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Substitute Teacher [Quest - Hatsuharu]

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Substitute Teacher [Quest - Hatsuharu] Empty on Tue Jan 16, 2018 10:52 am

Akira Shimada
The sun kissed the the buildings of Magnolia, as the duo claimed the streets to fill in for Ms. Sandine. 'She was particular about what she wanted us to get done, so please... don't go around distributing snacks while we have to teach, Tsuru.' she warned, walking towards the school briskly, already regretting her acceptance of that request. 'I think she said we need to teach them the arithmetic functions, she said if we need, there is a detailed plan that she'd pinned up on the request board, oh also, need to get rid of all those fliers.'

She wasn't sure what it was, maybe it was that Shikamaru boy's comment yesterday, that rubbed her the wrong way, but suddenly the girl was taking her duties very seriously, although still begrudgingly. Reminded of that little snot, she realized she was probably going to have to deal with him again, all day today... She rolled her eyes and sighed. Maybe the drive would fade over time, maybe the kids would end up leeching it out within the day.

As she neared the request board, a chill went down her spine. Someone around her age, stood by the board, sporting the fairy-tail guild's symbol on their arm, all big and obvious. Akira narrowed her eyes, scanning the person like she was her rival... what does she have that I don't.... apart from height and weight... Akira thought, fuming at the ears. 'Why don't you go on ahead and grab those green fliers?' she asked her partner, not in the mood to face the entitled fairy tail lot.


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Substitute Teacher [Quest - Hatsuharu] Empty on Tue Jan 16, 2018 10:55 am

After that long and tiring day, Haru slept like a log once he reached the hotel the previous night. When he woke the next morning, he barely remembered the school incident. Akira had to give him several details, including how he distributed cookies to the kids and then ended up sleeping, for him to finally remember. Haru was quite excited when she told him they had to go to the school again and step in for Miss Sandine. But what surprised him was how eager Akira was. “I’m glad to see you are enthusiastic. Finally getting over those gloomy days, huh?” he asked, smiling and patting her gently on her upper back.

They were only supposed to teach basic math and even for that, there was supposedly a detailed teaching plan that were to be followed. The duo walked to the notice board first to pick up the flier before heading to the classroom; after all, it would be awkward if they started teaching and someone else showed up there with the flier. For all her enthusiasm, Akira stopped right before approaching the board and asked Haru to grab the fliers, while she stood back. Dense as Haru can be, even he couldn’t miss her loathsome look towards the Fairy Tail member. He wondered if the Shikamaru kid’s comment the previous night was too touché for her, but didn’t dare to ask her about it. “Sure thing! Will be right back,” he said, before going to the board and picking up the green fliers.

“Aww… I was going to take that one,” the girl whined. “I’m so sorry. The teacher already asked us to fill in last night. We are just picking this up so that there are no confusions,” Haru replied apologetically. After hearing his response, the girl just turned away with a sharp angry sigh. Haru scratched his head, apologized again, and ran to his partner. “Got it! Let’s go,” he said, before walking towards the school gates.


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Akira Shimada
Akira watched carefully, the way that one threw something akin to a tantrum when Tsuru grabbed the fliers. The dark-dweller huffed and turned away and smirked, there was something so satisfying about taking anything away from a fairy-tail member. She really shouldn't be harboring such vehement hatred towards the guild, but she just couldn't stomach the fact that some guild's people could tell her she wasn't good enough. When Tsuru returned, they made their way to the school in silence. Just before entering through the large gates she paused and said 'I guess I'll teach the morning half and you could teach after the recess... I don't know why we can't just teach them everything before the break and then let them loose...' she complained, staring down at the flier and confirming her information.

Following her usual groaning, she made her way into the class, pointedly narrowing her eyes at the Shikamaru boy, before taking her place at the blackboard, she cleared her throat, but the din in the classroom did not decrease, so she picked up the duster and slammed the board with it a few times. 'It is already like, fifteen minutes into the class... Shouldn't you guys be keeping shut and listening right about now?' Akira inquired, it was rhetoric, but she could accept an answer. 'What happened to Ms. Sandine?' an earnest kid somewhere in the middle asked. 'I think her sister is sick or something, she needs to help out at home...' Akira grunted, this information was met with a long 'aww...' and then a few very concerned ones bombarded her with some more questions. 'Look I don't know anymore, can anyone of you tell me what you understand by the term 'addition' instead of wasting time?' she said, instead of raising her volume she softened it, if they were going to bother listening, they were going to have to shut it.

A kid in the front decided to recite a definition. 'the process of calculating the total of two or more numbers or amounts.' to which Akira just nodded. 'Yes, can you simplify it so your fellow classmates understand?' the kid was very annoyed with the lack of approval, he stuck up his nose and said 'That's your job, not mine.' Akira rolled her eyes, at least the smart one had a point. 'Well, ok... Er... So to add is to put two or more things together... and then you can count all the stuff together.' she said, trying not to use the word add, to define add. She made two dots on the board. 'Now these are two dots...' next to them she made another two. 'Just added two more... so how many do we have now... one... two... three.. four.' she explained. 'Ok? Now to subtraction.'


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Haru agreed to Akira’s proposition and was mostly a silent observer through her addition lesson. However, from the looks of some of the kids in the back row, it seemed they didn’t quite grasp the concept. And Akira seemed to be in a rush to finish the topic and move on to subtraction. Haru decided it was a good time to step in and do some exercises to ensure they all understood it well. He walked up to Akira and whispered so that the rest of the class couldn’t hear what he was about to say. “Hey! Slow down. It’s easy for you, not for them. The kids in the back barely got it.” He then turned towards the students with his usual grin.

“Okay kids, let’s see if you all got it,” Haru said, picking up a chalk and walking towards the black board. He drew three cupcakes on the board first and then five more below it. Turning to the students, he asked, “I buy three cupcakes in the morning first, and then five in the afternoon. How many will I have then?” Only about three to four hands rose among the dozens. However, before Haru could pick one, Shikamaru spoke up. “Forget the total! With that many cupcakes, you should be more worried about diabetes.” Haru was not fond of the snarky response and chose to ignore him. He instead turned towards one of the student who had his hand raised and asked him for the answer. “I would have had eight cupcakes,” he said, all proud and confident. “Excellent!” Haru cheered.

Haru noticed a couple of kids were still scratching their heads, unable to comprehend how they arrived at eight; so, he turned back to the board and demonstrated the solution. Starting from the first cupcake, he numbered them in order until eight. “And there we go. We have eight! Now… Akira will teach you guys how to subtract,” he said, leaving the dais empty for his partner.


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Akira Shimada
'If they didn't get it, it was because they weren't paying attention, I'm not going to slow down for the slackers...' she said pointedly staring at that Shikamaru boy, with her eyes narrowed. That one, looked drowsy and lost again, seemingly he couldn't even care much for his insults. She folded her hands and let Tsuru do his thing. Shikamaru's remark about diabetes almost earned him a snicker from her, but she didn't want to interrupt whatever her partner wanted to get done, it meant less work for her and more clarity for the students.

Recalling Akira's questions, one of the kids offered an explanation for subtraction. 'It is the opposite of addition.' She cleared her throat and assessed his answer. 'Yes, in a way it is... You could think of it as taking something away from a collection and then counting what is left.' She picked up the duster, and wiped off the two dots she had made earlier. 'See now, from the four we had before, only two are left. One... and two... So two subtracted from four... Or four minus two...'  She rambled. 'Think of that same cupcake thing again, if Tsuru buys five and I take one... How many will he have left?' A chorus of the correct answer, drowned out the few who were wrong. 'Great. So that's it... I'm going to leave some problems on the board, solve them till recess.'


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There was no need for Haru to step in for the subtraction lesson. Most people caught on very quickly and for those who did not, he helped them understand while they attempted solving the exercise questions. Soon, it was time for lunch break and even Haru was starving. He let the children leave after telling them to come back for multiplication and division during the afternoon. The students cheered, and he thought it was because they were excited to have lessons from him. But in reality, they were just happy because they get to leave the class now.

The food in the school’s canteen was frankly terrible. Haru couldn’t believe that such sub-standard quality food was being served to the young children. He made a mental note to talk to the responsible officials about this later. With him complaining about the food to Akira, the one-hour lunch break was over, and it was time for the afternoon session.

Most of the kids were back in class with only a few latecomers. Haru waited for a few seconds to let them settle down, but it didn’t seem like they were going to stop talking to each other until he asked them to. “Alright kids, time to learn multiplication,” he said, loud and clear enough that the kids fell silent immediately. “Multiplication is when you add the same number to itself several times. You use the term ‘times’ when you multiply. For example, when you say four times six, it means, you are either add four, six times, or six, four times. Both are one and the same,” he said, demonstrating the result on the board. “While the concept is rather simple, you will only get the hang of it if you practice a lot. You know what that means,” he said, writing down some exercises for them to do.

After everyone finished with their multiplication exercises, Haru moved on to division. “Division is when you split a number into several equal parts, to find the total number of parts we end up with. For example, when you divide six by three, you end up with two… Whereas, when you divide the same six by two, you end up with three. Again… Practice is the key,” he said, giving them divisions exercises. Although the kids groaned and moaned, he cheered them on enthusiastically and ensured they all understood the four arithmetic functions well. It was almost the end of school hours when a teacher finally showed up. He thanked the two for filling in and paid them. Haru waved to the kids, saying goodbye, before leaving the classroom.


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Akira Shimada

She thought he was the more tactful kinds, but his expressions betrayed so much while he assessed the food offered to the children, in fact he was so rattled by it, he even ranted to Akira. 'Guess after Olly's, this doesn't cut it...' Akira muttered as she toyed with a pea on her plate... 'It is my luck that they had to serve something with peas...' she added. She couldn't see why he was so worked up, local schools often didn't have the funds to get better. 'This surprises you? It is like this for most schools.' she asked raising her eyebrow and shrugging as she stood up to swipe the food off her plate into the bin and then return the tray. She didn't particularly like the idea of wasting food, but those green little devils really killed her appetite.

Soon they were back in front of the children, most of them had eaten out of their own packs, probably food from home or something. Tsuru's explanations culminated less than half way through the first class... If he thought her teaching wasn't good enough, he breezed over the two concepts, which were definitely tougher than what she had taught, like they were nothing. Something was probably irking the boy, maybe he was still stuck over the food... She just shrugged, watching bored as the kids struggled to complete the problems he left them... The girl vigilantly watched, to make sure they at least pretended to attempt the problems and didn't create much of a racket till a colleague of Ms Sandine's paid them off...

'I think you need to get a real meal to eat...' she said softly, to her partner on their way out.


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