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Smuggler's Schemes [Quest | Phoebe]

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#1Victor Garrett 

on Sun Jan 21, 2018 3:56 am

He wasn't sure whether he should be taking Phoebe with him. It wasn't really a job anymore, he just intended to meet this mustached man and get what he wanted from him, one way or another. Victor's hunt for his father had always been a subconcious mission, but it did drive him here, all the way to Hargeon. The old Garrett had too many connections in Fiore to just leave it right, there had to be some way he could make use of those contacts, a sea deal made quite a lot of sense. He was lost in thought as he ambled to the docks, while still acutely aware of Phoebe's presence around him, of course. He'd thrown a casual hand around her shoulder, but as they approached the docks he stopped in his track. His eyes scanned the area and he spotted the man Buscon had described, sitting by quietly, with a fishing rod.

The blonde walked a little closer but just one shared look was enough to know now was not a good time. The man in the hat, stared intently at Victor and then intently at a ship that was hooting... Probably on its way out, then at the bunches of gathered Knights, discussing something. Victor had picked up a few things from his father alright, he sighed and nodded curtly then turned to Phoebe. 'So... That man I need to talk to, I think he needs to see that ship off' he said, jerking his head towards the ship that had just hooted... 'before those Rune Knights decide to hop onto it and check it for goods' he explained. 'Still up for being a partner in crime, got any ideas?' he asked.


#2Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Sun Jan 21, 2018 3:57 am

With all the work, the heels, the outfit that was killing her today, if she had known she would have gone on jobs, she would have picked more casual clothing than she was actually wearing at the moment. Phoebe was a Rainsworth though, she wouldn't complain, her red shoes were her favourite, that was something, she had walked in them for days, so it didn't even hurt. But the drink was nicely welcome, no matter the percentage of alcohol that she would have wanted to consume even more, for now she just let this one cup of irish coffee do whatever it needed to do; give her a refresment in a way. She had to get used to not being able to be able to use fire and hot things anymore and wait for it to cool off, enough to be invited to come to the docks and walk along. She didn't ask questions, she simply went along. Not sure if it was her own idea of Persephone at that point.

While she was looking around, having never been by the docks.. or did she.. with.. Victor.. But they didn't look alike and names could come around as well. Funny how she met another Victor in the same place. Her eyes flashed to green when the whole job was made clear to her and she flashed him a short smile, "I hope you can run fast." Persephone purred as she stared at the knights, "You better start already." She took of one shoe, threw it a few steps away as no one was looking but the man that gave them the job, she took a deep breath and gave out a cry of pain. A Goddess knew how to act.


#3Victor Garrett 

on Sun Jan 21, 2018 3:58 am

'Oh snap.' he muttered, gritting his teeth as the woman he just had his arms around wailed like a banshee and kicked off a shoe. It garnered attention all right, almost all the gathered Rune Knights snapped their heads towards her... Her beauty was going to be his curse, the prettier the damsel the more mongrels that turn up to relieve her distress, or in this case, perceived distress. At least she'd accomplished the task, but... at a very heavy price. While Victor was a pretty decent fire mage, he didn't nearly have enough fire power to take out so many men, nor did he want to, it would get him into a deep hole of crap... 'Ma'am are you alright?' he heard the fastest Knight holler, as he neared. It looked like he was going to find a way into this deep hole anyway. As adviced by the woman, he made a run for it. It definitely made him look guiltier, but who the hell was going to believe the word of a man over a screaming pretty girl.

He clutched his chest as he sprinted, frantically scanning the area to find sharp corners to turn. He headed back towards the city, away from the docks, somehow still not losing sight of the mission. If he got caught, he'd find some way to get back at Phoebe... She'd got him into the mess, did she have a plan to get him out, or had he just been sacrificed? Turning into an alley, he pressed himself against the wall and caught his breath, a chunk of the Knights ran right pass his detour. Victor continued bolting into the alley, when he noticed a few cops did stop to check. 'Oh damn.' he growled.


#4Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Sun Jan 21, 2018 4:01 am

Phoebe or more like Persephone had started screaming as if something had happened, and she held her hand pressed against her chest, hunched a bit forward as if something hurt. She felt ridiculous, Phoebe that is. Persephone saw the whole comic relieve in this fact, there was a knight coming towards them rather quickly that actually gave her the idea to push Victor, mainly so he would get out of his surprised bubble and run away. But that wasn't necessary, "I.. I.." she sobbed, pretending to need big gasps of air to finish her sentences but finally when she noticed he was okay gone she pointed, shaking her head not being able to say anything anymore. So the knights left her be and she quickly changed her lose hair in a ponytail and hop skip jump back to her shoe and look at the ship that Victor had pointed out before. It was leaving, already far enough out the docks that the rune knights wouldn't be able to catch up that quickly.

She would curse herself for running over cobble stones but she needed to get back towards where Victor might be, casting her nature powers, Persephone used to ask birds where they had seen him and she quickly got a short cut towards an alley where she would bump into him again, "You can talk in five." she said in a hushed whisper and she pushed him against the brick wall behind him and simply wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him, this even surprised Phoebe, how Persephone pushed her body against the man they just met today.


#5Victor Garrett 

on Sun Jan 21, 2018 4:03 am

He really wasn't much a runner, he had the speed, but not the stamina... He reserved that for other more enjoyable things, running away from Rune Knights for whatever perceived crime that he did not commit was not fun, although necessary. He spotted the friendly face of Kenji, among the trio of Knights that had followed him into the alley. The only way he could go was right, which would lead him back towards the docks... He paused at the junction, warily eyeing the Knights and trying to hatch a plan. Just then he noticed a silhouette of a woman, with a pony tail, the sun setting, almost grazing the sea. Victor too noticed a ship sail away, in the periphery of his vision. Just as the cops were catching up with them, the woman sashayed her way to him, as she got nearer he realised it was Phoebe. 'I ca-' before he could say anything though, she pushed him against the wall... and sealed his lips with hers.

Okay... he thought, momentarily lost in the kiss. That happened a little sooner than I'd expected. he thought, his eyes widened, then relaxed, once he understood the plan. She could probably feel the gentle stretch of his lips as he smirked while they kissed. Once he did see what she was doing, he realized his innocence depended on this kiss, plus, the bonus was it was a lot more fun than running around. His fingers twisted in her hair and he closed his eyes. He heard the footfall get nearer and stop beside them... Then there was the awkward foot shuffle. Garrett continued to return the kiss, putting the burden of interruption on them, and the choice to pull away, on her...


#6Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Sun Jan 21, 2018 4:06 am

All Phoebe could think, Phoebe not Persephone, was that this was exactly what she had been afraid off. That the spirit, Goddess, yeah whatever would do whatever she want. And the whole internal discussion would feel horrible as Phoebe felt like there was no way in winning it, but it was her own body, still her black hair, her pale skin, the skirt and blouse she had bought, the red heels! That were actually starting to hurt from running around on the most impossible roads, climbing over fences, talking to birds.. changing her finger into a branch! This was ridiculous and she really needed help but.. yeah well that wasn't going to happen right now. Not for today as Phoebe wasn't the one to lead but Persephone was. It was as if she would be able to hear the Goddess purr, even though she only did that in Phoebe her mind, she didn't look or act strange on the outside for everyone to see.

Persephone noticed, the moment Victor relaxed, even smiled into that kiss, which made her smile and definitely making sure there was not even an inch of open space between them, she heard the footsteps as well, but it was something that was only of a second importance. All she needed to hear was the footsteps to go on. The long black hair in which he twisted his fingers, would be able to hide his face and her kissing him, even more than only that and besides: why complain if something nice was giving to you? She opened one green eye to see if she could see anything, but the footsteps that had come closer, had walked on and she didn't even stop when the footsteps were far enough to let them be save. Again, why would she? Simply because Phoebe told her to was too boring of a reason.


#7Victor Garrett 

on Sun Jan 21, 2018 4:06 am

After a fair bit of awkward standing around, the men decided they probably had the wrong man, or if any of them had a recollection of what Phoebe looked like, they probably had to come up with their own reasons for what they just witnessed. As far as Victor's imagination could stretch, which wasn't too far, since he was a tad distracted, none of those reasons could be too straight laced, the thought made Victor grin wider. He wondered what they assumed as his hand remained knotted in her tresses, and the other snaked around her waist. Clearly, they weren't coming apart any time too soon, now the kiss was more celebratory, the danger had passed. Another loud hoot from the ship reminded him of that.

His eyes opened a crack, and ever so slowly he backed his head away. Only enough to have some space for his lips to form words against hers. 'The plan didn't fall apart, I suppose this kiss was a neat touch...' he spoke in soft whispers and let some broken chaste kisses punctuate their long encounter. But they did have other matters to attend to... 'Come on. Let us go get our reward for helping that guy out, I bet he'd have made a big loss if the ship never left the docks.. he owes us.' Victor said, still holding her close, but reluctantly peeling her away, so she could be at his side.

'I really could get used to having you around, especially if our missions are decorated with surprises like these.' He said with a wink as he guided her back towards the docks to that mustached man. Two bags lay a little to his side... Looked like he was still not ready to talk, Victor didn't want to press the matter either, he had other things that needed more urgent attention. He swiped the bags and handed one to Phoebe. 'We should put this money to good use... Dinner or something, maybe?'


#8Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Sun Jan 21, 2018 4:07 am

She was very aware of the men behind her, it felt like they were almost breathing down her neck and that while she was trying to gasp for her air on her own. Even though Phoebe had not liked the whole idea of what Persephone was doing for quite a list of reasons, she also didn't stop it when Persephone had let go of her hold and not only because the knights were still around but it felt amazing to be kissed with well.. was it hunger or just passion or anything or perhaps she was crazy. She shouldn't even be doing this, all she wished was that King would have kissed her.

She was finally able to catch her breath when she felt him move slightly away from her, only their lips and she opened her eyes, lilac staring into his eyes, still standing so closed, pressed against him, arms around his neck, his hand in her hair and the other around her waist. "Well sometimes even a man needs saving." She said softly to which she would have to step away so they could collect the reward that the mystery man clearly owned them. She would walk next to him and couldn't help but giggle, "I think we could arrange that." It sure seemed a hell of a lot more interesting than it had ever been before.. no that wasn't true! She had had fun, with King and why was she thinking like this? She simply walked besides Victor and didn't say anything when it wasn't necessary, just waiting to reach the man who didn't talk to them, she took the bag from Victor and looked once more at the man before turning away, "Dinner sounds nice." especially after working like this, she could definitely use some food and a moment to sit and let her feet rest.


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