28, 2018 8:19 pm

She yawned and laid in better after a shower that felt fast. Arisa snuggled in her comfortable blankets and pillow, pretending Noel was next to her. ''I guess I could watch T.V before totally falling asleep.'' she spoke to herself now as she reached over to the mini fridge next to her bed for some fizz pop. She opened the can, pressed a few buttons and watched a show about some woman who didn't know who she was, Amnesia, but the movie was called Traveling Amnesia. It was interesting as all these guys love her, but she was clueless, dumb... One of the guys specifically loved her so much that he sacrificed a part of his soul to travel through time to save her.

What the girl didn't know was that there were multiple deaths waiting for her. In different universes she supposedly died in different ways. One, explosion at her school. Two, a construction bar dropped from the high sky and smashed her into nothingness and against the cement. Three, pushed into the well by one of the guys who supposedly loved her too - also her childhood friend. Four, eaten alive by some wolves in the forest on the walk to home. Five, slipped in the shower and the shower wire cord wrapped around her neck, killing her with slow suffocation. Six... she was for some reason in a church and someone burned it up, catching on fire. She died by burning to death. The guy who traveled through time noted down time and dates of these deaths to make sure it doesn't happen again, but no matter what she kept dying... Arisa over here was heartbroken, hoping that man will save her and tell her how he feels about her as the girl thought he disliked her.


on Sun Jan 28, 2018 8:23 pm

Phew ok, Baron was getting a little too into this show. The no good male had found love! He was so happy, but then he left her on her own with their dog. He couldn't believe it! He almost threw his remote at the TV until he calmed down, then he saw the guy nearly cheat on his lover and she got him good. Wow, this show was pretty dang good. In the end though... He lost everything. Was their a happy ending? He'd have to find out another time as the character went to sleep on a couch like the one Baron was on, he was alone and tired with no one. "I know how you feel man." Baron wiped his eyes on a pillow as he watched the show continue, he would turn on the TV and begin to sleep himself lying down and resting his head on the arm of the couch resting up and letting himself dooze off. If only he could find that love, but for now he was alone set to fight for nothing and no one. Maybe one day he'd find his lady knight in summering armor but for now he would suck it up and sleep.



on Sun Jan 28, 2018 8:38 pm

She watched as it was getting interesting for some chick flick. She saw the girl running in the streets at night time, scared of this guy who was following her. He had such a nice body and medium hair. She squeezed her blanket and brought it up to her mid-section of her chest. ''I believe in you man! You gotta get through to her.'' she spoke with upping up his choice to save her. It was romantic that a man would sacrifice his chances to save the woman he loved. If she was going to go through this, she might as well watch someone else do so. There was no one to save her human body being violated by those people, but now she had a new body, new life as she had a lover. Rather or not he'd save her was the real question.

She ran to some church... ''Oh no! Don't go there!'' she spoke and leaned forward to watch the show closer. Her eyes widened with worry as the dude who wanted to try to save her weirdly turned towards the door and locked it. 'Wait...' she thought as the dude's facial expression turned to some wicked like shit. Did he have some personality problem?! Wait... He tried to warn her. She watched the girl go up to the stairs of the church to the top! It was getting good, but then out of no where the show stopped and turned into a black screen as she passed out.


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