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Red Garden [Sage|Training]

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Red Garden [Sage|Training] Empty on Sat Jan 27, 2018 7:06 am

Sage was meditating inside a forest, the resilient chirpings of the bird filled the empty space of the sky, the noise of the insects inside the forest was enough to make someone angry to feel modest and whole. Sage was sitting on top of a rock, he wants to train the new magic that he wields, now because he can control light and nature, he should have no fear of the dark. Sage opened his eyes and looked up, he was looking at the sun, the source of light for the whole earth and it was the source of energy needed by the plant, so Sage could feel like he and the sun are connected somehow in some way peculiar. Sage hope off the rock and landed on the silky grass, yes, he wasn't wearing any footwear, he was only wearing a white t-shirt and a white pants to show how calm he is. Sage started with the spells that he knows well first, Sage waved his hand at the ground and flowers are starting to bloom, Sage continued doing this, where ever he goes, flowers and trees are blooming rapidly. Sage then wanted to use one of his light magic that he knows, he ventured to a deep part of the forest, where the trees are so tall it blocked the sun making the area quite dark, Sage snapped his fingers and a sudden flash came into view in an instant, it was the fastest thing that happened Sage has seen, the flash was white in colour and it is fast as, of course, light. It was like thunder but with no shape. Sage thought that the spell he just cast is very convenient in battles, especially when he is facing someone who melees fighters. Sage then noticed that a part of a tree was chopped off, he was sad but he knew that he himself will repair it right after that. Sage walked towards the tree and he waved his hand at the area where the tree was chopped off, the tree was starting to grow rapidly, it bloomed into the sky, shooting upwards with the help of Sage's magic. Sage love to see it grow upwards, he then noticed something growing near the tree that was chopped off but now restored. He could see a purple flower with a weird shape, Sage approached the flower, he didn't touch it, nor smell it as for Sage's knowledge of flowers, they can sometimes be deadly and poisonous, Sage then realized that the flower he was looking at is the infamous wolfbane, people know it for its lethal poison, it could kill somebody if it is swallowed and such, famous philosophers died because of it. An idea then came to Sage, he didn't know why in before he didn't think about this. Sage stood up, he closed his eyes and inhaled, it was so refreshing it felt like the air was just after a rain.

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He opened his eyes back and concentrated his mana flow or people would call it as mana onto his hand, Sage think about a wolfbane's poison and how deadly it could be, the veins in his arm started to pop out as Sage was using a lot of energy to concentrate his mana onto his hand. Then when Sage thought that all his effort was for nothing, a fluid the colour of purple started to form in his hand, Sage was happy, very happy that he giggled, he stopped concentrating too much on his mana now that his magic attempt works, the fluid was flowing mid-air, but it seems like Sage could control the fluid by the movement of his hand, "Who needs water magic?" Sage said jokingly as he could control a fluid and he doesn't even have water magic. Sage then saw a sudden movement in a brush, he was expecting an enemy or a wild animal to submerge from the brush anytime, the brush rustled, even more, creating brushing sound, after awhile, the rustling stopped, Saged scared eye relaxed and he exhaled showing that he was glad that nothing happened, then without warning a boar leaped out of the brush and attacked Sage, with the sudden attack, Sage threw the wolfbane poison fluid at the boar hoping it will work, he won't like it if his skin was going to be rippen off by a boar's horn, that would be as painful as death! Sage closed his eyes and placed both of his arms in front of his face to block any incoming attack, but then the environment became still, the only thing that could be heard was the sound of the forest. Sage opened one of his eyes and put down his arm, he then saw it, the boar, dead on the ground, Sage had murdered an animal, but thinking back, Sage had a nice meal to eat later that night as town is too far away and Sage isn't going to get out from the forest because he was training, he was training because he know that something important would happen in a short duration, only time will tell when the important event will take place. Sage had a look at the sky, the sky was turning from blue to red which shows that it was almost twilight and Sage had to get ready for the cold winter night. He didn't bring along any matches so he will have to create his own fire fast. Sage chose a place where there is a clearing and when he found the place he used his magic to grow wood sticks out of the ground, having nature magic is very inconvenient, Sage said to himself. After breaking the wooden sticks into shorter pieces, Sage took two stones and starts to rub one of it against the other to create friction and heat, when the friction and heat produced by the rubbing caused a spark, the wood sticks started to burn, Sage then placed the dead boar he just cleaned with the water from the river into a stick, and took another to stick so that the boar would be able to be cooked without getting burned.

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While the boar was being cooked, Sage sat on the soft grass, gazing the night sky that was decorated with the gleaming stars that seemed like dust to the eye of the citizen of earth. Sage then realized that the boar he was cooking is more than enough for him. Sage changed his sitting position, now both of his feet are facing the ground, his ankles were touching each other and his hands are holding each other around his leg, binding it so that it won't fall to the ground. Sage looked up the sky again to wait for the boar to be properly cooked. Sage was thinking, what will he do with the leftovers of the boar? Wouldn't it be such a waste to just throw the rest of the boar's meat to be rotten? Sage sighed, all of the questionings gave him a headache, he then rested his forehead on his well-placed ankle. He felt like not eating at all, but his stomach refused, the sound of his hungry stomach growled and a sudden pinch could be felt by Sage. Sage looked up again, he observed the boar and now that the boar was well roasted, Sage truly was hungry and grabbed the boar's hind and started to much on it. While he was chewing, he could feel the aroma of the boar and the sweetness of its meat, he thanked the God for giving him such lovely food from nature. After Sage was full, half of the boar wasn't touched, he isn't a big eater so what he did was to follow the rule of nature which is to decompose anything that is dead. Sage dug a hole and buried the boar's leftovers and covered it up with soil. Sage already learned this process when he used to be a geek and spent most of his time in the library, the decomposers which are the bacteria fungi and the worms eat the nutrients and waste of the dead organism, which turn it into the soil and is so productive as a fertilizer. Sage felt sleepy, so sleepy he couldn't think about anything else. He laid on the floor, feeling tired and helpless as ever Sage fell asleep, the grass as his mattress. Sage opened his eyes, he could see the sun shining across the sky. Sage realized that he woke up a bit late than scheduled for his training. Sage rose from his laying position and tried to process everything that just happened. So in his mind, 'Ok I just woke up, the sun is high and all and...' Sage smelled his shirt and it stinks. He quickly places his nose the other way and looking for a river. He wanted to take a bath in the river hoping that no use of soap will still not make him smell. Sage walked a small track where it leads to the river when he was halfway there, he could hear the sound of the river.

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Red Garden [Sage|Training] Empty on Tue Jan 30, 2018 5:22 am

Sage took off his clothes, being surrounded by nature and nobody is around him, Sage didn't feel naked even tho he is technically naked. Sage entered the cold calm river. Even tho it is approaching noon, the river is still ice cold like the water in the morning where it is freezing. Sage rubbed his body using the water of the river only but took note to not urinate in the river as another life source depends on the river too. After assuring himself that he is done with his bath. Sage slowly walked out of the river and without drying himself wore his clothes because even tho there was nobody that will stalk Sage, he does feel awkward being naked. After putting on his clothes, Sage went back to the place where he slept, he thought that that place was a good spot to train with his magic. Sage settled down, he sat on the soft grass of the forest surrounded by trees and bushes. Sage closed his eyes and breathe in, meditating was the greatest and most efficient thing that Sage could do. He then breathed in, and out, everytime he exhales, he could feel the magic energy inside him, or people could call it as mana flowing throughout his whole body. The scene was so peaceful that only the sound of the wind could be heard, but then Sage thought of something when he realised that only the sound of the wind could be heard, he opened his eyes and didn't move, but wait for something to emerge from the dark forest into the light of the sun. As the forest should be noisy with the sound of insects, monkeys, birds and other animals. Then a huge black bear jumps out of the bushes and wanted to kill Sage, he could tell it from the eyes of the bear. Sage jumped back and steadied his legs and arms into a fighting position, recently Sage had fought with a lot of bad people, but he doesn't want to hurt an animal, especially an innocent animal. The bear landed on the spot where Sage was sitting on, and seeing its massive claws, Sage thought that if he hadn't moved back there, he would be as good as dead. Sage clenched his fist and he wanted to use the light orb to blind the bear but when he created the light orb, Sage accidentally threw it at the bear, and it actually dealt a lot of damage as the bear cried and left the scene. Sage was surprised of what he did, so he wanted to try doing it again. Sage hardened his palm and a light orb formed in his palm, Sage threw it at the nearest thing he could see, a rock. Sage throw it at the rock and it made a dent in the rock which was quite nice for a spell Sage just learned. Thinking back, he doesn't really have any decent spell that could deal decent magic damage, so the light orb was actually more than ok.

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Sage than thought, that if he has an offensive spell, why didn't he have a spell that could protect him from harm? Sage then thought about it for awhile, how he could create a spell that could protect him. Then it came to his mind about concentrating light, hardening it and makes a shield. Sage imagined him with a shield, a shield that is made out of light. As Sage imagined it, he lifted one of his arms and focused on his mana to create light there where he could use as a shield. After a few attempts, Sage could slowly produce a hard thin layer of light that is strong and sturdy enough to take on a few punch from a normal person. Sage focused even harder. He wanted this to work, he needs a shield. After a few attempts, Sage couldn't make the shield big enough, but he decided to not give up yet. He wanted to become strong, and that was the reason why Sage wanted to do the training in the first place so that he could train. Sage took a deep breath, inhaling and exhaling the air of the forest, the amount of oxygen that it contains was enough to enlighten Sage once more. Sage lift his hand, and he concentrated his mana at that point and imagined a shield made of light. Sage then could see the thin solid layer of light emerging from his arm. Sage was happy, no, delighted to see that he could do such thing. Being tired of producing the shield, Sage lay on the ground, resting his whole body on the ground of mother nature. Sage turned his head and notice a ladybug crawling the grass beside him. Sage noticed its black spots and the bright red its body color are. Which reminded of his hair colour. Sage doesn't really care what colour his hair is, but what's bugging him right now is that the similarity between him and the ladybug is his colour hair and the ladybug's body colour. The ladybug then flew away to the wilderness being free than ever it was before in a cocoon. Seeing the ladybug flew away made Sage realise something, that he doesn't have any escape spell and he should have one. Sage stood up, feeling so motivated and hyped to test more than what he could do with his dual elemental magic. Sage placed his right leg one step back and lowered down his waist, He bent his knees and focused his magic energy onto his legs. A sudden magic circle then is formed under his feet, a bright purple magic circle which is os beautiful to Sage. He then leaped forward, expecting to run faster and faster, Sage instead dashed towards a direction and accidentally into a tree. Sage knocked the tree with such speed that he probably blacked out. Sage didn't me to go head on the tree but it was probably destined so he can't do anything about it anymore.

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It was all black, pitch black after Sage knocked onto the tree. He fainted right in the middle of his training. Sage wasn't sure when he'll wake up, but he must, He must continue his training. Then a sudden blob appeared in Sage's eye. It was time for him to wake up. The sunlight of the afternoon hits Sage's eye light a blast from the goddess of the sun, the sunlight was so direct that it made Sage felt like he was being tortured by nature itself. Sage stood up and tried to think of what happened to him before he blacked out. So he was experimenting with a spell made by him and he accidentally knocked into a tree and woke up like that. Sage placed his hand on top of his head and in front of his forehead. He wanted to feel if there is any injuries, a scratch or a bruise because he was sure that he knocked onto the tree quite hard there. Sage shake his head and slap his face to make him realise that he is in the real world right then. Sage continued his training, this time he had a more amazing idea of being a somewhat assassin like a style or something, thinking about an escape spell sparked this idea in Sage's mind. He concentrated his magic energy on his palm and he imagined two balls of fragile pollens that could be used like a smoke bomb. Then there are two purple balls in Sage hand, he wanted to throw it like a ninja but he was scared that the effect or range of the smoke is too big for him to escape his own trick. So Sage threw it into the sky because he knew that that was the only place wide enough for him to use. The pollen bomb explodes mid-air and Sage could calculate that the area of effect was 5 meters long, and he has another one in his hand which is kinda good because then, Sage could use it twice, Sage also made a note that people affected by this will have a hard time breathing and a hard time seeing as pollen smoke are worse than real smoke as pollen particles are bigger than smoke particles which are actually dust but they are too small to be seen by the naked eye. Sage felt so tired that he doesn't want to spend another night on the outside and have a clean proper shower. It was the afternoon, and Sage was heading back to the town from the forest, and on the way there he saw animals and trees various types of them that reminded him of his knowledge about herbs and how he could use them for daily uses and maybe to treat wounds and another type of such diseases. Sage then saw a letter falling from the sky, looking around and saw nobody, Sage took the letter that dropped at a calm speed and read the address of the receiver, and more shockingly it was him, he was the one whom the letter was for. Sage saw the Crown's mark and had a thought that it was from the royals of Fiore. He opened the letter with full of thoughts, wondering what the letter contains as Sage doesn't receive letters every day and this time he got it from the royals of Fiore, Sage ripped the hot stamp that glued the letter close, he took the piece of paper inside and unfold it, as he unfolds it, he also unfolded the mystery of the letter. Sage read it, and the castle needs his help.


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