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Baska to Magnolia [Train Travel]

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#1Phoebe Rainsworth 

on Wed Jan 17, 2018 4:30 pm

Well it was of course a bit strange. One moment you go from Magnolia to missing the train's exit and ending up in Baska, even though her whole plan had been going home from being home sick; so ding ding home stop being Orchidia. And now she still had not seen her dad or Mary, actually afraid to go home. She was on her way to take the train to Hargeon.

The thing was that Phoebe had a massive headache and not from drinking too much or being tired or not drinking enough, no she did all that, took great care of herself. No there was something spooky about her magic, her fire magic had gone haywire and well she seemed to sprout flowers and green grass wherever she was going. Which is how she bumped into Chelvaric and well learned that she had nature magic potential, which she had basically made the guess towards as this voice in her head spoke about that. She called herself Persephone which only sounded funny considering the Goddess but Phoebe took it a little skeptical. She really needed to meet this person, he told her to meet her at the Blue Pegasus Guildhall so she would.

She was on her way with another bag and her purse and hearing the click clack sound of her heels on the hard stone floor of Baska station. How long would it take someone to go to Hargeon, she first would take the train to Magnolia, to take a three day walking tour towards Hargeon. It really sounded disasterous, and she definitely didn't feel for it but well a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. Take up her job and figure out this magic before things would get out of hand. She had gone berserk with her fire magic before, influenced by her emotions to which point she had King to help her. King, would he be in Magnolia? Would it be possible to even catch a glimpse of him while she was there for the night?

If only she would know where to find him. But she wouldn't have much opportunity for that. She thought about writing to her family but it felt like a way of running away because she couldn't face them. She didn't even want to face them to be honest. She wasn't sure if she could because there were so many things going wrong, there was a voice in her head, there was no magic, how would you come up for yourself in such a situation. She wasn't sure what to do, but to go to Hargeon and to jump into this adventure of finding that mage and get back into shape even if it was by using a different magic.

461/450 arrival in Magnolia.

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