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Baska To Magnolia [Train Travel: Chelvaric]

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on Wed Jan 17, 2018 6:33 am

The day that she had long awaited had finally arrived – the day of their departure. Their stay in Baska had been way too long and being someone who preferred travelling to places, staying at one single location for months was something that she did not enjoy. Nevertheless, the memories that she obtained from this rather cozy village was unforgettable, and the grasslands, the plains and the beautiful hills that adorned the outskirts of the city was a view that she would certainly never grow sick of. In fact, Snowflake could see herself visiting the town once again – that is, if she had any business to be here.

”Sweet, are you ready?”

The young woman pushed herself off the wall, in which she was leaning against while she gazed out at the window longingly, wondering when she will ever return. Admittedly, Baska Town wasn’t technically one of her liking, since there was nothing much to do in the city – it was quite a dull place. Perhaps it was due to her long stay that eventually made her grow tired of the town. Once everything was packed and ready, she picked up her coat that was draped over her luggage and quickly slid into it.

”There’s something I have to show you before we leave the town.”

Snowflake gave a quick look around the apartment that they had rented in for months, it almost felt as if it were theirs. Despite having met the dragon for a few days, she had still yet to introduce it to Chelvaric: she was worried about his reaction upon seeing an animal that normally existed only in books and myths. ”Come on, let’s go,” she eased the strap of her katana over her shoulder and left the room, hoping that this would turn out well.


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on Thu Jan 18, 2018 1:04 am

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was packing his last things quickly as Snow was waiting for him. He got up a bit later than her for once and now he was late which was annoying the heck out of him. He hated being late, at least Elisa was helping him after she had disappeared for a few days she had finally come back it seemed that she had explored the areas around Baska closely to see if she could find any last parts of nature that he could fix before he went away.

They had been in Baska for months now and they had saved the town for a couple of times. They finally could leave albeit he sort of wanted to stay still to finish his caring for the forest but sometimes it was better to move on to a new project. Besides they had been too long away from the Guildhall since Snowflake actually became a Guildmaster and he felt guilty for keeping her so long in one place.

They made some great memories here and they even celebrated Christmas together for the first time which ended with a nice surprise that he would remember for the rest of his life. He walked outside and apologized to Snow for being a bit late. It seemed she was all ready to leave but first she wanted to show something to him.

“oh a surprise just before we leave Baska? I am quite eager to see this surprise now”, he said to her and Elisa jumped on Chelvarics shoulder so that she didn’t have to walk.


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on Thu Jan 18, 2018 6:00 am

The weather was chilly as ever, the frigid gales blew in harshly into the Baska Town from the north causing her clothes to flap around her wildly. Snowflake tugged onto her scarf, pulling it downwards to let herself breathe the cold air. With her eyes squinted, she made clear of what was in front of her while she trudged through the snow and headed towards the woodland hear the Great Baska Rock, where she had encountered the dragon, whom she would now call her companion supposedly. She was excited to introduce it to Chelvaric, though she was still quite dubious of how her lover might react to the creature.

Her arms intertwined with Chelvaric’s and her fingers tangled with his, the couple walked together hand in hand – a habit of hers to cling onto her lover whenever they were out together. Somehow, it always gave her a sense of security, knowing that he was right by her side and that she wouldn’t have to worry about anything else just by having him here.  

A loud whistle blew off from her lips and soon enough, the dragon would emerge from the shadow of the whitened trees, covered in snow. ”I hope you aren’t too surprised by it,” the woman bit her lip, quite nervous but curious at the same time. ”Sweet, meet Draco. Draco, Chelvaric,” she’d exchange glances between the two while Draco just simply stared at the man, observing him from head to toe as if it was skeptical of the fellow elf.


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on Thu Jan 18, 2018 6:38 am

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was following Snowflake as they were heading to the forest close to the big rock that was in Baska. He couldn’t really figure out what kind of thing she could possibly have to show to him in the middle of a small forest in the city. He felt her hand glide in his and her arm wrapped around his arm. He pulled her a bit closer and they walked arm in arm further through the snow. He really liked it when they walked like this. He enjoyed this way of walking as he was super close to his girlfriend then.

Snow suddenly whistled and out of nowhere a huge ass serpent appeared from nowhere. He first thought it was a dragon but it didn’t have wings or legs it was like a snake but it did have some small arms that weren’t really fitting for the long body he had. For the rest, it was completely green with yellow lightning coming from parts of his body. He jumped in front of Snow to protect her but then he realized that she had summoned him. He looked at her questioningly and she then introduced the serpent as Draco to him. “Jeez, babe, where did you find this enormous beast. Most girlfriends come with a puppy home and you come home with a huge ass serpent”, he said to her. He was quite surprised about this. He greeted the serpent and decided to not pet it as it looked like it was going to eat him. After that, they left for the station to travel to Magnolia as they had to move to Hargeon.


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