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Find My Sword (Quest-Arthur)

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#1Gwendolyn Pendragon 

on Thu Jan 25, 2018 5:34 am


Arthur wasn’t exactly sure what it was that had prompted him to take this request, if it had been something that was more a reflection of his own disdain for sitting around within Crocus, it being too far of a reminder of the past that he had so often tried to erase, the time in Crocus in which he was at one of the lowest points that he could remember, one in which he had even gone as far as to seek out leaving as a means of release. On one hand, he was grateful that he did not carry through with that decision, but it did not change the fact that there were still numerous things in which he also detested about Crocus, though right now, it was best to simply forget about those things, at least for the time being. What was more important was that he be able to find this damn sword. His time in Crocus was short as he was permitted a little vacation leave from the Rune Knights.

He was looking in the large garden that seemed to simply go on and on forever, taking up more space than he could have ever imagined. Even when he was Era, the places to which he stayed in seemed to be dwarved by this garden, and it did not help that so much of it seemed to repeat itself, so often did a handful of plants mirror that of what he had seen only a few minutes earlier and a few minutes before that even. To some degree, it felt as though this was an entirely lost cause, which made him kick herself more than it did wanting to kick the boy who had lost the sword in the first place.

He loathed the idea that this kid actually thought that practicing in the garden of a large area was a good idea, that a place that was largely hidden in shrubbery and large plants wouldn’t at all cause issues such that it may be difficult to find something if lost. Arthur thought back to the children in the past who he could remember playing in the streets of Crocus, how irresponsible they were, how often it seemed that one of them had lost something or another, whether it was something that was important, whether it was something that was small, it didn’t matter how valuable or lack of value it had. If there was something that someone had, you could always bet that some kid, at some point was going to lose, and that was exactly the case here too.

The only difference between those kids from back then and this kid now, was the fact that this kid had made the foolish mistake of losing his sword in an area where it was next to impossible to piece together where something might have gone. At least with the kids in the past, if you lost something it was likely that youw ere going to find it, so long as it did not come into direct similarities with that of the ground, though rarely if ever were that the case. However, that as far from the case here, as there were no doubt that if it were not for many people spanned out over a long canvas being this area, it would be perhaps impossible for anyone, Arthur or otherwise, to find the sword.

Trying to single out the many smells in the area as they were quite overwhelming. He was surprised he could etect through all of the foliage, and it smelt not like that of a flower which he would have preferred it to be, but rather that it was like that of a creature. A dog. He having fused his magic with his nostrils in order to make his senses more powerful.

Intrigued and confused, he looked to see that his nose was not deceiving him and that rather, just before him, not barely a few meters away there were exactly that, a dog which to his disbelief held something in its mouth. Looking closer, he couldn’t believe it, being shocked to find that the dog was holding what appeared to be a sword in its mouth, the dog being wise enough to hold the grip of the blade than the blade itself. Proceeding cautiously towards the dog, not wanting it to either strike him accidently with the blade or otherwise run away, he was surprised that the dog actually remained right there, more intrigued like his pet Bobby was than it appeared that the dog was likely to run away or otherwise try to escape.

He took to a knee just before the dog, extending his han out, hoping that the dog would give him the sword, perhaps thinking it were a stick or something like that to play fetch with. He had no plans of doing that with the sword, lest the dog get a different opinion and try to leave, but as the dog looked at him for a few moments, its mouth released its grip upon the sword, letting it fall to the ground with a very light thud. Wasting no time, nor letting the dog have second thoughts, he took possession of the blade and then proceeded towards the kid who had initially lost the sword, a part of him wanting to scold the child for being so careless with the blade. As he came closer though towards turning it in, he realized just how much of a mistake that was, knowing not only that the child would inevitably lose it again as he were a child, but also the fact that it were a child with a weapon, one who may have been so foolishly inclined as to strike at Arthur. Instead, he bit his tongue, gave the sword back to the kid and demanded his reward, so much wanting to scold the child, but also wanting to just leave, to not have to find it again once it were lost again. With his reward now in hand, he left, as quickly as able.

WC: 1022

#2Gwendolyn Pendragon 

on Thu Jan 25, 2018 5:35 am


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