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Victor Garrett

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#1Victor Garrett 

on Thu Jan 11, 2018 9:27 am



Name: Victor Garrett

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Class: Trickster

Rank: D-Rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: (Left pectoral)/(Black)

Face: Gilgamesh - Fate/Stay Night


Height: 5'10

Weight: 66 kgs

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Red

Overall: Victor well sculpted… his body is carved in the lean, mean, killing-machine sort of way, but his face is chiselled in the charming, handsome steal a girl’s heart kind of way. He has sharp features, and his blonde hair flops onto his forehead, carelessly... Unless he is channelling his pyromancy, in which case, his hair is automatically coiffed back. He is pristine… no scars… no wounds. The young man, either garbs himself in his civilian clothes, a leather jacket a well-fitted white T with jeans or if he expects to be in battle or anything dangerous, he dons on his well-made fancy gold armour with a red cape. (The armour does not actually give him any stats in combat threads as of now.)

Extra: -


Personality:  Victor essentially seems very formal and respectful. He can also come off as very concerned and protective. He will always find a noble cause and justification for all his actions; it’ll always be for the greater good. He seems passionate, driven and isn’t much of a show-off despite his wealth, not only the family money, but his wealth of knowledge and budding abilities as well. He is very observant and watchful, especially with the people around him. The young adult is calm, logical and collected, almost like there is no way to get him angry at all. Despite seemingly never losing control himself, he comes of as extremely understanding and empathetic of the emotions of the people around him. He consistently works to become stronger and inspire people to put their trust in him.

But there is more to him than meets the eye; he often becomes obsessed with learning everything there is to know about a person. To him, they become mere instruments, to be played… He makes it his personal goal to unravel them, find out which keys to press to make them… sing, one way or another. The tunes he wants to hear change, sometimes it is about their sordid past, and sometimes it is about their dreams for the future… Essentially, Victor does love a chance to know and explore their limits, mental and emotional and if the opportunity presents itself, physical too.

Finally, while he enjoys romantic relationships, it is mostly for the access that it gives him, if the relationship becomes too demanding for him, he is likely to find a reason to leave. He is particularly wary of women who seem controlling; the kinds who might try to change him, or find the way to mould his will so it is more in line with their own… It reminds him of a particular someone…  


  • Resilience: From the foe or from himself, Victor likes a good display of endurance, someone who can put up a fight, someone who can take a hit and still stand up for what they believe in.
  • Opportunities: The man likes a challenge and he likes a chance to put his all his skills to test, from the magical tools that he possesses and has sharpened, to his interpersonal abilities.  


  • Skepticism: Victor isn’t too fond of people who always doubt things, especially if the suspicion is directed towards him; he doesn’t like to not be trusted.
  • Secrets: Victor likes to collect information, from lost knowledge to a person’s forbidden desires, skeletons in closets… Things like that.


  • Mastery: Victor wants to perfect his control, over himself and his magic which he considers to be an extension of himself. But not just in practice, but in demanding situations as well.
  • Mysteries: From people to the nations, everything is a mystery till one can extract all the tiny details… and Victor thrives off of those details, solving the bigger puzzles.


  • His Mother: His mother is terrifyingly obsessive and sadistic in her vengeful approaches, Victor always wonders if someday his past will catch up with him.
  • Death: Unlike some, Victor finds nothing honorific or brave in death, no matter where it happens. It is the ultimate loss of opportunity, control and information.


Magic Name: Firend

Magic Element: Fire

Magic Description: The user possesses the ability to create and control flames, morphing them into various shapes and sizes as they lash out at his enemies. The very essence of his weapon is to cause pain and hurt, so learning offensive spells isn’t too difficult for Victor. Sometimes, the spells look grander than they are, but the area of damage is often smaller, the appearance is meant to warn and ward people off. The flames, sometimes without causing extensive damage, can still render his target useless, for example blinding them with the light from the fire that surrounds them, zoning them out of a certain region, other supplementary uses, also come to Victor with relative ease. Being the friend of this fire, the flames can carry him away or towards targets, at higher speeds, so the magic can be used to buff himself. But this most certainly isn’t the magic’s primary ability, Victor needs to work harder to coax his friendly-fire to help him get faster. Lastly, the fire is protective of its user, but defensive spells are also a little more difficult to train than offensive and supplementary.


History: Victor is a product of a pathological liar and the pathologically insane. His father was gifted with a small simple magic, he could temporarily turn worthless objects into priceless rarities, from gems, to gold to simple money. He got by as a travelling merchant, disguised, he made a small fortune for him. But things really looked up for him, when he met Victor’s mother, that woman practiced voo-doo magic, enabling her husband to pick bigger and bigger targets and if anyone truly threatened the duo family, all she’d need was a little piece of them, to halt or hurt them till they were no longer a problem and of course, there was no way to trace anything back to them.

Over time, the Garrets amassed much wealth, enough to fund legal pursuits, they decided to settle down in the town of Baska, famous for its trading and traders. They employed workers and built shops for various kinds, it was a conscious decision the pair made before bringing Victor, their son into the world. They told the boy to work hard, pretending that it is what worked for them, it is how they got wealthy and comfortable, they expected greatness from him and encouraged him to train and perfect his valuable magic. But as he grew up, even in his early teens, he began noticing discrepancies in what his parent’s told him and the things he slowly discovered on his own. Soon he had knowledge of his father’s magic and it made him resent his father, for being a cheat… and a liar, especially when, young Victor found out that his father was having numerous affairs with various women, all attracted to his wealth.

He wanted to firmly support his mother, but she had grown obsessive over trying to keep her man from floundering… A lot of the women he was with suffered slow and sad fates if she found out about them. But despite all her efforts, the man, now recognizing his wife to be the psychopath she could be, left her, with their son and all the fortune. For many days she contemplated killing the man, and Victor saw her toy with that doll, fearfully… but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. Now that she couldn’t control her beloved, she turned her attention to her son attempting to ‘raise him better’ she became controlling and monstrous, resorting to her magic to discipline Victor if he so much so as looked at her the wrong way. Soon he learned to keep her at peace, following her instructions carefully enough, to avoid any trouble, while working on training his magic. Once he was old enough, Victor saw no other way; he had to run away… And so he did, it was time for him to start his own life. For a few years, he lived in the crippling fear that his mother will find him and kill him, but now, slowly he has learned to push her out of his mind and focus on his own choices.

Reference: Akira's Alt #1

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#2Xandra Queen 

on Thu Jan 11, 2018 11:42 am

Hello, I'll be your moderator.

  • It's a wonderful application but mention where your tattoo is located and in what color in case you join a guild later on.
  • Mention in your magic that you are also able to cast self-buff spells.

Bump when edited.

#3Victor Garrett 

on Thu Jan 11, 2018 2:27 pm

The edits have been made, thank you for the quick review.

#4Xandra Queen 

on Fri Jan 12, 2018 6:12 am

  • Also mention the colour of your tattoo.

Bump when edited.

#5Victor Garrett 

on Fri Jan 12, 2018 7:04 am

Bumping again, sorry 'bout that. 😅

#6Xandra Queen 

on Fri Jan 12, 2018 9:27 am

This character application has been approved.

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