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Baska town -> Magnolia Town [Train Travel]

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on Sun Jan 14, 2018 1:06 pm

Victor couldnt really remember the details but he remembered that last time he was at baska station he had been fleeing from something. And weirdly enough he had been wearing a skii mask. Which might have been for the better because when he woke up he had a lot of alcohol that he did not enter the train with. And from that deduction he kind of knew that he had "accidentally" robbed the train taking whatever alcohol he could find in the train. Luckily this time around he was not wearing his trade mark A D I D A S clothing. So he would hopefully not be recognized by the conductor and people working around the train station. No this time had was wearing a white tunic, a pair of pants, boots a dark brown longcoat and a scarf. He actually looked like a real traveller this time around and he also was not drunk.

He slowly stepped onto the train and showed the conductor his ticket. He then asked for help with his luggage. which in this case was his armor and sword. His rations he had in a small backpack that he carried with him since he needed the food if he were to become hungry whilst on the train. The conductor sent for a few people working under him and they helped Victor with his luggage. Victor got into a trainbooth and looked at the henchmen that were currently carrying his luggage. "I can take it from here boys. Thank you for the help." He said and then nodded at them as they excused themselves. Victor then put the luggage close to where he was going to sit. He then removed his backpack and long coat and sat down with his back against the wall so that he could stretch his legs out along the couch to make it seem as if he did not want anyone to sit with him.

After having rested his pose against the wall he decided to reach for his longcoat only to use it as a blanket so that he could get some good sleep whilst waiting to arrive at the station in magnolia which by the way was a lot better equipped than the one in Baska. Then again Magnolia was a bigger town that had more resources to work with than Baska. His eyelids started to cave in to how tired he was and closed themselves without Victor attempting to close them. Next thing he knew he was sitting in his fathers lap listening to stories of old. tales of adventure and danger. And just as his father was about to tuck him into bed he woke up. He was not in west Fiore anymore. He had traveled across the country in what to him felt like the span of a few minutes but which in reality had taken a much much longer time.

Victor yawned and stood up. Putting on his longcoat and backpack. And then getting his luggage. He needed to be prepared to leave the train when it stopped at the station.

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