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A new challenger approaches [Kon][Xandra]

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#1Konstantin Sokolov 

on Fri Jan 12, 2018 8:59 am

The stage was set with the weather showing signs of rain, the crowd growing rowdy with anticipation for a fight, the presenter equally eager to start the show. The blonde haired mage too was ready to fight just waiting for someone to call out his name and take him to the arena itself. All he could do for now, however, was simply adjust his weapon until someone got him. During the time he also tidied himself up rolled up his sleeves and double-checked that his gloves were firmly worn, concealing his scarred hands.

Eventually a youthful teen wielding nothing but a clipboard approached the well mannered Holy Knight calling him forward. “Uhh sir, it’s time.” His hair had been pulled back into a ponytail allowing him to see clearly without interference while also causing the audience and his opponents to be able to see his disfigured face. His entire left portion had been burnt and melted to a degree that was just unpleasant to look at. Walking out into the crowd he was surprised to find that rather than hearing boos and hisses from the crowd he was instead met with cheers.

Despite his appearance, however, the crowd still cheered for him as he fought foe after foe. His only weapon would be his newly acquired punisher which resembled a large silver cross which he was wielding with both hands allowing him to maintain a more steady aim instead of just using his shoulder. His magic was not to be used as part of a self-enforced rule finding it unfair for him to just fight with his summons. There were, of course, other reasons for him only using his gun but that was the primary reason.

Both he and his opponent meet in the centre of the arena within talking distance of each-other having a referee speak to both of them discussing the general rules about the fight. There was no small talk between the two with him finding nothing to say to the man and the other likewise only snarling at him. his challenger colossal size wielding a two-handed mace while being bare-chested and dressed in a simple pair of trousers and sandals. He meanwhile was dressed in a more fashionable attire consisting a loose white long-sleeve shirt and some trousers of a similar colour but a fine fabric along with some fairly new travellers boots having his last pair become too worn to wear.

A far distance between the two would need to be made before the fight could take place with each of them needing to walk 10 meters away from where they had met up with each-other only moments prior. Upon both of them reaching their required distance with different pacing both turned to face each-other before the referee blew his whistle signalling the beginning of the fight. It was a mad dash with him needing to draw up his gun before the man could throw up a swing in his direction as the man’s mace easily had a reach of 2 meters and he was charging at him at a staggering speed.

Even with the berserker’s raw physical abilities that would not be enough for him to be shot down with bullets striking him all across his body targeting various sections made vulnerable and clearly visible from his attire as he spent within the maximum range of his automatic abilities with his rifle. The various sections included either side of his neck aiming at his jugulars receiving two shots on each side others included pot shots across his body to slow him down, three shots focused on each of his knees, two below, one underneath. The man soon collapsed only five meters away from the knight with his mace still firmly held in both hands.

With the fighting having ended so abruptly, he was somewhat shocked about the efficiency of it allow and yet here he was striving for a greater challenge. Perhaps there would be a more viable challenger within the crowd itself rather than the fodder that he was being given with the organizers obviously using him to entertain the crowd rather than challenge him as a person with their greatest fighter. Wanting more of a fight that lasted longer than a few seconds, he planted his cross as it closed shut still steaming and shouted out to the crowd. “Is there anyone here within the crowd that can best me?, This man even with all his muscle could not, How about someone with some brains instead?”

Items equipped: Millenium Eye, Punisher, Illumin's Call Ring
Spells cast: Punisher Single Shot (D) x 10
Mana: 2,600/2850

#2Xandra Queen 

on Sat Jan 13, 2018 5:11 am

So tell the gun to sin Like an angel with the dirty wings Tainted by tastes of the soul This is another level Deep in
Items Equipped: Spear
Base Strength +12
32 + 12 = 44 STR
Mana: 930/930

Her eyes fluttered open upon the sound of distant commotion which involved screams and cheers. Gazing upon the clear blue skies that laid above her, lazily, the blonde hauled herself into a sitting position, glancing at the long spear that remained by her side even after fatigue had taken over her. Now that her energy was back, she picked herself off the ground, allowing the long blonde hair to wildly sway with the wind, attempting to escape the clutches of the seizing hairband. Brushing away specks of dust off the stretchy material of the black pants, her eyes drifted off towards the crowd that stood at a distance.

Curiosity seemed to have taken the best of her as she bent down, only to lift up her weapon before sauntering towards the crowd with the intention of simply observing the scenario. Perhaps it was thanks to her height that she had no need to squeeze past people. Over tens of heads that blocked her way, lilac eyes caught a glimpse of the fight that was going on; the battle that had captured everyone's attention. The opponents themselves, appeared to be polar opposites, not only in appearance but seemingly, in battling strengths as well. Whereas one depended upon his physical strength, the victor of the battle seemed to have the upper hand with his long-ranged weapon.

It came as no surprise to her that the blonde well-dressed man who wielded the gun had won. His victory had seemed apparent from the very beginning to her. However, it appeared that it wasn't the case for others as they whispered in disbelief among themselves, seeming to have overestimated the abilities of the young man who laid defeated on the ground. None of that mattered to her anyways. With a shrug, she took a small step backward until it halted upon hearing the words of the blond man. He wanted to fight someone. Flickering her gaze around, she saw that no one had dared to raise a hand. In fact, she herself wasn't stupid enough to do so as she had figured that she would be defenseless against the long ranged bullet attacks.

Nevertheless, it was the mere urge to give it a shot and see what would happen that caused her to raise her hand into the air. Her loss seemed inevitable but perhaps, there could be someway she could turn that around. She would never know until she tried. She didn't really have anything to lose even if she were to fail in front of a bunch of strangers. Maybe, just maybe, it might even prove useful to her. After all, her very reason for coming out that very day was to train her abilities at controlling her spear. What better way to do that than to spar? "I'll do it."
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#3Konstantin Sokolov 

on Sun Jan 14, 2018 6:38 am

It seemed there would be a mix of genders in the arena with him having his request answered by another blonde this time wielding a spear. Her frame and figure suggested that she wasn’t the fighting type but despite that and the information he had learnt from just looking at her, he would still meet her in combat. Drawing his gun upwards from the ground he drew it onto his shoulder ready for anything after all her abilities didn’t appear to stem from her use with a spear but rather in the potential she had for magic. “Would I need to use magic as well?” He thought to himself as he rolled his eyes, it would make things much duller as he would simply bombard her until she ran out of mana as she could not best him in that regard.

Fortunately they were both reminded of the no magic regulation enforced in these particular fights for today by the commentators both directly and indirectly as they began to speak. They were a panel of three to the right and left of girl respectively once she reached the appropriate location to start the conflict. The more senior member of the commentator spoke in harsh tones as he announced the fight in the briefest of descriptions with some light splotches to rally the crowd. “Well it seems the fighting will go on, Let’s see who we have as our contenders.” Giving the briefest of moments between so he could adjust his binoculars to the new challenger. “It seems we have a newcomer at least I’ve never seen her before...She’s wielding a spear of all things, will it be enough to beat our champ for today wielding his own uhh well “weapon”.”  

At this moment the stunning lady to the left of him interjected the older man with a simple. “If I may.” before taking hold of the mike centered at the panel. “She’s definitely appealing to look versus the champ and that’s all that matters to me…” Shaking his head, he twisted the microphone back to the center. “Your thoughts, Mr.Bravado?” Moving the microphone this time to the right now a shuttering voice was uttered. “Well-well he’s a-a big one, yeah-yeah I-I’d have a hard time and-and look I’m a-a bulky g-guy.” Mr.Bravado’s self-description weren’t far off as he occupied over a third of the panel booth with his figure of pure muscle.

Taking back the mike from its stand now, the man at the center now stood to his feet and bellowed. “Is everyone ready for a fight?” A mixture of claps, hoots and rawrs were met in response. He too, the man in the center of the arena was ready to fight the woman, Already plans had begun to form within his head while the commentary took place. “Hmm...What’s the play here…?” He thought to himself, wondering whether to have a longer drawn out conflict or one that ended with her face first in the dirt.

They would be required to stand just as he and his challenger had been earlier with some twenty meters from one another separating each-other. The movement of the two to their respective spots would, of course, take place after they had meet within a small circle at the direction center of the arena. Once more the referee came to the center from his right and began to list of the various rules such as a knock-out or tap-out being a win along with how rounds worked in such a situation as this with there being none or any breaks from the start to the end.

So far his fights had been short, quick to end and he felt he owed it to the crowd for something a bit different. Nodding as the referee listed off the rules, he waited as he was allowed to move. Few words were uttered on his part save for those of encouragement. “Good Luck and most importantly have fun, oh one more things try and ignore the face, I know it’s a bit ugly right now…”

Moving to his position indicated by a red dot just as his opponent would be, he shifted how he held his weapon. Because of this shake up in styles swapping to close from long range, Kon would grip his cross as if it were an sword, an unproportional dull sword but one nonetheless. One hand would be firmly within the handle in the middle of the cross section and the other held in the middle of the small section of the cross opposite the longest. It looked awkward but based on the tests he had done with the gun it would be more than capable of not just withstanding most blows but allow him to dish out more damage versus when he was without it just using his fists.

He stood in a slightly to the side face the girl with his left leg in front and right some 50 centimeters behind and right of his left, His weapon stretched out into the skies above while he held it some 5 centimeters off his chest with the cross sections roughly an inch below his sternum to compensate for the weight of the weapon. There would be a few issues he would need to deal with but if worse to comes to worst he could always fall to the ground and shoot her until she stopped moving. Based on their physical abilities they were equals in regards to both sprinting and dashing but he was not just stronger than her but also more tolerant towards pain.

Unfortunately speed would be incredibly important as to close the gap between them, but he would take his time in fighting after all he had as much time as he wanted and the crowd was always eager for a longer fight. It was true that Kon wasn’t a sprinter nor even a good runner and because of this he didn’t want to slip up and make a mistake with the fight only just beginning. No he would instead choose to remain stationary even as the whistle by the referee was blown.

Given that the weapon was so bulky both in size and weight he would have a significantly harder time striking as many blows on her however while she did have a spear a moderate amount of the spear would be taken up by her just holding it roughly reducing the length from the combative sense by about a meter.

The different in how quick she or how slow he could throw a strike would be in part compensated partially as if she was struck by the gun practically anywhere from sheer force her bones around the blow would shatter immediately while her own attacks would be more piercing and focused. It was important to see what his opponent would do as if he rushed in and tried to strike her blindly he could easily be on the receiving end of a spear.

He had been on the arena for sometime and had recognised the extent of what someone with their shared sprinting abilities could do which would be taking between as little as two seconds to get from their starting point to himself but that was a mad sprint without cause or concern for their well being. He just wondered whether this position would do the same and force his hand to do something else.

#4Xandra Queen 

on Fri Jan 19, 2018 3:56 am

So tell the gun to sin Like an angel with the dirty wings Tainted by tastes of the soul This is another level Deep in
Items Equipped: Spear
Base Strength +12
32 + 12 = 44 STR
Mana: 930/930

Anticipation arose in the air as people lingered their gaze on the blonde female, turning heads upon the sound of her voice. It seemed as if they were in disbelief, staring at her weirdly as she stood there with her tall spear of about 245 centimeters standing beside her with the blade facing upwards. Xandra, for one, was hoping that it would be a decent and challenging, if not a completely useful, fight. Just for today, her goal wasn't to win, it was to enhance her skills but that accompanied by victory didn't seem like such a bad idea after all.

Through the piercing, thrilled eyes of the crowd, she walked past them as her ears caught the words that left the lips of the comperes. They seemed to have acknowledged the act that she was a newbie but that didn't matter to her. In cases like this, her monotonous expression possibly proved to be useful as no one ever knew what she was thinking or feeling. Listening to the rules, she slightly knitted her eyebrows together. So it was a fight which was purely dependent upon the physical abilities of both individuals. That would surely be tough as perhaps the regulation that did not allow magic would work against her favor. She was more or less someone who used her magic in fights but to be solely dependent upon the weapon she hadn't mastered yet would prove to be tough.  

Once she had taken her spot indicate by the red dot, which was predetermined to be approximately twenty meters away from her opponent, lilac eyes began scrutinizing her challenger. There was absolutely nothing that she knew about him besides the minor observations she had made while looking at his previous fight. She knew that he could easily use the long range to his advantage hence she would have to move closer. Besides that, as the two were solely reliant on their physical capabilities, she didn't know how fast he was or how strong he was. There was absolutely nothing that she could use to her advantage besides instinct. The blonde decided to give it a go regardless and see how it turned out. In a case such as this where she was absolutely unaware of the individual abilities of her opponent, she knew that it would be in her best interest to find it out. The question was, how was she going to do it?

Noticing that the blond man used both his hands to wield his weapon, it seemed slightly apparent from the size and his stance that it was quite heavy. This would perhaps slow down his movement but again, that didn't necessarily give her an advantage. Her own weapon was relatively heavy, enough for it to require both hands when wielding. Positioning her own body into a battle stance, her right foot grazed the ground as it moved back, placed approximately 30 centimeters to the right of her left foot and about 40 centimeters behind it. Bending her left leg slightly, she twirled the spear with her right hand, moving it clockwise until the bottom of the hilt gracefully positioned itself into her left hand as the blade faced diagonally downwards.

[color=#ffccff]"Alright, let this fight begin."[/color] A small gun shot pierced through the sky but moments later drowned within the hoots and cheers of the crowd that was anticipating a thrilling fight and that was exactly what she planned on giving them. The second the sound reached her ears, the tips of her toes on her right foot kicked off, giving her a boost as she planned to use speed to her advantage. Bolting through to decrease the distance, she made sure to keep a slight zigzag motion to her run in order to throw off the man's aim. It took her about a second to cross 15 meters.

When she was about 4 and a half meters away from him, her hands pushed the spear further clockwise, sending it to face the ground before lifting it up horizontally. Her legs halted after another large step with her right leg positioned in the front, bending around the knee to give her a lower aim as both hands pushed the long spear which along with the length of her arm would approximately cover up to 3 meters. Her attack could either graze him, if not stab him with the tip of her blade or if he were to use his weapon to cover the attack, it would graze the weapon instead, giving her enough time to move about. Based on his actions, her movement would be determined as her body was already resting on the tip of her toes to allow her to pivot instantly, moving to the side if any attack came her way.
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#5Konstantin Sokolov 

on Mon Jan 22, 2018 4:16 am

While the girl’s stance typically for a fighter ready to pounce onto their opponent the position of her weapon was odd if not completely going against one another. “Did she intend to fight me without the blade of the spear to aid her?” He thought to himself between the briefest moment between her adjusting herself and the referee blowing his whistle. It would matter little with the girl having opted to do something he was somewhat taken aback from, she simply seemed to be charging at him, with incredible speed. The cockiness from using her weapon in such a fashion had left him feeling somewhat insulted as surely she had seen his skills with his weapon. Recognising the incredible dash that she was travelling towards him at and the way she held her weapon he would have a few moments between her getting from her original starting position to a point in which she could actually attack him.

During the period between the whistle being blown and the girl racing towards him, Kon would finally move however falling back instead while drawing up his cross onto his shoulder. He would not be entertaining the crowd he was fuming, no he would instead blast the ground beneath the blonde haired lass. So as the girl drew closer and eventually stopped in an attempt to land a long-reaching blow, Kon did two casual steps back give him a new distance from her of 5.5 meters and launched off one of his rockets from his cross aiming at the girl’s chest which would envelope her entire body in flames as well as her spear. The rocket itself would strike its destination in less then 275 ms.

What would happen to the girl afterwards who could tell?

Spells used: Punisher Rocket Launcher Explosion
Mana: 2800/3000

#6Xandra Queen 

on Thu Feb 01, 2018 12:55 pm

So tell the gun to sin Like an angel with the dirty wings Tainted by tastes of the soul This is another level Deep in
Items Equipped: Spear
Base Strength +12
32 + 12 = 44 STR
Mana: 930/930

While she anticipated his attack, preparing her body for any movement that would be required in order to get away from the man. Her body was reliant on the heel of her foot to pivot away in need. Lilac eyes watch the blonde man as he took his steps further, wasting no time to attacking her. His heavy weapon however, proved to give her enough time to instinctively move as she rotated on the heel of her right foot a mere fraction of the second before the attack was launched at her. It appeared that her opponent was aiming for her chest. As she moved, her eyes widened upon the close range of the rocket that could perhaps cause her a lot of damage.

It was lucky that her instincts gave way, allowing her to slip right past the rocket which traveled diagonally downwards. Now that it had missed her, considering it's position, she assumed that it would travel approximately at least 30 more meters in distance before colliding against the ground, which she assumed was when it would explode. However, she seized the opportunity she was given. Noticing that firing such a large attack with a relatively heavy looking gun would require the man some time to get back into full swing. The blonde knew that she had to take his moment of vulnerability and use it against him.

Without a moment to waste, the moment she handed about 3 meters left to her original position, she used the tip of her right feet to propel her forward, into the direction of the man who was 5.5 meters away from her current position. Holding out her spear, she launched forward, covering the distance in roughly 360 ms. She moved to his side until she was out of his vision and swung the back of her spear so it was parallel to the ground before extending her left hand and pushing the back of the spear into the man's back which would cause him to propel forward.

All of this had happened within one second at most but a blaring sound echoed through the vicinity upon the collision of the rocket against the ground. A large explosion covering about 20 by 20 meters in radius occurred, earning screeches and screams from audience members who were unfortunately close enough. The sound was to halt the fight as the compere announcing the fight commenced for it to stop immediately in order to check with the audience to see if any injuries had occurred.

A small wave of panic spread throughout the area as the blonde straightened her stance upon hearing that the fight was over. Glancing once again at her opponent, she held her spear perpendicular to the ground before taking a look at those around her. "You almost killed me", the female blatantly stated before looking at the blonde man, "But it was a good fight." She wouldn't dare admit that she was a little scared upon the impact that would come her way if she had been hit by that rocket. Extending her hand for a shake to acknowledge her opponent and hoping that he would do that same, she would shake his hand if he were to do the same. Then, without wasting a moment's time, she would bow slightly before making her leave in the opposite direction. There was no point in waiting around.
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#7Konstantin Sokolov 

on Thu Feb 01, 2018 8:21 pm

Given the distance of the two of us being 5.5 meters from confirmed from your post,
the rocket which you would be unaware of being a rocket as your character has not seen my weapon having using rockets only bullets before would reach your character with 275 ms which is less time than it takes to blink, there's a difference between being able to recognise an attack and responding to one, you assume you'd have enough time for both and while you can move at a current speed, you would first need to be able to identify what I'm doing. It's just as easy for me to alter how I'm going to be aiming my weapon just before I cast the rocket despite your claim of: "His heavy weapon, however, proved to give her enough time to instinctively move as she rotated on the heel of her right foot a mere fraction of the second before the attack was launched at her.", as yes it is a heavy weapon but it doesn't impede my abilities to aim a spell that has no recoil at you as well as it is supported on my shoulder thus giving me more stability.

"Noticing that firing such a large attack with a relatively heavy looking gun would require the man some time to get back into full swing." This again implies that there's recoil from spells something that is not currently a thing, so isn't correct.

Without any other methods of defending yourself outside of dodging you have now been engulfed by the spell and receiving A-Rank burning damage to the entirety of your person as a result of the AOE explosion.

The first thing that became immediately noticeable after the blast was, just a dead silence no-one in the arena uttered a noise as the smoke around the explosion area began to dissipate. The aftermath was truly shocking with the ground having been completely blacked and the fighter that stood before him only moments prior now being reduced to a charred husk of a person in position clutching a now non-existent spear reduced to ash in the same blast. The damage that had been sustained onto the girl was shocking as it had left her practically unidentifiable and at the moment given Kon's lack of healing abilities, she would be stuck in such a state until the healers came. It would truly be an awful sensation having experienced the severe burns himself on his face no less.

With the girl obviously out of action to be fighting in a proper capacity, the organisers of the arena immediately called off the fight as the medics came rushing to her side. With the fight having ended, Kon would no longer be needed for the fight and would promptly leave before too many questions were asked.


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