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Hammer Time [Quest|Sage]

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on Fri Jan 26, 2018 8:39 am

Sae was walking down the road, he was wearing his blue shirt and maroon pants, the air was quite moist compared to the other day, he doesn't know what to do at that moment, maybe he should find a job? or maybe practice and experiment with his magic? well, he was in no mood to train and exercise, talking about exercise, Sage saw something on the quest board in the middle of the town with a picture of a muscle as the background. Sage didn't know why but he read that flyer first instead of the other billions quest flyer, Sage read the detail and looking at his physical shape, he guess that it wasn't his speciality to do something like hammering in a forge, but then out of nowhere, like it was something magical happened, a group of mage came running down the road, and Sage couldn't react fast enough to dodge all of the incoming foot of the mages. The only thing Sage could do was cower for protection, he placed his body lower on the road and used his hands to cover his head, the mages running over him was fast and it seems like all of them were fighting over something, sound of their randomized stomps and their filthy shouting made Sage feel like using his magic to get out of the situation, Sage tried to move his hand but he couldn't, after a few moments of horrification, the road was at peace again, luckily nobody stomped or tripped on Sage, his cloth was covered in dust so he brush some of it using his hand. When his cloth was cleaned from visible dust, Sage turned towards the quest board, but it was empty! The only quest flyer left was the one with the muscle image, the one that needed someone with real muscle, but after checking his wallet, he really need money at that moment, in desperation, Sage took the flyer and sighed. He read the detail on the flyer, it says that they need help in a forge named, the Black Anvil. Sage was new to the town, so he need help from other pedestrians to locate the forge. Sage ask here and there, finding the right road and the right turn. Then Sage found the forge, on it was a board with 'Black Anvil' written on it. Sage walked in, he pushed the partings that separated the outside from the inside of the forge, which was hot, really hot. Sage could then see someone big and hunky with brown hair and lifted the quest flyer to show him why Sage was there without him saying a single word. "Oh nice, I've been waiting all day for someone to come." the blacksmith exclaimed, he rose from the position he was in. He walked towards Sage and took the flyer from the Sage, he then continued, "So all you need to do is some forging and of course, some hammering.".

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on Fri Jan 26, 2018 9:43 am

The big hunky blacksmith took a hammer and walked to the front of an anvil, he took a soft metal and started hammering it with a specific way, he told Sage to look at how he does it properly as he wants it done perfectly. "Sure," Sage replied, his most common way fo communicating, saying sure instead of anything else. The blacksmith then called out a name, Sage wondered why would he do that while waiting for the person to come, Sage had a look around the forge, the fireplace, the weapons, the armours, it was all forged perfectly, the people who did those kinds of thing must have strong arms and also a beautiful mind to shape something so beautiful from a chunk of metal. When the person who the blacksmith just called came into view, the blacksmith introduced Sage to the person and the blacksmith said that the person was his helper, who recently hurt his hand. Come to think of it, Sage now know why the blacksmith wanted a mage to help him, it was because his helper wasn't there to help him. Sage then focused on the real deal, what he will do and how he should do it. The blacksmith then handed a hammer to Sage, Sage gladly accepted it, he thought that the hammer would be heavy than he could lift, but actually, it suits just right with him, even someone as skinny as Sage, he still got those muscle developing beneath those skin. Sage stood still in front of an empty anvil, waiting for the blacksmith's assistant to place a soft piece of metal from the forge on to the anvil. The assistant waited no longer and took a tool used to clip the hot metal from the forge, he clipped one and slowly carrying it onto the anvil in front of Sage and place it down on the anvil. Sage hold the hammer firmly, he lifted it over his shoulder and smashed it onto the soft piece of metal. He repeated this on different parts of the metal where it isn't flat. Sage hits the metal repetitively, and he was astounded to find himself still standing on both of his feet without having the feeling to even sit down. Sage started to like hammering the soft piece of metal to make it flat. The assistant will place a new soft metal on the anvil in front of Sage everytime Sage is done flattening a layer of metal. Sometimes, Sage would hammer while looking at the blacksmith, sculpting, chaining, and such to make armours, weapons and shields, the craving made by him was so beautiful it made Sage miss his smashing a little for a few times. When birds could be heard screeching, and the light from the outside started to turn red, the blacksmith asked Sage to stop and said that he had done well. The blacksmith congratulated the sweating and smelly Sage and thanked him with a reward.


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