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Baska To Magnolia [Sage|TrainTravel]

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on Fri Jan 26, 2018 7:27 am

The balm breeze swept across Sage's face, he was walking down a pavement carrying along a backpack with him containing herbs and clothes. It was at dawn, people all over the city just woke up and some others get ready for the day by exercising, opening their stalls, cleaning their lawns and such. While walking to the train station, Sage felt hungry, his stomach pinching itself and growling, so Sage decided to grab a quick snack before he set off on his journey. Sage then saw a coffee shop with its lights on, he could see through the glass door a sign saying 'open' which meant that the cafe was open for people to buy stuff. But before Sage could enter the cafe and buy some lovely food for himself, he had to cross the still road first. Sage looked over his shoulder, left then right, making sure that it is safe to cross the road without being smitten by passing vehicles. There was no sign of any vehicles, Sage knew that because it was too early for someone to be driving. Sage took a step with his right foot on the still road and walked straight to the cafe.

Sage placed his hand on the glass door of the cafe, it was cold as ice, Sage retreated his hand from the glass door and instead grabbed the door's holder and pushed the door. Sage was now inside the cafe, the light of the cafe was calm, its yellow glow made him feel good. Sage then walked over to the cafe's counter which a tall girl with her cafe uniform was standing, when Sage stood in front of the counter, the girl asked him of how she could help him. Sage's eye hovered across the menu placed on the counter, then something caught Sage's eye, he ordered a warm mocha latte with a croissant. After a few minutes waiting, the tall girl served Sage's order, he then paid her with the specific amount of money needed to be paid. Sage walked out of the cafe minding not to touch the glass door and instead pushing the door with the handle instead, Sage continued his journey straight to the train station, which is already near to where Sage was, he could even see the train station. When Sage arrived at the train station, he walked over to the counter while sipping on his mocha latte, while walking there he noticed a rubbish bin, he threw a plastic which was where his croissant was served. Sage asked for a ticket to Magnolia to the attendant behind the counter, Sage paid for the ticket and hopped on the train which he spent most of his time sleeping. When he arrived in Magnolia, Sage hopped off the train and walked into his new adventure.


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