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Time to Go [Train Travel]

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on Sun Jan 28, 2018 7:27 am

Baska had been an interesting town, and it had caused a few good moments in the otherwise bland experience. He had reconnected with two interesting characters that he had previously met, both of whom were extremely different to both each other, and to the man that Odin had become. Kon had been in severe pain, but had also asked a tremendous honour of Odin: to be the best man at his wedding when it came, an honour the Lich was, of course, more than happy to accept. The second of the two had been Arisa, and she had indeed changed. Not just her face, which had been different for every single meeting Odin had experienced with her, but this time there was something else different. She had gained strange new powers, not entirely unlike Odin's own abilities, but geared towards the element of light. A strange and powerful equal to the Lich, but also one he sometimes found difficult to understand. She clearly enjoyed Odin's company, as he did hers, but whether or not anything would blossom from their friendship, there was no way to know. Arisa was a being of light, Odin one of darkness, and they both followed different paths. Regardless, he was looking forward to whenever the next time would come that he would meet them both, for Kon it would likely be his wedding, but perhaps Arisa was an invitee.

As he sat on the train heading to Orchidia, a town Odin had only really passed through before, he considered the fact that many would be terrified of Odin's face at the wedding. Hell, Odin didn't even know who the wife was, only that she was a fighter for the good guys. She might have no idea about Odin's situation, a situation that he had promised to try and change for the date of the wedding. The train journey itself was rather lack lustre, leaving Odin to his thoughts.


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