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Sirius Training - Chi

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#1Chisu Lau Manji 

on Fri Jan 12, 2018 10:49 pm



Quest: Sirius Training

Sirius Phantasm: Sirius is the oldest Phantasm child. He is a very cold, callous, and dispassionate figure, and is rather aloof, brooding, and indifferent, willing to harm both his comrades and enemies should they get in his way. His facial expression rarely changes, though he is almost always frowning.

Summary: Sirius needs a dark wizard, or a select few dark wizards to help train the castle's guards. The Phantasm family has noticed the slack catching up to their guards, as they are becoming rusty and recently almost got raided due to their sloppy battle tactics. Upon taking this request, you will meet him and the guards at Phantasm castle, to help improve their tactics.


Phantasm Guards: They are the the men you see guarding the entrance or the halls of the castle. They're not totally weak, but a lack of training has caused them to stagnate in strength.


". . . Is that understood?"
_ _
Chi tried to recollect the words, but it seemed to have gone over her head. Nothing about this day seemed to fit together. Sure she had been here before and she had proven her loyalty, but he was either a fool, or a genius.
_ _
"So you want me to train them, that I get. But why seek me? You know I'm a support mage right? I heal and mend wounds, I'm not someone who throws fireballs. If you wanted someone to spar with you should have asked Shur-"
_ _
"Are you saying there's a flaw in my choices?" he said it coldly, to which, Chsu understood. The both of them had been walking through the halls, conversing about a plan of attack for this event, but neither seemed to have a full idea. Chisu figured it would simple enough, she would have to gauge the general force, as well a few individuals. If she could do this, maybe she could find more purpose in Phantom Lord at Shura's side.
_ _
She wanted to prove her worth and her purpose in the matter of taking away his need to do pointless tasks like this. But why did she suggest he be sought instead? Did she not think herself good enough?
_ _
Whatever her reasoning, she was no longer going to find a way out. She was here to do work, she was going to train these worms to be strong and worth her time, and perhaps, even if just a chance, maybe if they rise to a greater power, they would find themselves of service to Phantom Lord.
_ _
"I'll be watching you." he would tell her, "It's the only way they'll even get up off their sorry asses. The rest I trust is up to you"
_ _
Chisu would look out to the orange sky, wondering how long they had been talking. Was it after noon already, or had magic taken art to the skies? It wasn't really her concern, but it was the wonders that kept her going. She smile as she looked at the dozen guards. They were quite large men. How a small tiny pale healing mage could do any good here was as good as anyone's guess.
_ _
"Don't be afraid to break their bones." he would say, his expression stil unchanged. He would find his rest upon a seat that Chisu couldn't remember ever being there.
_ _
With her armor on her back and the single blade she owned, she was far under dressed, and under powered to take on any of these men head on. So what would she do today?
_ _
She walked to the gathering of men, of which it seemed like the collective of them were conversing about nonsense. It was all subjective topics like sports, who had the hottest wife, who they would kill, you know, the typical things. She had some interest in what they were saying, but for today, it was all pointless in her goal. She was going to make improvements to these men, however slight.
_ _
She would draw her blade without even bother to look at any of their faces. With the butt of her sword she would crash the weapon into the chest of one of the knights, of which he would respond with a groan and backwards stumbling. The rest would draw confusion. One man begun to draw his sword. Chisu was just a shade slower than these men, but her power would prove to be greater.

Name: Caelum Bloodline Sword
Rank: D-S
Mana Cost: 25-400
Requirements: Caelum Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: None
Range: ??
Cooldown: None
Duration: Instant
Effect: The user summons a set amount of swords depending on how powerful they are which also affects the range of the swords. The swords that are not wielded can be manipulated freely to block, stab, and so on within the given range. The swords move at spell speed. Each sword deals B-rank damage and has a durability of B-rank damage as well. The user may not freely choose between the amount of swords they wish to summon.

C-rank User [2x Sword Summoning: 50 Mana, 50 Mana Sustain]: The user can summon two swords now. The second sword may be wielded or used magically. The sword can be magically manipulated to move around within a 4 meter radius.

As his sword left his sheath, her own blade was already at his chest. Of course it was not the one in her hands, but rather one that lingered in the air, hovering before them, almost begging for a challenge. She smiled. Her hair would stand up on her skin as her own head grew unkempt. The men would watch in horror as her own body begun to grow in that moment. She laughed.
_ _
"He doesn't mind if I have to break a few bones. She would nod to the man who seemed to be enjoying the sight, even if his expression remained the same. "At the end of this, you can be assured. I'll make men out of you."
_ _
Her words was odd to hear herself. It was not possession, nor an act from Nameless. She had been left to Shura's care for the evening during his studies. She could only wonder what two spirits would do around one of them left alone. Chisu only understood how Nameless worked, while Shura only grasped Geno. At least, to her understanding he did. But alone, with the both of them, would he find knowledge or would the both of them drive him mad?_ _

If they did anything to cause him harm, they would both be at loss. If either of them died, then their plans for their second chance at life would be halted. Chisu had to understand this, just as Shura would have to grab hold of it.
_ _
Anyways . . . the men would act shocked, to see someone so tiny in comparison, hold suck frightening skill. She could no doubt kill them all like this, but that would do no good for her mission. They had to learn, either by healing broken bones or by an open mind. Both were acceptable, but the one that put the least strain on her would be the most preferred.
_ _
"Oh yeah, huh." Chi smiled at her self. She had completely forgotten the most important fact about her own self. "I don't mend wounds anymore, I make them." She stood and stared at them. There was much work to do.

". . . So now what?" one man would say.

"Are we supposed to fight her? ? ? " another would add in.

The last would draw his blade once more, but not at her. He would lift it to the sky. "Now I'm willin to learn a thang or two from this lil chick!" He said it with a smile, and that alone begun to unsettle the small girl. He was a strange man, and perhaps in a different setting he would be the first to attempt to strike her down. Maybe here she could make a difference. It wasn't just for Sirius, nor for the namesake of Phantom Lord, her own guild, but for the world. One less enemy meant you had one more ally.

"If a single one of you steps out of line, I'll make an example out of it." she would say, turning to face the collection of tin cans. "If you fall, I will end your life. There is no place for the weak in this body. Do you all understand?" Chi would lift her sword. The men would follow suit.

"I would like to see where you all are, it will save me some time wasted repeating what you already know." She pointed the sword at a man, and in her own arm, pointed at another.

"Remove both of your armor." She would speak, her expression still as stone, "Fight until one bleeds. Use your weapons if you would like. The first to fall will carry my weight on his back. Should you both fail to please me then I will simply kill you both for being a liability."

The men would stare at each other, confused. The teachers before were never this crazy. Sure they were strict, and it was something they had gotten used to. Some of the strongest of them tell stories of a incredible training. but none of their tales would top what this girl had presented them.

The men would lift their weapons. One with a sword, the other with a smaller dagger. He saw his disadvantage with the sword and shield and took up an extra spear. The both undressed to their simple clothing and begun to strike at each other. The spear would lunge only to be deflected by the sword. The sword would have no reach compared to the spear, and when it was close the dagger stopped it. The shield prevented the dagger from getting into the areas it wanted. And the spear seemed to push the shield like it was nothing.

Chi su would watch with some enjoyment, only to step aside to speak with the man in charge. Surely these men were skilled, but why did it seem to have no variety? They were good, but both were unamusing.

"They're good, but they're not people I'd have protecting me." Chisu would say to the man. Of course, he would sit lounging in his chair watching all of it. He was no doubt judging it as it all unfolded, but it was expected.

"Very well." he would speak without even looking at her. He was watching them swing at each other until a drop of blood fell. "It's not your concern what their positions are. I need them at their maximum potential." he would then wave his hand, as if telling her to finish her job, or if he was displeased. Chisu would take it as both. With a shrug and a nod she shyly turned away from him.

She would make her way to the both of them, her swords standing still, hovering in the air as the men fought valiantly. The first drop of blood was simultaneously, and from no wound. it would happen from both of their nostrils.

"Cease." Chisu would say, "You have both failed me, and as such will carry me on your shoulders." She looked at them with a hint of a smile, the end of her mouth creeping ever slight into the cursed crescent.

"The rest shall duel my third blade. He would breaks my edge, shall walk away to rest, while the rest will fight me." And with that, her sword would begin to dance around the foolish men.

All of them held the same odd expression. It was strange, and Chisu was unable to pinpoint what exactly it was. It wasn't exactly fear, nor the look of a brave man. it looked more like confusion and admiration with a hint of peace. Perhaps it was the first challenge they would, or have faced in a long time.

The men under her would buckle and the other men would draw their weapons and begin to swing at the floating sword. Chi Su was enjoying this moment. She did not strike them, but simply acted to deflect and redirect each hit that would come close. The sword was sustaining some kind of damage but not enough to break, not any time soon at least.

It was then that one of the men with a sword and shield sheathed his weapon and embraced his shield with both hands. Chi watched, amused and confused. A smile spread upon her face as she watched. The other companions of his seemed to struggle and to plead for him to return to his arms. He would nod in disagreement, swinging his shield at the sword with all of his force. Chi didn't exactly understand why at first, but she got why he had done so.

She would see and feel the cracks in the blade beginning to form. It was going to be interesting. But if he broke the sword, another would appear just as so. These men were going to be tired at the end of this, and if she wanted, it would be a massacre.

Her hairs stood up on end as she stepped off from the men who supported her. The both would fall to the ground exhausted. But as soon as Chi would begin to walk forward, to face the men as soon as it shattered, a hand set on her shoulder.

"That's enough." a familiar voice chimed in. "The sun is beginning to set. It's time for everyone to return to their quarters and go home."

Chi knew that her time here was over. She shrugged at the choice and opened her hand with her summoned blade. It would fall and shatter and fade into the air just like dust. The other blade would do the same. The men would strike each other, enough to hurt, but not to cause anything serious.

"I guess you all got your lesson." she would say. "Shame. I wanted to sink my fangs into one of you."

And with that, she turned and parted from them. She would return home.


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