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Baska to Magnolia

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on Fri Jan 12, 2018 11:14 pm

Akira Shimada
Finally, it was time to leave the god-forsaken city of Baska. It was meant to be an early morning journey, but they had they misfortune of being caught up with that tailor again, and his task kept them in the city almost all afternoon. Tsuru assumed the responsibility to pack them some food from the station, so they could eat on their way to Magnolia. Meanwhile, she cued up for the tickets. At least they had a nice jingle of coins in their pockets... A few of which she spilled on the counter to make the purchase.

Swiftly, she made her way to the platform and sighed softly as she perched herself on a bench and pondered the possible repercussions for boarding the train without her rookie mate. Akira could recall the shock on his face, when he realized that she really had stolen a little from that Fernando guy, which was hilarious, because he claimed to have done the same just yesterday... Liar. The memory caused her to scoff and roll her eyes. Maybe he wasn't here already because he'd gone to tell on her... Akira wondered if snitching is where he drew the line.

Despite all the reasons she could dislike him, the girl was a little curious about Tsuru, he seemed to have such a single-minded pursuit and such an innocent vision of the world, like he had truly never witnessed anything horrendous. His hair and face swam into vision among the thickening crowd, just as the train they were supposed to board crept up in front of her, and whistled to declare urgency. She held her breath and waded through the people, once inside, she hung out through the door, and raised her slender hand, waving towards Tsuru. 'Over here.'

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on Fri Jan 12, 2018 11:49 pm

It was a lovely day. Haru sure could have done without dealing with the tailor or the subsequent scam by Akira, but he was not too worked up over it. Once Akira was out of sight, Haru walked back towards the tailor’s boutique. He reckoned his partner might have taken a handful off the tailor’s money; so, he walked to the counter and left two handfuls of Jewels, just to be sure, from his part of the reward. The lady behind the counter couldn’t understand why he was doing what he did, and he didn’t find it necessary to explain. Without uttering a word, he left the boutique and made his way towards the station.

After giving away most of his reward from both the tailor’s missions, Haru was kind of short on money; but, he didn’t care. The boy loved Baskan delicacies and loaded up on everything he laid his eyes on, on his way to the station. In the end, he had barely enough for his ticket. When he finally reached the station, he had to swim across the tremendous crowd with his luggage and the food he bought. “Please… Umm… Excuse me… NO! The pastry is being squashed,” he yelled, as he made struggled to make his way to the train.

Finally, after cursing at several people for not respecting the shape of his food, he reached the train and found Akira waving at him. Luckily, she wasn’t too far from him. He waved back and entered the train just as he heard the final whistle. Within a moment, the train began moving. He looked up at Akira with his usual toothy grin and dangled the food bag in front of her, which was clearly heavier than his luggage. “Look! I got us a little snack,” he said.


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on Sat Jan 13, 2018 12:37 am

Akira Shimada
Once their eyes met, she nodded, earnestly as the engine hooted again. Her eyebrows rose as the big bag he was hauling came into view. Groaning, she just ducked into the train, and slipped deeper into the cabin, giving the boy enough space to pull himself and everything he had decided bring with him, when he declared the contents of the bag, she just sardonically repeated, 'very little indeed.' she plucked a roll from the top of the heap as she began traversing the length of the train compartment, to find the pair an empty cabin.

They were lucky that the train wasn't too crowded and soon she slid into an empty passenger car. She held the door wide open for Tsuru to trundle in too. Akira settled next to the window with a huff, just as the train began rolling off the platform. She opened her roll and nibbled at it, her eyes trained to the scenes outside, which got blurrier as the train picked up speed. They crossed a few lovely landscapes, forests and mountains... then the icy peaks. Following which there was another forest and then the train stopped in Orchidia.

'Next one I think, is where we get off...' She said, softly. She said as the train whirred past the Capital, Crocus and then Era, where the Rune Knight headquarters were. In about another thirty minutes, the train screeched to a halt at Magnolia. 'Got enough money for the stay and stuff at Magnolia, right?' she asked as she got up and stretched, peering into the bag to scan the contents warily, before long she was poised at the exit of the train.


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on Sat Jan 13, 2018 1:32 am

The train journey was everything Haru expected. Looking through the window, the constant change of scenery was like the trailer of a long-awaited epic movie. He wanted to visit every place he saw as the train whirred past them. From the grassy plains to the dangerously steep peaks; he wanted to travel everywhere. With a huge bag full of snacks at his side, the ride was a great break from all the work the two had been doing the previous day and that morning.

After several hours and a couple of stops, the duo finally reached Magnolia. It wasn’t until Akira mentioned ‘stay and stuff’, that Haru thought about it. He had spent everything he earned at Baska, on Baskan food. Scratching the back of his head, he giggled and nodded nervously. “Of course! I’m fine,” he lied. He had no idea how he was going to manage the night, but he didn’t want to bother Akira about it.

Seeing the busy lit-up city of Magnolia, Haru felt completely rejuvenated and forgot about the tiredness from the journey. With the desire to explore and the newfound purpose of making some money, he walked into the city, hoping to run into some job he can do that will keep him warm for the night.


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