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Potion Prepper [Quest|Rishi]

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#1Rishi Namatzu 

on Sat Jan 20, 2018 1:54 pm

Rishi Namatzu

Rishi had been in the East forest of Magnolia, the place that she had spent so many years in. Today she was on another quest for the owner of the Mad Drug Magic shop, Khalash. She had helped him before with testing out a shield for the magic council, and thongs had seemed to go according to plan judging on how he was acting when everything had ended up working. Today though she wasn't doing anything as exciting, as she was looking for requested herbs for him in the forest. Of course she had known where these were, but she was going to take her time today and thoroughly look at and remember her old home again.

She could hear birds chirping above her as she had wandered through the forest a bit, and already she had found the first herb that was required of her. It had been a curly fern, which was common around this forest. She had sometimes used it to make a few remedies for wounds or sickness or things of the sort, and you really couldn't walk through the forest without spotting at least one of the curly ferns. She picked the fern from it's home and had kept walking on her way, patting the fluffy bunnies as they hopped by, slipping into their small rabbit holes. She passed by a creek and took a sip of water, taking in the refreshing feeling of cold water dashing down your throat, giving you a tingling sensation that you can only get when you feel like you haven't had water in ages, and you are about to overheat. She enjoyed the water, but she knew she had to get back to finding those herbs, so she had splashed the water around with her hand a few times before getting up and setting back off on her adventure.

She had walked for a while, looking at animals, bugs, leaves, and other things of the sort, when she had encountered a few logs. They seemed to have been rotting, and Rishi had remembered that Khalash had said that the next herb that he needed was one that usually grew on rotting logs. She searched for a bit before she had actually found something. It had been a plant she had never seen before, and it was also blue, but it seemed it wasn't the right plant, as it didn't quite fit the description given, and it hadn't been on one of the logs. She had gotten her hopes really high, and they had started to get lower until she had actually found one of the blue lichens that she needed that was on the inside of the log. she grabbed it, softly jumped up and down, and continued on her journey. She was happy that she had accepted this request, as if she didn't she probably wouldn't have come back into the woods until later and things would have been different because she wouldn't be learning anything that she could need to know later.

Tags: @solo
Word Count: 505/1000
Notes: Let's all be friends, ne?

#2Rishi Namatzu 

on Sat Jan 20, 2018 5:56 pm

Rishi Namatzu

She looked around for the last herb that she had needed, and that herb was supposed to be deep in the forest, hanging from the biggest trees in the whole forest, that you could clearly see from the outside of the forest. From the inside though things were a bit more difficult to find, and Rishi didn't know exactly there she was in the forest, so she had to climb a tree and look through the leaves at the top. She had crashed into a few spiders on the way up, but they didn't seem interested enough in her to do anything harmful to her, one of them had just sat on top of her head as she made her way to the top.

It had seemed that the trees were only a few minutes away, so she had climbed down a bit, put the spider back where it came from, and climbed the rest of the way down. She had been having fun again, and she wasn't sure where this feeling was coming from. She never had fun during quests, and only since Raina had come along she had been enjoying herself a bit more, which she didn't find comfortable, as she never liked to enjoy herself too much and she really didn't like showing signs of happiness, even though she tried to act small and cute all the time, she still didn't show feelings of happiness.

She had arrived at the trees, and there were the red vines everywhere, but they were all too high to grab and she knew that the trees weren't very good for climbing purposes. She had thought for a second before coming to a conclusion that she was going to create scissors out of her fire and cut the vine instead of being a normal person and coming to a normal conclusion. She had to go the extra mile, even when no one was around, and she hadn't burned anything for a while, so she might get a little fun out of burning up some of the vine. She found happiness in things dying, and she wasn't sure why that was. Maybe it was because of her past, or maybe it was just something in here, but she really didn't like it and that was the end of it. She snipped the vine and caught the bottom half, watching the top half burn up into the air until she couldn't see it anymore. She had her three items that she needed and now she could go, leave the forest of memories for her that may have hurt her heart just a little bit.

She came running out of the forest and into the Mag Drug Magic shop, handing the old wizard all of the things she had collected for him. She then watched him throw them all into a bubbling cauldron. She wasn't sure what this was all for, but it had seemed to be working pretty well, as when he stirred it a bit it had changed color.

Once he had finished he had poured some of the mysterious liquid into a vial and handed it to Rishi, signaling for her to drink it. She had slurped it down and instantly she could feel a rush of energy flow through her body. It had felt sort of tingly at first but then she had felt a lot of energy start pulsing through her. Khalash had obviously seen that it had worked, so then he had only smiled and gave her the money he owed her, then she had left, ready to do more with the day than she would ever do on any other day.

Tags: @solo
Word Count: 1113/1000
Notes: Let's all be friends, ne?

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