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Conman Cowards (Zanto-Quest)

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on Wed Jan 24, 2018 9:12 am

Gwendolyn Pendragon

Arthur crumbled up the request paper in his hand and caused it to disintegrate using a soft burst of light magic. With a flick of his wrist he snapped back his sleeve and took a look at his wristwatch. The time was only half past ten in the morning. That left quite a bit of time to track down his quarry, and he would need it considering he was still alone. Normally, a Rune Knight would rely on those in his group to lend a hand, but Arthur would have to pull his own weight for a while in order to make sure he didn't get too soft in the absence of his partners. Straightening his collar, the Rune Knight walked off towards his destination with the sound of his fine shoes echoing in the streets.

After around an hour of searching up and down the winding corridors that made up Crocus' streets it was becoming apparent to Arthur that this task was more of a pain in the ass than an actual challenge. Passing down the seventh alley he found himself standing beside a particularly foul dumpster as he pondered his next move. Thinking about the particular type of man who had been described in the request form he began to wonder if maybe he wasn't looking in the right place. With new resolve the silver haired man went forward towards the one place he remembered from his youth in the city that this particular scum would be hiding in. A short walk later and the mage found himself inside a hole in the wall bar known only as " The Four Knives". Arthur regretted returning here, but if his target could be found anywhere it was in here. Looking around, Arthur managed to spot a particularly shady fellow near the bar that matched the description he had read earlier. Walking up to the man, Arthur placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Kyle, it's time to pay the house." He said.

The man turned around slowly in his seat with a smile on his face, one Arthur immediately hated.

"Sure, no problem pal." Kyle said. The weasel of a man produced a case, and flashed Arthur a quick sight of the jewels inside. "All here for you. Tell Batra it won't happen again."

Arthur didn't say a word as he took the case and left the bar as quickly as he could. As he walked towards the delivery sight he made sure to inspect the case. It seemed to be the right weight and size, but being who he was Arthur didn't know much about a transaction like this. Upon making it Batra's bar, Arthur stepped in with confidence, and called the bartender out to the counter as he placed the case up on it. As the tanned man approached and opened the case Arthur was just about ready to close the task when he heard Batra grunt.

"Hey kid, you aren't completely blind, right?" The barkeep said.

Arthur spun on his heel. "What do you mean?" He asked with a cocked eyebrow. Batra then spun the case around to allow Arthur a closer look. Upon a greater inspection Arthur could tell these jewels were fake, and just like Batra he was steaming with rage. He had allowed himself to be conned by a simple man, and the very thought infuriated Arthur. With a crack of his knuckles and a loosening of his collar Arthur made his way out of the bar after reassuring Batra he would get the real money even if he had to beat it out of Kyle.

As fast as he could, Arthur dashed back to the streets and made his way towards the bar. He bolted into the establishment and looked around for his least favorite scumbag, but found that Kyle had left in quite a hurry. With a loud, and quite unrefined, groan Arthur dashed out of the bar and took off into the streets in order to locate the man who had bamboozled him. He would ensure that Kyle would feel his wrath. The thought gave Arthur pause, and he smiled. It seemed that he really did belong in the Rune Knights after all.

As he ran past a dimly lit alley he heard a yelp of fear. With a quick turn around he managed to catch a glimpse of the source, and it happened to be just the man he was looking for. Kyle was making a break for the edge of the city, and no doubt he planned to leave with all the money he had managed to embezzle while within its limits. Arthur grinned as he ran down the alley towards Kyle. Being a criminal, Kyle made every attempt to escape. The two began a wild chase down the streets of Crocus which were quite full due to the time of day. Shouts and curses where hurled at the pair as they ran through the city, but despite the advantage he had had before Kyle couldn't stay out of Arthurís grips for long. At last, the silver head managed to corner the criminal at a dead end street. A small crowd gathered around to see what was happening. Kyle swore aloud, and in what Arthur assumed to be a last ditch effort he charged at the mage. Arthur scoffed as he drew his left foot in a semicircle around his body. His entire leg became charged with a white aura it wasnít any powerful magic. Just a mana burst that would get the job done and he watched as Kyle's eyes went wide. Before the thief could stop his charge Arthur lunged at him with magical speed and landed a kick directly to his sternum. Kyle doubled over in pain, and as he did so Arthur spun on his heel and delivered a swift chop to the back of the man's neck, knocking him out.

After recovering the real money from various pockets all over Kyle, Arthur returned to Batra and delivered the funds. Batra offered him his thanks, which Arthur graciously accepted before taking his leave. The quest had taken up much of his day, but there was still time for an evening coffee before he rested.


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