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Baska to Orchidia [Train Travel]

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on Tue Jan 23, 2018 12:52 pm


Kerii's work in Baska was just about done. She had only fled to Baska to get away from Carnil, but that had obviously failed. In fact, it failed in every way possible. She lost her magic and she saw what her mother had become: a chained and shackled spirit. She wondered if her spirit was somehow trapped with a spell. Meldë was a good person. She didn't deserve to be treated the same way evil spirits were. If her mother was indeed trapped by a spell, she strongly suspected Carnil had a hand in it. He did possess chain magic, that much Kerii knew. If he did indeed also have telepathic abilities, Kerii saw no point in trying to avoid him while she traveled. All he had to do was get close enough to her to realize that she planned on going back home to Orchidia. She again, was going to take a train, but not to get away from Carnil as fast as possible. She just couldn't wait to return to the guild. Even going by train, she would be impatient. If she walked the entire way, that would, at the very least, double the time it took if she chose to go by train.

After packing up all her belongings, Kerii looked at her train ticket, and then the clock. If she wanted to make the train, it was best for her to leave now. She paid her rent and left the inn she was staying at. Not too long after, she made it to the train station. Upon arrival, she gave her ticket, and boarded the train. This time, she kept watch, just to see if Carnil was still following her. Sure enough, he was. She rolled her eyes and just looked out the window as it departed for Orchidia. She had better things to do than worry about him.

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