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From Baska to Magnolia (Train Travel)

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on Sun Jan 14, 2018 2:36 pm

Battered, Bruised, Bloody, those three words were what described Zanto as he clutched his chest. A chest that had only been patched up a couple of hours earlier by Dr. Gerard, a man that had come to be his friend and he didn’t really have many. His right hand clutched his chest, as his left hand gripped the spellbook that had been sold to him by the priest. He wasn’t about to go out like this, he couldn’t go out like this. He had vowed a path of vengeance on the blonde haired man who had afflicted the great pain on him and he was going to make sure that he was dealt with in the future. He sat on a bench in the Train Station, his eyes darting from side to side as he wasn’t sure if the blonde man had followed him or not.

Zanto wasn’t afraid, no, he was only cautious. Never had anyone afflicted so much pain on him in his life. He had always been the strongest wherever he went and to feel and see someone so powerful had brought great pain on a mental level to Takeover his body.

A loud bell would ring as the conductor would signal that the train to go to the next town was here. For years he had been searching for a guild. At a time he was very keen on joining Phantom Lord, but he felt that the Dark Guild was no place for him. The red head wasn’t evil, he was only a man that would do anything to achieve his goal. And there was a guild on the edge of the world, all the way in the east of Fiore that would help him achieve his life long goal.

The Fairy Tail Guild, a guild of great power and respect that had members who would help him achieve his goal. A goal that he had yet to reveal to the world itself. He would move from the bench with a grunt as he would head into the train. Twenty-Four Hours was how long it was going to take for him to get to Magnolia. And in those hours he was going to make it his job to figure out how to awaken the Takeover Magic so that he could stop anyone who dare to try to raise their hand up at him again.

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