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Decorative Party [Quest Shin]

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Decorative Party [Quest Shin] Empty on Tue Jan 16, 2018 11:44 pm

Shin Sekai
Shin woke up in his bed covered in books and papers from the night before as you can never learn too much about your magic's element and applications, "Another morning another day to get paid and relax." he wasted no time getting ready for the day and what every may creep up on him. When he checked his mailbox a letter from his parents arrived updating him on their trip around the world I guess they just can't let me have any fun while their away can they? in summary, the letter told him that he had to take lessons from his old teacher in a few months. With that new's he walked the streets looking for something to blow off some steam but for some reason, none of the shops he would normally go to were closed for a special event or something like that so he walked around some more. Oddly enough he found the guild hall to be empty which was rear to see as normally there are people just hanging around Is it some kind of holiday? he asked himself walking in to check the calendar to see nothing was marked for the day but then again no one really uses it unless you have to work the bar the following day or something like that. Shin sat around the guild with his feet up on the table spinning his yellow rose to stay awake Wow today is a not what I thought it would be which it wasn't so he decided to walk around again. While walking around The rose mage noticed people heading seemed like a party or something as some were dressed up and others were dressed to do some hard work for the day "Hey whats going on today!" he shouted running up to a group of people dressed in work out gear 'Oh you don't know about Mr. Medais' block party?' one of them answered as another pulled out a paper with the information about it "Oh ya mom took me to one year's ago. I guess I could help you guys for a while." he walked with the group and saw Medias with a smile that looked glued on to his face which was something he wanted to test but later on 'Thank you all for coming to help out, by all means, grab some decorations and lets get started' he said as everyone got to work.

The rose mage grab some colorful decorations and start hanging them up in a spiral pattern showing each of the colors off with each now row Who knew it be so easy to hang up decorations for a block party of this size I mean Cousin Klar never did anything like this he thought finishing up with his last box colorful strings 'Hey could you put up some lights too?' one of the older helpers asked him just before he got down from the roof. He nodded as they sent the lights up to him via a pulley system the lights took an hour or so to untangle and then hang up but with the help of one of the more experienced helpers they were all ready to be turned n for the party. The next thing that they wanted him to do was to move the food from the shops surrounding the area to tables lined up against the street each with different tablecloths so everyone knows which table has what. The amount of food he went to pick up was crazy How many people even coming to this party I mean for real, I've never seen so much food in my life. he thought pushing a cart full of baked goods "I think I'll need to hit the sap after all this my arm and legs are on fire." after getting the last of the food carts to its table Medias went around and thanked, everyone that helped with the decorations and food Wow he is really nice its kind of sickening to look at him, Shin thought massaging his left arm when Medias came over to thank him as the everyone else joined in on the party "No problem Medias but I really need to get home and rest for a while. hope the party ends well." with that Shin let his hair down and dusted himself off just a bit and took a few mini cakes with him for the walk home.

The rose mage made his way home to relax and rest for the next day talk about a full body work out, he fell onto his bed and looked up to his ceiling covered with old childish paintings and say's even though he bearly remembered most of them himself but one stood out from the others it seemed like a painting that was already there from the way that the ones surrounding it looked but it was something he could look into when his body wasn't on fire. As luck would have it going to sleep would not be so easy Why does this happen to me? Plz tell me whoever is watching I just want to sleep." he teared up as he sat up in his bed Guess the only real thing to do is do something that will make me pass out he thought getting up and opening his window. A few seconds went by as Shin actually cleaned up his room with little to no effort in but he cleaned it without stopping once to draw something or even read "That's it! I can read myself to sleep wait...where did I just put all my books?" and with that, he now had the task of looking for his books putting his room back into its original form. With all that he finally managed to fall asleep on the floor next to his art and magic books on opposite sides of him if anyone walked into his room, they would have to move all his books just to see him.

WC: 1005/1000

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